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The Gem Of Life Artiste Special Appearance 5th December 2008



Maggie Shiu, Kenny Wong, Bowie Lam & Bosco Wong at Pavilion Entrance

Back from another few chasing stars event. Hahaha. So I'll start with the first event : The Gem Of Life Special Artiste Appearance. Artiste that appeared are Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam, Bosco Wong and Kenny Wong. The event was scheduled to start at 8pm. And as usual to "Pa Wai" I went earlier with my mum, aunt and two of my cousins. We waited at 6 something pm but the first row was already filled up. After about 30 minutes of waiting, my mum and aunt said...we can't stand so long already..haha...we go look for a place to sit first. So only me and my two cousins waited. After that, Astro usual MC Ken gave out some gifts and asked some questions etc. Then suddenly someone behind me shouted, "Anyone have any medicated oil??!!" Then I turned around and saw an old lady already very very old fainted behind me! Luckily the lady beside me got a bottle of medicated oil. After that old lady's daughter(I supposed she's her daughter) helped her to apply and she slowly got back to her senses, they carried her away and things got back to normal. (That's why, don't bring elderly people to these kind of events. They can't stand the heat and also standing up for such a long time! Even my mum and aunt couldn't stand that long!)

OK so we waited then Jantzen, the MC for the night came out and again gave out gifts. And then he gave out autographed pictures!! And then there's this super tall lady...maybe taller than Vivienne Yeo! She's about one and a half head taller than me! She came pushing pushing with her friend Grace(I know her name because Bosco chose her to go up stage later) and ended up standing in front of me! And because she has longer hands than me so end up the both of them got Bowie and Bosco's autograph! Both of them got one each and I don't have even one! Jantzen, I hate you even more! So after he finished with distributing, that tall girl ended up standing in front of me! OMG! I hate this! She's blocking my view! Haihz. So at last the four arrived!! Everyone cheered when they saw their van driving into the back road(It's an outdoor event).


Jentzen first introduced Maggie in. And when I saw Maggie I was shocked! Haha. Because Maggie looks so slim and sweet in person! She's always smiley very unlike her usual self on screen! I used to think that she's always very cool and a person with very few words on-screen. But turned out in real life, she's very witty and smiley! Then Kenny came in, and as I expected, he has the size and he's very 'man'. Haha. Then Bowie came in...Bowie wasn't very tall and also he wasn't very slim...LOL. But then also similar with Maggie, he's very smiley and also very very witty. Something similar to Ko Cheung Sing in Gem Of Life. Then Bosco came in which made the young girls scream. Haha. I'm different with them, instead I prefer to see Maggie, Kenny and Bowie.

Jentzen then said they were going to play a game and its the 'Guessing the Themesong' game again. Each artiste picked their partner and Bosco finally chose that 'tall girl's' friend. So they started playing. And this 'tall girl's' friend Grace, was pretty sticky with Bosco...she gave Bosco a hug, and then clinged her arms around Bosco and took pictures with him which was quite scary in my opinion. I would not go to such extremes!!! So the game started and after the second round, Maggie secretly hid the little bell like what Ha Yu did during the MR promo in Summit! Haha. She surprisingly has good sense of humour! Then after that, in the chaos of the game, Sunny's partner(13 years old) answered one correctly, then Grace suddenly came up and said earlier Bosco hit the bell first! So Bosco is supposed to answer and get a point! And Bosco followed the act and nodded. Then Jentzen disagreed and insists Kenny get a point! And I expected Grace to forget about it, but instead she kept on arguing and said "No! Bosco hit the bell first!" And she said it repeatedly, and I saw Maggie's expression a little freaking out. And Bowie then said, "OK, give one point of mine to Bosco then!" At last Jantzen said, "Give the little boy a point lar! Are you going to snatch with a 13 years old boy?" Then Grace said OK then.


After that, there was another game which I didn't really get what the game was about! LOL. So I was just watching them. The game has got something to do with bursting baloons and it was hillarious to see Bowie and Maggie keep on closing their ears because they are afraid of the bursting baloon sounds. Hahaha. Then after that game, it was time to give the event venue sponsorer some souvenirs. And usually the artiste are very serious when presenting the souvenirs to the sponsorer. But Bowie was different! Haha. He patted the guy's shoulder and when presenting the guy an umbrella as a gift, he even asked the guy to hold the handle and turn the umbrella around in circles..hahaha. But of course, the guy didn't do it.


Bosco Wong getting excited throwing gifts to fans....

Then the final part of the event was some messages to fans and distributing gifts. Maggie was always little with words and her answers are always simple! LOL. Kenny's too! I remembered Maggie saying, "Merry Christmas!" LOL. And Bosco hoping to be able to come to Malaysia again soon. After that, they started distributing gifts. And Maggie and Kenny went to another side and Bowie and Bosco came to my side. And Bowie and Bosco sort of got over excited and started grabbing huge handfulls of keychains and throwing them towards the audiences!! hahaha. And Bowie had a lot of fun doing so!


Bowie with his handful of keychains!

After distributing gifts, the four of them bid farewell as they have to rush to another event which is The Gem Of Life Dinner. Oh also, before they left, Jantzen made a bet before the event started! He said, whichever fan who is daring enough to ask Bosco how many 'packs' he has then he'll give the fan a special gift! So a guy did ask! He asked Bosco if he has a six or eight pack? And Bosco said he has twelve!! haha. When he was asked to show it...he said..."I left four at home!" Hahaha. After the event, its already about 9pm. At first, I planned to go meet Linda Chung at the hotel. But because we're not 100% sure if its the right hotel and also because I'm bringing many people with me, so I skipped the the dissapointment of my two cousins. Hahaha. After that, I drove them home and OMG...experience KL city jam...Pavilion to Cheras..reached home almost 12am!! So plans to finish watching Easterly postponed. I better sleep because I have an important Tavia event the next day! LOL. So through this event, I feel that I like Maggie more now! She seems to be a very nice person. Too bad because my own schedule is packed with all the clashing dates so I couldn't send her off in KLIA....

More pictures!! But sorry because its an outdoor event and also blocked by 'tall girl' so it was hard to get a clear picture. So I'll just post up a few pictures here! Stay tuned for the next post on Tavia Yeung which should be much more interesting!

On a side note: CONGRATULATIONS to Joey Yung for winning Top Favourite Cantonese song, 'On The Treadmill', Top 10 Mandarin song, 'Meng Fei Meng' and also Most Popular Female singer in the TVB8 Top Ten Mandarin Music Awards last night! Joey sure deserved them for her hard work! Also CONGRATULATIONS to Raymond Lam and Vincy for winning the Top 10 Mandarin song award, 'Ming Tian Yi Hou'. CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Chung too for silver newcomer award. Linda is a nice person and she was seriously, obviously nervous and shaking during her performance last night. She couldn't grab her mic steadilly!! During her interview with TVB8 today, she thanked Raymond Lam, Joey Yung, Charlene and Eason for giving their support throughout the award ceremony! sweet of them! Hehe. Kay Tse also thanked Joey for her support during her performance and said Joey's eyes showed a lot of support to her. This was Kay's first performance after her punctured lungs! She added Raymond's expression was more relaxed and said maybe she's closer to Joey that's why she could feel her support but not Ray's.....LOL. But glad to hear her say that because this could kick those doggies butts away trying to make up stories of Joey and Kay not in terms! Hahaha.

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joanne said...

hey i went to the promo activity too.. i also stood right behind that tall girl...blocking the view of me and my 2 friends. so tall some more wear wedges. aiks.. i'm short u see.. =(

ya grace quite pissed me off when she fight for that 1 point..
and they got 2 pictures with sad u know as i was in the 2nd or 3rd row.

in the end i only got those key chains.. =(