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Tavia Yeung@H2O+ Outlet Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Part 1


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So the next day Tavia Yeung's event! Haha. As I mentioned before, I was the winner of H2O competition and I was asked to register at Pavilion H2O outlet at 1.30pm on 6th December, Saturday. So I went out and because of traffic jam grrr...KL traffic jam again! And also because I'm not too familiar with the roads in KL, so I was running late!! I reached Pavilion at around 1.45pm!! While driving, H2O staff called me twice and asked my whereabouts...LOL. I assured them I'll be there in 5 minutes! Haha. So once I reached Pavilion, I rushed up to H2O outlet. Luckily I went to look at where was the outlet the day before. If not, I'll be late for sure! Haha. When I reached the outlet, I saw many people already gathered there. And I spotted Jessie and Wai Wai. Haha. So I went over to say Hi awhile and then walk towards the other side to go register. Haha. Luckily I was still in time!

So this H2O event MC, gave me a H2O sticker to stick and asked me to wait. There were 10 winners in total. So we waited and Tavia came at around 2.10pm. And Wow...she looked very gorgeous! Hehe. Because she was wearing formal dress. A very beautiful navy blue dress with black leggings and also her necklace and earrings looks dazzling. Haha. So I started to take pictures and Tavia greeted and said Hello! to her fans. Then the MC announced the prize giving ceremony so one after another the prize winners went to get their prize from Tavia and take a picture with her. And I think if I did not mistaken, I was the last one to be called. LOL. Which is good because that means I have more time! hahaha. The MC was also very nice and before she called my name, she gestured to me, you're next! I think she recognised me as Ivy because we talked a few times on the phone already and also when I registered, she was the one talking to me and also I saw her rehearsing at the counter. Haha.


Ahem, so after she announced my name, I went towards Tavia. Hehehe. So she shook my hand and then passed me the prize. Haha. So I took this opportunity and said to Tavia, "Ah Yi, Gong hei lei ar!! Zui Gai Lui Phui Kok!!"(Congratulations Ah Yi, Best Supporting Actress!!) Then Tavia was very nice and she smiled happily and replied, "Duo Jie, Duo Jie!!"(Thank You, Thank You) while still shaking hands! Hahaha. Then we pose for photographs, first for the official photographer, then I gestured her towards Jessie's side and Jessie helped me to take photo too!! Thanks ar Jessie! Hehe. And also when I took photo with Tavia, she was very nice this time, she place her arm on my back haha. So I did the same, like the other time with Amber Chia and Vincent Wong. LOL!! And Tavia's skin is really smooth....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo after finish taking, I whispered something more to Tavia...Hahaha. I asked her, "Ah Yi, ho em ho yi pou pou lei yat ha ar?" (Ah Yi, may I give you a hug?) And this time, Tavia seriously 'laughed out loud' when she heard it. She 'HAHA-ed' and then she gave me a very warm hug! Very nice of her! I should say super nice and sweet! LOL. (Ivy showed her face in the picture belowImage Hosted by ImageShack.us) I heard the crowd go "Wooooo...", haha but after that I didn't know what happened or what the MC said because was a bit blur blur...hahaha.


So after the prize giving, the MC interviewed Tavia and asked her some questions. The other prize winners some of them had been chased out or went out already but since nobody chased me out so I stayed inside! So Tavia was just standing right in front of me and I decided to take a video! NOTE: I RECOMMEND WATCHING ALL VIDEOS IN 'HIGH QUALITY MODE' THROUGH YOUTUBE.

I think this is the clearest video I took so far because I didn't even have to zoom!! Hahaha. Tavia was very cute when she said, "If you guys are not buying, then I'm going off!" She looks so cute when she imitated herself running off. I laughed at her when she did that....maybe she saw it that's why at that part she looked into my camera. Hahaha.

Then after that, Tavia went to sit down at the table to sign pictures for people who bought the H2O 'pak pui shui'(8 glass water) Moisturiser...LOL. Then suddenly, many people came asking me to help them take pictures. Haha. So they passed me their phones and after Tavia signed for them they posed and I took pictures for them. LOL. After that, when others were taking pictures, Tavia automatically posed for my camera too! Hahaha. She's very cute. I didn't expect her to pose for my camera so after she posed I quickly nodded to her so she knows I got a photo already^^


After that, Tavia got up and went into the shop. So I followed her in! And also, no one stopped me! Hahaha. The guards left me alone. Maybe because I don't look like a lunatic fan or they mistaken me as the crew. Haha. In the shop, a guy took Tavia's picture and she posed for him. Then a few other customers who bought the product also went to get Tavia's autograph and picture. Then Ka Lei, Tavia's manager started chasing people out because Tavia got an interview to do. Haha. But at that time, I was just thinking of taking a photo with Tavia! LOL. So I said, "Ka Lei!! Can I take a picture?" And Ka Lei turned around and I think she was a little surprised that I knew her name. Haha. Even Tavia was too. And I saw Ka Lei did not reject and Tavia gestured me over. But then Oh No! Nobody to take the picture for me! LOL. And Tavia realised too so she took my camera and said, "Lei, ngo pong lei jar la!"(Come, let me hold it for you!) So she helped me hold and press the shutter. Then we waited, and stood still for a few seconds....No flash...then Tavia went,"EeehhImage Hosted by ImageShack.us" Then I took the camera and told her, "Erm...ying koi hai ying jor la!"(Erm...I think the picture was taken) so I quickly slide the play preview button on my camera and we both looked into the screen. And yeah, it was taken hehe. Tavia looked if it was OK and it turned out nice! Hehe. So I said, "Em Koi!!"(Thank You!!) Then I walk aside and I saw Jessie and Wai Wai calling me. So I walked over and they asked me to ask Ka Lei a question. Haha. So I walked back to try ask but Haihz...Ka Lei was busy already and standing over at the cashier counter with the crew discussing something so I dare not disturb her. Tavia was getting ready for interview and checking her make-up and hair on the mirror. LOL.


After this long, still no one chased me out and the guards even smiled at me. Hahaha. Tavia and the host were interviewing in front of me so I quickly stepped aside because I'm afraid I'll interupt the cameraman. So while waiting, I called my mum over and asked her to join me. At first she said she couldn't enter, so I went to look for her and took her in! And surprisingly it worked! The guards didn't stop me! Hahaha. So I went back and stood with the guards..LOL. And I took another video of Tavia and the host interviewing. I offed my flash at this time because through experience, I know that flash could interupt filming.

You all can try guessing what they were talking about...Hahaha. I'm not too sure too. I only know its in mandarin and at the end, the lady asked them to film another question. Besides that, my mum's voice was covering some parts....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI'll have to check when will JiaYu channel air this and get it recorded!

I'll continue in part 2 together with Liza's concert because this post is getting too long.........

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