Sunday, June 27, 2010

26th June 2010: Jennifer Tse, Meet the Fans Session at Pavillion Guess Outlet


Jennifer Tse’s event. Another event organized by Jazzy Group of Companies or probably the friendly group of companies. Jennifer came here to Malaysia by invitation from Guess the fashion apparel company for a photoshoot as their model. The meet the fans session was scheduled to be at 1pm. However, I reached Pavillion early at around 1145am. So I just went around with my mum and a family friend to look for the Guess outlet first so that I don’t have to search for it later.

I found the outlet just very nearby the floor I parked my car. So I didn’t even have to really search. So I went in and started looking at watches. Since I like Guess fashion watches. LOL. Then eeeks…there’s someone looking very familiar and she’s trying on watches too! Hahaha…and its Jennifer! So we just looked at her then my mum went to ask one of the promoters there if that’s Tse Ting Ting? Then one of the person in charge heard us and she was really friendly and asked if we would want to take a picture with her and get an autograph? And we were like, “Oh we could? Sure!”. So we then went out to the Guess board backdrop and Jennifer approached us. She then offered a handshake with me which was really nice of her. Then I took a picture with her together with my mum. After that, the person in charge then took the Guess notebook and asked Jennifer to sign an autograph for me, and also wrote my name on the notebook too. Haha…So I told Jennifer my name’s Ivy. And while she was writing, I asked her (all in English for this function), “How long have you been here?” And Jennifer answered (I think she heard wrongly), “I’m very excited, its my first time here. I’ll be leaving tomorrow.” So after that, I thanked her for the autograph and said, “Nice to meet you.”…and she gave a smile and nodded. Then I helped my friend took a picture.

After that, we then left the Guess outlet. And I was planning whether to even continue waiting until 1pm later or just go shopping instead. HAHA. However, with the urge to get nice pictures to blog about, I told my mum from the Zara outlet we were in, that I feel like taking more pictures of her. And my mum said, alright, go on! So I went back to Guess outlet alone. When I went in Jennifer was sitting on the couch waiting for an interview with Sinchew reporter. So I went to ask the person in charge earlier if I’m allowed to take pictures of her while she’s around the outlet. And she said Sure, I could! Yay! So I took some pictures of her while she’s doing interview.

The interview was kinda soft but I heard some stuff mentioned such as on her family background, Nic’s new baby and her movie filming…..After taking pictures and stopping because there’s not much to take anymore, I then chatted with a lady beside me. She was standing and looking so I asked if she’s with Jennifer? And she said, Owh, she’s with Guess. So she asked if I’m an official photographer for the event? So I said No. Just for interest and hobby. Then we chatted a little about artiste, how skinny they are how they use make up techniques, how Jennifer is friendly and how I have met some diva attitude artistes. Haha. She saw some Bernice pictures in my camera and she told me that Bernice is very good with the camera. And I told her, yeah! Many advertisers love to use her. And she told me its because Bernice is very natural with the camera. Once the photo shoot starts, she very naturally poses in various beautiful poses and job done very quickly. The only problem left after that is to pick the best of the best! And she mentioned some artiste are camera shy, although she didn’t mention who. Then after the small chat, I saw a real photographer from Sinchew and he was like quickly wanting to get the job done. He told her colleague, “How you want the photo taken?” Then with a very unenthusiastic look took a few pictures of Jennifer, then left. Come on, do your job with heart! If not, your pictures won’t turn out good too! The photo speaks the photographer~Even if its only for a newspaper column should still take the picture with heart and passion!

Follow on, the photographer for Jazzy then talked to me. He told me I have a really nice camera, the Nikon D90. And he taught me some tricks to shoot under this lighting and we chatted awhile and so later on I just followed him together to shoot pictures for the rest of the event. I also met Audrey from Jazzy. I could recognise her from Charmaine’s Skinz event! Haha. So we chatted too, and she asked if I’ll stay until 1pm later. I was doubting at first, however I made up my mind to join in the fun and support the event. Jeniffer then did a recording for 8TV’s variety show with one of the 8tv host which I’m not familiar with because I don’t really watch local channels! Haha. Here’s a picture of Jennifer with the guy:

After all that done, then I went out and there were already many fans quieing waiting for Jennifer to get their autographs. A picture of the anticipating fans:

So after awhile Jennifer then walked out and all the media started taking photos and she started with a media interview. So, she was first surrounded by reporters. Feels so much like those On.CC news clips(if you know what I mean). Here’s a shot:

Love her hair, super duper love it. Hahaha…when we were talking about it, one of the Guess girls said, yeah, if I spend 2 hours a day on it, I can have that too! LOLS. So then, she posed for some pictures for reporters. Here’s a shot to share:

Soon after, signing autograph and taking picture session started. So happy me, taking photographs to my heart’s desire since I’m standing just right in front. LOL. However, I love this 2 shots.

From the way she handles the baby, she must have been carrying Lucas/Quintus a lot at home. Haha.

Love the way this picture speaks. It shows the attentiveness she has on the child while the little boy shows his innocent side~

After the shots got repetitive, I just stool and observe and then I spotted Ah Peng and her brother among the crowd. So I went over and said Hi, then when it was their turn, I helped them took pictures. After like 1 hour, which was the allocated time, the autograph session then ends. However, I haven’t gotten my autograph of her on her picture instead of the notebook. So I asked Annie (from Jazzy) for a picture and she gave me one. Then the security guard there saw that I haven’t signed so he helped me pass my picture to Jennifer’s manager. Jennifer was doing I-channel station interviews. Her manager was quite nice. She joked that she’ll sign on it instead. Hahaha…after Jennifer finished interview, she then helped me sign. I then managed to take a picture with her again and Simon the photographer which I chatted with helped me take the photos. Thanks to him! After taking photos, I told Jennifer I hope she'll have a nice day for the rest of today. And she thanked me for it.

After that, she went back in to the outlet and then its Simon’s turn for asking for a photo with Jennifer. So I helped him took the shot. LOL. I then thanked Audrey and Annie for the day and Audrey told me she’ll contact me on Sheh’s next event, which is not confirmed yet though. So then, I called my mum to ask where is she? LOL. So she said she’ll come look for me. So I had to wait around the outlet for awhile. Jennifer at that time already changed to a long pants and tied her hair up and wore sunglasses. Hahaha. She also shopped around Guess and I heard she bought RM2993 worth of stuffs. However, I think its sponsored by Guess. Jennifer also said she wanted to look for male apparels. Probably for her boyfriend? That’s sweet of her if so~ After that, she left and her manager saw me as they were walking out and even smiled and waved bye to me. Nice manager. By the time it all ended, its already almost 3pm. Wow, almost 4 hours I’ve been there. LOL. It was a nice experience though, and the organisers from Jazzy and Guess were both very friendly too. Of course, Jennifer is a nice artiste too. She actually just seriously got into showbiz…so wish her all the best! Here's the signed notebook and picture I got:

Here are some nice shots I took from the event. I put them all into a slideshow on Flickr (click the full screen button on the bottom right for full screen viewing). Model really is model…hahaha…shots taken looks so nice~ Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more events!

Event venue: Guess Outlet, Pavillion

Event Management: Jazzy Group

Monday, June 21, 2010

20th June 2010: Meeting Big Four at the Airport


Another one of those last minute stuff...LOL. I saw the papers and knew Big Four was coming for promotion of their concert only on Thursday(18th June) and I was in Penang at that time. Thus, I could not attend the functions, thus, sorry no pictures from the event. However, I managed to get a flight similar to their departure time on 20th flying back to KL from Penang, thus, I managed to meet them at the airport.

Actually I thought I was going to be alone this time to see them however, luckily I spotted Ah Ping, Wai Wai and Aiko at the airport also. LOL. So luckily, I'm not alone. HAHA. After waiting for like 20-30 minutes, we finally spotted William So walking in pushing his trolley full of baggage. HAHA. So I walked forward with Ah Ping and Ah Ping called him, "So Wing Hong"...and he was kinda blur and looked at us and I added a "Hello!"...LOL. So we followed him and William was like understood. He left his passport at the check-in counter then he automatically walked to us and stood for us to take pictures with him. So I helped Ah Ping took a picture first. Ah Ping said she wanted a vertical picture, however, I didn't understand that in Cantonese actually, so I took a horizontal one for her. LOL. Then Ah Ping was like telling me again, vertical, then William added, "Aiya, told you already vertical, why never listen ar!?" LOLS....So after that I took one with William. However, I'm not very happy with my picture...LOLS...because my pose looks so weird...LMAO...well, better than nothing. After that, William walked back to the counter. Wai Wai and Aiko was looking for the other three members, thus they miss the chance to take picture with William.

Then the other three arrive and we all move towards Dicky. Somehow, we are all more interested with Dicky. HAHAHA. Then we asked Dicky for pictures and he was happy for it, however, the big large burly Indian security guard stopped us. He said no pictures allowed at airport. At that, we were like, HUH?? Since when does photo taking is prohibited in airports!!?? New Rule? LOLS....then Dicky was like, (btw, he speaks in English), "Owh, no photo in airport?? Awwww". Then for awhile after he said that, we were just standing there and looking at them. I saw Andy Hui and Edmund however, Andy was standing quite far away and he left pretty fast after he got his boarding pass. In fact, he didn't wait for the rest. He just went in straight into imigrations without waiting for his other members. He was probably too tired from watching the football match last night. HAHA. After standing for quite awhile, I felt that I should do something and not just stand there and do nothing watching them. So since Ah Ping has something for Dicky to sign, I took the thing and walked over beside Dicky. Then I called him, "Dicky, Dicky..." At first he didn't hear me, then I called him again and the guard heard me and started to stop me from asking for autographs with reasons that we'll cause the place to be crowded. And I was like, Huh? How can four people be crowded?? However, Dicky saw me and starting telling the guard, "Its Okay, Its Okay." However, the guard still insists with a no...GOSH! I guess by this time, Dicky was frustrated too! He told the guard again, "autographs is Okay!' then he just took the pen and picture from me and started signing it.

Then we took this opportunity to ask Dicky again if we could take pictures? I even asked if we don't on the flash if that's okay? Without flash, no attention attracting right?? LOLS. Then Dicky asked his assistant (I think she is his assistant)...he asked her, "gei cheong hai em hai em ho yi ying siong ga?" (is there a rule that no photos at airport?)...and the assistant was reluctant to give a definite answer and said, "kei sat...yu guo nei okay geh wah.." (actually if you're okay with it..)..Dicky then said, he's okay with it! Then we said, actually, we don't mind just taking one picture, a group picture will be okay too. So finally, his assistant said okay, I'll help you guys take one picture. So we managed to take a group picture with Dicky!

After that, we saw Edmund. He was just right infront of me so we called him, "Edmund!" And he's like "Hey!" and walked towards us. Then he also automatically understood we wanted to take pictures. Then very funilly he asked the guy beside him, "ngoh tau fat ying em ying dak seung ar?" (my hair is it tidy enough for a picture?) Then he started picking and styling his hair a little before taking pictures with us. cute and funny!! He's very nice, and when he takes pictures with you, he's the type where he will place his hands over fan's shoulders. LOL. After that, we walked forward first to the immigration area and Dicky and Edmund was actually trailing behind us. BTW, I was dragging a luggage back at that time, I think they must be wondering when trailing at the back that why this fan brings a luggage bag with her? HAHAHA......

So once at the gate, they said thank you to the crew and shook their hands. Then they turned to us and shook hands with each of us too~ And its them who offered the handshake instead of us. they told us, see us at August 7th then (their concert date). Then they almost took the lift instead of the escalator so we told them, take the escalator, not the lift! HAHA..and they walked towards the escalator. LOL. They waved bye to us and then Ah Ping asked Dicky, next time can she take a picture with Dicky with the bald head instead? HAHA, and Dicky was like "What?" And Ping repeated and he said, "Owh, Yeah can"...LOL. Then they left and at the lower level, Dicky yelled back up to us, "dim gaai yiu kwong tao?" (why must be bald?) And Ah Ping replied, "Coz look more handsome that way". HAHAHA. And we shouted out to Edmund too from above, and he was so blur looking for where we were and finally spotted us up there and waved to us. LOLS.

Conclusion, overall, Big Four were considered really nice artistes. No arrogance of that sort. They are considered veteran artiste in the industry. And I'm starting to have that feeling that HK singers are nicer than some of the TV artistes. HAHAHA....Hmm, August 7th? Well, probably I'll be there too...still about 2 months to go, so I have ample time to decide. HAHA. And Wynner will be having a concert on the same date at Genting Highlands mum is more keen on Wynner though..LOLS. Let's see how it goes~

Since there isn't any pictures that does not have me in it, thus, I'll just share this picture of me with Edmund. Haihz, fatty me already for feasting on durians in Penang for the past week! Gonna shake that fat off and also my final paper is this Friday!! Can't wait to end my exams!!!! Will update more once exam ends!!! Thanks for support~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joey Yung 2010 New Mandarin Song(added MOOV version) + Birthday experience

I'm still halfway through my exams...Suffering!! LOLS...Anyway, Joey released a new mandarin song about 2 days ago. The title is 信今生愛過(roughly translated as 'believe loved cameby this life?'). Its a ballad. I've played a few times. Sound quite okay so far. Have to listen more and wait for the CD version to know. Anyway, here's the DJ version for download:

I will post the CD version once its available.

*MOOV Version Added

On the other hand, I attended the Joey Birthday celebration live conference today. Although it was a very short video conference however it was much fun!! Joey's very humorous as usual. As I'm not supposed to reveal much of the details of the event, thus I'll just briefly update on some information. I managed to ask Joey when will her next album be released and she said September. Since she's releasing a mandarin number, I think it will be a mandarin album then. Which means cross fingers she will come to Malaysia for promotion.

Joey also mentioned that her concert will be at the end of November this year. I'm planning to see if i can make it. Hopefully its after my exams! And also when asked how many shows will there be for the concert, she humorously answered, "erm...hei ma dou yao yat cheung geh" (Erm...there's at least 1 show).

After today's celebration, I'm starting to miss Joey again. LOLS. She's very much into charity now, telling us enthusiastically she brought her HK fans to do charity this morning. HAHA. Although we didn't know what to answer aftet that and just responded with an "Oh." Probably she was dissapointed with that answer. HAHA.

I'm still very stressed up and busy with exam preparations. Will update here more often once I'm in my semester break again!!! See ya!! Enjoy the song~