Thursday, July 31, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Denies Relationship With Raymond Lam


“TV Queen busy making money,while enjoying holidays.”

Dong Ka Fadan(Charmaine Sheh) was at Guangzhou yesterday for product endorsement and advertisement filming for a jewellery company. Recently, there were not many series of her airing and Charmaine expressed that she is on holiday now. And this month was a good month, receiving many advertisement offers. She also said that she will film a new modern series (Business Doctor) with Dayo Wong in October.

Winning TVB Best Actress award in 2006, Charmaine Sheh is still one of the most hardworking actress in the company. Recently, Charmaine taking a vacation had caused rumours to circulate that she developed an underground relationship because of a matching watch. Charmaine denied and said, “I have been urged to get married, but I have not met the right candidate yet.” She added, “I just finished filming a 30 episode series (Turbulence of East and West) with Joe Ma and Raymond Wong etc. The series will be airing around the end of September.

This year, there are many marriages among the entertainment industry. Charmaine admits that her family members did urged her to get married, she said, “ My grandmother asked me about it but my mother did not rushed me. Because my younger brother will be tying the knot next year while my elder brother is already married, so my grandma asked when will be my turn?” Regarding her future half, Charmaine said that she will have to see who she meets. Earlier there were news of her and Raymond Lam wearing matching watches which circulated rumours of an underground relationship. Charmaine responded that she did not know of the reports so she refused to respond.

As TVB’s TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh’s market value sure has risen. Yesterday morning, she received a seven figure sum, being the spokesperson of HKJure in Guangzhou. Being worthily described as ‘coy’, Charmaine really knows how to counter the reporter’s sensitive questions towards her and with full of expression and sense of humour!

Charmaine just completed filming Turbulence of East and West and there were rumours circulating about her and Joe Ma which affected the opposite party’s family. To this, Charmaine replied, “I am very good friends with Joe. It isn’t bad if there are rumours between us while filming which could help the series publicity.” Besides Joe Ma, there were also rumours circulating that TVB Siusangs Raymond Lam and Ron Ng are pursuing her. Charmaine was spotted wearing matching watches with Raymond Lam. A reporter asked Charmaine how is their relationship going on now? Charmaine laughed it off and said, “I have never heard of these rumours with them.”

Earlier, 33 years old Charmaine was urged to get married by her 94 years old grandmother. Yesterday, reporters asked Charmaine, “If the other half were to present you with a big diamond ring, would you accept it?” Charmaine replied, “ The size does not matter. It is who which matters. Actually when I was 19 years old, somebody had once proposed to me with a diamond ring. I was young at the time, so of course I rejected.” Do you have a candidate to receive a diamond ring from at present? Charmaine cheekily answered, “ There is no such person at present, do you have any good reccomendations? Haha.”

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Ivy : Sorry to say this and no offense to all Charray fans but I personally feel that wearing a matching watch is no big deal. I would say it just proves that they both have good taste instead. Haha. Anyway, I think the reporters shouldn't bother Charmaine nor Raymond regarding this issue. If it goes on, TVB artiste would have to hold a big meeting to make sure they don't clash brands with the opposite sex AND the same sex too!! You will never know what stories could those doggies make up. Hahaha.

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