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Happy Birthday Charmaine!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charmaine!!!! May the year ahead be full of happiness to you, your Friends and Family!!! And not to neglect, Great Health too!! Support You Always~~!!!! ADD Oil!!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Entry; 23rd May 2009

Note: As this is a very long post and reveals plots of the series, I will translate the overall meaning of it to avoid over exposure. Please excuse me for any mistakes. Thank You.

[Beyond The Realm of Conscience] Hardships of a Palace Maid

After [War & Beauty], the series I am currently filming [Beyond The Realm of Conscience] also revolves around palace rivalry. Besides Moses Chan who also filmed [War & Beauty], [Beyond] also stars the very good actress Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan. And also Tavia Yeung (go to her blog and see) first time acting as a villain. Because my character and Tavia's character started out as palace maids, so before getting in power, we have to first suffer hardship. Charmaine Sheh splashed with water, being a palace maid sure isn't easy.



It's Hard Being a Palace Maid

There are also rivalry between palace maids. My character insulted other palace maids so I got splashed with water.

Different Personalities

Sam Ho(played by me) and Gam Ling (played by Tavia) grew up together in the palace. Sam Ho is very obedient and follows the rules while Gam Ling is very ambitious, both have very different personalities.


Sisters Rivalry

(this part is kinda historic. Trying my best to translate)In the palace there are different positions, Si Jai (Head of tailoring), Si Jan (Head of food), Si Sin (Head of food), and Si Chit (Head of general affairs). Michelle Yim's character Jung Suet Ha is a Si Jai. Susanna's character Yuen Chui Wan is a Si Jan. Both of them were close as sisters at first, but because of fight of power, they both turned into enemies.


Arrival of Empress Dowager

After filming [巾幗梟雄], Suet Sam Jie films for TVB again. In [Beyond] she acts as out empress dowager.


Chess Master

Kevin Cheng acts as a chess master, Go Hin. Because of his capabilities, he was promoted into the general. Go Hin has feelings for Sam Ho (played by me). But because Sam Ho is a palace maid, she is forbidden from having a relationship, thus creating a love affair.


Different from before

[Beyond] and [War & Beauty], though revolving around palace rivalries, the differrence is I am not potraying a cunning concubine this time. Instead I portray a very obedient palace maid. Since small in the palace, my mother had always taught me to speak nicely, do good and have a kind heart. So I followed her advice, being a very good palace maid. On the other hand, Tavia's character will do anything to become a concubine even doing tricks behind. I personally have high hopes for this series. Because this series is very addictive. The first day after I got the script, I already read ten episodes of it. Hopefully when the series airs, it will be able to attract more viewers.

(I wil not translate this part) Series Overview :

故事發生在唐朝晚期,憲宗駕崩,郭貴妃擁立其子李宥為帝,是為穆宗。劉三好父親因爲支持憲宗二子李惲爲帝,被穆宗秋後算帳,充軍塞外,其妻、幼女三好(我 飾演)及婢女姚金鈴(楊怡 飾演)被逼入宮爲奴。三好被編入由掌刺繡,由鐘雪霞(米雪 飾演)管理的司制,而金鈐則編入掌首飾,由阮翠雲(關菊英 飾演)管理的司珍。
廿年後,三好兒時好友、穆宗十三弟李怡(陳豪 飾演)被擁立爲王,稱宣宗,金鈴藉三好與宣宗友好關係,加以親近,最終如願封爲麗妃,當上妃子後,金鈐用盡心計對付與她為敵的人,當中包括不恥其所為,與之關係決裂的三好。三好一方面應付昔日姐妹相逼,另一邊厢,感情上則徘回在宣宗及棋博士高顯揚(鄭嘉穎 飾演)之間。

Original Blog Post Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

If Reposted, Please give Due Credit.

Ivy : Great to see another update by Charmaine. From the post, I can see that Tavia and her are getting along well and also I can see that she really loves the storyline of the series and have high expectations from it. Honestly, I am trying to not read and know more about this series......HAHAHA...don't get shocked yet...its not that I don't like it. Its because I'm so anticipating it(its my most anticipated series of the year), I do not want any spoilers and just want to truly, fully enjoy it with as little prior knowledge of the plot as possible. So I should post a very big NO SPOILERS note here when the series airing date is about to come. Hahaha.

By the way, DO DO DO visit Charmaine's Blog to increase her hits!! I saw Stephen Chan ahead of her by one position..... O.o.... Stephen Chan the TVB GM. What is he even doing having a blog competing with artistes!!!???? HAHAHA...alright bedtime....enjoy the updates!!!

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Raymond Lam : [Endless Love] 2009

Look sooo hot in this picture!!! Hahaha. Yeah Raymond is going to have his first concert at HK Colliseum on 17th and 18th June. First of all, Congratulations to him! Secondly, enjoy the themesong of the concert 'Let's Get Wet' and also some clips of advice and comments from his 'big sisters'(who happen to be my other favourites).

From Joey to Raymond

From Vincy to Raymond

I kinda like the themesong. Although I expected it to be more of a fast song but it turned out to be a slow kinda more to a movie themesong style. But can't deny it looks cool. Haha. So, here's the mp3 download link (most probably MV ripped) thanks to

Download : Sendspace

IMO, I'm surprised that EEG planned a HK Colliseum concert for him so soon. Well, can't deny that he has a huge fanbase from TV and also singing. Most of his fans are from TV fans anyway. I hope that the concert will be good. And it is a little worrying as he only has about a month or so to prepare for concert which is not too good. Usually singers prepare for a concert about half a year earlier. Its really hard to juggle between filming TV series and also singing. I agree with Joey's remarks. She's hinting to Raymond to start learning how to juggle his time and setting up his priorities. You seriously can't do all these at once because it will get too stressful and hurts your body which is what we wouldn't want to happen to Ray.

Sooo...all the best Raymond!! And YES, enjoy yourself and treasure every moment of the concert. HAHAHA...and I'll also count how many 3/4 pants he'll wear during the concert. And also maybe count how many different types of hats he'll wear. Hahaha.

Looking forward to his concert and hopefully it will be a great show and leave the audience wet!! Hahaha.

P.S I think there will be a Raymond event in Malaysia before the concert. Jessie please fill me up! Thanks! I'm totally outdated after assignments!

As much as I know,


Bernice Liu Nutox Birdnest Collagen Promotion

30th May 2009 - One Utama, Kuala Lumpur
1pm - Studio V, Rainforest

2-3pm - LG Floor, New Wing

Jolin Tsai Album Promo

(5th June 2009) @1Borneo, 7.30pm

(6th June 2009) @Times Square,KL, main entrance, 7pm

Raymond Lam & Linda Chung Bio-Essence Tanaka White Promotion

(7th June 2009) @ One Utama, Old Wing, 2-4pm

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HAHA...I'm back!! I finally completed my assignments (5 of them) in these 3 weeks! How crazy can that be!!??? For the last 5 days, I think I only had a total of 20 hours of sleep. Sleeping almost at 4am everyday and on Thursday was almost 5am to complete my last assignment. I seriously have to wear those sunglasses like those artiste to conceal my Panda eyes. LOL.

Say Hi to me!! LOL.

One thing funny to share is that I actually incorporated what I love doing into my assignments. I believe that you have to be interested in what you are doing in order to have the motivation to want to do it; have passion in what you do. Soooo for my Media Studies assignment, where I was to choose of a news item published in tabloid and those broadsheet(hardcore) newspapers, I chose to do my news research on Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan's case. Hahaha. I wanted to do Gill and Edison at first but then I can only pick a news item between these 3 months. And for my film studies assignment, I chose to do on Jack Neo the Singaporean director because I just love his movies. Haha. While for Management, well, I almost wanted to choose TVB or EEG HAHAHA....but its about unethical issues in chose McDonald's in the end. It sounds so hypocrite that I'm writing them as unethical but then also craving to eat McDonald's. Haha.

By the end of the day, I'm like a walking dictionary of Jack Neo and his films, Jill Vidal's family tree and drug case and also all the good and the ugly of McDonald's which may drive all of you away from the desire of eating it if I explain in-depth. Haha. But anyway, just a tip for students out there, when you have an assignment, try to choose something you enjoy and don't mind knowing more about. For eg. I'd definitely love to write and know more about Charmaine, Joey or Tavia if I got the chance to write on some pop icon for an assignment. LOL. So choose to write about them! Haha. Doing what you like and having passion in it is the best motivation for completing a task.

Right, enough of assignment stuff! While doing my assignments, I received a call from 988 Radio Station. Hahaha. They called me and told me that I won Charlene's latest album. I was shocked at first because I didn't expect to win. Haha. I entered the competition about 2 weeks ago. The reason I did not expect to win is because the requirements were to write a slogan (In Chinese......) on why do I like Charlene in 25 words. As I am not actually chinese educated in school (I only self learn after I completed high school) so I did not have high hopes. I even thought of not participating. Hahaha.

Anyway, really happy to hear from 988. I wanted to collect my album today, but then the Advertising and Promotion department is closed today. So will pick another day to collect the prize. Well, if you want to know what I wrote in the is roughly what it is. I can't remember too well but I think that shoud be it.

我喜欢Ah Sa 应为。。。。


I don't think its exactly what I wrote that day. But its quite similar. Haha. Translations? Well one thing, its not mushy like because she is cute, got a nice voice, pretty etc. Haha. Its just,

"I like Charlene because she taught me to be brave and work hard regardless of as a group or an individual."

Who to target next??? Joey!? LOLs...well if they promote her album then, I'll try my luck again! Another note, Leo Ku just joined EEG. Wow. Now almost all the singers I listen to are like 50% EEG. Haha. I'm not Pro-EEG though. Its just coincidence that those I like are mostly from EEG. Alright, going to get more rest before I explore and see what to update next!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Clips Worth Watching #12

I've lost track when was the last time I posted any clips worth watching. Haha. But recently I found a TVB programme called 霎時感動, One From The Heart which is aired on TVB Jade. Its a like about 4 minutes clip each episode of a touching true story which will be narrated by an artiste in each episode. Ok, lets start with Eric Tsang and follow on.

Eric Tsang

Kate Tsui

Joey Yung!

Alex Fong

Chin Ka Lok

Michelle Yim

Dayo Wong

There are many more episodes out there featuring many other artiste. Continue to explore if you are interested! I'm actually sneaking some time off to update my blog. Haha. I still have 3 more assignments to hand in next week. So tiring. If you follow my Twitter you can see my sleeping log...hahahaa. I'm going to be a Panda sooon. Actually, I'm already half way through now!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Time For Us- 花城 (English Traslation)

I was reading the lyrics of Track 6(花城) for A Time For Us and I feel the lyrics are beautiful. The melody and the lyrics just blends so well. And Joey also sang out the 'feel' of the song impressively. So I decided to translate the lyrics into English so more people who usually listen to cantonese songs without understanding the lyrics could understand the song better!

I used to listen to songs by their melody only too. And recently I start to listen to the lyrics too. And it really is different to listen to a song by enjoying the melody + lyrics + singer's voice. Try it out! Hehe.

Translations :

Album : A Time For Us
Title : 花城 (Flower City, track 6)
Composer : Kenix Cheang @ Private Zoo
Lyricist : Kenix Cheang @ Private Zoo
Producer : 舒文 @ Zoo Music
Singer : Joey Yung

The month is lacking, The Fog is gone,
How worrying.

After the rainstorm, the setting sun resembles the start of summer.

Don't speak,
From the lips the flower blossoms,
The feeling is like silently being stimulated,
You asked me to be in love day and night without control,
You told me also to let go of any self constrain.

Occasionally, seeing through the mirror of dreams of the flower language,
But still,
Trying to look for someone,
Feeling that it will be easier to be happy.


I've never cherished the promise of our love story in the next life,
But yet knowing that midnight in the city is coming closer, the more I'm reluctant to leave
I want to guess through his unpenetratable thoughts,
Then take advantage of this one cycle of fiery breathe yet not expose this story,
Let me feel this scent of being present, being far, being close, being lost in this city,
And I almost went out of control, indulging under this light, not wanting to stop*

Don't speak,
Just watch calmly,
Don't have to be surprised.

Acid rain could turn honey sour,
The night is lowering,
From the soft tip of the brow, gazing, hoping for a twinkle in the eye,
Gathering the clouds,
And asking me for this joy again.


The month is lacking,
Don't speak,
No words,
Then just love.

My Point-of-view : Flower city here resembles the flirtatious urban city(fa sam). Haha. See the song in that point of view and you should be able to get the gist of it.

On a side-note, I personally feel that throughout end of last year and this year, a few albums are quite great! Like,

1) A Time For Us - Joey Yung
2) H3M - Eason Chan
3) Lonely Me - Charlene Choi
4) The Red Album - Stephy Tang

These are the albums that I could actually like almost every single track in the album. Kay's Yelling was not as good as Binary last year. So my recommendations of albums that you should listen are the four albums above!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Entry : 2nd May 2009

Moody - Laughter is The Best Medicine

When I first entered the industry, my acting skills were not positively accepted. Although my company and directors kept on giving me chances, but when dealing with negative news, no one could help me. If I already chose to be in the entertainment industry, then I have to overcome this. Through a long time of training, learning from mistakes, I finally achieved great improvement and change. I'm very happy that I did not give up at that time.

Focus of encouragement,
Cancer Children
Laughter Is The Best Medicine

There is no omen to cancer. No one can predict when they will fall sick. Therefore, even if sickness fall upon us, We have to stay Positive. Because, even after chemotheraphy, cancer may still return. Worrying will increase the possibility of a reoccurence. Therefore, once again, my words of encouragement and support to all of you. Stay cheerful, Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

Original Blog Post Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

If Reposted, Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : Felt like ages since I've done a translation of Charmaine's Blog. Because she rarely updates recently. Being too busy with filming. Anyway, Yeah! She updated at last today! And I did not forget Charmaine, kay! Hahaha. Glad to see an update from her. Its nice of her to give words of encouragement to the kids with cancer. She's right that we won't know when disease will strike us. So we should cherish every moment we have in life and try to fulfill every moment we can with happiness. Sometimes when I get upset or down with something, I'll compare what I'm facing now with what other less fortunate people faces, for eg. kids with cancer. Then I'll realise that my problem is not a big problem afterall and feel much better. Try that to! Or find something nice to do, watch a comedy, listen to music! Or when I get really stressed up, I'll just take a short nap to just stop thinking and let my brains rest! Then when I wake up, I'll find it easier to find solutions to problems.

Take care Charmaine! And please visit Charmaine's blog to increase her blog hits and also leave some comments to her if you want to! Thank You!