Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charmaine Sheh didn't sleep for 100 hours


Translations credits to AsianEU

Charmaine Sheh is well known for being very endurant for hard work, but never thought she would go without any sleep for 100 hours due to her workload. Her record of lack of sleep surprises everyone. Charmaine disclosed that she loves eating durian and steam crab, and in her handbag, she always carries sweets to keep her happy. She had an interview with a reporter the other day.


Reporter: What do you usually bring with you when you go out everyday?

Charmaine: I must have my cell phone, sweets and lipstick. Although I don't really like to eat sweet, I have one now and again to keep me happy.

Reporter: Which part of your body you focus most?

Chartmaine: My hands for sure. This is because one can look at your hands to know your age. That is why I never washed any dishes since I was little, even though my mom offered me 200 dollars, I wouldn't do it.

Reporter: what other languages would you like to learn?

Charmaine: Japanese, because I love shopping in Japan. If I know the language, I can bargain and I can even ask for direction.

Reporter: When you look at someone, which part of the body do you pay attention to?

Charmaine: The eyes, I can tell if that person is telling the truth by looking into his eyes.

Reporter: What type of person annoys you most?

Charmaine: I hate irresponsible person. This type of person looks like a tiger, but acts like a snake, severely affect the progress of work, other people have to finish off for him.

Reporter: What is your favorite drink?

Charmaine: Pearl tea, best added with plumule.

Reporter: What is your favorite food?

Charmaine: Durian and steam crab, even though my skin is sensitive to that, I still eat them.

Reporter: What food do you hate most?

Charmaine: Golden Beef Roll. I ate that in a Japanese restaurant with my mummy when I was little. I was full, but there were 8 left, my mummy asked me to help finish eating them. I did, but I was sick afterwards as I ate so much. After that, I never ate Golden Beef Roll.

Reporter: What is your longest record for not sleeping?

Charmiane: Four years ago, I was in the mainland working on "Under the Qianlong South", I didn't sleep for 5 days 4 nights. I was working till I lost my soul, and I could actually sleep standing up. On the third day, I was paralysed and didn't know what I was doing.

Reporter: Who do you respect most?

Charmaine:My form teacher when I was in primary 6. My maths was very bad, but the teacher coached me after school. I visited him this year, he is 80 years old but still looked very fit and healthy.

Ivy: I realise that Charmaine is becoming more and more straighforward in replying to questions now. I guess its a sign of establishment in her acting career where you don't really mind what people say or see you as anymore but just focus on acting well and giving out full performance to the audience.

Charmaine not wanting to wash dishes??? LOL....she has to find a husband that is willing to wash all the dishes for her then. LOL. Or perhaps have to hire a maid to do that. I guess as fans, Charmaine not sleeping for days is not a new knowlegde to us. Her hardwork in the past paid out when she won the best actress award in 2006. That's why now Charmaine take long breaks and also film less drama series if you realise. Hehe.

And Charmaine loves durians haha...something Malaysian fans can help her with the next time she comes^^

Talking about not enough sleep, its late now so I better go to sleep~~

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