Thursday, February 26, 2009

20th-21st Events!!!

So much delay!! Sorry!! Very busy since uni started and also because I haven't got an internet connection fixed at my home yet so I couldn't go online! I'm using campus internet to update now...hahaha. I will try to keep my post short and post as much as I can today as I could only go online until 2pm before another uni session starts!!

20th February 2009 : A-Mei autograph session at Sungei Wang Plaza


Because I didn't have enough time and also transportation problem, so I didn't went for arrival at KLIA for Jessica and Linda. So at night, we went to Sungei Wang to see A-mei. She was here for an autograph session for her upcoming concert.

I didn't arrive specially early so I got a side spot to stand at. So we waited until A-mei appeared around 8.20pm. When her car passed by the road(its an outdoor event) her fans screamed like mad...hahaha. A-mei looks pretty in life. She's not considered pretty as a singer all these while and people love her for her voice. But in life, she looks quite pretty~~ When she appeared, she sang "wo yao kuai le"(I want happiness) withuot music. And her voice was superb!! Then she talked a bit about her concert etc. Then the crowd begin to scream asking her to Sing! Sing! Sing! but A-mei said oh no! I didn't prepare to sing...but end up she sang 'ru guo ni ye ting shuo'(If you heard) also without music. I think the organiser did not prepare the acoustics for her to sing. I got a video of her singing and uploading it right now. Hope it uploads in time(I doubt!!not very good connection here)...if not, I'll post it up another time.

After that, she signed autographs and it started to rain!! Why is it that everytime Ivy attends an outdoor event, it rains???? hahaha...So we ran to the restaurant nearby to sit and eat and watch under the shade. A-mei keep shouting "shing gu ni men le!!"(in cantonese, 'san fu sai la'). I could imagine how 'high' the concert will be on that day itself because even at this event, the fans are all already so high with A-mei's song playing and not herself singing live. Most of her fans are already singing alone and dancing to the beat. Hahaha. After awhile, the rain stops and we went back out to stand at the center this time! And I took a video too^^ (also uploading....)

After that A-mei left and end of event! Here are some pictures....


21st February 2009 : Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2009


Up Next, Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards............will continue next time I online~~~

updated 2nd March 2009!!


I arrived at Genting at around 3pm and then after checking into the hotel etc, I went down to
redeem tickets for the award. But to my horror, they told me that numbered sitting tickets has
finished and my tickets are free standing tickets. Free STANDING!!!???? Does this mean that I
have to stand for a whole 3 hours during the award???And this does not include red carpet standing hours!!! I didn't know that there are limited tickets given out! I thought that once you have the ticket vouchers, you are guaranteed a sit! But turned out it was first come first serve basis! Some people came later than me and they didn't even managed to get a free standing sit!! They were just told that tickets are finished. OMG....Astro should not repeat this!! I heard many people complaining and also some to me that they travelled all the way from Penang, Johor etc etc to Genting and begun journey early this morning and end up??? They can't get a ticket!! Astro, please control the number of ticket vouchers you give out in the future and not repeat this system of redeeming tickets!

Luckily, in the end I managed to get hold of numbered sits with some help from Tavia's Fanclub.
So while managing all these ticket problems, suddenly the crowd who were already waiting at the red carpet suddenly cheered and screamed. LOL...I turned to see why were they screaming and Oh!! I spotted Tavia...hahaha....then followed by Ron, Joe, then Shirley then someone in white and dark glasses who was that who was that!!??? was Jessica!! the time I realised who she was, her back was already facing me...LOL. Then more cheers, its Myolie!! Myolie looked great and tall! She wore a hat and sunglasses.After Myolie....silence...then cheers again!! Its Benz Hung! LOL. Benz stopped by to shake hands with the crowd. Then he went up to the bus with the rest. I wanted to go peek at the bus but then I'm dealing with the tickets and Tavia's FC so its not appropriate for me to leave. After that, MORE CHEERS!! So I turned to see expecting to see Raymond or Susanna etc, but it turned out to be none other than out beloved TVB Exec, Ms Virginia Lok! Hahaha...The crowd cheered her name too! "Lok Siu Jie, Lok Siu Jie!!!" and she even shook hands with them.(To Jessie: You see!!! I told you it was never a bad idea to establish a Lok Yi Ling Malaysia Fan Club!! Hahaha^^*Ivy hastily starts cutting cardboards to make 'Lok Siu Jie' banners while singing...Jan Jie..LOK SIU JIE..Tommy Leung..
jung yao Stephen Chan...* )..OK that was 100% humour...DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE BLACKLISTED BY TVB!!

After done with ticketing, so I decided to just wait at the entrance and didn't went back up to
the hotel room. In between that time, I met with Grandpa Jo and his little brother and gave him his long owed Penang Famous "Tau Sar Peah"...Haha. And he passed me Leo x Joey's Juicy Lemon Concert DVD which he helped me burn. Thanks ya Jo Pao!! I also met up with Jessie and her sister. Between this time, my mum also helped sniffing out information and founf out the artiste are staying at Genting Hotel. LOL...So we waited until 6.30pm for the gates to open. Once the gates were open, we rushed in tailing Tavia's FC. So after we got into position, we waited for Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 Red Carpet to go LIVE!! I held a Tavia banner and passed my camera to my friend KC. So most of the pictures here are by KC and my cousin. I was too lazy to take pictures...HAHAHA. Before live, the red carpet host Siu Wai Man which is one of my favourite astro host post for a person in front of me to take pictures when he asked which was very nice of her.


So live at last!! Owh and again, outdoor event?? Raining again!! LOL. Luckily Arena of Stars is shaded!! It rained too last year at Sunway during the red carpet causing the artiste partly soaked in rain water. Haha. So here are the pairings this year not in sequence...Ron Ng + Shirley Yeung, Tavia + Bosco, Raymond + Lo Kun Lan, Jessica + Joe, Myolie + Benz + Linda, Susanna + Moses + Louise.

This is my first time meeting Shirley, Jessica, Benz, Susanna and Lo Kun Lan. So I'll comment about them first. Shirley has the best best figure of all! OMG..She's so so cute. Love her dimples when she smiles^^Followed by Jessica. Jessica dressed elegantly that night. And her hair was a little similar to Charmaine last year. Just that it wasn'twisted with wires. Hahaha. Benz looks exactly the same as how he looked on screen. And Lo Kun Lan looks very very fit for her age. And she is such a smiley and cheerful lady. Susanna was stunning. She has great complexion and great figure. She kept herself really well for her age! It was funny how I kept on hearing people calling her Sa Yi!! Sa Yi!! and she turned around to wave. Haha.

As to Tavia, of course she turned to us and waved and greeted us!! I couldn't hear what they were saying at the red carpets as it was so loud there and the crowd screaming etc. So I just lookes at them. Haha. Ron looked really 'Yeng' that night!! Too handsome! LOL. His shirt was a little like Elvis LOL...And as to Bosco, I was wondering why did he wore a mirror on his shirt. LOL. As to the other ladies, all their dresses looked great and I like Linda, Jessica, Shirley and Tavia's selection. Tavia choose something near to blue her fav colour, and mine too^^
Moses chose a white suit and he loves white suit I think because most of the time I see him in white suit. LOL. After the red carpet, we rushed into the arena to get sits so that we won't miss the show!!

Picture time!! (Thanks to KC and courtesy of my cousins^^) I will add more later on as I need more time editing the rest and also going online to upload them up!!

More Pictures Added(7/3/09)

Wai Man & Jentzen etc

Raymond Lam & Lo Kun Lan

Jessica Hsuan & Joe Ma

Shirley Yeung & Ron Ng

Linda Chung, Benz Hung & Myolie Wu

Moses Chan, Louise Lee & Susanna Kwan

Tavia Yeung & Bosco Wong

Next up awards presentation and after events which will be more behind-the-scene coverage...which will also mean more pictures and more videosPhotobucket......Stay Tuned!!!