Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing Multimedia: Joey Moov Live 2009 & Solar Project 2009 Themesong 'Cheer Up!’

Joey held her MOOV live concert was held on 16th June and the recorded track has just been released on 25th June, yesterday. Watching the news clip, I wished I was there to attend the concert. Haha. It seems to be so fun because you get to sit on the floor and get soo close! Look at one of her fan who pulled her hand while she sang. LOL. And also the 8 year old fan who even brought music scores for her band members to play and for her to sing!! Wow! LOL. Sure is a high and fun-filled music show. Joey and Eason will collaberate for another show end of this year at a bigger venue. Should be mid-November. But Joey's choice in that clip was Fong Tai Tong!! Hahaha.. Here's the tracklist and download link to the mp3 version of MOOV Live! Show:

01.Slow Dance












Also, JJ Lin's song, written for Joey(Is This Love?) CD Version! Joey's correct. The song may not seem very extraordinary at first but then subconsciously, you will find yourself humming the chorus. Hahaha. Enjoy the songs!! Looking forward to Joey's new mandarin album!

Download : Joey Yung - Is This Love?(CD Version)


One more thing to share! The themesong from Solar Project 2009 organised by RTHK! The Solar Project is some environmental awareness program by the music industry. The logo by the project this year was designed by Fiona Sit! The themesong is Cheer Up! Here's a newsclip from the project and also JSG on 20th June.

The Cheer Up! song was composed my Chan Mun Yan who also composed Joey's Lucky Star and Tou(Escape). Artiste who took part in this song are: Joey Yung, JJ Lin, Vincy Chan, GEM, Hins Cheung, Kate Tsui, William Chan and Mai Kuraki from Japan.


On a sidenote, I listened to Kiki Sheung's interview on MyFM on her coming concert at Genting yesterday. And OMG! Kiki Can Sing!!! She really has a beautiful voice when she sings! What a surprise! Hahaha. She said that she released 2 LPCD like ages ago. And not many knew. Another surprising thing is when the DJ asked her which actress that she can chit chat a lot to?? And the first person she said was Charmaine!! Haha. So surprised! More TVB trivias from me!! Hehe. I'm using my mum's laptop and its super super laggy and also virus infected I guess. Haha. Enjoy the songs and updates!

note: all the download links are not hosted by me.

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