Friday, September 4, 2009

Charlene Choi & Bosco Wong MV - Survivor

Charlene Choi and Bosco Wong filmed an MV for Charlene's new song, Survivor. Here is the TVB MV.

Added mp3 CD version download link : Click here

I personally feel the song is just average. Her 'two missing one' was better. This one has a little too much rock and bass elements in it that does not complement Charlene's voice. And the MV, as with most other MVs, does not connect much and kind of become repetitive and makes a viewer lose attention of the details after awhile. Bosco and Charlene's chemistry?? Haha...I personally feel not much chemistry there. Well, a first time short collaberation. So what to expect??

Talking about the 'Survivor' song, the song is about a lover who has to survive and bare with her partner that is practising monogamy. Which leads to media tentatively asking Charlene if the song is directed to Edison Chen.

Moving away from Charlene, let's go to Joey! Here'a a video that I would like to share of Joey from the Asian Games torch relay event that was held last week. Watch the Slow-Mo running Joey and also the Eason and Joey part at around 1:45 of the clip and also Joey's action at around 3:30 of the clip! Really hilarious! Hahahaha....

Alright, enjoy the clips! Back to work for me! Haihz...I just can't wait for semester break. Many things are troubling me......nevertheless, have to stay positive and Cheer Up, Never Give Up!

OWWWHH!! Before I forget!! CONGRATULATIONS to Miriam and Real on their marriage!! Wishing them everlasting love and happiness!!! Happy for Miriam as she finally found her Mr. Right! That's one of the best thing to achieve in entertainment industry. A smooth marriage and accepted by relatives and friends! Congratulations to her again and also to Leon and Gaile too!

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