Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry for being MIA!!!

Sorry for being MIA these few days!! Something came up in my life....hahaha. And what happened was my brother registered for a karaoke competition for me unexpectedly as I didn't intend to join it actually. And when he registered for me, the selection round was actually the next day! Which was yesterday!!

So I was actually not prepared for anything! I didn't know what to sing!! So in the end, my mum suggested I sing the song "My Pride" made famous by Joey Yung. LOL. So OK, but one problem, I'm not too familiar with the lyrics!! So yesterday, actually I still didn't know how to get nervous...I went shopping in the morning! Hahaha. And I bought 2 of Joey's album, Bi-Heart and a mandarin album, Lonely Potrait. I was looking for Raymond's album, but it isn't released yet in Malaysia. So I reached home around 1.30pm. Then only I started getting nervous! Hahaha. I on my laptop, and listened to the song "My Pride" repeatedly for countless times! LOL. Then I sang along again and again until I managed to memorise the lyrics at last! Yeah!

"My Pride" by Joey

After I managed to memorise it, then I tried it out in my karaoke room at home. LOL. Phew, luckily I managed to sing the lyrics correctly. So last night, I am contestant number 26 out of 30!!! OMG. When I saw my number, my reaction long do I have to wait!! So I waited and listened to the other sing and at that time, I wasn't too nervous actually...but around number 20, I was so nervous!! At one time, I even felt like throwing out...LOL. And I felt like crying and I felt like I couldn't remember all the lyrics suddenly!! (Now I understand why Joey said when she was a newcomer she used to get nervous until she cried before a performance! And I also understand how nervous Raymond would be when he was scared he'll screw up the lyrics!)

So at last it was my turn! I've never performed on stage in front of around 50-60 people before. This was my first time. LOL. So I sang the song. Up stage and while singing...everything felt like it went by really fast! LOL. I just sang and before I knew it, it ended! LOL. Luckily, I didn't screw up!! My brother also joined, but he joined the english category. The end result was, both of us managed to enter the finals. 12 finalist were selected from each category. And when I drew my number for the finals, I got number 11!! The first thing that went into my mind was...Charmaine's Ms HK number! And my birthdate! Hahaha. Then also I realised...I have to wait for 10 person to perform during the finals before my turn!! OMG...I have to stay nervous longer! Then my brother drew for his number...and surprisingly he got number 11 too!

The finals is on the 18th of October. There will be a bigger crowd...maybe around 200 people this time!! OMG....But I won't think about it first now. Keep it for later. Hehe. And I hope Ah Fung don't come to Malaysia on the 18th!!!

Seems like Charmaine attended Top Gear event with Bowie Lam recently after the CMB event. And reporters are still shooting her with questions on the Kevin rumours. Poor girl. But I believe she could handle it with her super duper high EQ! She also updated her blog with another video on the top gear event. And she looks so elegant! So please check it out! For news article translation, Sehseh already translated some articles. So do check them out here!

I'll go back to normal updating after this! Also FYI, Strictly Come Dancing Season 1 Premieres Tonight at 9.30pm on Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311. The Drive of Life will also be premiering on 15th October, Mon-Fri 8pm. NTV7 will also air Dance of Passion from October 2nd onwards, Mon-Fri 6pm.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

TVB-CMB Collaberation Press Conference

Date : 24th September 2008

Time : 3pm

Artiste appearance : Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Sharon Chan, Selina Li, Natalie Tong, Han-Dam Lee, Han-Sung Lee etc. etc.

Ivy : I'm not sure what event is this actually. Haha. But must be an important event as TVB sent out almost all their top artistes out to attend this event. And also Charmaine-Kevin-Ron will be attending. Reporters will sure be focusing on them. Haihz.....

But anyway, looking forward to pictures from the event! Oh...Tavia and Moses will be attending too! Haha. So I can say that Moses is definitely not in Penang! Hahaha.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Not Awkward Meeting Kevin Cheng


Source : On.CC
23rd September 2008

Charmaine Sheh attends the costume fitting for new series, Business Doctor (企業醫生) after her 3 months break. At the event, Charmaine was pressed with questions regarding her rumours with Kevin Cheng. Charmaine denied all rumours regarding her kneating a scarf for Kevin and also caught kissing in the hotel. She expressed that she herself did not know of these stories and they were all made up by the tabloids! She frankly said that there will be no awkwardness in meeting Kevin, even when taking photos together. As to whether she mind being called "Coy Sheh", Charmaine expressed that it is better being called "Ah Sheh".

If Reposted Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : The tabloid reports are too much! They just make things up without any proof! I'm sure viewers out there now are not that easilly cheated anymore. They know how to differentiate between what is true and what is not.

Charmaine looks glowing in the picture! Fully rested! Hehe. And on her costume, well, it is a modern period OL drama. So don't expect anything too special on the dressing. Looking forward to this series!

Also I'm not going down to KL already this weekend. Trip cancelled. LOL. As to Super Trio in Penang, I don't know why the schedule is kept so secret. Can't find any news on it.....

Charmaine's Schedule

Business Doctor (企業醫生) Costume Fitting

Date : 23rd September 2008
Time : 12.30pm
Venue : 將軍澳電視廣播城

Ivy : Charmaine is back to work! Hope she enjoyed her holiday and rested well! Looking forward to the pictures soon. I felt like I haven't been updating her schedule for ages. LOL. At last there is a new schedule today. I think the costume fitting is going on right now while I type!

Sorry for the recent no updates because I have visitors so couldn't go online all the time. Also, I may be going down to KL again this Friday. This time, not because of celebrities. LOL. But for some personal and also education matters. Haha. Also bought Moonlight Resonance DVD!! Going to finish the drama soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Drive Of LIfe Special : FungPong Blog #10

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Distasteful Person

This Wah Zhan Pong, I don't know what is in his head! Obviously, a pile of GRASS! I thought he likes me? If not, why would he buy all my land units from me for no reasons? If he likes me, and knows I like money, why didn't he open up to me? Being good, I must have gave him too much of a smiley face? Does he really thinks that I will like him unconditionally?

Also that Fong Bing Yee. I am positive, she must have something for Wah Zhan Pong. More than one occasion, she kept on trying to attack me. Locking me up in the washroom!! I think only the heaven knows how crazy she is. I wonder what kind of guy will like such a women.

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : This day has arrived

I finally have this day! My father is willing to trust me at last! At first, I thought he asked me for a game of basketball was only to rekindle our relationship. But actually, he surprised me by saying he will allow me to go ahead with my plan to trade the building for the land. I was really excited! You can say, that this is the best feeling of achievement I have so far in my life. Don't think that I don't care about this. Actually I really care if father approves my plan.

Thinking about the future, I am very excited. The History of Kwok Wai, will be rewritten by me. Starting from today, Kwok Wai will not only lead in steel and iron production, but also be the premier leader in property development.

I will bring the profit of Kwok Wai to millions and billions! Imagine in the future, when people mentions Kwok Wai, they will mention ME, Wah Zhan Pong. The creator of miracle, Kwok Wai's Real Estate Legend! This is very fun!

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : There! Another edition as promised! Zhan Pong really is a dreamer. Hahaha. And Sau Fung's blog entry reminds me of that episode where Bing Yee locked her up in the bathroom! Hahaha. Still remember the making where Charmaine and Myolie were filming that scene where she stained Sau Fung's dress with curry fishballs and it was a 'Good Take!' in one shot. Haha.

Also Super Trio Supreme will be arriving in Penang next Monday, 22nd September. And I am still clueless as to who will be coming of course, besides the four hosts. Anyone know of any information? Please let me know!! Thanks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tavia Yeung is up to the challenge

Source : The Star Daily, Malaysia


Tavia Yeung Yi: ‘I enjoy costumed roles but on the other hand modern ones are very relaxed and easygoing.’

Tavia Yeung Yi does not shy away from danger to deliver her best on screen

Manoeuvring a boat rocked by underwater explosions or jumping off a building while fighting suspended on wires is all in a day’s work for Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung Yi. While stunts like these may be dangerous, none of them caused as much damage as a pair of high heeled shoes.

Long periods of filming all day sashaying around on dainty stilettoes when she was filming modern series had put tremendous strain on her spine. The demure actress suffered from an inflammation in the lower back leading to an irregular curvature in her spine.

“The doctor’s advice to me was to stop all activity and take a long break to recuperate. But to stop work totally means no income for me, so I just have to be more careful in the action scenes.”
Her latest TV series has her playing salt trader Dau Sing Suet in Sweetness in the Salt (Sing Suet Yim Jaan, 2008). “There are many action scenes as there is a lot of fighting involved. I enjoy them but I’m also worried that I might hurt my back and aggravate the old injury.”

Yeung also sings the series’ theme song with her co-star Steven Ma Chun Wai, who plays the male lead, Nip Ji Yuen.

The lovely actress vividly recalled some of her most dangerous stunts in Twin of Brothers (Dai Tong Seung Lung Juen, 2004), which was filmed in China during winter.

“It was freezing that night and I was dressed very lightly for temperatures that were likely below zero. It was quite terrifying to be floating about in the waters when the underwater explosion violently rocked the boat.”

Another dangerous stunt saw her running and jumping off a building suspended from a wire, then landing on her feet and unsheathing her sword, all in one single take. “That was extremely difficult to do. I had to do more than a dozen takes.”

With her popularity on the rise, Yeung has been invited to Malaysia many times this year. She has been named the new face of ~H20+ (a sea-derived skincare product) in Malaysia and was in Kuala Lumpur to promote the award-winning series Heart of Greed (Tong Sam Fung Bo, 2007) as well as Moonlight Resonance (Ga Ho Yuet Yuen, 2008), sometimes referred to as Heart of Greed 2 because it features the same cast but tells a different story altogether.

Although she wishes for some villainous roles, she disclosed that the management of ~H2O+ was very glad that she has yet to play a truly wicked character. “I believe I could give a fresh interpretation, the result could be truly out of the ordinary.”
The closest she has gotten to portraying a bad character is model Cheung Man Lai in Heart of Greed, where she turns to smoking and drinking for stress relief and even has an extra-marital affair.

She does not smoke in real life, yet her convincing portrayal of a saucy smoking and drinking character won her new fans. The actress was surprised by the positive response although she is worried that the smoking and drinking would have a negative influence on children.
The actress says that her favourite role to date is Tam Chu Mei, otherwise known as sexy Mimi, in Dicey Business (Dou Cheung Fung Wan, 2006) where she had to wear a padded bra to portray a busty girl. She suggested to the director to give Mimi a speech impediment to make the character more adorable.

It was hailed as her breakthrough role by her steadily increasing number of fans. Where previously she played the innocent girl-next-door types, this role saw her delivering an overtly sexy character for the first time.

Yeung, who recently turned 29, has featured in 45 TV series. Last year, four of the series starring Yeung made it to TVB’s five top-rated dramas. They were Dicey Business, Heart of Greed, On the First Beat and Fathers and Sons.

She was named Actress with the Most Potential at TVS Awards 2006, Next Magazine’s WHY Best Fashion Style Award 2007 and Best Actress in a Drama at Sina’s 10th Macau/Hong Kong Entertainment Awards 2007, among others.

“I enjoy costumed roles but on the other hand modern ones are very relaxed and easygoing. The clothes are simple, and there is no need for heavy costumes. We film in air-conditioned surroundings. It’s all very comfortable, and there isn’t much pressure.

“For costumed roles, the headgear alone is usually very heavy and most times the costumes are quite heavy too. However, I get to experience many different time periods. I’m not very good at history so this gives me the opportunity to learn more. Moreover, I get to dress up in beautiful costumes and have my hair done up nicely.”

Yeung professes to enjoy eating but still manages to remain shapely. “I enjoy most foods, in particular snacks, though I don’t eat candy or chocolate. So, I don’t really find it a chore to lose weight.

She prefers to do things the natural way. “For exercise, I like to jog and play badminton. I also try to eat more fruits and less oily food to keep trim. It may take some effort but it is the healthiest and most lasting way to remain fit.”

Ivy : I realise that I start to admire her more. I find many similarities between her and Charmaine actually. First of all, both are very NGAI DAK. As we all know, if there were a poll to nominate which actress could really Ngai, then I'm positive that Charmaine will be on the top of the list. Tavia will also gain a spot. Because looking at the past, Tavia started of as a 'kelefeh' after graduating from TVB Acting Academy. She wasn't born from a beauty pageant like others. All of her current achievements came about through her own hard work.

In a recent interview published in NuYou, Tavia expressed that she joined the acting academy with a friend of hers. After graduation, they were given minor roles without any dialogues. And in the end, her friend quitted acting. But at that time, Tavia thought, if I quit, then I won't have a job to do. And no job = No Money. So she stayed on and on. Receiving one Kelefeh roles after another into the Tavia Yeung Yi today.

Besides Ngai Dak, Tavia is very sporting just like Charmaine. They have a similarity when playing games. They go all out to play the games and don't treat it just as a simple game but more to a competition. Besides that, they really co-operate with their fans when playing stage games and fights to win the game and not only for entertaining the audience below.

I'm happy that she is starting to receive lead roles now. I saw her performance in Moonlight Resonance and I'm really impressed with her performance. I have a feeling, "Tavia, an award will go your way this year!! "

Charmaine's Endorsement in Shanghai

Seems like Charmaine is earning big money during her holidays. Hehehe. She recently endorsed two new products. Vigarce beverage and also a cosmetic brand. This must have been the longest vacation Charmaine took since being in the industry. Blessings to Charmaine's younger brother on his wedding!! Here are some pictures from Vigarce beverage with Charmaine on it! Also the other day I was trying to recall the official name of Turbulence of East and West, and I think I finally figured it out! The Official English title should be : When Easterly Flower Meets Western Gardens.(WEFMWG)....Wow. I used to think that LWOLAP(Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion) was already hard enough to type. Hahaha.


Look at Charmaine on all those bottles and cans!! I think after I finish the drink, I would have to think twice before throwing them away. Hahaha.

And for the Cosmetic brand, Sehseh is translating the news. So I'll wait for her to post them up instead. Thanks Sehseh for her efficiency. There is an interview with Tavia Yeung in The Star Malaysia Newspaper today. So I'll post that up instead and also another edition of Fung Pong Blog!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : Fung Pong Blog #9

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Blamed to Illness

Which of the following best describes (Chairman of Kwok Wai) Wah Man Hon :

A. Swallows the learnings, without digesting it

B. Only he is in control

C. Vary from any average man, fears there is too much money

D. All of the above

Don't need to ask. The answer is D! The reality is right in front of me, I proposed to trade the building for the land. Obviously this could bring huge profit to the company. But my father straight away rejected this. OK! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! I'll just resign!

Worse come to worse, I'll just go tour around Europe! At worst, I'll just sell properties and earn big money! If I were to face him longer, I will go crazy!

I really feel like asking him, has he heard Jacky Cheung's song (Blamed to Illness). I don't have to ask him.I will just keep on playing this song at home and see who goes crazy first!

Wing Sau Fung Blog : A Game?

I have never looked forward to love. Nor believe in love. All the crows in the world is black. There is no manin this world that is worth a women to trust. Just like my father, with his numerous vulgar acts. What is worse, he will illtreat his wife mentally and physically.

My childhood, is a memory covered with blood. It is still clear in my mind the days that my mother's face is covered with dripping blood and we will be shivering and hugging each other. I already experienced such misery, it is impossible for me to walk towards mummy's old road.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : Sorry for the delays in translating this as I was busy with other stuffs before this. So here is another edition of Fung Pong Blog. Zhan Pong is really one spoiled child! Haha. And Sau Fung really had a very bad childhood memory.

I will update this more often. As often as I can! Also regarding the recent tabloid rumours of Kevin and Charmaine...LOL..Just take it as a humour. When I read the article I was all laughs as it amazes me how the papparazi could just make things up. And also with such creativity. Haha.

New Album Previews!

Many new albums released recently. Including Linda Chung with her debut album, then Joey Yung with her new album 'In Motion' and today, Raymond Lam with his second album 'Your Love'. First, Joey's 'In Motion'!

There are 10 tracks in her album. Mixture of fast and slow songs. And there is one mandarin song that I really like. Title is 'Meng Fei Meng'(track 3). Joey improved in her mandarin songs. Uploaded preview of 'Meng Fei Meng'. Click 'play' to listen and feel free to comment! Track List :

01. 跑步機上 02. 與蝶同眠 03. 夢非夢 04. 二人浴 05. 忘憂草 06. 愛怪吻的你 07. Scream! 08. 蛇 09. 頹 10. 28個我

The album also comes with poster and a 70 page photo booklet. Hahaha. I wonder if Malaysia will release their own version or direct import? I'll consider getting this album^^ But I'll wait awhile as EEG usually releases another version with a bonus DVD for her album. Next is Linda Chung's debut album, 'Dinner For One, World Of Two'

Track List :
01. 一人晚餐 02. 二人世界 03. 我不懂你 04. 火柴天堂 05. 過山車 06. 其實我不快樂 07. 浪漫無聲 08. 有沒有她 09. 你不懂我的心 (國語) 10. 我不快樂 (國語)

I think that Linda still has room for much improvement for her singing. Her voice isn't bad but she still needs to master her voice control, grip and emotion to the song. My preview for her album is track 8, 'Having Her Or Not'. This is the track which I feel she did great. But there are a few parts towards the higher key, which I said she still lacks control and grip of her voice. Singing needs practice. So I'm sure with more singing she will do better! Because Linda started from acting and not singing so she needs more experience.

Next in the list is the one fresh from the oven...haha Raymond Lam's 'Your Love' which was released today!

Track List :

01. 愛不疚 (TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲) 02. 愛人與海 03. Tonight 04. 明天以後 (林峯 / 泳兒合唱) 05. 憑良心說再見 06. 影子的愛情故事 07. 浮生若水 (TVB劇集「太極」片尾曲) 08. All About Your Love 09. 夏雪 10. 明天以後 (國語) (林峯 / 泳兒合唱)

Based on the track list, track 1 is Moonlight Resonance Subtheme as expected. Then there are a few new tracks. 2 tracks of duet with Vincy(After Tomorrow). They are the same song but one in Mandarin and one in Cantonese. Also track number 7 is the subthemesong from Master of Tai Chi. Happy to see that because I love that song. Haha. My selection of preview is track 2, 'Lover and The Sea'. Click 'play' to listen!

I'm going to get Raymond's album. Haha. Because I always support him in singing industry. He has a very deep and unique voice. So feel free to give comments on these 3 albums. Will you buy it or not? Or if you already bought it, what do you think about these albums? If you're interested to purchase them, you can visit YesAsia!.

p.s The albums above does come in different covers. The above is only my selection of covers. Visit yesasia website to view different versions of the covers!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Junior Idol Finals 2008


Last weekend was Junior Idol Finals 2008 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I arrived at KL on Saturday afternoon and wanted to go to the Bowie Lam event but then in the end I didn't attend because I was not too sure of the schedule and also it was a bit rushing. So I only went to the Junior Idol Finals. According to the website, Yoyo Mung, Joe Ma and Kenneth Ma was supposed to be attending this event but seems like there was a change in plans last minute and they did not attend.

OK, so back to the event. After collecting my tickets from Jovin's mother(she is my aunty's classmate and my mummy's friend) and Jovin's elder sister(which looks pretty too), we headed together to the event venue which was Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. Oh, by the way, by saying 'we' I mean KC, my mum, brother, aunt, cousins, their grandma and Jovin's mum and sister. When I reached the event venue, my first reaction was.."WTH....there are no place to sit or at least a solid dry ground to stand!!" My aunt did told me to wear short pants because there may be water splashing but I was surprised when I saw the venue. Because the event is actually in water! Meaning we have to stand on about a foot tall of water to watch the event. TVB8 or the organisers should have informed us in advance or at least give a notice on the dresscode "Beachwear". It was a pity as some people who did not expect this wore jeans and long pants or sport shoes to the event. For brother....hahaha.


This is what I call 'Fans In the water'. Photo credit Junior Idol Website.

To make things worse, the event starts at 5pm. And at that time, the sun was scorching on us. Ahhh..sunburn again!! And I mean really really glaring hot! After standing looking at the many Fung Fans, idol fans, Leo's fans etc. already in the water, me and KC with my two cousins decided to 'get in to the water'. Hahaha. Doesn't support our idols up there...a little bit of water is no big deal! So once in the water, I called Bernice Fanclub's Person-In-Charge(Being extra careful handling my 'brand new' phone!! I'll COL-Cry Out Loud if it drops into the water!!!) because I promised to help support Bernice. So after searching through all the fans(Fung, Leo, Jovin, Karen, Allan etc etc) I found Bernice's banner. We got a banner each and before Bernice's appearance, it functions as a sun shade. Hahaha.


Four Junior Idol hosts with panel of judges sitted on the right. I think you can figure out where is Raymond sitted. Hahaha.

After waiting, the event started. First Vincent Wong appeared doing some introductions etc. Then the other hosts were introduced including Vivienne Yeo, King Kong and that funny Malaysian Astro host which I forgot her name. They then introduced the judges which included Hotcha, Fellest, Chelsia Chan (Puan Sri), Bernice Liu, Amber Chia, Raymond Lam, Leu Ku etc. And when Bernice appeared we waved our banners up high and Bernice spotted us and waved at us!! And when Raymond appeared, my reaction was...."Look at that!! He wear that hat again!!!" And King Kong when introducing Raymond, hillariously said that he will be the next Raymond Lam and also both of them represents 'youth' because both of them wear the same kind of hat. LOL.

So the event went on with the contestants doing some performance in singing and dancing. And then after that, Raymond performed the sub themesong to Moonligh Resonance. Took a clip of it but sorry of the cut midway because the person in front of me was blocking me with his banner!!! But luckilly managed to continue taking the video. Also, sorry if its shaky!! This is the 3rd time I hear Raymond sing live. First time was during Wah Lai Toi Awards 2006 performing the theme to The Last Breakthrough and Old School Medley with Ron Ng, second time during Wah Lai Toi Awards 2007 performing 'Searching for you In Loving Memory' and third time, this. His singing improved a lot! But of course, he sings well all these while.

After that, I saw Bernice was not sitted at the judging table so I guess she must be going to perform something. But actually it was an acting challenge round for the contestants. The artiste were asked to challenge the idols on acting skills based on TVB series. And Vincent Wong took back his role from War of In-Laws 2, Bernice took her role from Wasabi Mon Amour, Raymond took his role from Moonlight Resonance and also Alfred from Heart of Greed, King Kong acted as the Monkey God from Journet to the West while Vivienne Yeo took her role from War of In-Laws 2 too. I took clips for Bernice and Raymond's part. At this time I was sneaking, sneaking and managed to stand at the front. Hahaha. And also the sun already set, so it isn't hot anymore. But my legs are soaked in water for like 3 hours already!! Hahaha.

Bernice Liu Challenges Idol

I feel that the second sketch is funny. LOL. Try listening to what Bernice says. Haha. And also the idol's acting is not bad.

Raymond Lam Challenges Idol

I felt that Raymond was making things a little hard for the contestants. Hahaha. There was one funny part where he said that he just flew back from Korea and got a lot of Kimchi. LOL. Which was actually true! Hahaa.

After that, Hotcha performed a song and also expressed that they will be releasing their album in Malaysia soon. Then after that, there were also some games with the hosts and Hotcha together with the contestants. King Kong is one funny guy. LOL. They were playing water games.


Vivienne Yeo, King Kong and Hotcha getting equipped with their weapons.


Vivienne, Hotcha and King Kong having fun water-gunning on the Junior Idols


After the Idols were being water-gunned, now it is the artiste turn to get ready to be played!


Payback time!!!

Bernice also performed a song during the event. She sang the themesong from Steps, 'I'm So In Love With You'. I got that video recorded! Bernice singing was OK but she got a little off key at some parts. After that, there was the announcement of final 5 and more challenges like singing with Leo Ku and dancing with Fellest. After that the final 2 was chosen and it was Allan and Jovin. Before the final 2 were to be challenged, Leo Ku performed a song of his. And the hosts also did some performance. King Kong jumped into the water and ran around to the audience during his performance to shake hands and I managed to shake his hand too. LOL.


Leo Ku performing his song during Junior Idol Finals 2008

Then after that the winner was annouced after some challenges between the two idols which I will not disclose too much here as TVB8 will be broadcasting this if I'm not mistaken this weekend. After the event, the artiste were asked to record advertisments for Junior Idol Finals. And it was a very nice experience to see them doing their job behind screen. First, the crew took a few pages of papers and gave one each to all the artiste. Then I saw all the artiste reading it and they were to memorise it in just like a few minutes! Chelsia Chan was carrying her mic everywhere while talking and walking on stage so I could hear her conversation with them because the audio isn't off yet. LOL. She read her script in mandarin and kept repeating and repeating trying to memorise. Then she asked Fung if she read her line in mandarin correctly? And Fung said yes. LOL. Then I think Fung told her that his script was harder to memorise. And she answered, "Yes, I got the easiest one to memorise! Don't snatch with me. Yong har lou yan kar la.(Be easy with me, your elder)" And when the camera man was ready to roll, she said, "Wait! My make-up is already wearing off!" LOL. So I saw her wiping her face with tissue and doing her make-up. And she took many takes to complete her shot. LOL. She kept on NG-ed. Haha. Then Bernice filmed the ad and she NG-ed about 2 or 3 times. After that Raymond's turn. And wow! He got it done in one take! LOL. I didn't even realise he finished already.

So after that, I saw Bernice and Ray walking to leave the venue. So we ran towards the backstage and managed to see them walking to the car to the hotel. There were too many security guards and fans around even to shake hands with them. Then we walked back and then waited for Leo Ku. LOL. And I managed to shake his hand. And OMG...his hand is so smooth. LOL. And I mean really smooth! Hahaha. After that Hotcha came out. There were only like 1 security guard and not many people around. Just us. LOL. Because Hotcha is not really known among Malaysians yet. But I know them because I watched JSG Awards 2007. Hahaha. So I shook hands with all 3 of them. And after they left, I realised how stupid I was for not asking for a photo with them. LOL.

Then my aunt and mum wanted to leave already. And I said I wanted to wait for Vivienne. But she told me they are hosts so they won't leave so early. But then, hahaha...Vivienne appeared. So I walk towards the front and asked her, "Sau Wai, ho em ho yi tong lei ngat sau ar?"(Sau Wai, can I shake hands with you?) And then she stretched her hand out and we shook hands. LOL. Then some fans rushed out to take pictures with her. We wanted to take pictures with her too but then, the security guards already rushed her away. She waved by to us and said, "ngo cao la! Bye Bye ar!"(I'm leaving already, Bye!) Then after that we looked beside and realised King Kong was there too taking pictures with his fans and leaving already. OMG...I didn't even realise he was there!


Vivienne Yeo turning around to say Bye to us! My cousin took this picture and after studying the picture in more detail, I think the girl on the left is me. LOL.

Then again, my mum said let's go. And after we walked towards the exit, KC shouted my name. And she said, "Ivy!! Vincent!!" Hahaha. So again, I rushed back LOL. And I asked Vincent could I take a picture with you? And he said OK. LOL. So I took a picture with him. And very surprising, when he take pictures, he put his arms on my shoulder. Hahaha. So I also shoulder hug him back but LOL he is too my arm couldn't reach his shoulder. Only his back. LOL. After that, I saw Amber. So I asked if I could take a picture with her? And she looked around and see no guards around and gestured to us, "Come." So we took a picture with her. And Amber too! LOL. She put her arms around my shoulder too. LOL. So I shoulder hugged her too...but again, Amber is too tall...hahaha. So my arms could only reach her back too. LOL. After that, Amber asked us how was the show? Was it nice? And KC answered her that it was nice. Haha.


Vincent Wong taking pictures with a fan after the event

After that, we spotted Puan Sri Chelsia Chan. The younger generations may not know her but she is a composer, actress and singer from Hong Kong. She used to sing with the Wynners and dated Kenny Bee before married to Tan Sri William Cheng. KC asked me to call her Chau Ha Jie Jie. So I did! I totally forgotten that she has a 'Puan Sri' title. But after I called her Jie jie, she turned around and looked at me. And I asked her could I take a picture with her? And she smiled and said, "Sure, Ok!" LOL. So that was the end of the event after they all left. It was another memorable event and was worth it although we had to soak our feets in water for almost 5 hours!!! Hahaha. By the way, my brother and mother ended up getting into the water too to have a closer look at the artiste.LOL. They folded up their pants. hahaha.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I lost my cellphone last Saturday!!!! I love that phone very much and now it is gone!!! Very sorry, wasn't updating for the last few days because was busy tracking down my phone, doing police report, getting a new phone(Samsung SGH-i450) and also re-activating my phone number.

Also I lost all my contacts, so friends, please SMS me to let me know your phone number! I'm still using the same number. Thanks!

Today I received my prize from Batgwa. Hehehe. Thanks Batgwa for Joey's autographed CD, Poster and also the TVBuddy key ring!

Besides that, I was shopping for my phone and somehow ended up in the CD shop. LOL. And I saw Moonlight Resonance DVD! It is part 1 of the DVD(episodes 1-20). So I was thinking should I wait for all of the episodes to come first or just get part 1 now?...........In the end I bought it...LOL. I'm at episode 9 right now and so far I feel that it's better than Heart of Greed in terms of storyline, quotes etc. This series makes you laugh...then cry...then laugh...then cry again! Hahaha. At least that's what is happening to my mum. She's glued to the TV screen watching MR as i type right now...I think she's already up to episode 13.....

Another update is I will be going down to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning and will be back on Monday. I will be attending Junior Idol Finals at Sunway Lagoon on 7th September, Sunday. Artiste appearing are Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, Yoyo Mung, Kenneth Ma, Joe Ma, Vivian Yeo, Leo Ku, Vincent Wong, Hotcha etc etc Besides that, Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu will be going to One Utama this weekend too. So maybe I will go to the event on Saturday. So see you guys then, and hope to bring back some nice pictures and videos in this trip!

Some pictures :

Moonlight Resonance DVD Part 1


Inside picture of the DVD. I love the one Ah Hou, Ah Yuet and Ah Hing with their grandpa showing the 'peace' sign. But actually, it isn't actually the 'peace' sign. I think it has a meaning in the series related to Susanna Kwan's characer. LOL.


Continuation of the 'peace' sign by Jo Pao, Ah Ka, Sa Yi, Ah Chau and Hor Ma. LOL.


Label on the disc. Sorry disc 2 features Ray and Linda but its not there...because I lost it!! LOL...Just Kidding...It's in the DVD player with my mum watching while giggling and sobbing earlier when I took this picture. Haha.

Looking forward to Part 2!! Hopefully more funny pictures! Hehehe. Oh..also there is a small character chart booklet in it! ^^

Joey Yung Starlight from Batgwa!


Front cover! When I opened my parcel I did not expect the album cover to look like this. It's gorgeous! Hahaha.


Disc 1 with the autographed booklet by Joey!!

Also there's something worth watching and funny posted a Kate's blog which can say be related to Charmaine. Hahaha. Have a look at it here! Be back on Monday! Goodnight!