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Charmaine Sheh Denies Relationship With Raymond Lam


“TV Queen busy making money,while enjoying holidays.”

Dong Ka Fadan(Charmaine Sheh) was at Guangzhou yesterday for product endorsement and advertisement filming for a jewellery company. Recently, there were not many series of her airing and Charmaine expressed that she is on holiday now. And this month was a good month, receiving many advertisement offers. She also said that she will film a new modern series (Business Doctor) with Dayo Wong in October.

Winning TVB Best Actress award in 2006, Charmaine Sheh is still one of the most hardworking actress in the company. Recently, Charmaine taking a vacation had caused rumours to circulate that she developed an underground relationship because of a matching watch. Charmaine denied and said, “I have been urged to get married, but I have not met the right candidate yet.” She added, “I just finished filming a 30 episode series (Turbulence of East and West) with Joe Ma and Raymond Wong etc. The series will be airing around the end of September.

This year, there are many marriages among the entertainment industry. Charmaine admits that her family members did urged her to get married, she said, “ My grandmother asked me about it but my mother did not rushed me. Because my younger brother will be tying the knot next year while my elder brother is already married, so my grandma asked when will be my turn?” Regarding her future half, Charmaine said that she will have to see who she meets. Earlier there were news of her and Raymond Lam wearing matching watches which circulated rumours of an underground relationship. Charmaine responded that she did not know of the reports so she refused to respond.

As TVB’s TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh’s market value sure has risen. Yesterday morning, she received a seven figure sum, being the spokesperson of HKJure in Guangzhou. Being worthily described as ‘coy’, Charmaine really knows how to counter the reporter’s sensitive questions towards her and with full of expression and sense of humour!

Charmaine just completed filming Turbulence of East and West and there were rumours circulating about her and Joe Ma which affected the opposite party’s family. To this, Charmaine replied, “I am very good friends with Joe. It isn’t bad if there are rumours between us while filming which could help the series publicity.” Besides Joe Ma, there were also rumours circulating that TVB Siusangs Raymond Lam and Ron Ng are pursuing her. Charmaine was spotted wearing matching watches with Raymond Lam. A reporter asked Charmaine how is their relationship going on now? Charmaine laughed it off and said, “I have never heard of these rumours with them.”

Earlier, 33 years old Charmaine was urged to get married by her 94 years old grandmother. Yesterday, reporters asked Charmaine, “If the other half were to present you with a big diamond ring, would you accept it?” Charmaine replied, “ The size does not matter. It is who which matters. Actually when I was 19 years old, somebody had once proposed to me with a diamond ring. I was young at the time, so of course I rejected.” Do you have a candidate to receive a diamond ring from at present? Charmaine cheekily answered, “ There is no such person at present, do you have any good reccomendations? Haha.”

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Ivy : Sorry to say this and no offense to all Charray fans but I personally feel that wearing a matching watch is no big deal. I would say it just proves that they both have good taste instead. Haha. Anyway, I think the reporters shouldn't bother Charmaine nor Raymond regarding this issue. If it goes on, TVB artiste would have to hold a big meeting to make sure they don't clash brands with the opposite sex AND the same sex too!! You will never know what stories could those doggies make up. Hahaha.

Anyway, my internet connection is terrible today!! I hate this type of connection! Streamyx, please do something about this!! I am not the only one complaining here!! And connection problem affected blogger page so now I can't change my font and colours of my font!! Argghhh!!! Please bare with this until my connection gets back to normal so I can edit it. Thanks!


Hehehe...managed to change the fonts and stuff already! And also I'll be offline until Saturday. Meanwhile be good!

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Clips Worth Watching #7

It has been awhile since I posted "Clips Worth Watching". So here is another edition of Clips Worth Watching featuring ISQueen, Tavia Yeung and Heart of Greed Ipoh Special.

Charmaine was the ambassador of ISQueen Japan based Beauty Products and she filmed this advertisement few years back. I'll post up the making of the advertisement and also the final result! Charmaine looks really cute and her voice is still a little 'chicken voice' back then. Haha. And she looked chubbier too back then. Filming a 30 second commercial is real hard work. At average, it takes around 12 hours of filming to complete the shoot. And imagine, striking a particular pose tenths of times and making the same facial expressions many tenths of times too!! I'll get home with an aching face and have no desire to smile anymore after smiling for 12 hours.....LOL! My muscle aches even when someone takes a longer time to press the shutter on the camera when taking a photograph!! 12 hours....???Image Hosted by

The Making....

As I'm unable to embed Baidu videos here because of how complicated it is....I'll post the link to watch here first. Click here to watch.

The Result (18 seconds version)

(30 seconds version)

Tavia Yeung made a long trip to Malaysia recently mainly to promote Heart Of Greed, product endorsement(H2O) and also for stage show. She even got bitten by sand flea in Sabah and red spots were seen all over her could see it at her TVB blog. Lucky thing, it was nothing serious. Here is an interview clip from variety show Mary Go Round aired on JiaYu Channel recently. Tavia was interviewed in Malaysia. Not many people notice this channel as it usually airs ATV and Malaysian Cantonese production. But I saw the TV guide on the newspaper highlighting this that day and OMG!! I was on my way to Langkawi! So I'm going to miss it! But lucky thing my friend KC went over to my house and helped me to set the timer on my recorder! Hehe. Thanks KC!

It was a pretty good intervew with Tavia. I agree with what Tavia said. And also I sympathise her when she had to act really minor roles when she started acting, but I admire her too for not giving up!! Now she is well recognised and gaining more and more lead roles. She has the potential in her. Go Tavia!

Last part of Clips Worth Watching, Heart of Greed Special At Ipoh Private Function. Heart of Greed Cast, Tavia Yeung, Louise Lee, Moses Chan and Linda Chung went to a lucky Astro Subscriber's home to cook, dine and also chit-chat.(I wish I was the lucky one...hahaha) Louise seems to be a good cook. And Tavia was very thoughful and caring. You could see her warning Louise of the curbs and slippery floor while they were carrying the dishes to the dining hall. Moses and Linda on the other hand, handled the desserts. LOL...seems like they did not done a very good job...hahaha. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #5

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Even

I love competing, especially competing with people that are competitive like Wing Sau Fung. First round, Wing Sau Fung disguised as Sirius International's Miss Choi, trying to snatch that hot springs land from me. I was almost completely deceived by her. I consider her winning this round. Round two, Ngai Tin Hang from Sirius International wants us to help him find a rare pen. Who found the pen first, he will sell the land to that person.

I asked Chi Ming to disguise as the owner of the pen, to trick that Wing Sau Fung to Llama Island empty-handed. Then I took that genuine pen to Sirius International, beating Wing Sau Fung to get the land from Ngai Tin Hang as he promised. This round, I won flawlessly. I'm even with Wing Sau Fung now. I have a feeling that I will be competing with her again, I am really looking forward to it. After all, she is a very special women.

Then, I went to Beijing with Chi Ming to inspect the land. Zhan Man had the intention to build a restaurant nearby my resort. Thinking of me and my buddy, Zhan Man working together to earn big money, wonderful. When I was in my best mood, I got news that Grandpa Wang passed away. I don't really feel the loss, because I left Hong Kong for quite some time, so I'm not very familiar with Grandpa Wang. Our relationship is not that close.

But I know that daddy is very sad. At this times, I think I understand my father. His expression is very indifferent, showing the heavy load in his heart. Just wish that the deceased will rest in peace, others safe, and third uncle will get through this sadness and cheer up soon.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Try To Stay Calm

I told myself, stay calm, I have to stay calm. Because I wasted the whole day today for nothing! First, my plans are kept on spoiled by Wah Zhan Pong. He caused me to fail to sign the contract with Miss Choi from Sirius International. Then, is that Ngai Tin Hang showing off his collection of pens, and wants me and Wah Zhan Pong to look for what Apollo 11 pen for him. Very obviously this guy is psychologically imbalance.

After that, when I was looking for the pen, I was caught into Wah Zhan Pong's trap! I'm so irritated, irritated, irritated! He also used that 'clever thing' to cheat me! I really wish I could kick this 'irritating thing' straight to Atlanta!

On the way home, I passed a branded outlet. I really felt like spending lavishly to express my anger. But when I thought of saving the money to buy a house for mama to come back and stay with me, that desire to shop vanished.

My EQ is not that low. Now I just have to take a good night's sleep. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will definitely gain back double of today's lost.

Flashbacks : Zhan Pong's Victory!

Clip Credits to waiteng1991

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : Just got back from Langkawi. Didn't manage to attend Fung's event!! But nevermind, I keep on telling myself, he's coming on the 16th of August which is about 3 weeks away. I was browsing through the Astro Heart of Greed web to look for updates and I was so happy to know that Michelle Yim will be coming to the "Ending Abalone Banquet" too this 16th of August!! Besides her, those confirmed attending are Ha Yu, Lee Sze Kei, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and Louis Yuen. I will post more updates on this banquet once they are up. Tomorrow is also the premiere of Moonlight Resonance aka Heart Of Greed 2. So, happy viewing to those who will be watching!

Also, here is a picture to share from the recent TVB book fair event taken by Tavia's fan from her forum. Reading her experience, I really want to attend functions in Hong Kong!! They really enjoy and take their own sweet time during the functions......unlike in Malaysia....MIB(Security Guards) are blocking everywhere!! And it is so hard to approach the Hong Kong, they don't care...LOL. You can approach and talk to the artiste freely. Notice the pictures on the background....right side there are Myolie's and Tavia's pictures. And left side you can see some of Charmaine's. Yups! Visitors to the fair can actually buy them and the respective artiste will autograph them for you!


Picture credits to fat_peg888 from Tavia HK Forum

P.S Changed new banner. Hope you guys like it!

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Joey Yung, Raymond Lam and William Chan at Miss Hong Kong Finals 2008

Clip Credits to bigpig59

Ivy : Just to share with you all the performance and my thoughts from last week's Miss Hong Kong Finals 2008 by Joey Yung, Raymond Lam and William Chan. The performance was obviously made for Joey because the song selections were all her songs except Raymond's rendition of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back. Which surprised me as I did not expect Raymond to perform this hip hop style song. I still prefer Raymond singing ballads. But he has to learn to be versatile.

I will not say this was Joey's best performance as it was not a 100% perfecto, but considering she was suffering from PMS while performing, she still deserved a two-thumbs up! Joey could sing and dance under pain and I witnessed that as I came to know that during her concert at Genting which I went last month, she was actually suffering from a sprained leg from the earlier night's performance. Her crews had to use ice packs to subside the pain so that she could perform the next day. And I did not realise anything in her dance move during the performance that night. She hid it well!

I was expecting William Chan to perform a song of his own but he didn't. Instead, he appeared towards the end showing his dance move and singing Joey's song "Yuet Cheong Yuet Keong" along with the rest. Raymond had some difficulty singing to Joey's key but he picked up in the end and I could not hear William's voice!! Haha. I once mentioned EEG is promoting Raymond very much and wherever Joey is, you could spot him, well I mean literally. I'm happy for him of course! Learn from your "Si Jie", Ah Fung. And all the best to your singing career!

Strong TVB Presence At Hong Kong Book Fair


23 July 2008
Emma Lam

The annual Hong Kong Book Fair opened today at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai.

To promote the DVD release of the third season of TVB's inspirational travelogue series On The Road <向世界出發>, General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲) and executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) led artistes Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in manning the TVB stand.

They were joined by retired veteran Yu Mo Lin (余慕蓮), who stars in one of the travelogue sets, where she shared her memories of her sister and the early days in Hong Kong during a reminiscent tour of China's Guizhou.
Tavia appeared at the event wearing a deep-V dress and asked if she was trying to catch people's attentions with her sexy dress, she laughed that as the weather was so hot, she wanted to look more summery. She spoke of her intentions to write a book with her mother and sister about handicrafts.

Charmaine also turned a few heads, showing off her legs in a mini-dress. She revealed that in the past, she had worn a disguise to visit the book fair and she has a particular interest in buying love stories and cook books. She said that she has just returned from visiting her family in Hawaii and asked if she had met anyone special on her trip, she said that she does not like Western men and neither she nor her 94 year old grandmother is in any rush for her to get married.

Stephen made a quick detour to recent chat show guest Cally Kwong (鄺美雲)'s stall to present her with some gifts. Asked about rumours that TVB intends to present Raymond Lam (林峯) with this year's anniversary award for best actor, Stephen smiled that the company will support all its staff and in a change to the voting procedures this year, the winners of the top awards will be decided by the public.

News Translation Credits to

Additional News Translation from Singtao :

When the reporter pointed out that Charmaine did not dress sexily enough, she asked back: "We have to dress sexy today? Well I did revealed my legs." She revealed that in the past, she would put on disguise to go on a shopping spree at book fair, mostly buying romance novels and cookbooks. Though she is often busy filming series, she believes that the cookbooks will be put to good use eventually. Recently on a holiday break to Hawaii, she revealed that she will be filming a new series in late September. She enjoyed her holiday and indicates that she will be visiting her younger brother in Shanghai soon. When asked if she have met anyone special, she laughed and said: "I will be a pair with my younger brother, but he is getting married next year. Both my elder and younger brother gets married before 30, but I don't have such luck. However I'm not in a rush, I believe everything is fated. I'm happy with my life now and I'm learning to cook, just in case."

Translation Credits to Sehseh's Blog

News Clip :

Clip credits to 阿米 from

Pictures from Charmaine's Baidu Forum and :

Ivy : Charmaine looks fairer after her holidays! Hahaha. Or maybe the white dress made her look fairer. So Charmaine will be leaving for Shanghai soon! No wonder she came back early from Hawaii. Anyway, continue enjoying your holidays and rest, Charmaine! Not fond of Myolie Wu's new hairstyle. I still prefer her in long hair. Looks more feminine. Tavia dyed her hair and the colour suits her and compliments her more tanned complexion. She expressed in her blog that she got tanned after returning from Sabah. LOL. And TVB main awards going to be chosen by voting system?? I think there are advantages and also disadvantages by making it this way. But..haha...TVB will never do something to their disadvantage!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #4

Wing Sau Fung Blog : I am Miss Choi

Today I represent my client for a meeting with Miss Choi at Sirius International Investment Limited to discuss about the hot springs land at Mainland China. Miss Choi was not in.

Then, I unexpectedly bumped into the fool from China Century Estate Agency, Thomas. This fool was leading another two fools who were from what Palace Spa Holiday Group.

These three fools mistaken me as Miss Choi, and told me their interest in buying the hot springs land to develop it. That means they are snatching business with me? Okay! To know my competitor's background, you said I am, then I am Miss Choi. Basically, to get the business, I can be anyone.

At the coffee shop, listening to Wah Zhan Pong's boasting and his facial expressions, I want to laugh but I have to restrain myself, I want to doze off but I have to restrain again, I really felt like giving him a tight slap on the face to wake him up.

Luckilly, I managed to get their proposal in hand, considered I did not waste my time there. I went back to my company to report this to my big idiotic manager. Again I'm being taken advantage. Sooner or later I will report him for sexual harrasment.

Wait until I have the authority and power, I will definitely not be lenient. I'll stop writing here, it's time to call mama in Canada.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : If I want to Do It, then Do Something Fun

I am willing to go to work. I believe that to many people, this is an incredible thing. Actually, all this while, I never said that I am not willing to work. It's just that, I insist that I will only do a work that could satisfy myself and also satisfy others. And at the same time, earn a lot of money. And to be able to satisfy me, the work must be fun-filled.

So, working at my father's Steel company is not one of my options. Thanks to my mate, Zhan Man's advice, I finally understand that avoiding from my father in Beijing is not a way to solve problems.

So I went back to Hong Kong, the reason is to talk to my father about my interest. I did not expect my father to force me to work in front of third uncle and his wife. To prove that I was not a fool, I desperately made up that I am interested in building a Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Mainland.

Building a Hot Springs Resort not only could fulfill my three requirements (In Work), but looking at it objectively, it could increase and improve the living standards of the people in China. I dare to guarantee,that the business of my resort will be good. With bright Chi Ming as my assistant, today I have succesfully discussed with Sirius International Investment Limited's Miss Choi. This is definitely a very good start. It is definitely worth it for me to laugh out loud. Haha.

Flashbacks : Click Here to watch the episode of Zhan Pong and Sau Fung's First Meeting

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

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Ivy : Charmaine is back from Hong Kong!! She attended an event today together with Myolie Wu, Bowie Lam and Tavia Yeung. I'll post up news and updates of the event once they are available. Meanwhile, enjoy the FungPong updates! I love the part where in Sau Fung's heart she felt like slapping Zhan Pong's boastful face. Haha. We sure wouldn't know how her character felt by just watching the drama.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #3

Wing Sau Fung Blog : People who do not invite jealousy is incapable

There are gossips circulating in the company again. Once again, that senseless and nonsense gossips. They said that I flirted with my client and snatched my colleagues' business. I don't bother to comment. The truth is, that client is actually a couple. It is his wife that personally asked me to help them sell their house. Anyway, the comission is already safely in my bag. Why would I care about these gossips. I am not the incapable person here.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Tricked

Tricked, really tricked! Huge misfortune! Today, I bumped straight into my father! When I was fantasizing myself holding the championship cup, I spotted my father at the Beijing Automobile Charity Off-Road Race starting track!

Although my handsome uncle helped me to cover, allowing me to escape from the clutches of evil, but in the end, I failed to escape and ended up being hit by my father.

How would I know that guy is Wah Zhan Man? Wah Zhan Man is my cousin brother? And also how would I know about the grudges between my second uncle and my father? I know that my family and second uncle's family don't contact much, and my father always avoid talking about this topic.

Haihz, this Zhan Man is quite a capable person. I am sure that he is as intelligent as me, and he knows more about surviving skills than me. Heavens! Why let me run into him? Now I have caused him to met with an accident and sent to the hospital. I feel so guilty! And when I look at second uncle's sad face, I could imagine father's face...........I know I will be scolded. How daddy would like to deal with me, let him. Most importantly is Zhan Man could get well soon and discharge soon. If not, even if I die a hundred times, I could not repay this crime.

Flashbacks : The Making of Zhan Man in Hospital Scene

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

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Ivy: Sorry for the delays of updating. Was not around these few days. Anyway enjoy the new updates. And I promise next entry, FungPong will meet each other at last! hehehe. Stay Tuned!

And also Raymond Lam will be coming to Malaysia this weekeend for Niu Zhe Xui Concert at Ara Damansara, KL. I'm still considering and arranging my schedule to see if I could make it. And I will most likely be going down to KL the following week 2nd August...yeah! MTV Asia Awards day! Hahaha. I wanna know if Joey Yung will be attending....if she is then I may consider going up to Genting....owh but then I don't have entry tickets...but besides Joey I know that Karen Mok, PCD, Leona Lewis, Stephanie Sun etc will be attending which I want to see them perform too!! Anyway, just keep my fingers cross....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Raymond Lam's New Song : 愛不疚 ( Moonlight Resonance Subtheme)

Here is the download link to Raymond Lam's new song 愛不疚 (Thanks to Jessie) which will be the subtheme for Moonlight Resonance(Heart of Greed 2). The opening theme is sung by Sussana Kwan. Moonlight Resonance will be premiering this 28th of July 2008. Raymond Lam's second album will be released somewhere in August. Linda Chung will also release her debut album in August.

Visit Moonlight Resonance Official Website here.

I'm looking forward to Moonlight Resonance because of Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Moses Chan, Michelle Yim etc etc. In short, the cast. Hope Moonlight Resonance will not be dissapointing and hopefully it will be slightly less noisier than the original Heart Of Greed.

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #2

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Get Lost

After work, I talked to mummy on the telephone. She said that she read the Hong Kong newspaper so she knows that property price increased and the value will continue to rise. I told her you are right, the price rises therefore I earn more. I earn more, therefore very soon I can bring you back to Hong Kong to settle down. As usual, she urges me not to stress myself out. Although so, I have never told her how I suffered through my job.

As the entire company's highest turnover Gold Medal real estate agent, I feel that the most suffering part is not snatching clients from colleagues nor spending effort in socializing with clients into buying properties, but is have to face that idiot who treats ladies cheaply all day long.

The company's manager is that kind of big idiot. Only knows how to take advantage of lady subordinates and not work out of his own capability. Just wait and see, very soon I will be sitting the manager's position. I want him to get lost and vanish from my sight.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : My Father and I

People who are familiar with me will know that I studied two Bachelor degrees in America. I studied Business Management only because it was my father's decision. Studying Philosophy, is totally out of my own interest. However, nobody knows that I actually finished my degree half a year ago. My family members thought that I am still at the university conducting research with my professor, where in actual fact I am enjoying my travel of fire and ice.

I have been to the country of ice and snow and also the tropical rainforest ; first Europe then Africa. Hey, everytime I imagine my father discovering the truth, how he would frown and appear furious, I couldn't help but giggle.

My father always hope that I would follow his path. The best is if I could learn business from him at Kok Wai. Perhaps, you will think that I do not have the guts to tell my father the truth. But I believe if you see how he controls my sister and uncle, then you will understand how much I want to lie.

I am not that old obedient employees of Kok Wai, I will not accept the old fashioned suit. In short, I have my own way of thinking, I have my own life, only I myself can take control of my act. Nobody can control my doings, not even my father.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

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Ivy :
Zhan Pong and Sau Fung have something in common. They are both very ambitious ^^ Except that Sau Fung is ambitious in a serious way for her mother, while Zhan Pong is ambitious in a rich kid and playful way ^^ Stay tuned for the next edition!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special: FungPong Blog #1

Today is the 16th of July. Exactly one year ago, The Drive Of Life aired on televisions at Hong Kong and Malaysia. So you could say today is the 1st Anniversary of The Drive Of Life. (Thanks Rachel for reminding me of today!) And 16th of July also marks 1 year anniversary of Astro On Demand!(Bernice Liu and Bowie Lam will be coming to Malaysia this weekend to celebrate this). I still remembered last year I was so excited for 9.30pm as AOD gave Astro Subscribers free viewing for 5 episodes of TDOL. Hehe. At the time I haven't started my blog.

Besides the series itself, there is an official The Drive Of Life Blog by TVB. I think many fans who do not know how to read Chinese are either not aware of the existance of this blog or if they knew, they may not know how to read it. So since it is Charmaine's drought now and also anniversary of TDOL, let me translate FungPong Blog here to share with you all and also to get to know more of the character Wing Sau Fung and Wah Zhan Pong.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : My Survival

My name is Wing Sau Fung. In my life, no one in this world is as important to me as my mother. My rough past with my mother is not worth the mention. Put it this way, as long as I am around, my mother will be able to enjoy her golden ages peacefully. The happiness I give her, must be able to overcome the unhappinesss she undergo in the past. This is how I believe. And I still believe. To achieve this, I need lots lots lots of money.

To be honest, with my beauty, knowledge, ability and wisdom, earning big money in Hong Kong is not difficult at all. The only difficulty is that I have to be one step faster than other people to snatch what I want. This is a very realistic and selfish world. No one will sympathize an innocent honest loser. So, as long as I achieve success as the final result, what is wrong for being a little selfish, cruel or even cunning. All this while, I am valiant. To protect my mother, I dare to do anything. My mother is the source of my survival because we share the same destiny.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Play and Fun to the Fullest

My father, Wah Man Hon, the commander of Kok Wai Steel and Iron Company. I, Wah Zhan Pong, am a man living in comfort, or I should say the black sheep of the family. How would you evaluate me? Evaluate as you like. I will evaluate myself as a smart guy who loves life. Love life, therefore I insist that while I am still young, I have to travel around for pleasure and amusement to the maximum, making use of every minute and every second. Even if I only have a rotten rucksack on my back and would have to sleep by the streets of a foreign country, I still feel satisfied. This, is my philosphy of life.

I believe there is only two kinds of person in this world : One that understands the creation of miracle and uses this to change the ponder and lifestyle of the people of the world; One that follows other people's footsteps and continue to ponder and lead a mediocre life. Obviously, majority of the people are from the latter group. But I deeply believe that I am the minority of human that has the ability to change the world. Even so, for now, I plan to continue to play first, discuss the serious matter later. One last word, do not ask me to inherit my father's business. What Iron and Steel King? Please.

Original Blog Posts from TVB The Drive Of Life Blog.

Please Credit me If the Blog Translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : This is the introductory blog post of Wing Sau Fung(Charmaine's character in TDOL) and Wah Zhan Pong(Raymond Lam's character in TDOL). If you have watched TDOL, you should know the character development of the duo. Stay tuned for more funny moments when the two meets!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charmaine Randomness

Charmaine drought has arrived for me now. Last few weeks I did not really feel it yet because I was marathoning Forensic Heroes II which was a nice installment from the first one. Except I feel that in the second one they focused more on the cases and not much on the casts personal love life. Also TVB or I should say the storywriter did a more realistic change compared to other previous TVB detective dramas where all the cases are somehow related to the family members or friends of the casts. For example, Detective Investigation Files IV, almost all the cases or I think in all of the cases, somehow or another the victim/convict/witness are related to the main characters in the drama.

Some examples of cases, if you had watched DIF4, 1) Ah Man(Charmaine's character) and her father's case 2) Chi San's(Sunny Chan) sister's case 3) Tong Sum's(Lee San San) F&B teacher's case 4) Fei(Louis) and Kwan(Jessica) stranded on island case 5) Korean's( So Chi Wai) relation to murder case where Joyce Tang guest starred 6) Tong Sum's mother's case relating to Rebecca Chan(Jessica's aunty in the series) 7) Chin Chin (Anne Heung) and Fei(Louis) with Roger Kwok's Case...............

Anyway, my point is, is Hong Kong that small that every murder case reported are somehow related to the main casts of the series? Or was it just coincidence? Haha. Sounds unrealistic doesn't it? I'm happy that in Forensic Heroes II, they made a change and cutted down the number of cases that are connected with the main casts. Although there are a some cases that are connected but at least it wasn't made too obvious. Looking forward to a third installment of the series!!

Back to the main reason I opened this post. Charmaine has always been commented by magazines, media etc to have some similar features to Carina Lau and Liza Wang. So how true is this? Look at the pictures below and judge them by yourself!

Carina Lau

This picture of Carina does resemble Charmaine a lot. I actually had to look twice to make sure it is Carina and not Charmaine. LOL. To make things harder, Carina wore the watch on her right wrist too! Just like Charmaine. Charmaine resembles Carina the most when she had short hair. The following pictures of Charmaine resembles Carina.

Liza Wang
This picture of Liza Wang from her younger years does resemble Charmaine. I remembered once there was a quiz published at TVB Weekly and they compared Liza Wang's eyes with Charmaine's eyes. They do have some similarities between their eyes. But I still love Charmaine's eyes more as her eyes has more glitter in it! This picture from Next Magazine 2008 of Charmaine shows some resemblance to Liza Wang.

And this picture of the two of them performing at "The Same Song" concert. They have the same hairstyle and they do look quite alike! Haha.

I personally feel that Charmaine does resemble both Carina and Liza. But she resembles Carina more especially their sideview. I miss Charmaine's news!! Hehe. But Charmaine deserves her rest. So, rest well Charmaine, while I think of something to keep myself and also you guys/gals occupied during this 1 and half months left of drought!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 3


Part 3 of the event^^

So the last part I was saying until we were playing station games. So after the station games I really don't feel like standing for 4 hours in the crowd so there was this restaurant at the second floor that overlooked the stage so we went there for drinks and food. We sat there until around 2 something pm. I am still holding V and Joyce's letters to Tavia and Linda and I wouldn't feel good if I did not pass it to them. So at around 3pm I went down with KC (Grandpa Jo help save our seats) to the backstage entrance and waited there. I approached a very helpful looking crew and talked to her. I told her I have letters from fans all the way from Singapore for Linda and Tavia. So could you please hand it to them or their manager later as I understand that the crowd is very huge and it would be hard to pass it to them personally. And to my relieve she said, "Ok sure no problem!" We then stayed there for awhile to wait for their arrival to try our luck on autographs.

During the performances by Astro Star Quest Finalist, we were waiting at the backstage still and then suddenly loud scream and chaos! Hahaha we knew they arrived already!! The crowd was pushing like mad and I saw Moses and Louise walk pass us and went safely into the tent. But then there was no sign of Tavia and Linda!! So I looked at the entrance way and Oh No!!...the crowd almost went out of control and the security guards were pushing them away as they blocked the way until Linda and Tavia couldn't pass!! Me and KC were telling each other, "They couldn't pass!" Poor thing! Sure is scary for them!! But luckily things went into control and they managed to enter the tent safely. Haha. We saw the chaos and don't think that autograph is possible so sorry Joyce and V!! We headed back up to the restaurant as being backstage, the view isn't good.

Back to Restaurant

When we went back up to the restaurant, Oh no!! The crowd!! I couldn't even see where is Grandpa Jo!! I called him and he couldn't hear me because of the noise! Haha. So I SMS-ed him. And out seats were taken by other people but fortunately they were kind enough and knew that we were dining in customers so we got back our seats!! Yay!! So we started taking more pictures but because we were at higher level it was hard to get a shot of their face. So day 2 is video day! This time Vivian introduced Linda first followed by Moses then Tavia and finally Louise!! Haha. Here is video 1.

Game Time 1

Notice Tavia playing in the clip. She looks so cute running to and fro sticking the words on the board. The objective of the game was to listen to the slow motioned Famous HOG Quote and choose the words of the quote from the box and stick it on the board. The partner fan will have to finish their can of drink(Wong Lo Kat) before they are allowed to help their artiste to stick the notes. And notice how Tavia cheated a little by sticking the notes although time is up! Haha. She also helped to rush Louise's partner(guy in black) to quickly start drinking!! And notice when Vivian were checking their results, Tavia hit Moses at the back because he got the HOG Quote wrong!!! And Tavia won this round and she gave her partners a bow and thank you!

As we were at the top and we did not hear much cheering for Tavia from the crowd, we felt that we have to do something. So we started our plan to shout out Tavia's name. We call her 'Ah Yi'. Or 'Yeung Yi'. So we started our first attempt. 3...2...1!! "AH YI!!!!"...(KA YAN!!!) Opps...Grandpa Jo!!! We already told him AH YI and he shouted KA YAN! So attempt 1 failed. The people around us were looking at our failed attempt......

Nevermind!! We waited for the right timing again and 3...2....1!!! "YEUNG YI!!!!" And YES!!! She turned around and looked up but at the wrong direction!!! She couldn't find the source and the fans at the direction she looked at was not really responding so she was still looking. No we were not going to give up and we started shouting, "LI PIN!!!LI PIN!!!" (Here!!!Here!!!)And this time Tavia heard us and found us!! Hahaha. She smiled so brightly at us and waved happily!! KC got a shot of that picture of her looking over our direction!!We were glad as at least we showed her that she has fans supporting her! After witnessing our success, those silent Tavia fans wanted a try too and kept on shouting "YEUNG YI!! YEUNG YI!!" you could hear them in 2nd game of the following clip. And Tavia automatically waved towards the above level this time. Hahaha.


Game Time 2

Look at Tavia and Linda choosing partners and after that they chatted about the pictures on the board while Moses picked a little boy who Vivian commented looks like him.LOL.The first game went a little haywire as one of the fans chosen did not know how to read chinese. And that fan left the stage and notice Moses going blur.LOL.Tavia tried to rescue by wanting to help the fan but Vivian said she couldn't. But things went blur and eventually Louise and Tavia went to help out. Followed by Moses and Linda. There is a short part where you see Tavia and Louise uses that "tick and cross" as a fan.LOL. After the game, when they took back the thing, I saw Tavia telling Louise that Oh no! They don't have a fan anymore! Hahaha. The 2nd game was Q&A. And loser has to eat abalone with Chillies. And Tavia lost and she fed her partner the abalone and helped him wipe his sweat!! LOL.

After that, we waited for the right timing again and shouted "AH YI!!!!" hahaha. It worked again! She turned to us an waved to us again!! LOL. 3rd time already!! Hahaha. By that time, Tavia sounds like she has the biggest fan base now. The following clip is on them talking about their character in HOG and also the last part of the event where there is a group photo and also throwing posters!!

Talking, Photos and Goodbye!

At the beginning of the clip, Vivian talked about Moses' singing and Moses said he will demonstrate some. And he ended up blabbering leaving Tavia, Linda and Louise in giggles. Then Tavia talked about her character in HOG and commented that her character is a rich girl but very different from her real life. And she also said if her real mother is like her mother in HOG, she will not care about her. LOL. Then Louise commented about how every mum wouldn't want their son to date a married woman(Bosco Tavia storyline in HOG). After that I love the part where they started going "Dak em dak dak dei ar? Sheung em sheung joi sam ar?Jack em Jackie ar?and Dai em dai khai ar?" LOL. Then after the big group photo we did not shout "Ah Yi!!!" but somebody else shouted but Tavia turned around and waved at us instead!! And she gave us a really happy, long and excited wave!!

We were glad that we somehow helped to make more cheers for Tavia and hope that makes her happy and knows that she has many fans in Malaysia^^ Tavia was so excited at the throwing poster session and she was so nice!! She knew that we were up here and all the other artiste were throwing at the crowd below but she was trying hard to throw at us up there. At first she failed but a crew taught her the right way to throw and she managed to throw the posters up! We knew we made an impression already!! Hahaha. Although her aiming was a little out...the posters she threw at us ended up in the hands of the people beside us. LOL. But no problem! We don't mind. Haha.

Photos from day 2 :

Ivy : Phew! Done with the Heart of Greed event. LOL. I will like to Say a BIG THANK YOU to Grandpa Jo who sent us back to Butterworth last Sunday because of the Sold Out bus tickets. And also to my selected blog readers, click here for the unwatermarked pictures from the event^^ Enjoy them!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 2


Part 2 of the event^^

So after the event ended, we decided to get ourselves dinner(I just had breakfast for the day). We wandered around Ipoh Parade but couldn't make up our mind on what to have. Suddenly I received an SMS from Moses Chan's Fanclub member. He told me that they are going to meet Moses at the hotel later and asked me to come along. He wasn't sure which hotel yet and was waiting for confirmation from the person-in-charge. So we decided to have dinner first at the hawker centre in front of our hotel. During dinner he SMS-ed me and told me its confirmed. They are staying at Casuarina Hotel. So Grandpa Jo asked for directions from the hotel receptionist and after we freshen up a little we headed to Casuarina Hotel to meet Moses!!

Meeting Moses


We met up with Moses' Fan and his sister and cousin at the hotel entrance. He told us Moses haven't arrived yet. And he did not saw Linda, Tavia or Louise arriving yet also. So we chatted a little outside and decided to enter the lobby lounge to wait. We chatted a little about Moses and got ready our pictures and marker pens. Hehe. And V, of course your letter too^^ We sat at a table where we could get a clear view of the hotel entrance. Moses' Fan told me that later on when Moses arrive try to start a topic and talk to him as Moses can be a little shy. LOL. Okay.....

After waiting for almost an hour we saw a Toyota Alphard stopping at the entrance. And then Yes! It is Moses' car! So we rushed to the entrance with pictures and markers in hand (and V's letter too) and before we even reached the entrance, Moses was standing right in front of us!! When I saw him I went blur...Haha. Thats Moses in front of me and I didn't know what to do? LOL. And Moses saw us and asked, "You guys waited very long?" Then he put up his hand in the air in a gripping a pen gesture and asked, "Any autograph??" Then I saw KC took out her picture and Moses signed on it on top of the Grand Piano located at the lobby. So I then took my pictures of him and he helped me signed the pictures. After he has done signing I looked at him and told him, "Ah Mo, this if for you from a Singapore Fan-si." And he took the letter and replied in a very very gentle and soft voice, "Oh, okay! Em Koi Sai!" (Oh, Okay Thank You!). Then KC who was beside me asked can we take pictures? And I was like...Of course!! What are we standing here looking at him signing for other people for? Get Into Gear!!Take pictures!!

After Moses finished signing, the person escorting Moses started sort of rushing Moses to go back to his room already. But instead Moses said, "Take photos together??" Hahaha! And I went and stand beside him and passed my camera to that person. She then said to save time all take together so okay...KC and Grandpa Jo and other fans stand together to take picture. She took two pictures and returned me my camera. Moses' Fan then asked Moses to pose some cute pose for him to take pictures and he did the pose on the picture above^^ That's the piano he was leaning on.

After that, he said bye to us and went back to his room. Hahaha after he left, it still felt like a dream. LOL. Then I checked the group picture and to my horror it was blur!! I flipped to the next picture and it was blur too!! OMG!! ***Curses*** Is that person's hand shaking so badly because Moses is there!! Why so bad luck she took the picture for us!! How often do I get to take a picture with Moses and now it is blur??!! ***Curses*** Anyway, I got over that already and V, Moses said bye waving your letter in his hand!! Hahaha. Here are some pictures thanks to KC. In one of the picture you could see Moses holding the letter in his hand and in another one I was facing him passing my camera to that person and talking to Moses about the letter. Hehe. Clue: I wore black.

We then waited for Linda, Tavia and Louise because we didn't think they were back yet. We saw another Alphard but it wasn't them but they were Astro Star Quest finalists. They were pretty friendy and we chatted a little and took pictures together. After they left, we continued our wait. But we waited until 12am but only saw Myfm DJ Vivian going down the lobby lounge chatting and joking with some Astro Crew and went back to her room. And her voice was LOUD..Haha. But then that's her usual self so n problem.LOL. We then gave up waiting for Tavia, Linda and Louse. I think they already came back but entered from another entrance to avoid the crowd as we did not made an appointment unlike Moses.....

Conclusion : Moses is a real gentleman. His true self is pretty shy and he speaks kind of softly really unlike his 180cm macho looking self^^

Event Day 2

After breakfast, we checked out at around 11am and headed to Ipoh Parade. The event is scheduled at 4pm. We then reached the event venue and Wow...there were already some people waiting!! No...I won't wait for 4 hours there! So instead we went to play some Astro On Demand(AOD) Station games!! And there was a big Plasma TV there and Oh no!!! Madam Ma on screen!! SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!! I was avoiding looking at the screen and I think the girl there must be wondering why am I avoiding the screen. Haha. So me, KC and Grandpa Jo first did an AOD survey and they gave us a free TVB Artiste file. We got Myolie's file. Yesterday there were other artiste too like Raymond, Ron, Linda etc but the girl said they only had Myolie's left. So Okay nevermind since I'm OK with Myolie(but not Grandpa Jo). Then me and KC played the Jigsaw puzzle game of solving a Moonlight Resonance puzzle in 2.30 minutes and we won a TVB Artiste cover notebook!! Hehe. Here is the picture of the goodies together with Moses' autograph from yesterday.


Okay I think I need part 3 LOL as there are more pictures and Videos and one post may be too long. LOL. More on Moses in this post, More on Tavia in the coming one^^ Stay tuned!!

Heart of Greed Promo@Ipoh, Perak Part 1



Last weekend was Heart of Greed Promotion Activity at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh. Artistes invited are Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Louise Lee. The meet-the-stars event on Saturday was scheduled at 7pm and on Sunday was at 4pm. I went for both days with my friend KC and Grandpa Jo. It was a very very eventful weekend. Hahaha.

Event Day 1

After arriving and meeting up with Grandpa Jo at the hotel and also some Linda's fans, we headed to Ipoh Parade by foot(Ipoh Parade is just around the corner). We arrived there at around 4pm and there was already a small crowd but we still managed to stand at the front row as it was still early actually(3 hours before the event). So we started our wait and as time pass, it got hotter and hotter and I mean really hot(something must be wrong with the air-conditioning). And it got worse as the crowd grew. I felt lack of oxygen!! Hahaha. And to make things worse, there was this middle-aged lady standing beside me with her daughter and she was pretty rude and inconsiderate. I was standing between her and Grandpa Jo and Jo gave her a nickname, Sai Khai(Sussana Kwan's character in HOG). At 6pm there were performances by Astro Star Quest Finalist and also Astro Veteren Singing Competition 2007 Winner. And during these performances, Sai Khai's little son, maybe around 3 or 4 years old wanted to enter the venue. And the crowd was so packed already, and she asked her son to squeeze in into the front beside her!! Please, next time if you come to these events don't "ba wai"(save place for other people). Come early!!

Okay, now the real thing. The MC for the day was Myfm DJ Vivian. And she started with playing some Q&A games giving out some goodies, HOG posters and autographed artiste postcards(we were not lucky enough). And during the Q&A, the crowd roared and we saw Tavia, Moses, Linda and Louise walking into the tent beside the stage...they arrived already!!!


Vivian then invited them up stage, first Louise followed by Tavia then Linda and finally Moses!! And my eyes were focusing on Tavia and Linda! Wow....Linda is TALL!! She's half head taller than Tavia and she's so skinny!! I was expecting the skinny part as from experience, I know that artiste look 30% skinnier than on-screen. Linda was very pretty and looked really young and gentle. And Tavia was Wow!! She's so pretty in life! Hahaha...very hard to express here but she is really really pretty and friendly! And I loved her dressing. She carried the white top with the black belt well. Then I looked at Moses, Oh No!! He lost so much weight!! The last time I saw him at Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2006 he wasn't that skinny. The Non-stop filming from Gem of Life to Moonlight Resonance sure is tiring. Then Louise, she is thinner in real life and she seems to be in very good terms with Tavia. They were standing side-by-side and I saw them chatting happily together while Vivian introduces Moses and Linda.


Then Sai Khai attacked again! The security was standing in front of her and she told the sucurity, "Hey! I've been waiting since 3pm, don't block my view and stand somewhere else!" The security guy said, "I'm doing my job. I have to stand here!" Back to Tavia, Moses, Linda and Louise. They played some games with fans and also talked about their character in HOG. And we were really lucky that Tavia kept walking towards our side and I got to see her really close up! pretty. Hahaha. And I loved the way she played games and interacted with her fans. She treats her fans like her friend. And she really involve herself in the games and work as a team with her fans. She has that attitude that Charmaine posseses when playing games which made me like her even more now!

The event for the day ended after a group photo and let the pictures we took (thanks KC for helping out with taking pictures) tell all!! Oh, by the way, at almost the end of the event Sai Khai's son was making noise and Sai Khai scolded her son and then the guy infront of me which was pretty muscular and big sized got into a quarrel with her. They were quarreling until pointing fingers at each other and I was between them. I was on standby to run away incase they really started fighting. Luckily they did not. Phew! Anyway, Sai Khai deserved that scolding. How could she blame her son for making noise. It's not his fault. He's still so young to uunderstand what is happening. Bad Mother!

Pictures from Event Day 1 :

As the post length turned out to be very long I will split the post into two post. Stay tuned for Part 2(more interesting stuff). Also I may post a special album for the pictures without watermark specially for selected readers of my blog only. Stay tuned.....