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Junior Idol Finals 2008


Last weekend was Junior Idol Finals 2008 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I arrived at KL on Saturday afternoon and wanted to go to the Bowie Lam event but then in the end I didn't attend because I was not too sure of the schedule and also it was a bit rushing. So I only went to the Junior Idol Finals. According to the website, Yoyo Mung, Joe Ma and Kenneth Ma was supposed to be attending this event but seems like there was a change in plans last minute and they did not attend.

OK, so back to the event. After collecting my tickets from Jovin's mother(she is my aunty's classmate and my mummy's friend) and Jovin's elder sister(which looks pretty too), we headed together to the event venue which was Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. Oh, by the way, by saying 'we' I mean KC, my mum, brother, aunt, cousins, their grandma and Jovin's mum and sister. When I reached the event venue, my first reaction was.."WTH....there are no place to sit or at least a solid dry ground to stand!!" My aunt did told me to wear short pants because there may be water splashing but I was surprised when I saw the venue. Because the event is actually in water! Meaning we have to stand on about a foot tall of water to watch the event. TVB8 or the organisers should have informed us in advance or at least give a notice on the dresscode "Beachwear". It was a pity as some people who did not expect this wore jeans and long pants or sport shoes to the event. For example....my brother....hahaha.


This is what I call 'Fans In the water'. Photo credit Junior Idol Website.

To make things worse, the event starts at 5pm. And at that time, the sun was scorching on us. Ahhh..sunburn again!! And I mean really really glaring hot! After standing looking at the many Fung Fans, idol fans, Leo's fans etc. already in the water, me and KC with my two cousins decided to 'get in to the water'. Hahaha. Doesn't matter....to support our idols up there...a little bit of water is no big deal! So once in the water, I called Bernice Fanclub's Person-In-Charge(Being extra careful handling my 'brand new' phone!! I'll COL-Cry Out Loud if it drops into the water!!!) because I promised to help support Bernice. So after searching through all the fans(Fung, Leo, Jovin, Karen, Allan etc etc) I found Bernice's banner. We got a banner each and before Bernice's appearance, it functions as a sun shade. Hahaha.


Four Junior Idol hosts with panel of judges sitted on the right. I think you can figure out where is Raymond sitted. Hahaha.

After waiting, the event started. First Vincent Wong appeared doing some introductions etc. Then the other hosts were introduced including Vivienne Yeo, King Kong and that funny Malaysian Astro host which I forgot her name. They then introduced the judges which included Hotcha, Fellest, Chelsia Chan (Puan Sri), Bernice Liu, Amber Chia, Raymond Lam, Leu Ku etc. And when Bernice appeared we waved our banners up high and Bernice spotted us and waved at us!! And when Raymond appeared, my reaction was...."Look at that!! He wear that hat again!!!" And King Kong when introducing Raymond, hillariously said that he will be the next Raymond Lam and also both of them represents 'youth' because both of them wear the same kind of hat. LOL.

So the event went on with the contestants doing some performance in singing and dancing. And then after that, Raymond performed the sub themesong to Moonligh Resonance. Took a clip of it but sorry of the cut midway because the person in front of me was blocking me with his banner!!! But luckilly managed to continue taking the video. Also, sorry if its shaky!! This is the 3rd time I hear Raymond sing live. First time was during Wah Lai Toi Awards 2006 performing the theme to The Last Breakthrough and Old School Medley with Ron Ng, second time during Wah Lai Toi Awards 2007 performing 'Searching for you In Loving Memory' and third time, this. His singing improved a lot! But of course, he sings well all these while.

After that, I saw Bernice was not sitted at the judging table so I guess she must be going to perform something. But actually it was an acting challenge round for the contestants. The artiste were asked to challenge the idols on acting skills based on TVB series. And Vincent Wong took back his role from War of In-Laws 2, Bernice took her role from Wasabi Mon Amour, Raymond took his role from Moonlight Resonance and also Alfred from Heart of Greed, King Kong acted as the Monkey God from Journet to the West while Vivienne Yeo took her role from War of In-Laws 2 too. I took clips for Bernice and Raymond's part. At this time I was sneaking, sneaking and managed to stand at the front. Hahaha. And also the sun already set, so it isn't hot anymore. But my legs are soaked in water for like 3 hours already!! Hahaha.

Bernice Liu Challenges Idol

I feel that the second sketch is funny. LOL. Try listening to what Bernice says. Haha. And also the idol's acting is not bad.

Raymond Lam Challenges Idol

I felt that Raymond was making things a little hard for the contestants. Hahaha. There was one funny part where he said that he just flew back from Korea and got a lot of Kimchi. LOL. Which was actually true! Hahaa.

After that, Hotcha performed a song and also expressed that they will be releasing their album in Malaysia soon. Then after that, there were also some games with the hosts and Hotcha together with the contestants. King Kong is one funny guy. LOL. They were playing water games.


Vivienne Yeo, King Kong and Hotcha getting equipped with their weapons.


Vivienne, Hotcha and King Kong having fun water-gunning on the Junior Idols


After the Idols were being water-gunned, now it is the artiste turn to get ready to be played!


Payback time!!!

Bernice also performed a song during the event. She sang the themesong from Steps, 'I'm So In Love With You'. I got that video recorded! Bernice singing was OK but she got a little off key at some parts. After that, there was the announcement of final 5 and more challenges like singing with Leo Ku and dancing with Fellest. After that the final 2 was chosen and it was Allan and Jovin. Before the final 2 were to be challenged, Leo Ku performed a song of his. And the hosts also did some performance. King Kong jumped into the water and ran around to the audience during his performance to shake hands and I managed to shake his hand too. LOL.


Leo Ku performing his song during Junior Idol Finals 2008

Then after that the winner was annouced after some challenges between the two idols which I will not disclose too much here as TVB8 will be broadcasting this if I'm not mistaken this weekend. After the event, the artiste were asked to record advertisments for Junior Idol Finals. And it was a very nice experience to see them doing their job behind screen. First, the crew took a few pages of papers and gave one each to all the artiste. Then I saw all the artiste reading it and they were to memorise it in just like a few minutes! Chelsia Chan was carrying her mic everywhere while talking and walking on stage so I could hear her conversation with them because the audio isn't off yet. LOL. She read her script in mandarin and kept repeating and repeating trying to memorise. Then she asked Fung if she read her line in mandarin correctly? And Fung said yes. LOL. Then I think Fung told her that his script was harder to memorise. And she answered, "Yes, I got the easiest one to memorise! Don't snatch with me. Yong har lou yan kar la.(Be easy with me, your elder)" And when the camera man was ready to roll, she said, "Wait! My make-up is already wearing off!" LOL. So I saw her wiping her face with tissue and doing her make-up. And she took many takes to complete her shot. LOL. She kept on NG-ed. Haha. Then Bernice filmed the ad and she NG-ed about 2 or 3 times. After that Raymond's turn. And wow! He got it done in one take! LOL. I didn't even realise he finished already.

So after that, I saw Bernice and Ray walking to leave the venue. So we ran towards the backstage and managed to see them walking to the car to the hotel. There were too many security guards and fans around even to shake hands with them. Then we walked back and then waited for Leo Ku. LOL. And I managed to shake his hand. And OMG...his hand is so smooth. LOL. And I mean really smooth! Hahaha. After that Hotcha came out. There were only like 1 security guard and not many people around. Just us. LOL. Because Hotcha is not really known among Malaysians yet. But I know them because I watched JSG Awards 2007. Hahaha. So I shook hands with all 3 of them. And after they left, I realised how stupid I was for not asking for a photo with them. LOL.

Then my aunt and mum wanted to leave already. And I said I wanted to wait for Vivienne. But she told me they are hosts so they won't leave so early. But then, hahaha...Vivienne appeared. So I walk towards the front and asked her, "Sau Wai, ho em ho yi tong lei ngat sau ar?"(Sau Wai, can I shake hands with you?) And then she stretched her hand out and we shook hands. LOL. Then some fans rushed out to take pictures with her. We wanted to take pictures with her too but then, the security guards already rushed her away. She waved by to us and said, "ngo cao la! Bye Bye ar!"(I'm leaving already, Bye!) Then after that we looked beside and realised King Kong was there too taking pictures with his fans and leaving already. OMG...I didn't even realise he was there!


Vivienne Yeo turning around to say Bye to us! My cousin took this picture and after studying the picture in more detail, I think the girl on the left is me. LOL.

Then again, my mum said let's go. And after we walked towards the exit, KC shouted my name. And she said, "Ivy!! Vincent!!" Hahaha. So again, I rushed back LOL. And I asked Vincent could I take a picture with you? And he said OK. LOL. So I took a picture with him. And very surprising, when he take pictures, he put his arms on my shoulder. Hahaha. So I also shoulder hug him back but LOL he is too tall..so my arm couldn't reach his shoulder. Only his back. LOL. After that, I saw Amber. So I asked if I could take a picture with her? And she looked around and see no guards around and gestured to us, "Come." So we took a picture with her. And Amber too! LOL. She put her arms around my shoulder too. LOL. So I shoulder hugged her too...but again, Amber is too tall...hahaha. So my arms could only reach her back too. LOL. After that, Amber asked us how was the show? Was it nice? And KC answered her that it was nice. Haha.


Vincent Wong taking pictures with a fan after the event

After that, we spotted Puan Sri Chelsia Chan. The younger generations may not know her but she is a composer, actress and singer from Hong Kong. She used to sing with the Wynners and dated Kenny Bee before married to Tan Sri William Cheng. KC asked me to call her Chau Ha Jie Jie. So I did! I totally forgotten that she has a 'Puan Sri' title. But after I called her Jie jie, she turned around and looked at me. And I asked her could I take a picture with her? And she smiled and said, "Sure, Ok!" LOL. So that was the end of the event after they all left. It was another memorable event and was worth it although we had to soak our feets in water for almost 5 hours!!! Hahaha. By the way, my brother and mother ended up getting into the water too to have a closer look at the artiste.LOL. They folded up their pants. hahaha.

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