Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ivy: Before I say anything, first of all Happy New Year to everyone!!! Have been busy last few days because my dog dislocated his kneecap...ouch! The vet said he can't do anything and the option available is a surgery which he do not recommend because of my dog's age (8 years). 2nd option is to leave it as it is now and use painkillers and anti inflamation medication. So now he's under medication. Fortunately he could walk after the 2nd day of medication. Vet also said he has to shade some weight off to reduce the stress on his dislocated leg. So that's my dog's new year resolution.

Hahaha...for me, my new year resolution is also to lose some weight!! And also my new year wish is that my study exchange application to be granted^^ Hope all goes well this new year and may your wishes come true too!!! Have a great day tonight and most importantly, may the new year be better and bring more happiness, peace and health!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Present From Astro


Received a call this morning from courier service around 9am(which I was barely awake)Photobucket asking if I'm at home today as I have a parcel from Astro.

I was wondering why would I have a parcel from Astro?? Then I recalled earlier this month I received a call from Astro Dynasty Contest. They just asked me for verification and did not say if I won anything. BTW, I just tried my luck on an Astro contest few months ago for the TVB Awards ceremony trip etc etc.

Just received the parcel less than an hour ago. Turns out I won second prize for the contest and it was a Burning Flame III DVD. Not really a big fan of the series (I haven't really watch it yet) but well, its a good addition to my collection and probably when any of the casts comes, I can get some autographs on the DVD! Hehehe...

Thank You to Astro for the 'Christmas' gift(second one this year after another lovely and thoughtful gift from AnnaPhotobucket and next, waiting for probably 'New Year' gift which I present myself, Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live Special Boxset!! HEHEHE...

今日VIP: Joey Yung

Yesterday's episode of TVB's 'VIP Today' featured Joey Yung. At first I just planned to watch it, but after watching it, I decided to share it here and also share my thoughts because there are too many funny moments from the interview. Haha.Watch it on youtube before its being removed (or download it from the link provided below this post)!! Haha.

Part 1

Joey expressed that she is willing and ready to film another TVB series for TVB in the coming year. She wish to film an ancient series(not too heavy like Beyond) but some funny character with a braid or prefarably period drama. She also said that she's interested in 'weird' characters such as acting as a 'zombie'Photobucket. Haha...I personally am looking forward to see Joey act in another drama series but I was hoping a serious character in a period/ancient drama instead. Will surely be a fresh feel and challenge for Joey to act serious.

Besides that, Joey talking about her dance moves with Eason and also how she described Eason as a 'Fat Boy' was really hillarious.

Part 2

Joey hinted that she will be working on a duet with Leo Ku in the near future. And Leo Ku kept on asking her to let him be her MV director...HAHAHA. Joey says that she hopes to work with and also admires Ivana Wong and Khalil Fong. Its funny how Roland said Khalil has to go for an extra ten days as a vegetarian if he were to work with Joey and Joey replied, 'Why? The sin is too big to work with me that he has to be vegetarian? Amitabha.' Photobucket HAHAHA.......

One thing that saddens me is Joey's health condition. Joey said that with her knee problem, she will only think of doing the best and most for her job and make the most money now and already prepared to spend her older days with a wheelchair. I'd rather Joey rest more than see her end her career in a wheelchair. That's really saddening. And she is still wearing high heels and learning dancing. And also she said she fell down from the stairs during a 'quick-change'(changing dresses for performance) which dislocated her bone without her realising until weeks later when she consult a doctor. Now it is really sad to see her wear heels everytime as you can imagine she's smiling on the surface, but inside, she's experiencing pain deep into her bones! I hope Joey will reconsider this!

Almost at the end of the clip, Joey was also very silly as she kept on looking at the monitor (can't be seen by viewers) to see if her sitting position and legs are prettyPhotobucketSuch Silliness...LOL

Part 3

Talking about becoming 30 years old, its funny how Joey is also similar to my life in KL. Hahahaa...and sometimes in Penang too, staying up until 4am in the morning and so afraid that the sun rises so better rush to bed. And the reason for sleeping this late is also similar! Because of the computer and internet. Haha. One thing similar to Joey is also that I rarely like to go out and hangout for no particular reasons and rather stay and feel more comfortable at home!

Joey also say that she doesn't mind any kind of relationship and does not put in anymore conditions for her Mr. Right. Age difference(younger or older) and good looks(which she argues she has never dated a good looking guy before) is not a choice for her to set. Joey's very open about relationship and once, she even said she may get pregnant before marriage too and said its a different century now so people should broaden their minds..HAHA. Joey also feels that people that don't know her will think she's strict and cool. Which Roland denied and which I also believe so. I think Joey is just not comfortable starting the conversation and breaking the ice.

Download in RMVB Format:

Ivy: what I wrote are highlights and what I feel was funny from the interview. Watch it to see Roland and Joey's silliness. Haha. I better go off to bed now! Although I'm not turning 30 next year, but I'm turning 20! Haha...must erm...try to preserve the youthfullness in me....WAKAKA....Goodnight!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charmaine Sheh didn't sleep for 100 hours


Translations credits to AsianEU

Charmaine Sheh is well known for being very endurant for hard work, but never thought she would go without any sleep for 100 hours due to her workload. Her record of lack of sleep surprises everyone. Charmaine disclosed that she loves eating durian and steam crab, and in her handbag, she always carries sweets to keep her happy. She had an interview with a reporter the other day.


Reporter: What do you usually bring with you when you go out everyday?

Charmaine: I must have my cell phone, sweets and lipstick. Although I don't really like to eat sweet, I have one now and again to keep me happy.

Reporter: Which part of your body you focus most?

Chartmaine: My hands for sure. This is because one can look at your hands to know your age. That is why I never washed any dishes since I was little, even though my mom offered me 200 dollars, I wouldn't do it.

Reporter: what other languages would you like to learn?

Charmaine: Japanese, because I love shopping in Japan. If I know the language, I can bargain and I can even ask for direction.

Reporter: When you look at someone, which part of the body do you pay attention to?

Charmaine: The eyes, I can tell if that person is telling the truth by looking into his eyes.

Reporter: What type of person annoys you most?

Charmaine: I hate irresponsible person. This type of person looks like a tiger, but acts like a snake, severely affect the progress of work, other people have to finish off for him.

Reporter: What is your favorite drink?

Charmaine: Pearl tea, best added with plumule.

Reporter: What is your favorite food?

Charmaine: Durian and steam crab, even though my skin is sensitive to that, I still eat them.

Reporter: What food do you hate most?

Charmaine: Golden Beef Roll. I ate that in a Japanese restaurant with my mummy when I was little. I was full, but there were 8 left, my mummy asked me to help finish eating them. I did, but I was sick afterwards as I ate so much. After that, I never ate Golden Beef Roll.

Reporter: What is your longest record for not sleeping?

Charmiane: Four years ago, I was in the mainland working on "Under the Qianlong South", I didn't sleep for 5 days 4 nights. I was working till I lost my soul, and I could actually sleep standing up. On the third day, I was paralysed and didn't know what I was doing.

Reporter: Who do you respect most?

Charmaine:My form teacher when I was in primary 6. My maths was very bad, but the teacher coached me after school. I visited him this year, he is 80 years old but still looked very fit and healthy.

Ivy: I realise that Charmaine is becoming more and more straighforward in replying to questions now. I guess its a sign of establishment in her acting career where you don't really mind what people say or see you as anymore but just focus on acting well and giving out full performance to the audience.

Charmaine not wanting to wash dishes??? LOL....she has to find a husband that is willing to wash all the dishes for her then. LOL. Or perhaps have to hire a maid to do that. I guess as fans, Charmaine not sleeping for days is not a new knowlegde to us. Her hardwork in the past paid out when she won the best actress award in 2006. That's why now Charmaine take long breaks and also film less drama series if you realise. Hehe.

And Charmaine loves durians haha...something Malaysian fans can help her with the next time she comes^^

Talking about not enough sleep, its late now so I better go to sleep~~

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Song: 桃色冒險

Another new song plugged by Joey Yung!!!

Title: 桃色冒險 (To Sik Mo Him)

Performer: Joey Yung

Composer/Producer: Carl Wong

Lyrics: Wyman Wong

***Download CD Version***: Sendspace


被滿天飛霜 冰成雪白
然後降臨 在鉄塔
騙過這 衛星的探測

團聚只等如 互相踐踏
各自逃亡 讓魂魄
差天隔地 但自由在握

避見面能避一天 就一天 逐天
穿梭於宇宙 任何奇幻國境線
即使將 歷史書 望穿
找不到我在 戰國裡 轉過圈

共你別離後一篇 又一篇 續篇
都不想有着 任何重叠落腳點
這一...刻 在新宿御苑
一聽見你的風 已跳到四川

橫越幾光年 住天蝎座
切勿回頭 覓尋我
小心碰撞 若裂痕甚多

避見面能避一天 就一天 逐天
穿梭於宇宙 任何奇幻國境線
即使將 歷史書 望穿
找不到我在 戰國裡 轉過圈
共你別離後一篇 又一篇 續篇
都不想有着 任何重叠落腳點
這一刻 在新宿御苑
一聽見你的風 已跳到四川

截斷直流電 扮做素未謀面
一天 若一天 遇險
火車廂裡面 突然浮現你的臉
將空間 立即的 劃穿
一轉身坐在 喀布爾 那戲院

讓往事流逝 一圈 又一圈 像煙
彼此的惡夢 做完留在夢那邊
於一起 沒好的事件
應該隔遠一點 背對背上演

Lyrics in PinYin:

to sik mo him

chuen hei daai hung woh fuk chut faat
bei moon tin fei seung bing sing suet baak
yin hau gong lam joi chit taap
pin gwoh je wai sing dik taam chaak

ga si yung yuen tim mat pooi ngaak
tuen jui ji dang yue woo seung jin daap
gok ji to mong yeung wan paak
cha tin gaak dei daan ji yau joi ak

bei gin min nang bei yat tin jau yat tin juk tin
chuen soh yue yue jau yam hoh kei waan gwok ging sin
jik si jeung lik si sue mong chuen
jaau bat do ngoh joi jin gwok lui juen gwoh huen

gung nei bit lei hau yat pin yau yat pin juk pin
do bat seung yau jaap yam hoh chung jip lok geuk dim
je yat hak joi san suk yue yuen
yat ting gin nei dik fung yi tiu do sei chuen
chung san mo him

bak fei yi ling nin doi gan moh
waang yuet gei gwong nin jue tin kit joh
chit mat wooi tau mik cham ngoh
siu sam pung jong yeuk lit han sam doh

bei gin min nang bei yat tin jau yat tin juk tin
chuen soh yue yue jau yam hoh kei waan gwok ging sin
jik si jeung lik si sue mong chuen
jaau bat do ngoh joi jin gwok lui juen gwoh huen
gung nei bit lei hau yat pin yau yat pin juk pin
do bat seung yau jaat yam hoh chung jip lok geuk dim
je yat hak joi san suk yue yuen
yat ting gin nei dik fung yi tiu do sei chuen
chung san mo him

jit duen jik lau din baan jo so mei mau min
yat tin yeuk yat tin yue him
foh che seung lui min dat yin fau yin nei dik lim
jeung hung gaan lap jik dik waak chuen
yat juen san joh joi hak bo yi na hei yuen

yeung wong si lau sai yat huen yau yat huen jeung yin
bei chi dik ok mung jo yuen lau joi mung na bin
yue yat hei moot ho dik si gin
ying goi gaak yuen yat dim booi dui booi seung yin
to sik mo him

*please excuse me if there are any mistakes for the above pinyin lyrics

Ivy: Finally a promising fast song from Joey after 'On The Treadmill' last year. This song is also the themesong for Asia Game Expo 2009 and Joey is the ambassador for the expo this year.

My thoughts of the song was, first time listening to it, I feel it sounds a little unusual. Something very different and unique from how Joey normally sings. After listening for a few times, it starts to sound better and the melody starts to be digested and accepted. I love how the concept of classical instruments such as the trumpets, bass and drums are incorporated with modern digital techno music to bring out the Big Band and Japenese-Pop feel to the song (which suits the Asia Game Expo theme). As to the lyrics, the song is too new so I haven't seen the lyrics of the song yet.

Good job to Joey for another breakthrough with a new genre of song. I like how Joey is experimenting with all kinds of genre of music in her albums especially after her Starlight Concert and not rely too much on love songs and K-songs.

P.S I will upload the link for clear version of the song as soon as it is available! (usually takes 2-4 days)~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ah Sheh & Ah Yi!!

Beyond the Realm of Conscience casts went out to celebrate again earlier^^ And I love these pictures of Charmaine and Tavia from that night!


Charmaine's expression looks so cute in here..HAHAHA.


They really look like sisters in here...LOL! Both getting the same hairstyle and also I love their dressing. Simple and Nice!! HK getting cold already..all of them are wearing thick clothes. Hehe.

P.S I realise TVB filming modern series in winter and ancient series in Summer again (Beyond & H&E). HAHA. Torturing the artiste!! ^^ not a good time to say this with all the TVB renumeration rumours recently. Haha. Also, last night watching entertainment news on TVB8, Tavia's sister and Paisley was the host. And they were talking about rumours of Tavia not getting along with her sister because her sister was jealous of Tavia's new found popularity. LOL. Juo Na(her sister) denied and said, that's the price to pay for being famous (rumours).

Hope to see Charmaine and Tavia in another series soon~

Joey Wears Flat Shoes to Increase Her Luck in Love

Translation credits to Rsung at JoeyGalaxy

Joey wearing flat shoes attracted a few guys towards her, so she immediately said there are many advantages to wearing flat shoes

Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Charlene Choi, Sherman Chung, William Chan, Raymond Lam, Vincy Chan and Nick Cheung attended the ‘7th Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2009', and artistes from EEG won 11 awards to become the big winner on the night!

Joey won the award for the ‘Most Searched Hong Kong Female Singer’ and the ‘Top 10 Most Searched Song’, and she wore flat shoes, which was a refreshing change! Even Raymond Lam and Nick Cheung approached her to talk about it and Charlene praised Joey for looking very lovable. This caused Joey to feel excited: "I’ve just realised that high-heel shoes can be a hindrance, so I’ve now found a new direction to go in." She also mentioned that around 99% of her shoes at home are high-heel shoes, but since she is now receiving positive comments about wearing flat shoes, Joey will wear them more often in the future. She also said that wearing flat shoes has many benefits: "I don’t need to use as much strength, it won’t cause any pain and it’s good for my knees. It’s like my knees have disappeared and I now need to see the doctor, take medication and tonics to mend the cartilage." When asked whether wearing flat shoes has helped to attract more men, Joey joked that guys were now rushing to her like they were fired in her direction.

*watch* News Clip of Joey's respond:

Ivy: Joey is super hillarious with her remark in the clip...LOL. And the reporters are smart in their questions too. LOL.. That's what I realise from OnCC reporters. Joey's remark that Raymond Lam is 'gou dai wai mang' (tall, well built and masculine) and Nick Cheung as 'ying chun siu sa' (stylish and manly) really made mePhotobucket

Joey posted that clip up on her Facebook too earlier today and said she likes this type of 'mou liu' news. Hahaha....mou liu in the sense that she made it up herself..LOL. EEG people especially Joey and Charlene love to tease Raymond's killer eyes. LOL. Poor guy. Haha.

On the other hand, its good news that Joey finally decides to stop wearing heels while her cartilage are recovering. Finally she realise the severity of having the possibility of spending the rest of her life on a wheelchair if she continue wearing heels and dancing at the same time. Get well soon Joey!

And look at this picture taken with SS501 and Vincy. Joey really looks shorter than usual..haha. But I feel she looks more younger and girlish too without heels!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Clips Worth Watching: Beyond The Realm of Conscience Special Clips Part 2

Out of countless failed attempts to upload the video to Megavideo, I'll try the Blogger uploader and other uploaders I could think of. Also I split the clips to several clips so as to reduce the size. Hope it works now!!

Clip 1: Tavia Yeung interview

Its very funny where Tavia asked Michael Miu to join in and asked him how was his time at the toilet...HAHAHA

Clip 2: Kevin Cheng Interview

Clip 3: Charmaine Sheh Interview

Clip 4: Michelle Yim & Susanna Kwan Interview

Clip 5: Moses Chan Interview & Casts calling Law Kar Ying

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2nd Anniversary + Clips Worth Watching!!

Time really flies!!!! Its the 10th of December today and I realise its the 2nd anniversary of my blog!! Hahahaha. Again, a very big THANK YOU to everyone that follows and reads my blog!! Thanks for the support! It means a lot to me!!

Hmm....2nd year and also its almost 2010!!! Probably a new banner for the new year?? Hehehe...

I've decided as 2nd anniversary special, I'm going to upload these special clips from Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宫心计). I'm not sure if anyone has seen this, but I personally feel its very special. Haha. They are clips which seems like raw unedited files from TVB entertainment news cameraman's camera. From these clips, you will realise how much of the interviews that we see on television are used and how long the actual interviews are. So, what we actually see as the final product are just small bits and parts of their interview. Try to stretch your ears and listen to the little conversations they have with each other^^

Note: I uploaded these clips to Megavideo because first, the length of the clips are more than 10 minutes. Secondly, I do not want to take the risk of getting banned from Youtube again under copyright infringement laws by TVB. So, Enjoy the clips!

Clip 1 (From TVB Exhibition booth. Featuring interviews and candid captures of Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim and Tavia Yeung)

Clip 2 is uploading as it is a much bigger file.....stay tuned!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joey Yung autographed Very Busy ‘很忙’ album for sale

I've got a friend who has an extra brand new copy of Joey Yung's 恨忙 Very Busy album (Hong Kong Version) for sale. Furthermore, its an autographed copy! My friend is selling it for RM45 (Malaysian Ringgit) which is a very good deal. Considering I got it for RM60 and without autograph.

Anyone interested, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post or by emailing me at ASAP!! Thanks!

Here are the album details:


1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人

DVD - Moov Live 2009
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 赤地之戀
9. 我所知的兩三事
10. 可歌可泣
11. 圓謊
12. A Closer Look - 感謝監製
13. A Closer Look - 唱出畫面
14. A Closer Look - 禁煙快歌
15. A Closer Look - 愛情有感
Bonus MV
1. 這就是愛嗎? (百老匯廣告)
2. 很忙
3. 這就是愛嗎? (劇場版)
4. 答案

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience hypes spreads over to Cantopop singers

Seems like the hype from Beyond the Realm Of Conscience has not ended after the TVB Anniversary awards as scenes from the drama series are popularly familiar and reenacted by members of the music industry during the Top-5 nominee Chik Chak Music Awards 2009 function yesterday.

Here is a news translation on the function:

Translation credits to Rsung from

Joey Takes Off Clothing & Shoes To Attract Votes


Queen of Cantopop, Joey Yung, wore a ‘Christmas tree’ outfit to attend the top-5 nominee function for the Chik Chak awards, and during the talent contest segment, Joey took off shoes and some of her clothing to give a skipping performance, in a bid to attract votes.

Regarding her best friend, Denise Ho, saying that Joey has a good chance of winning the gold award, Joey joked: “If she doesn’t vote of me who will she vote for? It is due to all the good deeds that I have done over the years. This year is my 10th year in the industry, so if I manage to win it, it will be ‘FE LEE GOO’ (very good)!”

Denise Ho, who is one of the top 5 nominees for the Chik Chak Billboard Award Ceremony ‘My Most Favourite Female Singer’ award, re-enacted a scene from the TVB drama ‘Beyond The Realm of Conscience’ (宮心計) with Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung. During the scene, Denise slapped Miriam and then pinched Joey’s arm, and then she said to them: “Wenches (死妹釘), are you competing with me to win the honours? Let me tell you this; don’t you dare think of competing with me, I will sew your mouths shut!”, which made everyone laugh.

Clip of the scene:

Ivy: Similarly to them, I still have a little of the Beyond fever. Hahaha....I start to play around with ancient cantonese vocabulary very often with my mum and friends..LOL. And yesterday, I told my mum she's Sussana Kwan's character because her surname is Yuen similar to Yuen Chui Wan and I am Charmaine's character because my surname is Lau so I'm Lau Sam Ho....hahahaha...what a coincidence with our surnames. Hehe.

As to which scene Denise reenacted, its the scene where Susanne hit Tavia's mouth and she acted it with Miriam while the one with Joey was the one where Tavia had to have her mouth stitched. Hahaha....Anyway, good luck to Joey. I'm happy as long as she's in top 3. She's already been in top 3 for 8 years so far if I'm not mistaken. Hope this year will be her 9th year!

Friday, December 4, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Results and thoughts!


TV King and biggest winner of the night, Wayne Lai shares his happiness with his wife and son. Wayne Lai took away three awards during the TVB 42nd awards presentation becoming the first ever TVB actor to win three awards in a night thus far.

Here are the results for this year's TVB Anniversary:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tim Gor (Producer of Rosy Business)
Best Drama: Rosy Business
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Best Actor: Wayne Lai
My Favourite Actress: Tavia Yeung
My Favourite Actor: Wayne Lai
Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
Most Improved Actress: Aimee Chan
Most Improved Actor: Ngo Ka Nin
Best Host: Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen (Super Trio Supreme)
Best Variety series: Club Sparkle
Most Substantial Variety Program: Sat Si Gam Tong Most Popular Artiste: Wayne Lai
Best Overall Performance Award: Tavia Yeung

- Charmaine received three Top 5 Nomination Gold Plate award for My Favourite Actress(x2) and Best Actress.
- Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and You're Hired is in the top 5 for Best Drama Series
- Best Overall Performance Award is selected based on improvement, work effort and working attitude and behaviour.


Best supporting actress Susan Tse posing with her award for her convincing villain character in Rosy Business. Susan Tse shines with 68 million dollars worth of jewellery and reminds us that a touch of elegance is never measured by age

Charmaine Sheh at Red Carpet:


Charmaine Sheh glazed the red carpet this year with a Valentino Black tube dress and 10 million dollars worth of jewellery sponsored by Chow Tai Fook

Tavia Yeung at Red Carpet:


Tavia Yeung walked the red carpet with a low-cut blue coloured dress worth an astounding amount of $69,000. Seems like her favourite blue colour did bring her some lucky returns this year!

Sheren Tang at Red Carpet:


Sheren Tang walked the red carpet this year with a white dress and proved that sexiness is not all about showing enough flesh. White proves to be the lucky colour again this year as Sheren wins the Best Actress Award for her role as the bold and righteous Fourth Mistress in Rosy Business after losing it to Gigi Lai in year 2004

My thoughts: Its towards the end of the year again which means the awards hype comes again. Regardless of TV Awards or Music awards, its time for the report cards again.

The TV report card is out today, 4th December 2009, which is the TVB Anniversary Awards. This year, I personally feel the results are reasonably given and quite satisfying. First of all, a BIG BIG congratulations to Tavia Yeung. Tavia's win for favourite character was quite unexpected for me. Before the awards, my prediction was Best Overall for Tavia and my Favourite actress for Charmaine/Sheren. Tavia grabbed it in the end and she personally didn't expect it too. Charmaine faired nicely too by being in top 5 for both of her characters from You're Hired and Beyond (to her surprise too). As a fan of both of them, I am equally happy for the both of them. Tavia's speech was really memorable to me too as a fan as I'm glad and happy to see Charmaine and Tavia's relationship strengthen after filming Beyond together. Tavia saying that Charmaine promised to give her a kiss if she were to win this award, and seeing Charmaine fulfilling her promise was really a touching moment. To add, I said this last year, similarly this year, Tavia strenghten her stand by repeating again in her speech, "I will not be proud." Once again, after a year has passed, I proved that humility is one of the essence of success.


Charmaine Sheh gives a congratulatory kiss to 'sister' Tavia Yeung fulfilling her promise to do so if she wins the Most Favourite Female Character Award

For Tavia's second award, Best Overall performance, I am happy that she got it. Because it just proves that Tavia is a very hardworking actress, serious in her work and also has a good relationship with all her colleagues as this is what the award is assessed on. I believe that many Charmaine fans may start arguing and complaining about Charmaine not winning and going against Tavia. However, I hope that these fans can think rationally and be matured.

On Charmaine's part, she really did quite well too. Charmaine was in the top 5 for all categories she was nominated in. Furthermore, both of Charmaine's series are in the top 5. This year, TVB gives out Gold Plates for artistes that manage to be in the Top 5 for favourite character and best actor/actress award. Charmaine won 3 plates and Congratulations to her!! Its a really good result for her.

Sheren winning the best actress award, I am really happy for her. I actually thought that she deserved it since War and Beauty. Sheren is a really good actress, and I'm really glad its finally her turn this year. Similar to Wayne Lai, the big winner with three awards. These artistes are really great actors that depend on their acting skills and prefessionalism rather than good looks to gain popularity. I was dissapointed that Sharon didn't win the most improved actress award though. Haihz...Aimee Chan got it. I would not say Aimee didn't act well but she's really new compared to Sharon. Continue your hardwork Sharon!

During the whole award show, there was also one scene which I feel was really hillarious and memorable. Its the part where the video clip of the top 5 best actress was shown. At Tavia's clip, the part in Beyond where Tavia laughed evilly and said, "HAHAHA....dou zui hao, yeng geh dou hai ngo...Yiu Gam Ling...HAHAHAHA". Not only I started laughing, Tavia herself, Charmaine and the rest also laughed at that as it indirectly represented what was happening that night. "The Evil Villain winning it all" (of course, metaphorically).

Finally, one award presentation down and next one if I'm not mistaken is TVB8 Mandarin-On-Demand Music Awards 2009 which will be on December 20th. I guess I better go to sleep for now, as I have to drive down to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning!!! Goodnight!! And once again, congratulations to all the winners!!!