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Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards News Clip

Here's a clip from TVB E-News on the Astro Awards Ceremony. Charmaine is so cute when she said she stole her mum's make-up and drew her face like the "McDonald Sok Sok"(Ronald McDonald)...haha. Will update on NZX later because pretty busy today hope you guys understand. I'll upload a clip from NZX first and post and update my diary later :)

clip credit to wongfu

Added News Clip!!

clip credit to Bebe from

In the clip above Charmaine is so funny in Bosco's room! And also in the clip when they arrived at the hotel, see Charmaine holding the orange coloured box? That's my present!! Gosh! Whole Chinese community can see my present to Ah Sheh! Hahaha and also the flowers from fanclub too! Sorry to excited....lolz

Added 4th February!!

TVB8 E-News

clip credit to

Charmaine and other artiste arrival at KLIA airport. Fanclub members are featured Myself too but I'll keep my identity

Added 7th January!!

Bye Bye Ah Sheh!

Charmaine leaving the awards venue. Clip credits to dexterreal.

Niu Zhe Xui Spring Concert Sneak Peak!

Here's a sneak peak on the NZX Concert. Those who did not go sure will feel some

In the clip the MC said that her fans waited under the rain refusing to move and then Charmaine gave us a flying kiss! Haha...she's so cute! The MC asked if he could have one and she said "Join my fanclub!" Watch the clip to find out more(I contributed to some of the screamings and shoutings..haha).....

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Moments With Charmaine! (Red Carpets & Awards Presentation)

Here is part 2 and where the fun begins!

NOTE : Please do not steal any of the images in this post and claim them to be yours. All pictures belongs to me(unless stated) and if I found anyone stealing and claiming them to be theirs I would not be kind. If you need to use the images please ask for permission and credit me. Also PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT LINK IMAGES.

After the bus left we then walked back to the airport and was in the elevator with a few caucasians again!(Sehseh, Jessie & Patricia not around coz we sort of got seperated) Haha. And one of the lady asked us, "So tell me, who is this you guys are chasing? Is it the lady(showing gestures with her hand on top of her head) with the hair?". At once we answered in unity, "Yes!!!". She then said, "Oh..she's an actress from Hong Kong?". Again we answered in unison, "Yes!!". So glad they noticed Charmaine out of all the other artistes! And Charmaine's hair is really cute! Haha.

After that we realised we lost Sehseh and the My bro went off because he got something else to do and then the 2 still unknown fans asked me where is Patricia? I called Patricia and managed to find them. We then chartered a van to Sunway Pyramid trying to rush in time for Ah Fung and Kevin's event and again the journey was not a boring one as now we were busy looking at pictures we took and also Ah Fung's album! Haha. Then I got to know this 2 unknown fans Penny & Catherine.( Hi you two! Nice meeting u guys!)

We reached Sunway Pyramid at around pass 3pm and saw many people around the stage where Kevin & Fung supposed to be. But they were not there. So we decided to have lunch at McDonalds! There we met Rachel!(yea Rachel ur part now). Rachel then came and have a chat and also showed us Ray's album that she just bought! Soon after she left to see if the 2 "leng zai" has arrived or not. Patricia and Sehseh also went off to collect the awards ticket from Sonija's function at the hotel. After that my cousin, Penny and her friend then went off to see Ah Fung's fuction but the mall was so big that we practically got lost. Haha. Thanks to the security guard we found the place but then Ray was not there only Kevin. Then heard news that his flight got delayed. There was an autograph session and we managed to squeeze o the front but because we do not have the official picture we were denied entry :-(

Kevin's autographed picture.(Picture credit to Penny)

After that we then rushed to the red carpet venue and saw Patricia and the others there. At the same time Wai Man (host of info zone) were interviewing us and again we held our banners and placards high and shouted out the shout out! "Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh you're the best! We support you Forever!" We were at the red carpets at about 4pm and met a few new fans and also Joniser! She managed to sneak out of work..haha. We waited till 7pm for the red carpet to start and during that time we also saw Bosco's fanclub setting up their stuffs right opposite us. During the wait, many photographers also took pictures of us and we hold up the placards high each time!

At 7pm the red carpet event started and local and TVB artistes walked in and my camera held up all the time busy taking pictures. During the red carpet event I managed to shake hands with some local atistes and Ah Lek Gor although I could feel the person behind me squeezing and pushing! Haha. Charmaine & Raymond were the last to walk the red carpets and it was raining so heavilly at the time. But nevertheless we still shouted out her name and showed full support! For red carpets event enjoy these pictures -

Charmaine & Raymond(The picture is not that clear but I like how it turned out showing Ray & Charm smiling so happily that made the picture look cute!)

More Pictures:


Red carpets finished at around 8.15pm and we quickly packed our placards and banners and made our way to the convention centre. At the convention centre I parted ways with the fanclub because I got VIP tickets. I walked in and found my seat and realised I'm seating just 5 seats away from Amber Chia...haha. I did not realised she was sitting there until almost the end of the show! I was looking for Ah Sheh but the artistes haven't entered the hall. I looked for the artiste's seat and realised I was sitting about 6 rows behind them.

Soon after, the event started and one by one the artistes entered through the stage and to their seats. Charmaine entered holding hands with Raymond smiling all the way! The show started with some singing by talent quest winners and presentation of favourite character awards. Roger Kwok was first to receive an award. After first commercial started I am back to my mission...taking pictures! I walked to the front and tried to get close up shots of Charmaine but to my dismay the guards(urgh...them again!) shooed me back to my seat! I managed to get some pictures but Charmaine's face was either blocked by Wayne Lai or she bent down.

Charmaine & Raymond's Entry

Throughout the show, Charmaine kept on smiling and laughing at the jokes made. There was never a moment I see her not smiling. Besides, she also kept on chattering with Raymond(maybe teasing him on forgetting his passport which caused the delay). I also saw Charmaine in one part of the commercial time asking for eyedrops from her assistant and I saw her applying them. Maybe her eyes are feeling tired. Also I tried to make phone calls but there was no network but then hey! I saw Raymond talking on the phone! He's using a black slide phone...can't see what model...haha. Once in awhile I hear the fanclub at the back shouting the shout out again and again and Charmaine politely remembers to stand up, turn around and give a slight bow n wave. When Charmaine won the favourite character award I could hear the fanclub cheering at the back. And also Charmaine's speech was full of sense of humour and she was so nice to give her award presenter a hug.(I took a video but deleted in accident..I'll post the official version just got the dvd but not yet watch)

When Best Actress was to be announced Gigi's aunt sort of accidentally hinted Gigi's taking the awards. She said, "I'm happy to be here to present this award to this person." And she said that so excitedly so I guess she's too happy she's going to present her niece the award. So when Gigi's name was announced I was not really surprised but still a little dissapointed Charmaine did not win. But then Charmaine is happy for Gigi too and still smiled happily. Besides, Charmaine and Kevin also went up stage to receive the Best Drama Awards representing Forensic Heroes. I actually saw the crew informing them in advance that they are supposed to go receive the awards. Enjoy the following clips from the Best Drama award(Charmaine's so cute when she screamed Bobby!!!) and the end of the award show and notice Charmaine who was frightened by the loud "Boom!" and ran to hide behind Kevin and looked for Sonija in the last She's so cute. Sorry for the shaky videos. Also listen to the fanclub shout out and the whistle blown by Patricia ;)

After the event I wanted to follow fanclub to the hotel to see Charmaine but then I have to follow my parents back so missed it. Next post will be on Niu Zhe Xui Concert!!

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Moments with Charmaine! (Airport Scene)

Ok, I only have time to update now. The last 2 days had been really eventful and one of the most memorable event in my life! I've decided to write out my experiences for the 2 days spent with the fanclub and also Charmaine. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: Please do not steal any of the images in this post and claim them to be yours. I am serious about this and will not be kind if I find out anyone stealing and claiming the pictures to be theirs. If you want to use the pictures please ask for permission and credit me.

26th January 2008
Woke up early in the morning and head off to KL Sentral station together with my cousin and my brother(My cousin followed me throughout the 2 days while my brother just followed to the airport as he was too free at the time and decided to follow along to see Ah Sheh). We reached KL Sentral at around 10.15am 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Called Patricia but she hasn't arrived so we walked around and decided to wait in front of McDonalds. I was spotting for anyone wearing the fanclub t-shirt but couldn't find one. Then I saw 2 person holding a bouquet of flowers each and I suspected they are fanclub people. Suddenly phone rang and I the same time I saw one of the lady holding the bouquet talking on the phone! And yupz she's calling me..haha. Went over to them and I asked are you Patricia and she said "No, I'm Jessie!"...haha. And the other lady with the big bouquet of white roses is none other than Sehseh!! Soon after, Patricia came with her cute little sister ;-) . We then head off to catch the bus to KLIA together with a few other unknown (at that time) Charmaine fans.

Flowers for Charmaine!! Her favourite white roses.

updated 29/01/2008

The journey in the bus was not a boring 1 hour journey but one filled with chattering as we were all busy talking about none other than Charmaine! We then reached the arrival hall and started to set things up. At first no other fans were seen but then soon after Gigi's fans and Bosco's fans were seen with their banners. We waited at the arrival hall for about 45 minutes and while waiting a caucasian guy said "I thought they were for me!(the flowers)" During that 45 minutes there were cameramen too from TVB filming us supporting our idol Charmaine. We then shouted our shout out "Ah Sheh! Ah Sheh! You're the best! We support you forever!!"

Soon after, Charmaine was spotted walking out with Sonija, Roger Kwok, Angela Tong, Wayne Lai, Bosco Wong, Gigi Lai, King Sir and Lai Suen!! And we were standing at the other side of the arrival hall far from them!! Charmaine then looked over at us and pointed us to come over to the other side quick! We then sprinted to the other side of the arrival hall and I saw Charmaine right in fromt of me! I tried to pass my present to her but then out of nowhere the security guys came and block me. Sehseh was right in front of me and got through the guards so I quickly manage to pass the present to her last second and she helped me pass it to Charmaine.(thanks sehseh!) Then Charmaine was walking pass and I quickly stretched my hand out over the guards and Charmaine gave me a really long handshake with a smile! That's so nice of her!!

Then after that I was kind of star strucked and does not know what to do and saw King Sir walked pass and again stretched out my hand and shook hands with him..haha. I then saw Gigi Lai walked pass! I came back to my senses and followed other fans rushing down the escalator and Bosco was on the other escalator heading down beside me and I didn't even realised that until he told us "Siu sam Za Zhe(careful when driving)"

From left : Angela Tong, Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, crew and security, Charmaine and Sonija.

We then ran and followed them and to tell you the truth I haven't been running that fast ever since sports day in school..haha. The artiste are boarding the bus when we reached the bus stop with Bosco being the last to board. Our cameras were up as we searched through the windows for Charmaine. And I spotted Charmaine sitting towards our side with Sonija and as soon as she was seated she started waving and flashing smiles at us. Roger Kwok seats in front of her while Wayne Lai, in front of him. I was taking pictures of Charmaine to my heart's content and once in awhile waving at her and she was so nice as to wave back!! And seriously you know she's waving at you as she stares straight into your eyes and waves!! Between smiles and waves she also chats with Sonija and also crack some jokes with Roger in front. After that I spotted Gigi sitting at the front sit and went over to take some pictures of her and she too was nice to wave back at me when I waved at her! I also managed to take a picture of Bosco in the bus as he was being interviewed in the bus. Soon after, the bus left and we screamed "See you tonight Charmaine!"

Charmaine waving and flashing smiles at us!!

From Top: 1) Bosco last to board the bus 2) Charmaine and Sonija best of friends 3) Bosco, finally on the bus. 4) Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai 5) Gigi Lai on the bus.

Ivy: Next post will be on Red Carpet event and Awards presentation. Will do it in a new post as one post will be too long. Also "Moments with Charmaine" will be added at the Features section ;) Hope you guys enjoyed so far! Just got to know Charmaine signed autograph and took pictures at airport just now! Oh man feel like killing myself for having class!

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More Article: TVB Stars Singapore Visit‏

The Straits Times Singapore
LIFE section
23 January 2008

TVB stars treat
SEEING STARS: Hong Kong stars (from left) Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Bobby Au Yeung, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong at Causeway Point to promote their shows on StarHub. -- PHOTO: STARHUB

FANS of Hong Kong's TVB artistes had a double treat last weekend, when six A-list stars came to town to promote their shows on StarHub.

Bobby Au Yeung, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Wong Hei, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu met audiences at Causeway Point last Saturday and Sunday.

Their supporters turned up in full force for the hour-long roadshow events held at the atrium of the shopping centre.

According to event organiser StarHub, more than 1,000 fans were present each day and the crowd spilt over to the corridors of the other three floors of the mall.

Besides playing games with their fans, the celebrities also sang songs, which included tunes from their shows that will be airing on StarHub's VV Drama (StarHub Channel 55) and the ;Play Video portal.

Already on ;Play Video, Father And Sons, starring Au Yeung and Wong Hei, is a heartwarming family drama. It will be shown on VV Drama later this year.

Next month, viewers will be able to catch Au Yeung and Bosco Wong playing brothers and rivals at the gambling table in Dicey Business. In March, The Drive Of Life will see Sheh and Wu in a drama that revolves around the automobile industry in China.

Fans of Cheng will be able to watch him in two shows in April. He plays a swordfighter in the Chinese martial arts drama, Devil's Disciples, together with Bosco Wong. Cheng will also be acting in a police drama, The Ultimate Crime Fighter.

Besides promoting their TV shows, the TVB artistes also lent their star presence and support at the soft launch of sister channel TVBS News, at a media conference last Saturday.

TVBS News will air exclusively on StarHub Digital Cable later this year.

Ivy: Another article from The Straits Time Singapore. Again thank you Melanie! I'm going to KL tomorrow!! Still have to get Charmaine's gift done. The final

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Singapore Visit: News Article

Some news article from Singapore Newspaper on Charmaine's visit to Singapore last week :

Photo Credit - Channel News Asia Singapore / TODAY

Sheh's so lovely

22 January 2008

TODAY newspaper - Singapore

Despite a headache and gastric pains, Charmaine Sheh shines

By Karman Tse

POOR Charmaine Sheh was not feeling well on Saturday.

The Hong Kong actress was nursing both a headache and gastric pains, and even had to pull out of an event earlier that morning where she was scheduled to spread the Lunar New Year cheer to disadvantaged senior citizens with fellow TVB star Bobby Au Yeung.

Sitting face-to-face with her at the Conrad Centennial, though, it was terribly hard to feel much sympathy for the comely 32-year-old star.

The former Miss Hong Kong second runner-up has pretty eyes that sparkle, a brilliant smile that's always good to go, and confidence wafting from every pore. Which makes what she had to say all the more hard to believe: "Before the (Miss Hong Kong) pageant, I was a very shy and soft-spoken girl."

Yup, it turns out beauty pageants are a good boost for your inner beauty. Who would have thought?

"The competition was very good training for me — it has taught me to be confident," the current "It" girl of TVB told Today.

Sheh was in town with her fellow actors — Bobby Au Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, and Wang Xi — to promote TVB's new channel on StarHub Digital Cable, TVBS News.

The former beauty queen may be the blue-eyed girl du jour — and she was reported to be one of the highest paid TVB artiste, too — but Sheh's start in the business was anything but pretty.

Despite her hard work and enthusiasm, viewers and especially the media were very unforgiving, criticising the then-newbie for her "lousy acting" and "squeaky voice".

"It's a fact that I couldn't act. I had no acting background," said Sheh, who read Hotel Management in Switzerland for three years pre-pageant.

"But I worked very hard. I had very little sleep — I've never not have enough sleep my whole life before that! So, after a while, I thought, maybe I'm not cut out to be an actress, and that I should give it up."

Good thing giving up was a one-sided affair on Sheh's part. Had TVB let her go, she would never have gone on to prove her detractors wrong by winning Best Actress in 2006 (Maiden's Vow) at the station's annual anniversary awards ceremony.

But winning awards, to the grounded actress, is no more than "a good form of encouragement".

Just because you win an award doesn't mean you're the best. I'm happy with what I've achieved so far. But I won't say I'm satisfied — once I allow myself to be, then there would be nothing left to strive for."

Part of that goal is to "grow" as an actress — literally.

"I don't mind being 'uglified' if it means I get to stretch my acting chops. But not getting fat," said the actress who has a reputation for being a hopeless vainpot. "I'm the type — touch wood — who can eat and eat but won't get fat."

You want to roll your eyes and walk away at this point of the conversation, but she has been so polite and obliging, the most you can do — with much glee — is smile back and secretly hope for her metabolism to slow to a crawl.

Catch Charmaine Sheh in The Drive of Life, which is available on StarHub's Demand TV from March. MaxOnline customers can also download episodes of the drama from StarHub's Play Video portal from March.

Charmaine: Acting's out when kids come

22 January 2008

THE NEW PAPER - Singapore

By Avis Wong

SHE may have cemented her status as the new generation 'bigsister' at TVB, but Charmaine Sheh would willingly give up everything to mind children and enjoy family life.

'I used to want to have three children... If I have children, I will devote a lot of my time to them, 365 days a year. So I would quit my job for that,' she told The New Paper.

However, the actress said there's no need for such drastic measures yet as she's still single.

'My resolution last year (of finding a boyfriend) is up in smoke. I'll just have to continue with it (the resolution) this year. Hopefully, I can have the best of both worlds, to have both romance and a smooth career,' she added with a chuckle.

Charmaine was probably inspired by fellow actress AdaChoi after attending the latter's recent wedding in China.

'I was so touched (by their love), I cried a few times,' she said.

Charmaine, 32, joined TVB after coming in third in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1997.

Her early years at the station were plagued by criticisms of her bad acting and squeaky voice.
But she hit the big time after appearing in popular drama serials such as Country Spirit, Perish In The Name Of Love, War And Beauty and most recently, Dance Of Passion and The Drive Of Life.

Maiden's Vow, in which she juggled four characters over different generations, sealed her position as one of TVB's leading actresses after she won the Best Actress and My Favourite Female TV Character awards in 2006.

But unlucky-in-love Charmaine is still searching for Mr Right, especially after reportedly breaking up with actor Benny Chan in 2006 as she could not stand his philandering ways.


The Hong Kong paparazzi has since linked her with her other co-stars such as Joe Ma and Michael Miu, who are both married.

When she received a bouquet of 99 roses on her birthday last year and it was signed off from 'lo sam' (old third in Cantonese), the media speculated that the sender was Michael as he was known as 'sam gor' (third brother).

She laughed the reports off and said 'they were never true', adding that the flowers were from a friend who didn't know what to give her and so sent a bouquet.

Support from friends and family is what Charmaine counts on in the meantime.

'Naturally, everyone hopes to have a companion, someone to share their joy and worries. For now, my friends and family will have to do the job.'

Ivy: Got these articles from Melanie. Again, thanks Melanie and also thank you for the support. Personally, I feel this Karman's way of writing is pretty hmmm...better keep quiet. But she hoping for Charmaine's metabolism rate to slow down? Hey thats not that nice! I sense some jealousy..lolz. The second article was better. Well, hope Charmaine does find Mr. Right soon. At least the Singaporean reporters don't write silly fake rumors like what they have in Gossip Magazines in Hong Kong. The "doggie" team in HK is really too much at times.

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Baptism of Fire

After his fiery initiation into the acting scene, Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng reckons he will be better prepared to reprise his role as a fireman in the TVB drama, Burning Flame III.

Hot TV actor Kevin Cheng Ka Wing tells of why he does not like playing with fire.


HONG Kong heartthrob Kevin Cheng Ka Wing will have to relive his fears as he takes on his next role in TVB drama Lit Fo Hung Sum (Burning Flame III).

The dashing 37-year-old actor with pan-Asian looks will reprise his role as a fireman although he is not certain whether he will be playing the same character.

“When I joined TVB eight years ago, my first drama was Burning Flame II,” Cheng said, recounting the most unforgettable scene from his TVB debut.

“I did not have much acting experience and I didn’t know what it was like to be a fireman.

“Everybody was wearing fireproof suits, completely covered from head to toe, and very carefully examining whether any skin was exposed.

“I was wondering why everyone was so concerned and so serious. The director gave instructions for everyone to fall down when he signalled.

“Then, the flames came and the director yelled, ‘Fall down now!’ I was rooted and had no clue that the flames would be coming at us like that.”

Cheng described animatedly how the fire hit them and wrapped around them. “So, this was what a gas explosion was like. They filled the room with gas and they set fire to it. Because the air pressure was so high, we were practically lifted off our feet. Now, that was the most dangerous thing I did.”

Would he ever attempt that dangerous stunt again? “Well, I have to do it again in the sequel, but I am definitely more prepared.”

Cheng is one of TVB’s hottest actors of the season as Cantonese drama viewers will attest. Last year, he appeared in Keung Gim (Devil’s Disciples), Se Yi Yan Sang (Life Art), Tung Tin Gon Taam (The Ultimate Crime Fighter) and Jui Mei Lai Dik Dai Chat Tin (The Seventh Day).

This year, fans will also see him in Yu Dik Tong Hang (Last One Standing, with co-stars Kwok Chun On and Yoyo Mung) and Fat Jing Sin Fung II (Forensic Heroes II).

Cheng was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of Bonia at Pavilion KL while taking a break from the filming of Forensic Heroes II.

“Have you seen CSI? It’s somewhat similar. We’d search for clues and do analysis on hair or blood.

“I play Ivan, a bomb specialist living in England. After his girlfriend is killed in an explosion, he returns to Hong Kong and joins the Forensics Department.”

His co-stars in Forensic Heroes II include most of the original cast Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Wah, Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and Frankie Lam Man Lung. Charmaine Sheh Sze Man makes a pretty addition to the formidable team.

“The biggest challenge is memorising our lines. It was all very technical and there were things we do not understand. However, we still have to deliver convincingly,” elaborates Cheng.

Cheng says if he does get a break in between filming the serials, he would like to go on vacation. “I’d like to learn diving. I’ll come again to Malaysia. I like the har meen (shrimp noodles) here. And, the mor kwai yu (grilled stingray) tastes really good, much better than those in Singapore.

“Most importantly, I’d like to visit my friends here, who are mostly not in the entertainment business.”

source: The Star Malaysia

Ivy: Just saw this article featured on The Star(Malaysia's English newspaper) today. Glad Kevin enjoys Malaysian food ;-) The author was nice to say that Charmaine was a pretty addition to FH2. And Kevin does have quite a number of friends living in Malaysia.

Charmaine at Changi International and HKIA 21st January

Some pictures from Maggie of Charmaine at HKIA and Changi International on 21st January 2007. Enjoy!

Changi :

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Ivy: Still pretty excited that I am going to the awards!! Hope Ah Sheh wins!! And also Maggie said that usually when she take pictures of Charmaine, she usually looks at the LCD screen and comments on her own picture taken..lolz. Cute! Alright gonna go make Charmaine's gift ;)

pictures credits to Maggie from

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Charmaine's Coming Schedule

Event : TVB Annual Banquet
Date : 31st January 2008
Time : Night (to be confirmed)
Venue : Kowloon, Hong Kong

Event : Concert event (Super Trio Show)
Date: 5th & 6th February 2007
Venue: Vancouver

Ivy: I'm adding Charmaine's schedule under "Features" section for easy viewing. For Information on coming Malaysia schedule please see previous post under her schedule.

Poster credits to

Charmaine admits her voice is coy but she is not flirty

19th January 2008, Singapore

Charmaine Sheh is very soft spoken, but her gaze is intense. She keeps her tone down, but her words can weight a lot.

For example when reporters asked about Fala Chan calling Charmaine as flirty in Stephen Chan's [Be My Guest] show, Charmaine replied: "Flirty? I never heard that, though I do know people call me coy!"
(Note: In [BMG], Fala was asked about being labelled as flirty and she said that her manager said it’s okay being called that since Suki and Charmaine are labelled such too. Suffice to say, many are displeased with Fala and her manager for making such callous statement.)

Dey Jing or being labelled as coy, Charmaine did not mind discussing on this topic: "Every women have coyness in them, this represent their gentleness. It's just that the word coy now have been twisted." She admits that her image is very feminine, her voice is coy therefore she is labelled as such. However, she is not coy in personality.

What about flirty then? Charmaine teases: "If Fala meant 'flirty' represent sexy, then I have no problem..." Charmaine have a reserve attitude toward the letter 'flirty'.

However, Charmaine admitted that it's beneficial for artistes to have a talking point in the entertainment field.

Recently Charmaine have been urged by her mother to get married. Did she dodge from answering the question? "Yeah, my mum and grandmother keep saying I should get married, but I'll let fate to come along.

"What kind of guy she is attracted to? "Being able to communicate and understand me, and giving me a comfortable feeling. On the looks, he just need to be taller than I am!" Charmaine is just 165cm tall, so it won't be too difficult.

In March, she will be filming 《东山飘雨西关情》with Liza Wang. They have worked together in [Glittering Days] and Charmaine really admires Liza. Filming with Liza means they can always finish work and go home on time. Charmaine compliments Liza for being understanding and have a forward thinking.

They will be filming《东》in Mainland China. There's a news saying that Charmaine's fees is RMB40,000 per episode and is the highest among her peers. Charmaine gave it a thought and said: "I'm happy being labelled earning so much, but honestly I only earn this much (using her hand to symbolise RMB20, 000)!"

News translation credits to Sehseh's blog

Pictures from the event 19th & 20th:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
pictures credits to V, Joyce, Maggie and

Ivy: I feel so down today because of my examination results! But I can't change the fact so have to accept it. Have to take temporary hiatus from TVB series until May. Luckily Forensic Heroes II will not be airing until later of the year. Still feel so sad now :( I'll try to forget about that for awhile and enjoy myself this weekend with Ah Sheh and also finish making her gift! Also Charmaine looks really pretty on the 2nd day of the Singapore event. For more pictures from 20th event go to Maggie has some fabulous pictures. Also special thanks to V and Joyce for sharing with all other Charmaine fans! I'll update a little on Charmaine's schedule later. For more pictures from V, scroll through the cbox to find the viewing link!

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Charmaine at HKIA 18/01/2008

This just came in from Maggie. Pictures of Charmaine at HKIA before she left for her flight to Singapore then to Johore.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Ivy: Oh my god! She looks so so gorgeous! I love her outfit!! The boots and t-shirt with the jacket is so nice! I can't wait to see her! Lucky Singaporean fans already get to see her. By the way, Maggie said Charmaine looked very happy at the airport. And a funny incident happened between them. If you know Chinese go have a look at Maggie's website( Its not appropriate for me to translate her blog entry.

pictures credits to

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Updates: Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007

updated 25th January!!

Image Hosted by

Here are more updates on the coming Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007.

Artiste confirmed attending the event :
- Lovely Charmaine Sheh and her 好姐妹(Best Friend) Sonija Kwok!
- TVB's 3 tigers Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng!
- Gigi Lai will also be coming.
- Roger Kwok & Angela Tong will also be coming!!
- Also coming are Michael Tse, Wayne Lai, Chung King Fai ( King Sir) and Lai Suen ( The lady who acted as Raymond's grandma in LFD. She is also Gigi Lai's aunt in life ) * Just Added

25th January : I think I have summed up all the artiste coming. Tomorrow' the big day!! Hope Charmaine wins the best actress!

I think there are more artistes other than this but as Wai Man(Info Zone host) listed them out so quickly I managed to catch these few. I'll watch the repeat to further confirm. And also the list of artiste who are coming mentioned by Wai Man is not the full list as she said etc etc. So do not assume as Charmaine is coming she will win!

Also for Favourite Leading Male Category* the 3 leading actors are:
-Raymond Lam
-Roger Kwok
-Moses Chan

For Favouite Leading Female Category* the 3 leading actress are:
-Charmaine Sheh
-Myolie Wu
-Gigi Lai

*not arranged in order

updated 22nd January!!

There will be a meet and greet session with Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok

Date: January 26th 2007

Time: 3.30pm to 5pm

Venue : Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Ivy: Fans please continue voting for Charmaine as this last few hours will determine her fate on getting the Best Actress Award! I don't think Astro will disclose the results anymore at these final hours so fans keep voting till the last second to see Charmaine go up stage for the award! Please note that voting ends tomorrow 19th January 2008 at 1159pm(2359 hours). If you still do not know how to vote and want to vote click here! For more information on the award please go to the "Features" section on the sidebar of my blog under "Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007". Also an advice: focus on the Leading Actress award for now. Charmaine's nominaton code WLT5 E. Gambate! Ga Yao! Vote! Vote! Vote!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Was browsing through youtube and found some interesting clips from an event Charmaine attended with Joe in London. Was from sometime ago ~ 2004. Enjoy them! Clips credit to their owners.

Happy Birthday Charmaine!

Birthday Gal Singing!

Charmaine has the same hairstyle as in the clips now. Haha. She seems so happy and surprised with the birthday cake!

Charmaine Sheh does not fear having rumours with Joe Ma

If reposted please give due credits.

Note: Some info on Forensic Heroes II

Source: Kuala Lumpur News

Last year there were rumours that Joe Ma and Benny Chan had a fought for Charmaine Sheh. Now, rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma has passed the possibility of having any rumours as it is going to be the fourth time they are cooperating together in the coming series 《東關飄雨西關晴》(name subject to change).

Charmaine and Joe has worked together in Strike at Heart, Maidens Vow and The Drive of Life. Regarding her coming colaberation with Joe Ma, Charmaine laughs and said: " We had already cooperated so many times, everybody knows that we are good friends, therefore I am not afraid of spreading rumours. Moreover I also often drink tea with him and his wife!"

The coming series is about the story of 西關小姐(Sai Guan Siu Je), where she will also star with Liza Wang. Because she has onced cooperated with Liza in another series "Glittering Days", she does not feel the pressure working with her anymore. Charmaine had just finished filming Forensic Heroes II and is now on leave. Charmaine will be leaving for Johore with fellow colleague Bobby Au Yeung on 18th January to meet with and play games with fans.

Charmaine smiled and said that after "Witness to a Prosecution 2" this is the second time she is colaberating with Bobby. But this time she will only have colleague relationship with Bobby and the sentimental parts will be with Kevin Cheng. When inquired if Kevin Cheng is the type of guy for her to select as her partner in real life, Charmaine was stunned for a moment and subsequently smiled and said: "Ah, he is very gentlemen, a very good guy....wah, you ask me this suddenly, I do not know how to reply!" Then, do both of you usually go out together? " We do go out together with a group of friends, like after finish filming series lo!"

Happy to Receive an Award

Charmaine Sheh plays a high-ranked officer in Forensic Heroes II with a callous manner, person with few words and very dedicated in her work. At first she does not have a very good relationship with her colleagues but through her efficiency in investigations she finnally breaks the barrrier with her colleagues. Regarding whether she wish to win an award in the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007, she expressed that as an entertainer she will not shut out any awards. As long as there is an award for her she will be very happy.

As for having no plans to film movies yet, "Although there were invites for me to film movies but too bad there were conflicts with the dates for filming series, moreover the movie industry will look for a certain candidate, therefore I am still looking for the opportunity. The company will not prevent us towards movie development."

Ivy: So sorry about the error in the translation earlier!! Charmaine did not hit on the interviewer. Guess I deciphered it wrongly as was rushing to go out. I've corrected it. But I still like her replies regarding Kevin. So Bobby will be coming together with Charmaine to Johore tommorow!! And also I heard that Kevin, Bosco and Myolie coming to Singapore too? Lucky Singaporean fans. Well you guys enjoy yourselves!! As for Malaysian fans Astro website made a mistake where it is stated Ekin Cheng will be with Ray at the 2-430pm event on 26th January. According to myfm it will be Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam. There will be autograph session for Raymond and Kevin so fans be informed. The event schedule is as follow:
Chinese New Year with Astro Personality
Date: 26 Jan 2008
Venue : LG1, Pyramid Concourse
Time : 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Charmaine Malaysia Schedule 26th-27th

Updated 17th January!

26th January 2007
Event: Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards Red Carpet
Time: 7pm
Venue: Main Entrance, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid

Event: Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007 Awards Presentation
Time: 8.15pm
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (Level 10)

27th January 2008
Venue: NZX Commercial Centre; Niu Spring Concert (poster above)
Time: 7.30pm

Ivy: Charmaine is coming with Michael Miu and Louis Yuen! Oh Michael Miu..another one of my favourites! For Charmaine's schedule in Singapore and Johore please see previous post. No flight schedule out yet though. Will keep you all updated once it is released.

poster credits to

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Review: TVB Contracted Artistes Pictorial 2008 Part 1

Here is my review on the TVB Contracted Artistes Pictorial 2008. This is my first time writing a review! And also please take note that my review is based on my opinion and I am not being biased on certain artistes. Part 1 is for actresses.


Top Picks : Actress

Charmaine Sheh : Charmaine looks very sexy in this shoot. The amount of exposure is just nice. Not too much and not too little with some cleavage. A very nice shot i would say. She looks very feminine and the tone of her skin and her curls adds to the sexy feel of the picture. The black and grey colour combination makes the picture look more classy. Also her cool expression adds the model photoshoot feel to the picture. Two thumbs up!

Kate Tsui : This picture of Kate also shows relevant amount of exposure. The picture came out beautiful overall. Her hairstyle and her dress suits her figure. The angle and pose also looks nice. Her smile makes the picture looks more lively together with the young look of the blue dress.

Sonija Kwok : Elegant looking picture. Sonija's hairstyle makes her look elegant. Added her smile and her pose makes the picture looks even more elegant with some sexy feel. Only flaw is the cut-off of the picture. The picture is cut-offed at her right shoulder. It will look better if her whole right hand is shown.

Bernice Liu : Bernice's shot looks very artistic. Another model photoshoot feel like Charmaine's. Bernice shows less exposure but her curls and the gold dress compensates it which make the picture have a sexy feel without needing much exposure. Besides, her pose is more special which makes the picture more interesting. The drifting away expression also looks nice on her.

Age Is Not A Problem

Susanna Kwan : Age really isn't an issue for Susanna. Her picture here shows out her still stylish style especially her hairstyle. She proves that even at 50 years of age she still has that youth and style in her.

Christine Ng : Almost 40 years old Christine looks more like a happy teen in this picture. The angle and pose is pretty well done. Her mini denim pants and black top looks simple but they bring out the youth in her.

Young Look

Suki Chui : Out of all the pictures in the pictorial Suki's picture has the most "young" feel in it. Her pose and smile makes the picture more lively. Besides, the more closed up outfit adds the more innocent feel to the picture. The "wind" effect on her hair also adds a little sexiness to the picture.

Vivienne Yeo : Another young feeling picture. Vivienne's hairstyle and hair colour suits her here and the mini skirt and top adds the young feel to the picture. Flaw of the picture is her pose. Her hand seems to be out of place and lacks the comfortable feel to the picture. (Vivienne is an up and rising star..go go Vivienne!! Malaysians support you!)

Shirley Yeung : As usual Shirley has that cute childlike smile on her. This picture makes her looks like a teen at prom night. Overall a nice picture but only flaw is the lower part of the dress. The lower part of the dress makes her look disproportionate with the lower part looking "bigger" than the upper part.

Something Gone Wrong

These are my picks of the worst of the lot. First let me start with Louise. My first impression when I saw the picture was "Hmm looks familiar...ahh that fairy godmother from Shrek 2!!" Add a wand and some wings at the back then that is what you get!

Next, Sharon Chan. The picture is actually not bad but Sharon's hairstyle spoils it. I couldn't even recognise it was Sharon until i read the name below. The picture angle hides Sharon's beauty. Mandy's picture also has the same problem. The angle is pretty badly done. Her head looks bigger than her body, also hiding her beauty.

Elaine Yiu's hairstyle spoils the whole picture. Her hair is too "fluffy" and it totally hides her beauty. Going on to Myolie Wu. Myolie Wu has the weirdest pose of the lot. Why the finger? It makes her look like she's praying or the "Buddha pose". Meanwhile Aimee Chan's picture looks like a picture taken from a beauty pageant. Lacks creativity.

Others Worth Mentioning

Selina Li's make up is a little too much. Especially the lipstick. She should choose another colour and also the dress makes her look older than her age. Natalie Tong's picture looks pretty sexy and her hair and pose is nice but she does not make it to the top picks list because her "skinniness" is a little scary. Reminds me of Keira Knightley. Her arms are too thin. Gain some weight Natalie! Same goes to Yoyo in this picture. She looks too skinny. But her hairstyle looks good and suits her.

Tavia's picture looks nice at the top but the bottom is a little overexposed. Too much skin from her leg is shown. Gigi's picture isn't bad one but her pose makes her look a little wooden. And for Fala Chen, she looks like she is showing off her "invisible" jewelleries. Not enough creativity!!

So what are your picks? Which one is your favourite and which is the worst one to you?

pictures credits to kuangaitvb