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24th May 2010 Event: At KLIA with Moses Chan, Ron Ng & Natalie Tong


Before I start, I have to say going to KLIA is a honest coincidence. I did not intentionally go to KLIA for this. But its just coincidentally I’m flying back to Penang on the same day as them flying back to Hong Kong. My friend Eunice, after getting addicted from chasing star on Saturday, decided to follow me along to KLIA after knowing that Ron and Moses will be going back on the same day too. Thus, I reached KLIA around 2:45pm and I had to buy plane tickets and also went to check in. My flight is at 6:05pm while theirs is at 5:40pm. So I’m quite safe. HAHA. So after done with all that, me and Eunice waited and we saw other fans around too. Its quite obvious the looks of fans. LOL. Its printed on their face in big bold letters “FANS”. Kidding…LOL.

After no activity going on I saw a security look kinda guy running into the check in counter of Cathay. So I got a sense they have arrived. So I asked Eunice to follow me and true enough, Ron and Moses was walking down from the car. And besides the two of them, I saw a lady wearing hat with them too. I couldn’t recognise who is that girl from far, however from the charisma she carries(that’s what artistes have which makes it easy to differentiate them between a crew and an artiste), I’m very sure she is an artiste and not a crew member. Ron walked in first and his fans started surrounding him and followed. Then that girl walked over me and I didn’t manage to see her very clearly as to recognise her. After she walked over, Moses walked in and he looked at me and smiled and I greeted him “Ah Mo!” and he said “Hi Hi!” Then again, his fans started surrounding him. For people like me, who is a fan of TVB dramas as a whole (sitting on the bench)….HAHA…I walked beside the girl to have a closer look instead. She was talking to a crew member beside her while walking and after looking closely at her and recognizing the voice, I blurted out, “Tong Si Wing!!!”. And she turned around to face me in surprise at her name being called so loudly and said “Hello!!” (At this time, I have to honestly say I almost confused her with Tong Ling!!! Thank god I didn’t blurt out the name Tong Ling instead!! Because I tend to confuse between the two, thanks to their cute, youthful looks). She then resumed talking to the guy while we walked towards the check in counter. Once there, Natalie just stood there with the guy while Ron was surrounded with his fans. Then seeing Natalie being free, I asked her, “Si Wing, ho em ho yi tong nei ying cheung hap jiu ar?” (Natalie, can I take a picture with you?) And she was like, “Oh, ho yi, ho yi!” (Oh, can sure) Imagine Natalie saying that in the usual cute way she speaks. HAHA. I then let Eunice take a picture first because I was using my DSLR. After that I passed Eunice my camera and asked her to help me take one. (Eunice!! Teach you how to use already, end up failed…blur picture!!!). I didn’t realise it was blur. After that, we thanked Natalie and looked around. We saw Ron, however he was filming a video for his fans. Then we looked around, however Moses was missing!!! Then Galey (their manager) realized that too, then one of the security guards told her he’ll go get Moses back. LOL. Then Moses returned back to visibility area playing and laughing around with his fans. So I walked over to him and asked Moses if he could help me sign some autographs? And he said, “Owh, ho yi, dak dak.” (Oh, sure can!). As usual, Moses is still the soft spoken gentlemen just like the last time I saw him in previous functions. While he was signing I added, “Ho em ho yi se ngo ge meng ar? Ngoh kiu Ivy” (Can you write my name? I’m Ivy). He then again said, “Ivy, okay.” and he started writing. However, he took a very long time to write and I was wondering what is taking him such a long time. And because he’s so tall, I couldn’t actually see what is he writing. I guessed that he was drawing stuffs so I asked him, “nei hai em hai hou zhong yi wak wa ga?” (Do you like to draw?) And he turned to me and grinned and said, “hai ah!” (yes!). Then suddenly one of his fans came over and asked him if he could hurry up because many people wants to take pictures still. Which made me felt awkward. However, Moses was cool with it and just nodded. Then he passed the first picture to me. I expected him to just sign the second picture however instead, he also wrote my name on it!! So nice of him! LOL. Here’s a picture of the two pictures:

Then after he signed I asked if I could take a picture with him? And he said yes and I took one with him. After that, I helped Eunice take one. However, the picture turned out dark. Thus, we had to ask him for another picture again, and he was okay with it too and just posed for the camera. After that, we thanked him and left because his fans was rushing him. So we went to look for Ron since I haven’t take a picture with him yet. However, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I looked at the picture I took with Natalie and it was blur!! I walked over to where a few of his fans were which was also beside Natalie. Then I asked one of his fans where is Ron? And she said, toilet. HAHA. Then I went up to Natalie and asked if I could get another picture with her because the earlier one was blur. And she said, “oh ho yi ho yi” (oh, can, can). Then she wanted to put her arms over my shoulder..haha..however, because I was carrying a backpack so she can’t! LOL. So after thanking her for the picture, we then just stood there with Natalie and then Natalie started asking questions. She asked us if we went to watch their show (Ron & Moses) on Saturday night? I didn’t go, thus, I didn’t answer. Ron’s fans said yeah they did and Natalie asked how was it? And nobody responded though, and Natalie was like, why? And shook her head signaling as if it’s a bad show. HAHA…and she then said, you can tell me, don’t worry. He’s not here! HAHA. However, I didn’t know why, but Ron’s fans didn’t really respond to that. Then it took quite some time for Ron to come out so she asked, “kui em ji oh meh leh, oh gam loi?” (what is he disposing off in the toilet that he needs such a long time?) And we laughed. Then one of Ron’s fans said, why don’t you ask him later? And Natalie was like, “Wah!? Ngo em gaam ar!” (Wah, I dare not!) Then Ron’s fans walked off somewhere further so it was me, Eunice, Natalie and the crew together. And she was standing there quietly so I felt I should create some topic to speak about. So, I asked her, “Si Wing, nei lei joh gei yat ah?” (Natalie, how many days have you been here?) And she showed two fingers up and smiled while saying, “Liong yat!”(2 days). I answered with an Oooh..then I further asked, “yao mou hui shopping ar?” (did you do any shopping?) And she lightened up at that question. She said, “yao ar!! Hui joh go giu meh….One ah?”(I did, I went to that..erm..something called One??..) Then the crew completed it for her, “One Utama”. And we were like, “Oooh! One U!!” And she said, “hai ah, hai ah! Hui Joh bun goh zhong!” (Yes, yes, shopped for 30 minutes!). Then again I didn’t know what to say to her, then the crew then asked her if the bag in front filled with Malaysian traditional biscuits was what she bought? And she said, “em hai ar…li di hai kui dei sung bei ngoh ga” (no, these are gifts).

Then after that, I saw Ron walking back. Galey spotted him and told the rest to walk to the Departure gate entrance instead. So we all walked. I was afraid that they will leave so I can’t get Ron to sign a picture, so while walking, I told Galey, “Galey, ngoh zhong mei loh dou chim ming ar!” (Galey, I haven’t get an autograph!) Then Galey was like, Har?? You haven’t got one..then he gestured Ron to come over…and said, “lei, pong kui chim ming!” (come, help her sign). And Ron was like a small boy following instruction when he said, “har? Chim ming..oh” Then he helped me signed and while he signed I asked him for pictures then I managed to take one with him and then later helped Eunice take one too. Here’s a picture he signed:

After that, again his fans surrounded him and took pictures with him. I think because the fans took pictures many times with him already, one of the security guards wanted to stop Ron from taking anymore pictures. However, another guard blocked that guard and asked him to let it be. This is funny, first time I saw a guard stopping another guard from stopping fans to take pictures with artiste. Get what I mean?? LOL. Probably Galey gave them instructions to allow the fans to do so. So after that, they were ready to walk in and the close fans of Moses and Ron started hugging them..which I didn’t join because I‘m not actually in their fanclubs. Under the commotion, Natalie was standing there so I took my camera up and told her, “Si Wing, pose har la!“ (Natalie, pose for a photo!) And that’s where I got this shot! HAHA.

After I took it, I told her, “Dak! Post siong nei Mei Bok lar!” (Got it! I’ll post it up on your Weibo)..Natalie gave a surprised shocked look and then nodded. HAHA..she then told the crew guy something about ‘tagging it up at weibo’. I think because the crew didn’t know what weibo was. After that, Galey gave Moses and Ron their passport and they managed to walk pass the security check. When Natalie wanted to get hers, I think her boarding pass wasn’t processed yet, thus she couldn’t go through. Then Galey told her she’ll go help her get it done and asked Ron and Moses to go down first. And also she took Ron’s water bottle out and asked Ron to finish the water if he wants to now because he can’t bring it in after. Then Ron said, pour the water away, but I want to keep the bottle. And his fans and Galey was like…You want the bottle?? HAHA. So Ron and Moses was ready to go down and started to say bye to their fans when they noticed Natalie was still at the other side…and then Moses pointed at her and said, “nei leh…??” (what about you??) And Natalie just shrugged. And their fans started asking them to wait at that area and the two gentlemen were like Okay. Ron moved to the left side while Moses to the right. Its like separated to two sides. Natalie, me, Eunice and the crew guy were standing at the centre and we were watching Moses making funny experessions to his fans and Natalie said, “kui hou gao siu.” (he’s very funny). So I told Moses, “Ah Mo, pose ha la!” Then because he saw the immigration officer there so he gave a saluting pose. However, before I could press the shutter, one of the immigration officer blocked my view because he stood in front of Moses. Then I looked at Moses and he also realized I didn’t get the shot because I was blocked. We then both looked at the officer and he was really funny to sort of glide further to the left with the saluting pose for me to get another picture. That’s how I got this picture of him. You could see a little part of the officer’s uniform in the picture. HAHA.

After that, Moses went back to his fans and I’m with Natalie again. HAHA. Then suddenly, some Caucasian guy said, “Excuse me!” to Natalie, because Natalie and actually us, being standing at the centre, actually blocked other passengers from passing the security gate. Then Natalie was like, “Oh, sorry!” and stepped aside. I stepped aside too and after both of us realized what just happened, we both gave each other the “Uh-Oh” looks which was very cute and she grinned. HAHA. Natalie and the crew then walked over further to the side so as not to block anyone else. Then seeing Ron and Moses both very occupied with their fans, I followed Natalie. By this time, the crew guy was quiet probably both didn’t know what else to talk about. And I saw him carrying a big paper bag with the word ‘pastries’ in Chinese written on it. So I asked, “Si Wing…li ti hai meh peng lei gah? Nei mai hou doh peng ar?”(Natalie, what biscuits are these? You bought a lot of biscuits?). Then she said, “Oooh! Hai dan gou lei gah!” (Oh they are cakes). Then I added, “dan gou??”(cake??)…And she added, “hai ah dan gou…goh giu meh Pan…em ji hai meh…goh luk sek ge dan gou…” (yeah, cakes…that one called something like Pan…I don’t know what is that…that green colored cake)…and we exclaimed, “oooh! Pandan cake!!” And she said, “hai ah, hai ah!!” (Yes, yes!) At that time Galey was back and passed her passport to her. She took it from Galey and continued talking while walking..she then added..”zhong yao lau lin gou!” (and durian cake too!)..And I was like, “nei zhong yi sik lau lin gah!!??” (You like to eat durians!?) And she gave a shy laugh and said, “hai ah!” (yes). I wanted to add that I love durians too, however she already went through the checkpoint. Then, Moses and Ron also said bye and waved to us. I waved to Moses and he waved back. Then, finally, the happy thing is, Natalie then turned back and looked for me and waved bye to me..HAHA…I waved back to her too, of course! I think she could remember me better as me and Eunice were the only few fans who were with her most of the time. I could imagine how left out she would've been if we didn't chat more with her as she doesn't have a fanclub in Malaysia. Its her first trip to Malaysia, actually.

I took a shot of them walking down before baggage check, however, I forgot to turn off the flash!!! Which made Natalie looked up at the source of flash. HAHAHA..Oops! It was a really nice send off I would say. Mostly because of Natalie. I didn’t know she was leaving…what a waste I didn’t manage to get an autograph from her because I didn‘t prepare any pictures!! And also I regretted not talking more to her, mainly because I can’t think of what to ask. When we finally started having much to chat, she has to leave already!! HAIHZ.. However, I believe I’ll still have the chance to meet her in the future. She’s a very cute and sweet actress. She’s actually very petite…a little shorter than me! I wonder if she’s under Galey’s management too? Galey is really a nice manager…which is why all the artiste under her are really very friendly and nice too!

Anyone notice they are having two boarding passes with them? Its not a direct flight back to Hong Kong?? It's very obvious in Galey's picture. And look at Ron's clothings. HAHA. So casual! Also the brown paper bag Galey is carrying is Natalie's Pandan and durian cakes!

After that, after having a drink and sending Eunice off to the bus safely, I rushed for my flight too!! LOLS…Because they only left at around 4:50pm. Which meant they spent about 40 minutes with fans, which I enjoyed. HAHA. Hope to see them come here again soon! Phew!! Finish writing! HAHA…Hope you all enjoyed the post!! For now, I would most probably not be attending any events until after my exams next month. Do comment on the posts if you like them, as it’s a motivation for me to attend more events! HAHA..also, subscribe to my blog if you like it!

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22nd May 2010 Event - 'The Legend Is Born Ip-Man' Movie Promotion


Why would there suddenly be an event?? Well, I did not expected it too, until 22nd May 2010, around 12:30am. LOLS. I was chatting with Wai Wai on MSN regarding something else, totally nothing to do with this function and also chatting with Eunice(another friend from school). I was planning with Eunice to go to One Utama for a movie and then suddenly on the other window, Wai Wai told me that Bernice Liu will be coming for a function at One Utama on 22nd May. And I was like huh!? Really!!?? What a coincidence! And so I asked what event is that? And Wai Wai didn’t even know. LOL. She only knows Bernice will be there. So that’s when I have to do more research and found out she’ll be here for a movie promotion, [The Legend is Born-Ip Man]. This is not the Donnie Yen Ip-Man. And besides Bernice, other casts of the movie including Yuen Biu, Louis Cheung, Fan Siu Wong, Rose Chan and Dennis To Yu Hang will also be attending. Seems like this is a big event supported by the Malaysian government to promote Wing Chun (a form of Chinese martial art made prominent by Master Ip Man himself). Event starts at 3pm, thus bye to my movie plan and hello to another event! HAHA…very very last minute…reminds me of the Sherman and William function.

So I reached the event venue with my friend at around 1pm and not many people there yet actually. And also I have a feeling that not many people will know of the function as its not actually very heavily promoted. And considering this, Ip-Man 2 (Donnie Yen’s version) would probably outshine this version of Ip-Man. Its probably their technique to confuse the audience as a tool of promotion (to the organisers, this is an honest opinion from a blogger okay?) HAHA. Since its still so early, so we went for lunch. After lunch got back to event venue at around 2.30pm and waited. One of the reasons for not liking public events. HAHAHA..having to crowd with people and especially when you have little kids pushing beside you.

The casts arrived at around 3.30pm and I have to say, this must’ve been one of the most boring event I attended. HAHA. The gist of the event was mostly talking, talking and more talking. They played a little game on playing the Wing Chun kung fu, however it wasn’t much fun. Audience reaction was low too. Not much respond. HAHAHA. The only thing I enjoyed was listening to Louis Cheung singing a few verse of the theme song. Actually, I was wondering why is he there too? I think he did have a role in the movie, however he said that the main purpose for him to be here is the theme song, which I think he will be performing later in the evening during the gala dinner held at One World. For those wondering who is Louis, he is Kay Tse’s husband. He mainly composes songs, although he do have a few albums and he is also the host for TVB‘s ‘The Voice‘ together with Prudence Liew. So mostly throughout the event, it was picture time. I just shoot pictures over pictures…HAHAHA. I personally don’t like Bernice’s hair during the function. LOL. It looks weird!! So mainly throughout the event, they talked about the movie and their experiences while filming. So here is a video I took to share, and also some pictures!!

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More pictures from the event please view this album:

Password: ivycreations

So after that, Wai Wai sms-ed me and said they will be heading to One World hotel. So me and my friend Eunice went over there and met up with them. After chatting and talking, we suddenly saw Rose Chan and Louis Cheung walking into the lobby! So we walked over, and actually we didn’t really know Rose Chan, however we managed to get Louis’ attention and took photos with him. And also got him to sign autographs on the movie posters which me and Eunice got from the event earlier. As Wai Wai and the rest got their photos first, after singing, the security guard actually wanted to stop us from getting anymore pictures. However, Louis was really nice. He told the guard, “Its okay.” And the guard backed-off LOLS..And me and Eunice took a photo with him, and the funny thing was before he took the photo, his hairstylist actually helped him style the back of his hair…we were laughing after that because only the front of Louis’ hair will be visible from the picture right? And yet, the hairstylist was styling the back of his head. HAHA. After that, we thanked Louis and he left into One World Ballroom, probably to rehearse.

Here’s a picture of us getting autographs from Louis (thanks to Wai Wai):

Then after awhile, Rose and Louis came out again. Rose was just standing there but we all didn’t manage to utter anything out, because at that time, we didn’t know how to pronounce her name!! HAHAHA…so failed to ask anything from her. After walking back to lobby, somehow, we ended up deciding to go to Eastin Hotel where they are staying, So Okay, off we go to another place. LOLS.

We waited at Eastin Hotel and after awhile, we saw the Wing Chun Grand Master Ip-Chun. Ip-Chun is the eldest son of Ip-Man and he together with Bruce Lee was the person who spread the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu to the world. We went over and asked for autographs from him, and he was really okay with it! He could not be considered an artiste, but a martial art master suits him more. His student was following and when ’Sifu’ was signing I feel for him. He’s 85 years of age so he was having much trouble signing an autograph because he was shaking a lot. Then his student came and apologise to us and hope we wouldn’t mind it. Of course we didn’t!! We are happy enough he actually is willing to sign an autograph for us. His student told us, ’Sifu’ can perform Kung Fu, however signing autograph, that needs more effort. HAHA. After that, his student scribbled something on the poster, I guess its his autograph to prove the validity of the signature. Then we thanked them as they left. At about 6:30pm, Bernice came in to the lobby…I think she went for shopping and just returned. We wanted to ask for autographs or photos, however, we were blocked by the crew which stopped us. And so, we just saw Bernice walk pass up to the lift. So back to chatting, gossiping, bla bla while waiting for other artiste to come down.

The first to come down is Yuen Biu, looking all smart dressed in a coat and tie. I first spotted Yuen Biu and I was like telling the others, Hey! That’s Yuen Biu! And just continued sitting there for a few seconds until we realized, what are we doing sitting down!? Walk to him!! HAHAHA….So we walked to approach him, and typical, the crew said no pictures…and we were @&#@% in our hearts. Then we asked for autographs instead, and luckily they said autographs are allowed. So we got Yuen Biu to sign and he signed as if he’s writing calligraphy..hahaha…so I told him, “Wah hou leng.” (Nice signature) and he grinned. After done signing, he asked the crew, so how now? Where’s the car? And the crew said 7.30pm? And he looked into his watch and siad: “chat dim bun!!???gam, yam bui ye sin lar!” (7.30!? Then have a drink first!) So he walked off to the lobby café…. LOLS. Eunice and another friend wanted to try approach him for photo so they walked off and gave him sign languages asking for photos, however he pointed at the crew helplessly…LOLS.

Then we waited on and Louis Cheung came down. We rushed towards him and the security guards were pushing him forward. However, he stopped and told them he’ll take one picture. Then, one of my friend took one with him. Then, he got pushed away again, and he turned back and said, “ng hou yi si ar” (sorry about that)…so we nodded and then I shouted out to him, “nei hou ying ar” (you look very stylish!)…HAHAHA..and he smiled at that. LOLS. But indeed, he looked very stylish that night in a suit. HAHA. He somehow kinda reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean especially when he left a little beard for this function. I’m starting to feel Louis is so nice. He never refuse a picture with fans and even apologises. Very few artiste will do that. Then after that, Dennis To, Fan Siu Wong and Rose Chan came out and this time the guards were smart enough to use the opposite side so we didn’t have a chance to get an autograph or pictures from them. So who are we left with? Ms Liu of course. She came back at 630pm and everyone is waiting for her now in the car. So while waiting, suddenly one of us saw that Rose Chan was beside the road talking with a crew member. As I was a little frustrated by the crew members who kept blocking us, so I went forward and through the glass door window, I tried to catch her attention. The crew member which was talking to her saw me and asked Rose to look around. Then I gestured to her with my poster and pen, asking for an autograph. And Rose nodded and said Okay. So Yay, I asked the rest to follow me out. When I reach out the security guard started blocking me. I wanted to pass by but he stretch out his arms blocking me. I was like..WTH! I told him Rose said its okay for me to go! And he shook his head and said no! Then Rose saw me being blocked and she walked over and told the guard, “bei kui la!” (let her through). Then the guard walk aside and Rose came forward and took the poster from me and she saw the concierge counter and said, “li bin lar” (this way) so that she can sign on a solid surface. While she signed the first poster we then quietly asked her can we take a group picture with you? And Rose was like, “Ar…li goh ar? Yiu man kui dei wor…“ (this, have to ask them). So she asked the crew who was talking to her just now, “wei, kui dei man ho em ho yi ying cheung siong wor?” (hey, they asked if they could take pictures?). Then we quickly added in, a group picture and the crew also agreed, yes okay a group photo. So yay! We got to take a picture with her…HAHAHA. I’m glad that I took the guts to approach her personally haha. Seems like she’s kinda nice too. And she’s young. If I’m not mistaken she’s 17 years old. LOLS. We then thanked her and walked back into the lobby. Sometimes I wonder what are the security guys sooo afraid of? We are actually decent fans only asking for autographs/photos then we’ll just leave the artsite alone. Not as if we’ll harm them!!

We actually waited quite awhile more before Bernice came out. I think the crews were also waiting and about to the level of complaining on her lateness. We were also having the mindset that we won’t be able to get an autograph/picture because she’ll probably be rushing down. She finally came down around 8pm and true enough, she rushed out. We managed to shout her name Bernice!! And she turned around and said a hello and waved to us (Wai Wai didn‘t manage to shout her name because her mouth was filled with the cheesecake she was eating halfway when Bernice came out. HAHAHA). And once she got up the car the car rushed straight off to function. LOL!

Where we went next then?? Back to One Utama for dinner! HAHA. After dinner, we went to peek around One World hotel ballroom. I looked into the dinner function, and it seemed kinda boring LOLS. We did some shopping, well mostly Wai Wai and Aiko did…hahaha..then we went back to Eastin hotel. Not long, Louis Cheung came back. He’s the first to come back. And he naturally stopped when he went in the lobby allowing us to take pictures. The people around him which I am wondering who, was very kind they just stepped aside while Louis attended to us. They were probably from his record company. I would say Louis looked very tired after the event…HAHA. His face just looked sleepy and tired. It must’ve been a boring event for him. Maybe that’s why he came back early. LOL. Then after that when I was helping Wai Wai to take a picture, I joked to Louis, “Yeng zai, fan lei lar?” (Stylish/smart guy, youre back already?) HAHA…and again he smiled. LOLS. So after that I took a picture with him. Then he was about to walk when my friend Eunice asked, “May I?” and Louis was like, “Yeah, sure!” I was about to laugh out at that. HAHA. Then we thanked him and he started walking with his bunch of crew and one of us asked in Cantonese, “when will you be leaving?” He said, “tomorrow.” “what time?”…”Not sure..have to ask them…” Then I think they told him afternoon. So he said, “not sure of the time, but afternoon.” We then said ok and thanked him and waved bye to him and I added, “come more to Malaysia!” before he left.

After that, we waited on and not long, Bernice came back. We walked forward and when I reached her, she was talking with Peng (another friend) which I didn’t know about what. But she was waking fast pass us and I shouted if I could get an autograph from you? But I think she didn’t heard it. Candy (her manager) noticed though, however, she didn’t do anything to stop Bernice. Then after Bernice went up the elevator, we asked Peng what did Bernice said? And she said, Bernice said that the organisers do not allow photos to be taken throughout the functions. After hearing that, we were thinking, “what did Louis did just now then?” Was that a mere excuse or should we give her the benefits of the doubt? After that, next to return was Fan Siu Wong, Yuen Biu and Rose Chan. We didn’t bother Rose as she already did signed and took photos with us earlier, so we went to ask from Fan Siu Wong instead. At first he didn’t want to take any photos, so we took out the poster and asked him to sign and he said he’s okay with autographs. After that, while he’s signing, we asked if we could take a group picture? After thinking through, he said Okay, I’ll take a group photo. Then his hairstylist took the camera from Wai Wai and snapped the picture ‘very not sincerely’. Then he left and when we looked at the picture, it looked blur. HAIHZ. As to Yuen Biu, I didn’t saw him, however the rest said they saw him walked in and refused photos. After loitering around lobby area longer, I spotted Bernice. She came down again and was chatting with one of the crew. So me and Eunice went forward and Eunice asked if she could get an autograph. Then Bernice was okay with it and signed. While signing the second poster, I asked her in English, “Did you do any shopping?” and Bernice replied with her Canadian accent..LOL, “In the middle….we did a lot of interviews.”..then she was looking for her picture in the poster as it was dark, thus I pointed at her image and told her, “You’re here.” And she signed at the spot. While signing, someone tried to take photos, and Bernice was like, “em hou ying siong” (do not take photos). GEEZ!!! I wonder if it really is any big deal with a photo anyway? Then Peng asked her if she’ll be coming back tomorrow? And Bernice answered, “ngoh wooi fan, em hai ting yat fan” (I’ll be back, not tomorrow). And we were confused with her answer…I think she thought we asked if she’ll be coming back to hotel later. HAHA. Then after Bernice walked out and the thing that made us mad was that we saw her taking pictures with the crew members outside!! So what’s with you saying no pictures allowed throughout the function eh?? Rose and Fan Siu Wong also came down and they left for supper too. No pictures or anything because the security guard blocked anyone from approaching them. After they left, it could be considered end of event. Its already midnight by this time and Dennis To did not appear. Like what Eunice told me, he may have gone to visit his mum’s family since his mum is Malaysian or probably met up with the rest somewhere else.

Conclusion from the event: One of the most boring stage event and also Surprising! I did not expect Louis to be humble and nice when I first saw him on stage. Turns out he’s really nice and courteous. Thus, Don’t judge a book by its cover! Watching through the tv screen and experiencing it in a life one-to-one experience is a totally different thing! Sharing the signed poster I got from the event:

I left out this part above. We did took pictures with Master Ip Chun. He was sitting on the same sofa at the lobby with us. HAHA. And he's happy to take pictures with fans. Thanks to him!

P.S. I believe my elaboration is a good explanation for the reason of lack of photos for the bottom half of the event. Do excuse me for any spelling errors etc as I am posting this in the middle of the night!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joey Yung talks about kissing Raymond Lam

Seems like ages since I last updated. HAHA. Past week, Joey was filming in Beijing with Charlene Choi, Raymond Lam & Wong Cho Lam etc. And she's finally back this week and during Yahoo! Commercial awards function yesterday, she spoke about her experience filming a kissing scene with Raymond for movie Emerald and the Pearl.

I personally could not imagine Joey with Raymond!! HAHA...I'd rather see Joey with Cho Lam! LOLS....I usually like Ming Pao/On.CC news clips as you can hear the interaction between Joey and the reporters. Its hillarious when Joey wanted to describe a 'passionate, fiery kiss' but could not find a suitable word for it and used body gestures instead. LOL!

Looking forward to the movie! I'm finally done with my assignments for the semester! Yeah!!! However, I'm having exams coming soon! Saddening...Have to start studying soon!

P.S Joey hasn't been singing for quite some time now because she's still resting her throat. She got a growth on her throat which caused her voice to become hoarse. However, she said she's feeling better already after doing acupuncture in Nanking. However, we'll see her singing less for the coming months. I feel its a good thing to rest her vocal chords since she's going to have a major concert in HK Colliseum coming November! Rest well Joey!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharing Multimedia: Sherman Chung 給自己的信(Mandarin Version)

Its finally out today~ I've been waiting for it since Sherman mentioned that she was recording it on her Weibo!

After a few listenings, I'm starting to get used to the transformation from Cantonese to Mandarin. And its getting better after each play. The mandarin lyrics is quite similar to the Cantonese lyrics...The lyrics are quite straightforward and easy to understand though.

Download the song (CD Version) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/lcqbia

Happy listening~!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

25th April, Event 3: William Chan & Sherman Chung Music Is Live Concert


Final event to blog about! HAHAHA…..Have to finish up all the blogging because tomorrow onwards, I have to go back to studies!!! Still have around 2 months till semester ends!! Okay, so where am I now? Oh yea, in the LRT station…LOLS. So from there, we took the LRT to KL Sentral. And our plan was to get from KL Sentral change another train to Times Square, get our car and get to KL Life Centre. All that in 30 minutes?? WOW…seems a little impossible..and also considering we do not know where KL Life Centre is!! HAHAHA…So, after talking to my mum on the phone, change of plans, we took a cab from KL Sentral straight to KL Life Centre. And wow, indeed we made it in time. HAHA. Fated, fated. Once we got to KL Life centre, I met with Mr Poh and then that was when I realized the concert was a free standing concert…..!!! I never like free standing concerts!!! And also because I’m carrying my DSLR, so considering there were already many people crowding front area at that time, I won’t be able to get any good shots! So I told Mr Poh I have a camera with me, and Mr Poh was understanding enough to get us media seats! Wow, many thanks to him!!

At first, media seats was at the top level of the venue. However, later on it was changed to front of stage below! So I got a very clear and best view…which made me ended up taking like 500 over pictures??? However, its impossible to post them all up here! LOLS. The concert actually didn’t start until after 830pm. And while waiting, KC, Paul and Hazel went off to get Hung Fook Tong drinks without letting me know…hahaha I didn’t realise they were missing. And they later on came back with I guess half a dozen bottles of Hung Fook Tong American Ginseng drink. Luckily they bought it, because its cold and refreshing…something I need at that time after rushing here and there. LOLS. And it actually taste quite good! A new brand of drink that I can buy in the future. HEHE.

So, concert started off with the two main band members singing two tracks, one of them ‘kwong faai sui yuet’ from Beyond. And they do have strong and nice vocals! Then concert officially starts with William and Sherman appearing singing the karaoke favourite duet ‘my memory is not mine’ originally by Vincy and Ocean. Here’s some pictures of the first appearing costume:


Then after that, William was left on stage to sing a fast track, ‘Taxi’ and also a ballad which if I‘m not mistaken is ‘Finally admit wrong today‘ . And fans started screaming when William did his ’Taxi’ dance…LOLS. While me, took pictures to my heart’s desire. HAHAHA…He even did the moonwalk!! His dance was indeed very energetic and entertaining! Here’s a clip KC took of Taxi and the dance plus more pictures I got~ HEHE

Love this picture…he looks so immersed and enjoying the music. HAHA


Then, it was Sherman’s turn. She appeared with a new blue blouse and stripped leggings and sang a fast track, ‘Let’s Pop’ and the audience cheered and screamed as she appeared. And thanks to KC too for taking down a video. Save me the effort to elaborate. HAHA. After she finished that, she said, “William sang a fast song, how could she not sing one too!?” and the audience cheered. LOLS. She then sang another song, which was very familiar to me…LOL…Joey’s ‘心花怒放!! KC took a video of it too! HAHAHA…and I heard her say ‘Cho Yee’ at the beginning of the clip. LOL. And if you noticed, Sherman actually went over to my side and posed for me to get pictures of her while she was dancing. HAHA. I’m actually wearing pink and walking around with the camera if you could spot me in the clips. LOLS. Very nice of her^^ And that’s how I got so many close up shots of her with the blue dress…Back to the song, I’m probably too used to listening Joey singing 心花怒放, so I tend to compare..LOLS. Sherman could sing the vocal well, however, still lacks the feel that Joey could bring out when she sings this song. Its not easy to be able to bring out the feel of the song. Singing vocally is one thing, but being able to carry the song and mean what you sing is another matter. After two fast tracks, Sherman then sang another song of hers which I love very much, which is a ballad titled 野百合.

Let's Pop

Sherman's version of 心花怒放

Nice pictures thanks to her posing:

Then William came out again with a new costume…hehehe… I love how the concert is simple and yet very entertaining. He sang his new song ‘dai hap kuk’ (Grand Canyon) and followed by another dancing song ‘Do You Wanna Dance’. After singing his songs, he said he’ll be singing Monica by Leslie Cheung to the delight of my mum and cheers from the audience. And he sang it really well, I shall say. HAHA.

Love this shot of William dancing with the dancer

William making cute faces while introducing the keyboard player

More Pictures:


Then Sherman reappeared with another blue dress and red boots. And more duets from them! They sang ‘yat si mou sing’ originally by Stephanie and Pakho, which I feel was a very good rendition from them. If only I had the video! HAHA…however, look at these shots from them while singing the song. They handled the song well and Hazel and KC enjoyed it a lot (I know)…hahaha. After that, they sang a mandarin number, ’xiao jiu wo’ originally by JJ Lin and Charlene Choi. In my opinion, Sherman sang Charlene’s part better than William with JJ’s part. Its just not William’s type of song. HAHA.

Singing ‘Yat Si Mou Sing’ various cute expressions:


I like this shot!

Some single shots that I like:


Then after that, William left the stage to Sherman. Sherman then said she’ll be singing a song that people first recognized her from. At that time, she said people only know her song and referred to her as ‘that tanned skin singer who sang the song ‘hou hou yung pou’(hug well). Then the audience cheered and she sang the song. After that, Sherman sang ‘八十之後’(After eighty), a song I’m starting to like now! Love the melody and meaning of the song. KC took a video of it~

Pictures I took of her singing the song:


Then William’s turn again! Again, new costume!! Black jacket and white shirt inside…look so ‘yeng’…hahaha. He said at first, he was thinking whether to wear this jacket or not? LOLS…He then sang an Aaron Kwok song which I forgot what was the title. it’s a very famous Aaron fast track….and after that, he sang ‘战士’ and I love this dance!! When William pulled up his shirt, revealing his packs and chest area, the audience(especially the girls) screamed out loud…hahaha….I love these pictures taken from the dance…they all look so cool and stylish!

So cool & stylish thanks to the smoke!! I guess all the girls there would be drooling…hahaha…probably Hazel Mui did…LOLS

Love All These!!! Love the concert effect!

Then its Sherman’s turn again as William left!! And we saw the concert crew carrying in a keyboard and that’s when the audience starts cheering~ WOW, Sherman hasn’t even appeared and they knew its time for ‘A letter to myself’ already…HAHAHA. Then Sherman appeared and get ready with the keyboard. However, there seems to be a problem with the mic stand. The stand was not tight, thus the microphone kept sliding down. She then very cutely asked if anyone could help her with it? However no one did came at first, so she managed to set it up to her mouth level herself. Before she started the song, she said she’ll be very sad if the audience didn’t know the song. HAHA…so she started and once she started her first key, the audience started cheering out loud already. Here’s a video KC took of it. And observe how Sherman handled the situation with the mic problem. She handled it really well and instead of making the whole situation awkward, she managed to make the situation funny and cute instead. HAHA. Good work there, Sherman! And remember I said about singing is not only vocals but also carrying it and meaning what you sing? Well, in ‘A letter to myself’, Sherman had the complete whole. There is no need for many words to describe it, by just observing how the audience naturally cheered and clapped in synchrony to the song already proves what I mean by it. it’s a natural reaction from the audience if a singer could carry all three elements together into his/her singing. Thus, its not necessarily a fast song which could arouse the audience, even a ballad like this could give out that effect too. Sherman received the loudest applause and cheers that night for ‘a letter to myself’.



Then after that, Welcoming William again!!! HEHEHE..he took off his jacket now and they both thanked the audience and organisers before singing ‘sei xing bat goi’ originally by Boyz and Twins. Then, they ended the concert with another Joey song ‘yuet cheong yuet keung’…Joey did mentioned its William’s favourite song of hers. HAHAHA….They also came down to shake hands with the audience. LOLS. That’s when I managed to get these two shots below. HAHA…

William and Sherman shaking hands with the audience below. (Hazel/Paul can you all spot yourselves?)

More pictures from ‘Sei Xing Bat Goi’:


Pictures of end of concert with confettis and a bye from them (Love the pictures):


There wasn’t any encore though, although the audience did shout for one. HAHA. So after that me, KC, Hazel and Paul together with my mum, we were planning to get a taxi back to Times Square already. However, we sort of wanted to wait and see if Sherman and William will come out so we could sort of take pictures and express our support to them. We said we were gangs of fans one from Singapore, one from Guangzhou and two from Penang!! HAAHHA…However, I think we waited at the wrong exit..and didn’t manage to meet them. Too bad~ However, we did manage to take a picture with the band members. They really have good voice and potential. All the best to them!

As to Sherman and William, I personally too think they have a bright future in the industry. Sherman surprised me with her live vocals and very pleasant personality and showmanship, while William has the attractive dancing skills and good charming looks..HAHA. He just needs to improve on stronger vocals and he’ll do fine. All the best to the two of them and looking forward to seeing them more in Malaysia!! Next thing I have to do now is to get Sherman’s album…(which I already asked Hazel mui to help me get one from Hong Kong)LOLS! Hazel Mui, remember ya!!!

Concert Presented by Hung Fook Tong
Venue: KL Life Centre

To view all the above pictures and many more other pictures from the concert, click this link to view the full album: http://s273.photobucket.com/albums/jj204/Ivy_ryc/Sherman%20and%20William%20Concert%2025th%20April%202010/

Password: scooby

So that’s the end of my fully packed and eventful 2 day weekend!!! HAHAHA…Looking back, its amazing how we managed to cramp so many events into 2 days! LOLS..no wonder I still felt sleepy 2 weeks after the event! HAHAHA. Thanks to all my readers reading through all the posts!!! Well, that’s the end of all the events~ Look forward for more to come in the future!! HEHEHE…..