Monday, December 29, 2008

Scoop Starbiz Review & Metro Hits Awards 2008

Charmaine's Part on Scoop Starbiz Review 2008. This year, Charmaine's part in Starbiz Review focuses on Kevin-Charmaine-Niki. ( I hate the way they put up this clip!! Just take it with a pinch of salt....)

A little hosting by Joey and 'Mai Shuet Jie Jie'!! Feels like a little girl talking to her idol! Haha....

Anniversary Awards part(focusing more on cleavage????).......poor Sonija...


CONGRATULATIONS to Joey for becoming the big winner, winning 5 Awards including "Metro Radio Hits Female Singer Award", "Metro Radio Hits Stage Performer Big Award", "Metro Radio Hits Big Singer Award", "Metro Radio Hits World Singer Award" at Metro Radio Music Awards!!

After the Metro Awards, there were rumours of Joey and Denise ignoring Kay during the awards. Haihz.....why couldn't the reporters write something positive but always try to make up negative news? Anyway, here's a news article responding to this.

Rumours of Joey ignoring Kay

Louis Cheung, Square and Jason Chan all attended an event yesterday and they all said they had to work on Christmas Eve. However, Louis insisted that he wanted to spend some time with his wife and son on Christmas Day. When Louis was asked about reports that his wife, Kay Tse, was being ignored by more senior singers, Denise Ho and Joey Yung, during the Metro Awards celebration dinner, Louis said: “This isn’t very likely because I am good friends with Denise and Joey. Often, we will go out to have meals together and, also, Joey will text me to tell me to offer Kay some support, to help relieve the pressure on her.”

Miriam Yeung was also asked about the rumours about Kay being ignored by Denise and Joey and her reply was: “I don’t think so, I didn’t notice that happening, they are good friends. However, I know this news story exists and it’s probably just to help sell more newspapers, so it doesn’t really matter”. Vincy Chan also defended Joey by saying: “The rumours aren’t true, the three of them are good friends and Joey and Denise are really supportive towards Kay. Previously, Kay had said that Joey was recommending her album to other singers to listen to. These rumours are just to help sell more newspapers. Everyone, don’t believe it!”

Translation credits to Rsung.

Ivy : Miriam is right. Selling more newspapers.....Since Astro Wah Lai Toi will be airing the award on 31st Dec so I'll be on the lookout...let's see how true are the reports...hahaha. But owh, they were talking about the celebration dinner not the award ceremony...but I saw many pictures of them together during the dinner...LOL. Also, very nice of Louis wanting to accompany his wife. Hope Kay gets better soon. Seems like her punctured lung affected her singing. She's been complaining of having phlegm while singing. Poor Kay, she couldn't sing well that night. Really understand her feelings going through this as a singer. Reporters should just leave her alone and not create more negative rumours!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 28th December 2008

TVS Awards - Most Popular Hong Kong/Taiwan Actress

Earlier, I attended TVS Awards in Guangzhou with Joe Ma. I'm very happy that I could win the Most Popular Hong Kong/Taiwan Actress for my role in Maiden's Vow. I really thank the mainland fans for their support. In the coming new year, I will continue to work hard. Hopefully there will be more fresh productions for you guys to see.

I wish you all a smooth year ahead. Thank You!

---more pictures available at Charmaine's Blog-----

Original Blog Post from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

If translations are reposted, please credit me and Charmaine's Blog.

Ivy : Charmaine posted more pictures of the event in her blog so do check them out!! I think most of you are all in holiday mood. Haha. So am I....I'm already on holiday for some time now so not much difference actually....

I hope Charmaine could win something in the coming Astro WLT Drama Awards for her role in Maiden's Vow too! But I have to see the nomination list first. Which will be revealed on 17th January. Ron Ng will be coming to Queensbay Mall, Penang on the 17th of January 2009 to do the launch of voting. Astro may not nominate her for Best Actress Category in Maiden's Vow but instead for Drive Of Life instead. Anyways, Charmaine's acting in both series was great and also a breakthrough!

P.S Looking forward to Palace Scheme next year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

勝雪鹽棧(Sweetness In The Salt) on Astro On Demand

YEAH YEAH!!! Astro On Demand will be airing Sweetness In The Salt after Pages of Treasures finish airing next week!! Hate to say this, but seems like TVB will be warehousing this series!! Instead, TVB will air a mainland series at the 8.30pm timeslot(unconfirmed news). If its true, so bad of them to warehouse Tavia's series!! They don't think that Tavia could lead a series yet!!!???

Anyway, I'm glad that AOD chose to air it because I've been anticipating this series for quite some time. The series started filming early this year and Tavia spent lots of effort filming this series. I'll rant rant rant if AOD choose to follow TVB airing a mainland China production!! AOD is airing Maggie Shiu's Taiwan series now and I didn't even watched an episode yet! LOL...because I HATE DUBBING!!! The way they dubbed Maggie's voice...I couldn't bare listening to it! The same way as I couldn't watch "Carry Me Fly and Walk Off" and also "Qian Long Xia Jiang Nan" both of Charmaine's dubbed series until now. Furthermore, Benny is in it and all those kissing scenes between them....*uurrgh!!* feel like slapping *****......Hahahaha.

Opps...back to Sweetness. Hehehe. Ok I'll pay full attention and support Sweetness in The Salt! After all, Tavia's first leading role! Yeah! GO GO GO!! And AOD!! Don't you dare re-schedule and air something else besides Sweetness!! I'm going to Uni in Feb and if there's any changes, I'm going to miss Sweetness!!! SUPPORT TAVIA YEUNG!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


From Charmaine :

PhotobucketAlign Center

Credit to sehseh for the screencap!! As BBS loads like snail for me....or I should say it almost couldn't load at all!!! So I couldn't even post a comment/reply to Charmaine....BTW...very cheeky of Charmaine to ask us fans to get drunk!! LOL....Hope she enjoyed her Christmas & hope all of you did too!

Wishing All Of You a Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your holidays with family and friends!!

p.s Catherine said she saw me on JiaYu Channel with Tavia!!! I missed it.....I'm not sure if its an ad for the H20 promo or the program itself!! I have to be on the look out now. Haha..hope there's repeat!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joey pronounces "Sheh Si Man"

I was watching an old interview clip of Joey when browsing around Youtube and found a clip where Amigo the interviewer and Joey mentions Charmaine! Haha. I feel that the way Joey pronounces Charmaine's name 'Sheh Sze Man' is very funny. Haha. Maybe because usually people call Charmaine 'Ah Sheh' rather than 'Sheh Sze Man' so when they talk using her full name it sounds a bit weird. Hahaha.

Charmaine is mentioned around 3 minutes into part 2 of the clip but I'll post up both parts up here so that it won't be a broken interview for those who want to watch the full thing. The interview should be around the time where Joey just completed filming 'On the First Beat'.

Part 1

Part 2

In the interview, Amigo and Joey were talking about incomes and he said that there were reports that Joey only needs to sing 4 songs at an event and her pay is $400,000. So he asked her how true is this?

Joey mentions that usually just cut it to half. Because she said that part of the income goes to the company(Blood suckers EEG!!!..LOL) and also to the manager(Mani!! No wonder you're so rich!)
So Amigo said usually when artiste become famous, their tax is also very high. I'll post Charmaine's part in dialogue.

Amigo : Usually when an artiste starts to become famous, then paying tax becomes a headache. They'll feel, Wah, paying tax is really serious. TVB, Sheh Si Man leh, have reports saying that she has to pay over 1 million dollars of tax.

Joey : Ng Hai Ah Ma????(Is it so????)

Amigo : Yes. So I'll ask you a question and you have to answer me honestly.

Joey : Ok ar....

Amigo : So actually is her tax higher or yours??

Joey : Ermm...let me think. Seems like Sheh Si Man's is higher!!

Amigo : Ng Hai Ah Ma???(Is it so???)

Joey : HAHAHA.....

Amigo : Singer get to claim!!!??

Joey : Yes! Claim! And also my mum hires an accountant to manage the accounts and also because after my expenses so here and there, the sum is just somewhere there(not as high).

Ivy : Poor Charmaine!! Why artiste don't get to claim like the singers could? Hahaha. But seeing from another point of view, this means Charmaine earns a lot. Kekeke....I think TVB still takes part of their artiste's endorsement pay, but maybe not as high as EEG! Thinking of Raymond earning from both sides...Wooo no wonder he's so rich. 'Siu Ye Zai' now become even richer!! Hahaha.

Charmaine's Schedule

Tsuen Wan Plaza [The Tale of Despereaux] Welcoming 2009 Miracles

Date : 31st December 2008
Venue : Tsuen Wan Plaza Main Entrance
Time : 10pm-12.30am
Artise Appearance : Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Charlene Choi etc etc.

*Added* Qing Yuan Estate Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Date : 1st January 2009
Time : 11 am

New Year Celebration(property broker event)

Date : 1st January 2009
Venue : Dongguan
Time : 3pm

Ivy : Some updates on Charmaine's upcoming schedule. Charmaine seems to have a very relaxed year this year. Seems like she's starting to give her body the rest it needs^^

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards which I thought was cancelled this year has actually been delayed. No official release for now. But one thing is for sure is that there will be one for 2008! The official release should be out around January. I'm predicting Astro will do something grand for its 5th year. I hope my prediction is true! Also looking forward to promo events or I should say "pulling vote" events that are held before the awards. Last year it was Myolie Wu, Angela Tong and Michael Tse in Penang. Wonder who will come next year...Hehe hope are the ones I like!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shopping : Citizen Eco-Drive


I went shopping today and bought a watch! Hahaha. I was looking for a watch for quite some time and then the other day I was flipping through 'AstroView' and saw a Citizen ad in it. Found a scan of it. See below!(scan credit as watermarked) I think its Citizen Winter Collection 2008 judging by the white backdrop behind Joey.


My current watch is a Casio and I was thinking of getting either Citizen, Seiko or Guess. But then after considering, I changed my mind on considering Guess because they produce mostly fashion watches which I feel is not worth the money(I'm looking for quality watch rather than fashion watch to invest in..hahaha). You can have many fashion watch but you must have one good watch. LOL. I wouldn't want a watch which would not last too long. My Casio watch is good. I've been using it for around 4 years and I haven't changed a single battery and also the time is still very precise with only I think few seconds difference! I also wear it while I swim!! It's a diving watch so no problem. But then, I caused scratches to the watch so that's why I want to get a new one. Citizen or Seiko is more trustable and also its Japanese technology and also value for money. Haha.

So OK, I saw the ad on AstroView and the new models looks nice! Plus, its Eco-Drive technology! So I'm thinking I'll get Citizen because of Eco-Drive. If I get Seiko, it will be ordinary battery operated watch. And also to see it in another different funny way(but of course, not seriously!..LOL), I support Joey more to Miriam! Hahaha. BTW, if you're wondering what is Eco-Drive, here's a short description :

"Eco-Drive, solar powered generating system, meaning that there is no need to ever change batteries. 150 Days power reserve when fully charged. It's also Eco-friendly as there is no need to change and dispose off batteries."

Meaning that the watch does not need batteries. It uses light(solar power) to operate. And light keeps charging it. Pretty cool! At first, I wanted to get the Gold leather stripe one where Joey is wearing in the ad. But then the retailer I went didn't order the gold series because he said its harder to sell gold watches(hmm..I thought gold is 'in' this season). So he showed me the silver one and I tried it on. It looks good actually! Its like a mixture of Sporty Watch and also Fashion Watch. Looks classy too!


The features of the watch are good too.

1) The whole watch is made in Japan. Unlike Casio where its Japan technology but cased in China. Citizen used to case in China too but they are starting to change to fully Japan made.
2) Sapphire Crystal Glass! So no worries of scratches as the Sapphire Crystal is supposed to be scratch-proof!
3) White Mother-of-Pearl Dial!
4) Chronograph!
5) 3-years warranty(M'sia, Brunei, Singapore), 1-year warranty Worldwide!

But then, price not so good! Hahaha. So after bargaining a little by my mum(quite pro) so got it at a better price! YEAH! But still, big big hole in pocket! So SEI YE PAT PAT!! Don't so MEAN!! Like Ah Long 'zui shou'!!! JKJK...Eventually, my mum bought it for me and said 'Advanced Birthday Present! THANK YOU MUMMY!!! OMG~~Ivy sounds like a watch-addict! Haha..seriously I love shopping for watches...LOL. Also camera and sunglasses!! thing in common with Charmaine! Yeah! She loves watches too!! to experience this new technology~~~


Saturday, December 20, 2008

HOCC(Denise Ho)'s Charity Exhibition

Denise Ho Wan Si held a charity exhibition in Harbour City, Hong Kong from 16th December 2008 to 4th January 2009. Denise recently posted videos of her friends helping her to promote this event earlier. They are Home Videos which make the videos extra cute! Here are some examples of the videos and I personally feel that Joey Yung and Eason Chan's video is the cutest and also you can see they really put effort in it to help her out!

Joey Yung

The part where Joey tore the paper and also the part she showed the plush toy was very hilarious! Hahhaa.
Eason Chan
Eason's part with the hankie is very cute...LOL...

Miriam Yeung

I personally feel she should put some heart into it.....btw she'll be holding a concert in Genting Highlands coming March.

Shu Qi

Beautiful background!! But Denise, zoom zoom zoom!!!

Ivana Wong & Hins Cheung

It's an effort. But they should slow down...

There are more from others like Sammi Cheng, At 17 etc, but then I won't post too many up here. I personally feel its nice of Denise to hold this exhibition for charity. It's always nice to do something for charity^^ Also....Hehehe...Joey was spotted at her exhibition earlier and her silly self did something silly again.... PhotobucketOne of her fans must have spotted her and took these pictures. So I'll do some captions for them...hahaha.

Caption 1 :Photobucket....Can't believe it! Joey!!! I'm so in luck! *snap snap snap*

Caption 2 : Eeeee.....Joey writing something on the board..must be an autograph board or somewhere for visitors to scribble something on it....*peek peek**snap snap*

Caption 3 : Lets see what she scribbled(read read...analyse analyse)................Photobucket

Ivy : what did Joey scribbled? After analysing....hmm....seems like earlier on, a fan wrote on the board(in green) "Ho Wan Si, will Yung Cho Yee come? Add Oil!" And then that fan forged Joey's signature and drew an arrow pointing towards it and stated that its 'fake'. So Joey must have spotted this and replied(in black) "I have visited!" Then, she signed on the board and also drew an arrow pointing towards it and stated "genuine". Hahahaha...... That fan forged her signature quite well really. Except for some missing strokes here and there. Joey is very funny to respond to the scribbles..hehehe. To those from or currently at Hong Kong, go support Denise's exhibition if you got the time! Maybe can spot some celebs around^^

Also another happy news before I go to bed!!! Charmaine won the Best Actress Award for Maiden's Vow at TVS Award Presentation last night!! Congratulations Charmaine!! And she look georgeous in that red dress!! Before I opened this post, my mum told me, "Sleep early when you are sick!!" Its 1.10am now....I better go to bed! Will post news on the award once they are out tomorrow! Hope it goes smoothly because as of now, Shehsheh BBS and is down!!!! Sneek preview of Charmaine!!


GOODNIGHT!!!! I shall go now....HEHEHEHE.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

Annual Golden TVS Awards 2008

Date: 19 December 2008 (Friday)
Time: 8:00pm (Live on TVS)
Venue: Hotel Dongfang, Guangzhou

Ivy : Charmaine is nominated for Best Actress. Good luck Charmaine!! On a side note, I fell sick yesterday.....headache and coughing and flu!!! I hate being sick...still feeling sleepy now! Hope I get well really really soon! Christmas and New Year are just around the corner! Don't want to be sick during these occasions!! Better get more rest.......HAIHZ.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charmaine@Jason Chan's Blog

Here are 2 pictures of Charmaine at Jason Chan's TVB Blog filming Enterprise Doctor. Jason wrote some texts in English so you all can check it out! Also since you're already in TVB webpage, why don't drop by to Charmaine's Blog to give her blog some hits too? Hehehe.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Joey's Yahoo! Blog Dec 11th

I don't usually post up Joey's blog posts up here but this blog post is hilarious that I decided to post it up here to share and also comment about it. LOL.

Translation by Rsung.

A Little Creativity

Two days ago, I attended an award ceremony press conference. The dress code for that day was to dress like a politician. Whilst on stage, several other female singers and I had to make a speech and state our political program, so it was very funny.

However, beforehand, I had to find a suitable outfit, so I needed to give it some thought. I went online to find some pictures for reference. When I had everything ready and just needed a pearl necklace to finish it off. However, at home, I only had a fake necklace and it was an extremely long one. In the end, I managed to successfully make it through the test!


But the view from the back is more interesting!


This press conference has let me have a lot of fun!

Original Blog Post by Joey Yung at Cho B Yahoo! Blog

No Repost.

Ivy : Joey is very silly. And she even express her silliness in her blog. LOL. Joey is more computer savvy so she's very computer literate. Nicholas Tse quoted, "Joey Yung is the person who made me know what is MSN Messenger." LOL.

When Joey said that her pearl necklace was too long, I was expecting her to get a new necklace or borrow it from didn't cross my mind that she'll use masking tapes to tape the necklace at her back so that the necklace will appear shorter..........I think I knew where she got the idea from! Those wires for earphones used when singers perform on stage? They usually use tapes to tape the wire to the back of their outfits too!! Hmm...something like this picture from her Starlight concert...

Image Hosted by

This made me realise that artiste not necesarilly have to use genuine items all the time. Even a simple pearl necklace like this. They do use costume jewelleries too. Haha. But a little surprising Joey does not own a genuine pearl necklace with her wealth. But then, she's famous for being thrifty to herself..LOL.

Anyway, very creative of her and also very honest. Luckily she wasn't asked to take off her blazer during the event!! Hahaha. She's also organizing a barbeque with her fanclub members end of this month. Very rare to find such a humble 'tin hao'. Maybe because she's the youngest 'tin hao' so far. LOL. It'll be real nice if all Queen of Pop is so down-to-earth! Hang fuk ge fansi!!! I'd love to attend barbeque functions with Charmaine, Tavia, Raymond, Kevin etc etc too!!! Hahaha....Then I'll 'Siu Kai Yek' for Charmaine. Grandpa Jo! Don't snatch with me!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yahoo! Popularity BUZZ Awards 2008

Charmaine won the 'Most Popular TV Female Actress' Award in Yahoo! awards yesterday. Raymond Lam won too for the Male category!! Will post news updates on this when they are available! CONGRATULATIONS to Charmaine!! Will continue to support you~~!!

As Charmaine is super busy wrapping up filming for Enterprise Doctor, so there may be lack of news of her until around Christmas and New Year.

Charmaine mentioned she has wrapped up filming for Enterprise and is on holiday now!! *fingers cross* maybe she could come to Malaysia for some events during her holidays!!
Sehseh already posted news translation at her blog. Visit her blog here for the news. Also, Charmaine updated her blog with a video thanking her online fans! So drop by to support her blog and leave a comment if you could!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tavia Yeung@H2O+ Outlet Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Part 2 + Liza Wang Concert



Where did I stop? Oh yeah, the interview! Hehe. Tavia used to mention that she feels her side view look the best. So you can see that in the picture above. And I agree with her, her features are enhanced in her side view. Also, still love the dress because its my favourite colour blue! I think blue is Tavia's favourite too. LOL. So after that, Tavia and that lady(I think she's the host of the variety program 'Mary Go Round'...not too sure though) finished the interview. The host went to the outside of the shop to continue filming some other parts of the show. I keep on hearing her repeating the line, "There is no ugly woman in this world, only lazy woman."(In cantonese) She kept on NG-ed! Hahaha.

Back to Tavia! Tavia then stood up and walked around then the cameraman approached her. I heard he told Tavia in cantonese, "Can you act walking around and shopping around for the program?" Then Tavia said, "OK OK!" So Tavia started filming! Haha. First time I saw TVB artiste filming. Although not for a series but still, Tavia very 'thau yap' wor...Hahaha. She walked through the aisles in front of me then pretend looking at the products and browsing through them. I dare not take a video when she was at the aisle in front of me because I don't want to get chased for blocking the cameraman! haha. Then Ah Yi moved to the other counter and tried the handcream. LOL. After that she browsed the aisle opposite and I took a video of it!

Ah Yi's so cute when she took that tube and shake it in front of the cameraman. Haha!

After filming the 'shopping scene' my mum told me..."Hey, come follow me! I want to take a picture with Yeung Yi!" Then I said, "OK, come!" So we walked towards the cashier because Tavia was there. And then I saw Tavia was 'acting' cashier which was really funny. She was supposed to give the receipt to the customer and then thanked them and sign an autograph and take a picture together. But then Tavia was very blur! hahaha. The crew said to her, "Give them the receipt." And Tavia said, "Ok." The customer paid with credit card so when you buy something with card, there usually are two receipts right? One customer copy and another merchant copy where the customer is supposed to sign. And Ah Yi was really hillarious...she quickly took the signed copy and passed it to the customer and thanked the customer! Hahaha. The crew quickly stopped her and said, "No no! That one is for the shop!" Haha.

After she's done with everything, my mum to my surprise, talked to her in ENGLISH! She asked Tavia, "Can I take a picture with you?" And I added in, "Ah Yi! Ngo Mama siong tong nei ying xiong!" Then Tavia said, "Hou le hou le." (Alright) Then I helped my mum and Tavia took the picture. After that, my mum told Tavia, again in English, "You look very very pretty!" Tavia listened then she smiled and answered her back in English, "Owh! Thank You, Thank You."(how's her English?Hard to judge in just a few words, but it sounds good. Hehe) So after taking pictures, we walked back to the guard area and Tavia was also ready to leave already. So she walked towards the exit and before she left, she got the mic and said to her fans in cantonese, "Do you still want to see me? Yes? Then where to see me? H2O outlet!! Bye bye!" Before she left a fan at the last minute said, "Ah Yi! Help me sign!" And Tavia did not dissapoint and helped her sign a picture. Actually I wanted to ask her to sign too earlier. Actually I got a lot of chance, but because Tavia was supposed to sign H2O official pictures for today's event, so I feel it isn't appropriate to ask her to sign my personal photos during the event incase she felt 'gam gai'. She is the spokesperson afterall and has her obligations.

After Tavia left, I spoke to her other fanclub members for awhile and then ate lunch with my mum, brother and Rachel before leaving for Genting Highlands to watch Liza Wang's concert. More pictures of Tavia first.


So after that at 8pm went to Arena of Stars to watch Liza's concert. Upon entering, Haihz...I feel I was one of the youngest spectator. My mum spotted some of her friends there too. Maybe most of her generation people know Liza Wang better. But I already consider my mum very 'In' because she likes Joey Yung, Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam. Maybe influenced by me! Haha. So as usual, which can be annoying, how should I phrase it? Malaysians tend to never be puctual. People keep pouring in and the show only started at around 8.20pm. Also, no pictures posted because no camera allowed during show......

The show started with Law Kar Ying appearing first and talking about Liza's history and life. Then after that, slideshows were shown on the big screen of Liza. Then Liza appeared and sang a song which I don't know. Liza looked really pretty for a 60 something year old. Her complexion is very fair. But then, hmm...her live singing was not up to my expectation! The band music was too loud that it covered her voice. And also maybe because of age, so her voice was not as powerful as it used to be. She is Ah Jie afterall so maybe I should not critic too much! LOL. But I won't be hypocrite too!

She continued with more songs from the 60's. Most of the songs could be heard in 'Glittering Days'. But still the same problem, music covering her voice which could get quite disrupting. Liza had around 3 to 4 costume change and while she changed, Law Kar Ying took over and sang some songs and talked a bit. Honestly, Mr Law is a better talker than Liza. And his voice seems to be stronger too. LOL. The downfall to the concert was that the audience didn't get 'high'! Or maybe it was just me...and my mum. Maybe its a little too farfetched to compare Liza's concert to Joey's Starlight, but then to put it in simple words, the feeling of the two concerts are totally different. Hahaha. After that, she sang her golden melodies from series themesong, which are the only songs that I could recognise. She didn't sang much songs and then she announced that it was reaching the end already O.o.....RM180 for $$$....hahahhaa. So she thanked the event sponsorers and she thanked the wrong number of radio station...998 instead of 988....but she did corrected it after that.

After the concert, I felt that Liza should stick to acting and not hold a personal concert as acting is still her forte. She also seemed to not have much time for preparations for this concert as in one song, she missed 3 words in the my dissapointment. And there were too many slideshows to watch. But then, the main reason I go to this concert is because I want to see Liza in life. So after concert, I waited at the lower ground to wait and see if Liza came out for interview. Then there, I saw my mum's friend. They already booked in advance to take pictures with Liza(through connections). My mum tried asking the guard if she could enter too? But then the guard refusued. So its Ok, we just saw from outside and saw Liza passed through to take pictures with them. But Liza didn't come towards our side and left after taking pictures with them. Seems like she doesn't really like socializing...Haha. Ah Jie attitude?? LOL. After that, Law Kar Ying came out. And he was very different. He was very nice and came forward and helped me signed autographs and also he came out to take pictures with us.

So what's my opinion on this concert? Lack of preparation, and should I come again if Liza is here for another concert? I doubt! I'll only go if its got to do with her acting! And rather spend double of RM180 for a Joey Yung concert!!

On a side note, today is my blog's 1st anniversary!! Didn't expect to grow so much until today with my blog! So I'd like to Thank all readers of my blog for their support and contributions throughout the year~!! THANK YOU!!

To date, out of the many artiste I've met personally and had enough time to analyze them, Tavia Yeung has got to be the most humble and also very polite and sincere to her fans. Besides her, the next person I could think of is Moses Chan which is a true gentlemen. Followed by Michelle Yim^^Charmaine is very nice too but I am still yet to get to know her better because in previous functions, I didn't have much time with her. But through other fans, Charmaine seems to be very nice too! Looking forward to more events in the future to share!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tavia Yeung@H2O+ Outlet Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Part 1


PhotobucketAlign Center

So the next day Tavia Yeung's event! Haha. As I mentioned before, I was the winner of H2O competition and I was asked to register at Pavilion H2O outlet at 1.30pm on 6th December, Saturday. So I went out and because of traffic jam grrr...KL traffic jam again! And also because I'm not too familiar with the roads in KL, so I was running late!! I reached Pavilion at around 1.45pm!! While driving, H2O staff called me twice and asked my whereabouts...LOL. I assured them I'll be there in 5 minutes! Haha. So once I reached Pavilion, I rushed up to H2O outlet. Luckily I went to look at where was the outlet the day before. If not, I'll be late for sure! Haha. When I reached the outlet, I saw many people already gathered there. And I spotted Jessie and Wai Wai. Haha. So I went over to say Hi awhile and then walk towards the other side to go register. Haha. Luckily I was still in time!

So this H2O event MC, gave me a H2O sticker to stick and asked me to wait. There were 10 winners in total. So we waited and Tavia came at around 2.10pm. And Wow...she looked very gorgeous! Hehe. Because she was wearing formal dress. A very beautiful navy blue dress with black leggings and also her necklace and earrings looks dazzling. Haha. So I started to take pictures and Tavia greeted and said Hello! to her fans. Then the MC announced the prize giving ceremony so one after another the prize winners went to get their prize from Tavia and take a picture with her. And I think if I did not mistaken, I was the last one to be called. LOL. Which is good because that means I have more time! hahaha. The MC was also very nice and before she called my name, she gestured to me, you're next! I think she recognised me as Ivy because we talked a few times on the phone already and also when I registered, she was the one talking to me and also I saw her rehearsing at the counter. Haha.


Ahem, so after she announced my name, I went towards Tavia. Hehehe. So she shook my hand and then passed me the prize. Haha. So I took this opportunity and said to Tavia, "Ah Yi, Gong hei lei ar!! Zui Gai Lui Phui Kok!!"(Congratulations Ah Yi, Best Supporting Actress!!) Then Tavia was very nice and she smiled happily and replied, "Duo Jie, Duo Jie!!"(Thank You, Thank You) while still shaking hands! Hahaha. Then we pose for photographs, first for the official photographer, then I gestured her towards Jessie's side and Jessie helped me to take photo too!! Thanks ar Jessie! Hehe. And also when I took photo with Tavia, she was very nice this time, she place her arm on my back haha. So I did the same, like the other time with Amber Chia and Vincent Wong. LOL!! And Tavia's skin is really smooth....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo after finish taking, I whispered something more to Tavia...Hahaha. I asked her, "Ah Yi, ho em ho yi pou pou lei yat ha ar?" (Ah Yi, may I give you a hug?) And this time, Tavia seriously 'laughed out loud' when she heard it. She 'HAHA-ed' and then she gave me a very warm hug! Very nice of her! I should say super nice and sweet! LOL. (Ivy showed her face in the picture belowImage Hosted by I heard the crowd go "Wooooo...", haha but after that I didn't know what happened or what the MC said because was a bit blur blur...hahaha.


So after the prize giving, the MC interviewed Tavia and asked her some questions. The other prize winners some of them had been chased out or went out already but since nobody chased me out so I stayed inside! So Tavia was just standing right in front of me and I decided to take a video! NOTE: I RECOMMEND WATCHING ALL VIDEOS IN 'HIGH QUALITY MODE' THROUGH YOUTUBE.

I think this is the clearest video I took so far because I didn't even have to zoom!! Hahaha. Tavia was very cute when she said, "If you guys are not buying, then I'm going off!" She looks so cute when she imitated herself running off. I laughed at her when she did that....maybe she saw it that's why at that part she looked into my camera. Hahaha.

Then after that, Tavia went to sit down at the table to sign pictures for people who bought the H2O 'pak pui shui'(8 glass water) Moisturiser...LOL. Then suddenly, many people came asking me to help them take pictures. Haha. So they passed me their phones and after Tavia signed for them they posed and I took pictures for them. LOL. After that, when others were taking pictures, Tavia automatically posed for my camera too! Hahaha. She's very cute. I didn't expect her to pose for my camera so after she posed I quickly nodded to her so she knows I got a photo already^^


After that, Tavia got up and went into the shop. So I followed her in! And also, no one stopped me! Hahaha. The guards left me alone. Maybe because I don't look like a lunatic fan or they mistaken me as the crew. Haha. In the shop, a guy took Tavia's picture and she posed for him. Then a few other customers who bought the product also went to get Tavia's autograph and picture. Then Ka Lei, Tavia's manager started chasing people out because Tavia got an interview to do. Haha. But at that time, I was just thinking of taking a photo with Tavia! LOL. So I said, "Ka Lei!! Can I take a picture?" And Ka Lei turned around and I think she was a little surprised that I knew her name. Haha. Even Tavia was too. And I saw Ka Lei did not reject and Tavia gestured me over. But then Oh No! Nobody to take the picture for me! LOL. And Tavia realised too so she took my camera and said, "Lei, ngo pong lei jar la!"(Come, let me hold it for you!) So she helped me hold and press the shutter. Then we waited, and stood still for a few seconds....No flash...then Tavia went,"EeehhImage Hosted by" Then I took the camera and told her, "Erm...ying koi hai ying jor la!"(Erm...I think the picture was taken) so I quickly slide the play preview button on my camera and we both looked into the screen. And yeah, it was taken hehe. Tavia looked if it was OK and it turned out nice! Hehe. So I said, "Em Koi!!"(Thank You!!) Then I walk aside and I saw Jessie and Wai Wai calling me. So I walked over and they asked me to ask Ka Lei a question. Haha. So I walked back to try ask but Haihz...Ka Lei was busy already and standing over at the cashier counter with the crew discussing something so I dare not disturb her. Tavia was getting ready for interview and checking her make-up and hair on the mirror. LOL.


After this long, still no one chased me out and the guards even smiled at me. Hahaha. Tavia and the host were interviewing in front of me so I quickly stepped aside because I'm afraid I'll interupt the cameraman. So while waiting, I called my mum over and asked her to join me. At first she said she couldn't enter, so I went to look for her and took her in! And surprisingly it worked! The guards didn't stop me! Hahaha. So I went back and stood with the guards..LOL. And I took another video of Tavia and the host interviewing. I offed my flash at this time because through experience, I know that flash could interupt filming.

You all can try guessing what they were talking about...Hahaha. I'm not too sure too. I only know its in mandarin and at the end, the lady asked them to film another question. Besides that, my mum's voice was covering some parts....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI'll have to check when will JiaYu channel air this and get it recorded!

I'll continue in part 2 together with Liza's concert because this post is getting too long.........

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gem Of Life Artiste Special Appearance 5th December 2008



Maggie Shiu, Kenny Wong, Bowie Lam & Bosco Wong at Pavilion Entrance

Back from another few chasing stars event. Hahaha. So I'll start with the first event : The Gem Of Life Special Artiste Appearance. Artiste that appeared are Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam, Bosco Wong and Kenny Wong. The event was scheduled to start at 8pm. And as usual to "Pa Wai" I went earlier with my mum, aunt and two of my cousins. We waited at 6 something pm but the first row was already filled up. After about 30 minutes of waiting, my mum and aunt said...we can't stand so long already..haha...we go look for a place to sit first. So only me and my two cousins waited. After that, Astro usual MC Ken gave out some gifts and asked some questions etc. Then suddenly someone behind me shouted, "Anyone have any medicated oil??!!" Then I turned around and saw an old lady already very very old fainted behind me! Luckily the lady beside me got a bottle of medicated oil. After that old lady's daughter(I supposed she's her daughter) helped her to apply and she slowly got back to her senses, they carried her away and things got back to normal. (That's why, don't bring elderly people to these kind of events. They can't stand the heat and also standing up for such a long time! Even my mum and aunt couldn't stand that long!)

OK so we waited then Jantzen, the MC for the night came out and again gave out gifts. And then he gave out autographed pictures!! And then there's this super tall lady...maybe taller than Vivienne Yeo! She's about one and a half head taller than me! She came pushing pushing with her friend Grace(I know her name because Bosco chose her to go up stage later) and ended up standing in front of me! And because she has longer hands than me so end up the both of them got Bowie and Bosco's autograph! Both of them got one each and I don't have even one! Jantzen, I hate you even more! So after he finished with distributing, that tall girl ended up standing in front of me! OMG! I hate this! She's blocking my view! Haihz. So at last the four arrived!! Everyone cheered when they saw their van driving into the back road(It's an outdoor event).


Jentzen first introduced Maggie in. And when I saw Maggie I was shocked! Haha. Because Maggie looks so slim and sweet in person! She's always smiley very unlike her usual self on screen! I used to think that she's always very cool and a person with very few words on-screen. But turned out in real life, she's very witty and smiley! Then Kenny came in, and as I expected, he has the size and he's very 'man'. Haha. Then Bowie came in...Bowie wasn't very tall and also he wasn't very slim...LOL. But then also similar with Maggie, he's very smiley and also very very witty. Something similar to Ko Cheung Sing in Gem Of Life. Then Bosco came in which made the young girls scream. Haha. I'm different with them, instead I prefer to see Maggie, Kenny and Bowie.

Jentzen then said they were going to play a game and its the 'Guessing the Themesong' game again. Each artiste picked their partner and Bosco finally chose that 'tall girl's' friend. So they started playing. And this 'tall girl's' friend Grace, was pretty sticky with Bosco...she gave Bosco a hug, and then clinged her arms around Bosco and took pictures with him which was quite scary in my opinion. I would not go to such extremes!!! So the game started and after the second round, Maggie secretly hid the little bell like what Ha Yu did during the MR promo in Summit! Haha. She surprisingly has good sense of humour! Then after that, in the chaos of the game, Sunny's partner(13 years old) answered one correctly, then Grace suddenly came up and said earlier Bosco hit the bell first! So Bosco is supposed to answer and get a point! And Bosco followed the act and nodded. Then Jentzen disagreed and insists Kenny get a point! And I expected Grace to forget about it, but instead she kept on arguing and said "No! Bosco hit the bell first!" And she said it repeatedly, and I saw Maggie's expression a little freaking out. And Bowie then said, "OK, give one point of mine to Bosco then!" At last Jantzen said, "Give the little boy a point lar! Are you going to snatch with a 13 years old boy?" Then Grace said OK then.


After that, there was another game which I didn't really get what the game was about! LOL. So I was just watching them. The game has got something to do with bursting baloons and it was hillarious to see Bowie and Maggie keep on closing their ears because they are afraid of the bursting baloon sounds. Hahaha. Then after that game, it was time to give the event venue sponsorer some souvenirs. And usually the artiste are very serious when presenting the souvenirs to the sponsorer. But Bowie was different! Haha. He patted the guy's shoulder and when presenting the guy an umbrella as a gift, he even asked the guy to hold the handle and turn the umbrella around in circles..hahaha. But of course, the guy didn't do it.


Bosco Wong getting excited throwing gifts to fans....

Then the final part of the event was some messages to fans and distributing gifts. Maggie was always little with words and her answers are always simple! LOL. Kenny's too! I remembered Maggie saying, "Merry Christmas!" LOL. And Bosco hoping to be able to come to Malaysia again soon. After that, they started distributing gifts. And Maggie and Kenny went to another side and Bowie and Bosco came to my side. And Bowie and Bosco sort of got over excited and started grabbing huge handfulls of keychains and throwing them towards the audiences!! hahaha. And Bowie had a lot of fun doing so!


Bowie with his handful of keychains!

After distributing gifts, the four of them bid farewell as they have to rush to another event which is The Gem Of Life Dinner. Oh also, before they left, Jantzen made a bet before the event started! He said, whichever fan who is daring enough to ask Bosco how many 'packs' he has then he'll give the fan a special gift! So a guy did ask! He asked Bosco if he has a six or eight pack? And Bosco said he has twelve!! haha. When he was asked to show it...he said..."I left four at home!" Hahaha. After the event, its already about 9pm. At first, I planned to go meet Linda Chung at the hotel. But because we're not 100% sure if its the right hotel and also because I'm bringing many people with me, so I skipped the the dissapointment of my two cousins. Hahaha. After that, I drove them home and OMG...experience KL city jam...Pavilion to Cheras..reached home almost 12am!! So plans to finish watching Easterly postponed. I better sleep because I have an important Tavia event the next day! LOL. So through this event, I feel that I like Maggie more now! She seems to be a very nice person. Too bad because my own schedule is packed with all the clashing dates so I couldn't send her off in KLIA....

More pictures!! But sorry because its an outdoor event and also blocked by 'tall girl' so it was hard to get a clear picture. So I'll just post up a few pictures here! Stay tuned for the next post on Tavia Yeung which should be much more interesting!

On a side note: CONGRATULATIONS to Joey Yung for winning Top Favourite Cantonese song, 'On The Treadmill', Top 10 Mandarin song, 'Meng Fei Meng' and also Most Popular Female singer in the TVB8 Top Ten Mandarin Music Awards last night! Joey sure deserved them for her hard work! Also CONGRATULATIONS to Raymond Lam and Vincy for winning the Top 10 Mandarin song award, 'Ming Tian Yi Hou'. CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Chung too for silver newcomer award. Linda is a nice person and she was seriously, obviously nervous and shaking during her performance last night. She couldn't grab her mic steadilly!! During her interview with TVB8 today, she thanked Raymond Lam, Joey Yung, Charlene and Eason for giving their support throughout the award ceremony! sweet of them! Hehe. Kay Tse also thanked Joey for her support during her performance and said Joey's eyes showed a lot of support to her. This was Kay's first performance after her punctured lungs! She added Raymond's expression was more relaxed and said maybe she's closer to Joey that's why she could feel her support but not Ray's.....LOL. But glad to hear her say that because this could kick those doggies butts away trying to make up stories of Joey and Kay not in terms! Hahaha.

Reminder : No Reposting^^ Thank You.