Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing Multimedia: Joey Moov Live 2009 & Solar Project 2009 Themesong 'Cheer Up!’

Joey held her MOOV live concert was held on 16th June and the recorded track has just been released on 25th June, yesterday. Watching the news clip, I wished I was there to attend the concert. Haha. It seems to be so fun because you get to sit on the floor and get soo close! Look at one of her fan who pulled her hand while she sang. LOL. And also the 8 year old fan who even brought music scores for her band members to play and for her to sing!! Wow! LOL. Sure is a high and fun-filled music show. Joey and Eason will collaberate for another show end of this year at a bigger venue. Should be mid-November. But Joey's choice in that clip was Fong Tai Tong!! Hahaha.. Here's the tracklist and download link to the mp3 version of MOOV Live! Show:

01.Slow Dance












Also, JJ Lin's song, written for Joey(Is This Love?) CD Version! Joey's correct. The song may not seem very extraordinary at first but then subconsciously, you will find yourself humming the chorus. Hahaha. Enjoy the songs!! Looking forward to Joey's new mandarin album!

Download : Joey Yung - Is This Love?(CD Version)


One more thing to share! The themesong from Solar Project 2009 organised by RTHK! The Solar Project is some environmental awareness program by the music industry. The logo by the project this year was designed by Fiona Sit! The themesong is Cheer Up! Here's a newsclip from the project and also JSG on 20th June.

The Cheer Up! song was composed my Chan Mun Yan who also composed Joey's Lucky Star and Tou(Escape). Artiste who took part in this song are: Joey Yung, JJ Lin, Vincy Chan, GEM, Hins Cheung, Kate Tsui, William Chan and Mai Kuraki from Japan.


On a sidenote, I listened to Kiki Sheung's interview on MyFM on her coming concert at Genting yesterday. And OMG! Kiki Can Sing!!! She really has a beautiful voice when she sings! What a surprise! Hahaha. She said that she released 2 LPCD like ages ago. And not many knew. Another surprising thing is when the DJ asked her which actress that she can chit chat a lot to?? And the first person she said was Charmaine!! Haha. So surprised! More TVB trivias from me!! Hehe. I'm using my mum's laptop and its super super laggy and also virus infected I guess. Haha. Enjoy the songs and updates!

note: all the download links are not hosted by me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming event updates & Miscellaneous

Alright, more celebrity events for you guys/gals to pick in the near near near future! Haha. I'll put them chronogically!

Astro Wah Lah Toi Promotion Event

Artiste : Moses Chan, Halina Tam, Wayne Lai and Wong Cho Lam

Date : 27th June 2009

Venue & Time :

2:30 pm - Cheras Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur

7:00 pm - Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur

Eason Chan 'H3M' Promo Tour & Mini Concert

Date : 2-4th July

Venue & Time : More details will be posted when available

TVB Stars Mega Live (TVB8 Organised)

Artiste: Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Vivien Yeo, King Kong

Date: 11th July 2009

Venue : Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands

Time : 8:00 pm

More information : click here

Ivy : I will not be attending the 27th event although I do want to meet Halina Tam!! She's one of the person on my list that I want to meet! But unfortunately I already commit myself to something else this weekend so have to be a 'lady of my words' Hahaha.

I may be going to the Eason event and maybe the 11th July one. I'll have to wait for the full detail of Eason's scehule to be out first and learn more about the music concert he will be holding. I will share it with you guys/gals when they are out!

So anyone free this weekend??Show some support to Moses, Halina, Wayne and Cho Lam!! Haha. Charmaine also updated her blog with some photos of Raymond's concert! Check them out at her blog here.

Moving on to talking about something else, the other day my friend sent me an SMS. She told me she was talking to her friend about a post I posted on Shirley some time ago. And her friend told her that it sounds familiar. Haha. Turned out that her friend was actually my blog reader. What a small world I should say. Sometimes I wonder if the person sitting next to me during lectures or tutorials, or in the library or the cafeteria in school is a reader of my blog? Haha. Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to say HI!! Welcome and Thank You to Michelle for reading my blog!

Alright, I think I'll head for bed now! Need some rest after suffering during the exams for a whole full month!! Goodnight!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Raymond Lam: Let's Get Wet

Raymond released his album Let's Get Wet on 15th June 2009 just a day or two prior to his concert in the HK Colliseum. I've listened to the album and because of exams so delayed this review for awhile. But since I'm done with exams finally today, so here is my review of the album!

Track List: 01. Let's Get Wet 02. 換個方式愛你 03. 得寵 04. 如果時間來到 05. 值得流淚 (TVB劇集「包青天」主題曲) 06. 愛鬥大 07. Illusion

To my dissapointment, the album only contains 7 tracks and out of the 7 songs, 3 of them are already played before the release date. So let me start with the other tracks first. Track 2, 換個方式愛你(changing ways in loving you) is a pure ballad song where Raymond is famous with. The melody is a good arrangement but the song lacks in creativity to its lyrics. The lyrics seems to be too simple and direct for such an arrangement. With better lyrics fit into it, the song will do better. Nevertheless, the song will do well as another collection of Raymond's K song.

Track 3, 得寵 is a new genre of music for Raymond. The song is a very 'Anthony Wong' style of music. Not the type of music that I adore. Certain parts of the song are too draggy and has a 'dark' feel to it ala Anthony. Track 6, 愛鬥大 is where things start to get better for me. Raymond ventures into R&B for the first time and the song gives a fresh feel to Raymond's music. Raymond proves that R&B is another genre he is able to work with. In my opinion, track 6 will do better still if it is a mandarin track. When things start to get better, track 7 makes it bad again as the start of the music drifted my mind to Rayda! Haha. The familiar opening to the song makes me look back at my media player to see if the correct track is playing! Yes, track 7 is indeed a remix of 愛不疚 which I feel is a waste of disc space.

Overall, the album is not a new breakthrough for Raymond but instead just another collection of album into his discography. He did not venture much out of his usual ballads and the album lacks fast songs for upbeat song lovers which may be a flaw. As bare in mind, listeners to music are not always the fans of the artiste. My reccomended tracks for this album is Track 1, Let's Get Wet, Track 4, 如果時間來到 and Track 6, 愛鬥大. The album also lacks the number of tracks which may be due to the fact that Raymond is too busy to record more tracks and is constrained by the time limit to release his album before the concert to save promotion time.

Is it a worth buy? Well, of course if you are a fan of Raymond! The album cover and 64 page photo booklet which comes with it is already a good enough reason to get it! But if you are a new listener to Raymond Lam, then I still recommend his debut album 爱在记忆中找你 which I feel is the best album to portray and introduce the musical side of Raymond Lam.

Support your favourite artiste and sustain the music industry by listening original. Get Let's Get Wet from YesAsia! here.

note: I do not receive any monetary gains from YesAsia! for any links and reviews provided.

P.S more updates coming later!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Charmaine's Blog Entry: 18th June 2009


Sunday Is Father's Day!

Hello everyone! This Sunday is father's day already! Hopefully everyone make full use of this day to show your care towards your dad!! Hopefully all of you have a warm and memorable Father's Day!

Original Blog post credit to Charmaine's TVB Blog.

If reposted please give due credits.

Ivy : Another update from Charmaine! She's stuck in Hong Kong because of H1N1 for her holidays so she should be enjoying herself on holidays now with her mum! So she'll have more time to update her blog. And what a beautiful picture!! Oh, Charmaine went to Raymond's concert on the 17th too! Great news to Charray fans bad news for Jo Pao aka Grandpa Jo. Haha. You have too many competitions!! LOL.

Here's a photo of Charmaine and her mum at Ray's concert! Ron sat 3 seats away from her! Haha. (just an extra note...I can't believe Ray became blonde for his concert!!! I think he's uncomfortable with it too..always covering it when he's not performing. LOL)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charmaine's Message!

Charmaine left fans a message at her official forum 2 days ago. I'll translate the message for those who can't read Chinese^^

Printscreen credit to Sehseh



This year I spent my Birthday very happily. Besides receiving presents from you all, the most important thing is receiving your wishes and aware of your support and love, and specially celebrating my birthday for me. I am very surprised and touched. But I also don't want you all to spend too much money and time because of me. You all celebrated my birthday for me, but I will also be worried of your safety. A women even walking alone there will be danger. You all care about me but at the same time I care for you all too ma!

Besides being aware of your love and support, you all have to love yourselves too. Do not neglect your studies and work because of me, spending too much until affecting your life routines. I can receive all your blessings to me and I feel very touched.

Let's all work hard together, doing the best of our lifes. This is the best reward form our support to each other.

In the following days, I will be on leave. I hope that the company will arrange more outstation functions for me in the near future so that I can meet you all more often!

If reposted please give due credit.

Ivy : Thanks Charmaine for her message! Yes she's right. Don't neglect your work and studies!! Haha. As an idol, their fan's safety and well-being comes first. I hope that Charmaine could come to Malaysia soon! It's been about 2 years since she last came to Malaysia for any functions. Hope to see you soon Charmaine!

Also, she updated her blog with a video on Beautiful Cooking II. Check it out at

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its 616 today!!

YEAH! June 16th!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY YUNGCHOCHO!! HAHAHA.... Have A great year ahead and May All Your Wishes Come True!! Let the great songs keep coming in!!

'A Time For Us' felt like it was just released yesterday. Haha. But Joey is going to release another album in July! This time its a Mandarin album. JJ Lin helped compose one of the songs in her album and I heard it through a video from her MOOV Live Concert on 13th but unfortunately the video was removed already. But anyway MOOV posted some previews of the song from the coming album and I personally feel they sound really Good! Looking forward to the album!

This is one of the song I like (surprisingly a fast mandarin song!). The way the idea came out for the theme of the song is quite funny. Haha...anti-smoking. LOL. The title of the track is 烏賊

Here's the one from JJ Lin. Title is 這就是愛吗? (Is this Love?)

Anyway, Raymond's album was released on 15th June 2009. The title is Let's Get Wet with 7 tracks. Similar to the concert theme. Will talk more about Raymond later when I listen to his songs. Haha.

Charmaine's Blog Update: 12th June 2009

Charmaine updated her blog on the 12th. There's not much words but just some really cute pictures. Haha. Visit her blog to view all the pictures! I'll just upload one picture here! Love her eyes! The title of the blog post is "Self-taken [Beyond] photos."

Visit her blog to view the rest of the pictures and help increase her blog hits! -

And a good news!!! Charmaine will be recording for Beautiful Cooking II tonight!! I've been waiting for ages for Charmaine to take part in this show!! Let's see what will Charmaine cook!! I'm sure they'll tease her about stuff like cooking for Kevin. Haha. Looking forward to it!! I think it will be aired on Astro during my holidays! GOOD News!! Haha. I miss watching Charmaine in game shows! As I always say, she's such a sport!

That reminds me! Tavia was in the last few episodes right? I think I'll go get the DVD or something for all the episodes when the set comes out^^ And just 'pou khek' during my 1 month semester break!! 1 week to the semester break! I'm left with one more exam on Monday then I'll have a month break!! YEAH!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clips Worth Watching #13 A Joey Fanatic News Reporter

I came across this video on youtube. Its an ESPN Sports Channel reporter reporting on a football match. But what is surprising is that he uses Joey's songs to report the news!! Is he like a super Joey fan or just doing this for fun? Hahaha. I can't believe that its even actually allowed! Really funny. And also impressive in his selection of song titles and arranging them together for it to make sense. Haha. Maybe I should talk that way one day. And you know what?? Well I just started making one up!! Not for Joey but someone else! Here! Guess who's song I used! And maybe put up your answer at the Cbox! Haha. 我真的'爱在记忆中找你'。应为真的爱你'爱不久'!'Tonight',我想你想到'真的哭了'!'明天以后','如果时间来到',你一定要'自己保重'哦!

Anyway, here is the video on the Joey one. Haha. And this is the list of song the news broadcaster used : 跑步機上, 隆重登場, 爭氣, 心淡, 相當刺激, 怯, 小小, Lucky Star, 兒歌, 早有預謀, 刻不容緩, 飆汗, 穿花蝴蝶, 一拍兩散, 告解, 紅牌出場, 最後勝利, XXX(朱古力)萬歲, 心花怒放

Maybe you guys/gals can make a list of your own regardless English or Chinese songs and post them up at the comments section of this post. Haha. And let us guess!! Start guessing mine up there!

EEG Tenth Anniversary Exhibition

As you all should know, or if you don't then let me tell you. This year is EEG's Tenth Anniversary and it is also Joey's tenth anniversary. So EEG held this exhibition last week which ended yesterday. And here are some of Joey's stuff on exhibition. They exhibited concert costumes, posters, albums, endorsement advertisements etc etc. Here are pictures I selected of Joey's awards!




Joey's awards collection are pretty impressive!! And these are like from major awards presentations only if I'm not mistaken. Can't fit a whole table if its the total collection of awards. I still remember the times maybe around year 2000~~ when Joey took a video of a tour around her house and she still displayed her awards on the cabinet in her house. Haha. I guess that will not do now?? She would have to build a special room only to fit all the awards in if so...HAHA. Or maybe like Ada Choi in Gem Of Life? Build a special shoe cabinet? But instead of shoes, filling it up with awards. Urrgh....Joey reminded me of when I was a kid, still in school where wishing my room cabinet was displayed with medals from sports, academics, competitions etc...which DID not happen....HAHAHA. I only eventually got my cabinet filled with TVB mags, posters, Charmaine stuff, Joey albums, Raymond albums, TVB series and stuff...hahaha. Well, that's another sense of achievement isn't it?? In A way..haha.

Here's another picture of her albums :


Okay! Its 1250am now! And today will be the last day that I think I will be enjoying and also having the opportunity to sleep early!! I have to suffer revising for exams after this..OMG....But then have to be optimistic!! I'll have a one month break after the exam ends!! And then, I can continue updating you all with more frequent updates and maybe more updates on 'Moments With Celebs"!!??? Hehehe. Alright, Goodnight!!!