Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts: You're Hired!


Sam Shui Mui (Lam Miu Miu) and Mak Tai Song! A cute couple that managed to make an impression in my mind since Charray in The Drive Of Life. Of course, before that I still love Sunny, Gallen and Chi Lam's chemistry on screen together. But what differentiates Charmaine and Dayo as an on screen couple compared to the rest is the 'feel' of the chemistry and romance between them. It is no where lovey-dovey filled with tragedies, sweet kisses and cuddles etc. Which is what seperates them from the others. To put in simple words, their relationship is 'realistic'.


They don't interact as lovers much, but instead more to enemy interaction throughout the whole series! Even up to courtship and engagement! Haha.


My personal impression for this series is that it is a high quality low budget series. I think it took TVB with surprise with the ratings. TVB top-notchs and producer must've been smiling gleefully with the news. Having Dayo will at least garner acceptable levels of rating but peaking at 40 points is an achievement! Glad to say, Charmaine on the other hand can happily add another breakthrough role into her record as throughout watching the whole series, I could not associate Lam Miu Miu or more affectionately called Sham Shui Mui to Charmaine Sheh/Wing Sau Fung/Belle/Yuk Cham/Kwan Hou/Yi Shun.........I try hard to relate this character to somebody I have related to before but it proved futile as I reach episode 22 of the series. Sham Shui Mui is a new character herself. A unique new character from somewhere inside Charmaine. If this is too deep to be understood, what I meant is that this is a character that will leave people on the street addressing Charmaine as Sam Shui Mui(Miu Miu) instead of Sheh Sze Man. Which is something to be happy and celebrated to.


Besides that, one thing to take notice is the 1001 expressions of Charmaine in the series (well maybe not 1001 but you get it..). Charmaine succesfully acted out so many different expressions such as sad, happy, shy, batgwa(nosy), greedy, curious, pretentious, angry, worried.......and the most important of all, she managed to act it out HUMOROUSLY!!! It is exaggerated expression which is one requirement for sitcoms, but at the same time not 'a hated exaggeration'. It is not something easy to achieve as what happened to Myolie Wu's 'To Grow With Love'. Myolie sadly did not achieve this. Work harder Myolie...practice and experience makes perfect!


I love the scenes when Miu Miu was the debt collector. Her interaction with her 4 subordinates are hillarious. And also her everlasting nosiness and bugging Ah Song all around. Almost every scene with Song, Miu Miu and also Sheh Mo Lin (obviously a parody of Charmaine's surname) gave me the giggles. It has been a long time since I watch a series that made me laugh in every episode!


For fashionistas, Charmaine's outfit is a must to be noticed in this series. I love almost all her outfits here especially those with boots! Hehe. I'll give You're Hired a 4.5/5 where a big credit goes to its harmonious casts and acting. A cut of 0.5 marks as the plot could have been made better.

Done with You're Hired now which is so far the best series from Charmaine for the year. Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a grand production and highly anticipated series this year! Looking forward to it next and hopefully, another breakthrough for Charmaine. But through You're Hired, something to remember, Grand Series does not neccesarily be a good series! Promotion is good, but over promotion may cause a reverse-effect!

Extra notes: I have to continue with doing my assignments now..I'm back in Penang which is why I could find time to watch You're Hired hehehe..but I still have to complete 3 assignments throughout the holidays!! Gambate to me!! And Charmaine had a haircut for Heaven & Earth filming! She cut the Joey short hairstyle..LOL. That hairstyle is very 'in' now. But Joey always Joey has extensions for her concert already...kekeke. Okay, see ya!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

12-13th September 2009, T Music Festival: A Blast

Added news clip!

Why 12th to 13th? Why 'A blast'?? Because this is the first time I watch a concert from 7pm until 2am in the morning! And why a blast?? Because there were blasting music, blasting fireworks, blasting smokescreen, blasting screams and blasting lights that the whole stage couldn't take it any further causing everything to turn dark and silent for a full 45 minutes!

Yes, a power cut! What!? You may respond in surprise. Yeah, power cut during such a big concert event. My first time ever experiencing something like this. In this blog entry I will pen down my comments and experience on T Music Festival including the many technical problems during the concert.

I reached Bukit Jalil Stadium at around 6.15pm. It was still early so I walked around and saw two yellow shirt ladies with neon light boards. Yellow t-shirt + neon boards....has to be Joey fans. So went to meet and talked a bit with them. After that me and my mum decided to go in and the JY6 Malaysia fanclub leader can't go in yet because she's waiting for someone else. Its already about 6.50pm that time. LOL. Anyway, by the time I got to my seats the concert already started with Andrew Chan singing. My seats isn't that bad. Fourth row from front. After Andrew sang, Rickman sang next. I won't comment much on them as I'm not too familiar with them.

The hosts for the night was Amigo Chui, Ngan Mei Yan and Nicholas Yeung. The next performing artiste was Kelvin Tan. Kelvin is a blind singer but his voice is just superb! So much feeling and gives you the goosebumps when he sings! I'm going to listen to some of his songs soon! Maybe as people say as he cannot see, so he sings from his heart with feelings. He also sang with a guitar which makes him much more admirable.

I will not go through each and every artiste performing in detail but more to which one who gained my attention and interest. The next one I should say is James from Thailand. He has quite good looks and also nice body build! And his showmanship is really good! He could make the audience go high with his comical 'thai traditional dance'!

When Manhand performed, it was the start of technical problems. The mic was too soft for the lady band member and one mic was not even working that they have to share mics! It is annoying to have that kind of technical problem during such a big concert event. I will note this as technical problem 1. And one of the performance that I enjoyed the most that night was from Soler!! I was surprised with their performance at first because didn't expect it to be so energetic and fun! Dino and Julio was really rockish that night showing off their muscles and two caucasian guys singing in cantonese just makes it much more interesting! I love their rendition of Siu Fung Jie's 'fung dek guai jit'! Thumbs up to them!


Next to talk about is Power Station! In my opinion, they have one of the best vocals that night. But its near to rockish band so they need to have loud voice. Power Station is the not having good looks but talent band. And technical problem 2 also happens before they were performing. One of the singer's guitar couldn't work and they had to dim the lights and the other band members create music beat atmosphere with their instruments to not make the audience anxious. It took about 10 minutes before his guitar finally produced sound. LOL. Power Station's performance was great but I feel it is a little bit too long. I think they sang the longest compared to all the other artiste. Power Station then introduced Jade Liu from China and they sang a song together 're qing de sha mo' if I did not remember the song name incorrectly. Its that song that Harlem loves to sing. LOL. Jade has good showmanship too for a young lady like her. She's very active and lively. But should I say technical problem 3?? Jade's mic also sounds soft. By now, I'm guessing that one of the mics may have lack of battery or something. LOL. Jade has a lovely voice in my opinion and I would have enjoyed the performance more if the volume was just a little bit louder. Volume as in mic volume not music volume. And I love her song 'wo jiu shi zhe yang'.

Next person, Kenny Kwan. I think Kenny Kwan is one of the artiste that received the less cheers from audience. I do not know how popular is he in Malaysia but I expected more people to know him. Kenny's performance was so-s0 he sang his new and old songs and I guess he is the only singer with blonde hair and wearing a hat and scarf that night. LOL. Its hot at the place ok!! After that Chin performed. And wow...he walks out in style..wearing sunshades, like catwalking out and sexy lady dancers follow dancing around him and as he sing...almost...almost to the chorus..then BOOM! Everything became dark....silence...surprsed! Chin and his dancers stopped in motion. Audience was left with surprise? Is this intentional? What happen? Then Chin started walking around for people in front who were taking this advantage to take photos of him. LOL. (Remember, camera and camcorder strictly not allowed). Then audience started to cheer and also jeer!! As Amigo, Nic and Mei Yan walked out...we all now know its a technical problem. It was pitch dark, no music, mics not working. They were using torchlight and screaming their lungs out to be heard until soon after they took that what you call?? Erm..loud speaker thing to communicate to us.

They explained about some technical problems and told it needs about 5 minutes....which then changed to 10 minutes to fix the problem and asked audience to stay calm. Under this unexpected situation, how they handle the situation is very important and crucial. So the host started asking stuff like who else hasn't perform? And they went David Tao!!?? Justin!!?? Khalil!!?? Joey!!?? and all the Joey fans sitting about 5 seats beside me started taking up all their neon boards and screaming...hahaha. And Amigo said look...I say Joey and all the boards are up. LOL. Because before they didn't carry anything up and just sat like normal audience. Haha. And once Joey's name was mentioned suddenly all her fans are visible. LOL. So for now I should put a big big technical problem 4 here!

It seems like 10 minutes is just too they need to think of something what they thought of was bringing artiste out to calm the crowd and talk to them. So first they brought Justin out...and the crowd went cheering like mad. LOL. And Justin talked a bit and then sang a chorus part of his song. After Justin, power still not Khalil came out. Sang chorus of 'red bean'. (While all this were happening, lights appear part by part from the stage. They are repairing it one by one I guess) So Z-Chen came out next. Sang and talked a bit...and OMG...still not up! Now they have to bring out bigger singers already. Kay came out. And hehehe...took this advantage to take this video too. Its not too clear but you can at least listen to what she says. (and I feel the final part of Kay taking pictures was kind of that her assistant or manager or whoever asking her to take the photograph? At this time?)

Then, oh no....still not done yet with technical they have no choice but to invite David Tao out already. I was thinking that if after David it still doesn't work then Joey has to come out already...but I think Joey was not there yet when it all happened!! I think she's just on the way or something..hahaha. So I took a video of David's part too. And from the video you can see....sound and light finally works. LOL.

So after that they invited Chin out again and he said 'I was shocked!!'. Suddenly 'Boom!!' and everything stopped. Hahaha. Poor him! Alright, after that continue with the show! Chin's performance give a different feel already. Audience lose part of their 'high-ness' and its like watching a whole new concert again. Which sucks honestly, as you're supposed to feel higher and higher throughout the show. During his performance, there were still some parts where the mic suddenly produced no sound....urgh..technical problem 5.

Next performance, Kay Guo. I have to say this may be the worse performance of that night. Why is she even performing here? She lacks showmanship and coming out after all these power cut and stuff and having her to perform is not the right time. I feel her songs sounds more to lollipop pop which is not my cup of tea. Well, maybe she is unlucky. They should have slotted her to an earlier timing. Kay Guo then duetted with Eric Lim. They sang Charlene and JJ's 'xiao jiu wo'. Eric sang way better. He also sang 'My Way'.

Then next was Z-Chen. Okay...technical problem 6! His music just stops at random times. Can you imagine? Singing..singing..then suddenly music stops. Then he has to sing without music at certain parts and also skipped half a song. How lousy is that...haihz. But Z-Chen handled the situation well enough. Next, Khalil! Khalil's performace was not as good as I expected. I don't know but I think it really has to do with the mic. He got the soft mic I guess. Because can't really hear his voice. Erm..should I put technical problem 7?? Its so mean to repeat the same technical problem again and again. So well, include all the soft mic problem into the previous one then. Haha.

Okay...have to speed up this post. LOL. Next performance to talk about is Kay Tse!! When Kay came out the amount of cheers was less than what I expected. Does Malaysians not know Kay too well yet? Kay sang 'yelling', 'song of the year', 'zhong mou yim' and 'hei dip gaai'. Her voice was better than what I expected! But I admit there are some little little parts of off-key but very slightly. Kay sang 'zhong mou yim' very well and the ending drag part received loud applause! Kay has a unique voice, but she just needs to improve on showmanship as she did some mistake on her own rundown during performance as in describing the wrong song. Well, at this point, I suspected because of the power cut, the singers may have cut down their song numbers. Kay said at Myfm she will sing 'ngoh jui hei ngoi dek goh' but she didn't sing it in the end.


After Kay, then I'll talk about Sam Lee! He sang 3 songs too and his vocals is good and showmanship not bad too! I shall listen to more of his songs too! Following him is Justin!! Justin also sang 3-4 songs. Which I feel is very little....I was thinking if without power cut, will it be more songs?? Justin's singing was great! And he could arrouse the atmosphere but his dance part was weird. What's with punching and kicking the dancer for a dance? Of course its fake kicking and punching sequence..but it doesn't look nice on stage.! David Tao! Its like almost 1 am already when he appear. An my eyes also tired and almost yawning already. But Joey still not yet perform k!!! Hahahaha. And David sang 4 songs. Two new songs and 2 old classic songs. His showmanship is great too! But I think its not his best live performance vocally.

So finally after him, Amigo finally introduced Joey!! And the crowd started screaming loudly. LOL. And Joey fans with their neon boards high up...and they even stood up too! LOL. Joey appeared singing 'yuet cheong yuet keung'. And oh man....I think she picked the wrong mic...LOL. Soft mic. Soft mic + yuet cheong yuet keung is not a really good combination. After singing the song Joey started screaming loudy saying "Do you know how afraid was I!!??? This is the first time I attend a show that needs me to sing at 1 someting AM!! I was so afraid that when I come out, I'll be facing an empty stadium." HAHAHA. And she added, "tomorrow you all don't need to work right? I sing until 2-3 am also no problem? Haha" And some guy must have said something because Joey replied to her, "What!? You even want to eat breakfast with me!??" Hahaha. I think Joey is the only performer who almost always add humour to her performance. I must admit she improved a lot on her showmanship.


Then Joey went on telling audience she released 2 albums recently and sang 'sau san gei' which received warm response. I would not say Joey's singing was the best performance that night. She could have sang better and plus soft mic just makes things worse. But she was good in waking the audience up...asking them to cheer. And when it was not loud enough she pressed on, "I can't hear you!! louder!! louder!!" Haha. After 'sau san gei' she sang 'Is this love'. And it was nice of her to give a warm wave and acknowledgement to her fans with neon boards and thanking them and saying "I know you all had been waiting very long. Thanks a lot." After 'Is this love' some guy tried to snap pictures of her from below the stage. And Joey went.."Eh...are you trying to get a position to snap a picture? You just have to ask me mah!!" Then she stood still to let that guy get a good shot. Joey also removed her jacket as she said its very hot...LOL. Justin did that too earlier and he said he has flabby fats on his arm. Haha. Joey instead said, "What? There's nothing to 'see' also," when the audience cheered. Haha. Joey ended her performance with 'My Pride'. It was a great song to end the show as the last verse of the song was “我覺得光榮 因有你擁戴”(I'm feeling glorified because of your presence) and after that back came the 3 hosts to end the show. I was hoping more songs to be sang by Joey, Kay, Justin, Khalil etc. And Joey's performance wasn't even around 20 minutes.....

Anyway, overall, it was a blasting concert as you get to experience various performance by different singers around Asia showcasting their unique stage performance. You can see each singer have their own way of performing and style. It is also a good way to first introduce yourself to different singers before you go for their major concerts. RM168 for my ticket? It was really worth it!! And because buying it early I got nice seats and even get to sit very close to JY fans who bought RM268 tickets. So lesson to learn, buy tickets early! Hahaha. T Music Festival is one affordable and worth the money concert, but they have to be more careful with their stage equipments...make sure nothing like that ever happens again in other events in the future. Especially if its a solo concert!! Also if you are watching a concert is Bukit Jalil Outdoor, then get the expensive ticket.

p.s I just received a youtube comment that the power shutdown was caused by a small fire incident at the left side of the stage...overheated is it?? Hahahaa...and i left out Ocean...the guy who sang with Vincy Chan in the hit duet song this year. He sang that song solo. His voice is quite good!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Updates : T Music Festival

Tomorrow is finally the day for T Music Festival!! Have you bought your tickets? If not then do so fast!! RM268 and RM68 tickets are already sold off. The reason I'm opening this post is because I'm going to leak some information. Hahahaha....

I just came back from the hotel (if you're smart enough you should know which hotel). Before that, I should first say that T Music Festival will be hosted by Ngan Mei Yan and Nicholas from Myfm and also a 'mystery' Hong Kong host that they are keeping secret until now. So basically audience do not know who he will be. But as I said, I just came back from the hotel and I saw who that 'mystery' guy is. LOL. He is Amigo Chui.

Actually I was at the hotel supposingly to see Kay Tse. But then in the end I saw Soler and Amigo. Hahaha. I was not prepared to see them so didn't took any photographs etc. Soler walked by with a whole group of dancers and musicians and I waved at them and they wave back. Haha. Then I continue waiting and suddenly saw Amigo coming down to the lobby in erm...singlet and simple pants...hahhaha...and went into the car I think to go to Bukit Jalil for rehearsal.

I waited 30 minutes more but Kay still didn't come so I guess she went straight to Bukit Jalil for rehearsal then Myfm for interview at 6pm later today. I can't continue waiting already because havr to go home already. Haha.

This is a small moment with artiste thingy today....LOL. I don't think Joey is here yet. She may only be arriving tomorrow because as I know yesterday night she was still in China. Haha.

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Concert Tickets Sold Out In 10 Minutes, Joey Warns Fans to be Aware of Fake Tickets

Date: 4th September 2009
Source: HK Headline

Joey Yung recently announced her forthcoming tenth anniversary concert will be held at 4th October 2009 for two shows. Yesterday, after ticket launch, the tickets were sold out within ten minutes. Besides feeling happy, Joey also warned fans who did not manage to obtain a ticket to be careful of fake tickets.

Joey Yung will be holding her two concert shows (Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live 2009) at Hong Kong Cultural Centre and tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes showing her status as Queen Of Cantopop. No wonder her company is willing to spend few million dollars on her.

EEG received many phone calls from fans as to whether Joey will add more shows to her concert. But because of the venue of the concert, the chances of adding more shows is slim. EEG explained that the reason Hong Kong Cultural Centre was choosen is because the place is very meaningful to Joey. Joey won a karaoke competition there at the age of 15 which was her first step into entering the music industry, thus it is the most suitable venue for the concert.

When Joey heard about the sold out tickets in ten minutes, she was shocked. But she was worried that fans who did not manage to get a ticket will be conned by fake tickets. Joey said, "I hope that you all will celebrate my ten years together with me, so please do not mark up the tickets. I also want to warn my fans to be careful when someone is selling the tickets, as I'm afraid it may be a con."

If Reposted Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : I decided to post this because I felt the news was just....hmm..what's the word?? LOL. I didn't expect this. At least maybe sold out in a day or something like..but not less than 10 minutes!! According to Joey fans, the ticket got sold out in about 7 minutes. Hahaha. And they were even camping outside the ticket hub...OMG. Hahaha. Joey's in Shanghai when the ticket was launched. I guess she's really shocked with it. Haha. She was just posting on Twitter few days ago that she'll try to negotiate with her company to get special fans ticket, but I guess she didn't suceed. Haha. Now its sold out! And FYI, the concert will be held on the same day! Meaning that Joey will perform twice, one show at 3pm and another one at 8pm. Wow, really sanfu her...singing non stop. Hahaha. Anyway, hope she will have a good time with the concert and enjoy her 10th anniversary celebration to the max!!!

Charlene Choi & Bosco Wong MV - Survivor

Charlene Choi and Bosco Wong filmed an MV for Charlene's new song, Survivor. Here is the TVB MV.

Added mp3 CD version download link : Click here

I personally feel the song is just average. Her 'two missing one' was better. This one has a little too much rock and bass elements in it that does not complement Charlene's voice. And the MV, as with most other MVs, does not connect much and kind of become repetitive and makes a viewer lose attention of the details after awhile. Bosco and Charlene's chemistry?? Haha...I personally feel not much chemistry there. Well, a first time short collaberation. So what to expect??

Talking about the 'Survivor' song, the song is about a lover who has to survive and bare with her partner that is practising monogamy. Which leads to media tentatively asking Charlene if the song is directed to Edison Chen.

Moving away from Charlene, let's go to Joey! Here'a a video that I would like to share of Joey from the Asian Games torch relay event that was held last week. Watch the Slow-Mo running Joey and also the Eason and Joey part at around 1:45 of the clip and also Joey's action at around 3:30 of the clip! Really hilarious! Hahahaha....

Alright, enjoy the clips! Back to work for me! Haihz...I just can't wait for semester break. Many things are troubling me......nevertheless, have to stay positive and Cheer Up, Never Give Up!

OWWWHH!! Before I forget!! CONGRATULATIONS to Miriam and Real on their marriage!! Wishing them everlasting love and happiness!!! Happy for Miriam as she finally found her Mr. Right! That's one of the best thing to achieve in entertainment industry. A smooth marriage and accepted by relatives and friends! Congratulations to her again and also to Leon and Gaile too!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Holiday Weekend!


Last weekend I went back home to Penang and then after that went to a short holiday retreat to Damai Laut, Perak. Damai Laut is a holiday beach resort situated nearby Pulau Pangkor. The running resort hotel there is Swiss-Garden Inn. It was a nice holiday weekend as I get to spend time with my parents! Haven't spend time with them for almost two months already and this holiday was much fun as we started recapping on what me and my brother did when we were younger etc. Family moments...miss them! haha. That's what people say, as you grow older, your responsibility increases thus, we tend to neglect time spent with family.

Anyway, as the main motive of my parents choosing Damai Laut is because they want to go there for golf, and I'm not very pro in golfing, thus I took the hours while they were playing to explore around the resort and took some pictures with my compact camera....( DSLR!!) But it was sunny and bright(which caused me to get sunburn!!) so an advantage to the images. I'll explain what facilities they provide and what to expect in Damai Laut through my pictures!

But first of all, go back to Penang and besides my parents, get to see my beloved dog too!!! Miss him so much too!!! The look and reaction when he saw me came home was just incredible and lovable! Ahh.and also not to forget, time spent with my ex-classmates from school for dinner outing was fun too!! Miss you guys a lot and schooling times too!!!

My dog..jumping up my bed!!! LOLS...

And also my dad bought me a book! And its an autographed version too! Thank You to my dad! Will read it once my mum finish reading it =P

Ok now, let's get back to Damai Laut!!

Besides the 18-hole golf course, other facilities that are provided in Damai Laut are free bicycle rides! Haha. That was what I did to take the following pictures! Hehe. I cycled while I stop around to take pictures of the place!

Stop 1: Scenery from hillside (Monkeys spotted!!)

Stop 2: Scenery from lobby

Stop 3: Beach

After that, we went out for dinner and had seafood. Here's what we had. Hahaha. The oyster like clam dish was good. But the other dishes was not as good. The food in this restaurant used to be really nice. I guess its either a change of chef or change of owner.

Next day's photoshoot! This time I went by driving in a car. Haha.

Stop 1: Jetty

And there were some people fishing there and they caught something! I filmed a video of their capture. Haha. Will post it up here when upload is done!

Stop 2: Archery
After that I went to do some archery!! And its free of charge too! Just that they have only 1 bow so far so if there's a lot of people then you will have to take turns..they should put up more targets and bows.

Stop 3: Out to town to shop around and visiting a mangrove swamp(More human food eating Monkeys!!)

Stop 4: Went over to Damar Laut for sighseeing and followed by a picture of a dragonfruit tree(first time seeing this!)

Overall, it was a fun holiday. Damai Laut is a great place for a weekend holiday where you stay for 2-3 days would be ideal. It will be better if you are a golfer or coming here in a large group for barbeque etc. Its not a place for a long holiday vacation because you may get bored. Hahaha. But it was refreshing to get a short holiday and go back to my home! Back to KL again now...have to fight war again!! And I see a busy week and following week coming again!! Argghh....!! Well, till then, update you all another time! Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. I saw You're hired clips and advertisement on Astro during my time spent at home! It seems very interesting and funny. And Charmaine said she screamed in the series until her voice became hoarse! Haha. Can't wait to be able to watch it! And Beyond too which will be airing soon!