Monday, January 21, 2008

Charmaine admits her voice is coy but she is not flirty

19th January 2008, Singapore

Charmaine Sheh is very soft spoken, but her gaze is intense. She keeps her tone down, but her words can weight a lot.

For example when reporters asked about Fala Chan calling Charmaine as flirty in Stephen Chan's [Be My Guest] show, Charmaine replied: "Flirty? I never heard that, though I do know people call me coy!"
(Note: In [BMG], Fala was asked about being labelled as flirty and she said that her manager said it’s okay being called that since Suki and Charmaine are labelled such too. Suffice to say, many are displeased with Fala and her manager for making such callous statement.)

Dey Jing or being labelled as coy, Charmaine did not mind discussing on this topic: "Every women have coyness in them, this represent their gentleness. It's just that the word coy now have been twisted." She admits that her image is very feminine, her voice is coy therefore she is labelled as such. However, she is not coy in personality.

What about flirty then? Charmaine teases: "If Fala meant 'flirty' represent sexy, then I have no problem..." Charmaine have a reserve attitude toward the letter 'flirty'.

However, Charmaine admitted that it's beneficial for artistes to have a talking point in the entertainment field.

Recently Charmaine have been urged by her mother to get married. Did she dodge from answering the question? "Yeah, my mum and grandmother keep saying I should get married, but I'll let fate to come along.

"What kind of guy she is attracted to? "Being able to communicate and understand me, and giving me a comfortable feeling. On the looks, he just need to be taller than I am!" Charmaine is just 165cm tall, so it won't be too difficult.

In March, she will be filming 《东山飘雨西关情》with Liza Wang. They have worked together in [Glittering Days] and Charmaine really admires Liza. Filming with Liza means they can always finish work and go home on time. Charmaine compliments Liza for being understanding and have a forward thinking.

They will be filming《东》in Mainland China. There's a news saying that Charmaine's fees is RMB40,000 per episode and is the highest among her peers. Charmaine gave it a thought and said: "I'm happy being labelled earning so much, but honestly I only earn this much (using her hand to symbolise RMB20, 000)!"

News translation credits to Sehseh's blog

Pictures from the event 19th & 20th:
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