Friday, May 15, 2009

Clips Worth Watching #12

I've lost track when was the last time I posted any clips worth watching. Haha. But recently I found a TVB programme called 霎時感動, One From The Heart which is aired on TVB Jade. Its a like about 4 minutes clip each episode of a touching true story which will be narrated by an artiste in each episode. Ok, lets start with Eric Tsang and follow on.

Eric Tsang

Kate Tsui

Joey Yung!

Alex Fong

Chin Ka Lok

Michelle Yim

Dayo Wong

There are many more episodes out there featuring many other artiste. Continue to explore if you are interested! I'm actually sneaking some time off to update my blog. Haha. I still have 3 more assignments to hand in next week. So tiring. If you follow my Twitter you can see my sleeping log...hahahaa. I'm going to be a Panda sooon. Actually, I'm already half way through now!

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