Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Album Previews!

Many new albums released recently. Including Linda Chung with her debut album, then Joey Yung with her new album 'In Motion' and today, Raymond Lam with his second album 'Your Love'. First, Joey's 'In Motion'!

There are 10 tracks in her album. Mixture of fast and slow songs. And there is one mandarin song that I really like. Title is 'Meng Fei Meng'(track 3). Joey improved in her mandarin songs. Uploaded preview of 'Meng Fei Meng'. Click 'play' to listen and feel free to comment! Track List :

01. 跑步機上 02. 與蝶同眠 03. 夢非夢 04. 二人浴 05. 忘憂草 06. 愛怪吻的你 07. Scream! 08. 蛇 09. 頹 10. 28個我

The album also comes with poster and a 70 page photo booklet. Hahaha. I wonder if Malaysia will release their own version or direct import? I'll consider getting this album^^ But I'll wait awhile as EEG usually releases another version with a bonus DVD for her album. Next is Linda Chung's debut album, 'Dinner For One, World Of Two'

Track List :
01. 一人晚餐 02. 二人世界 03. 我不懂你 04. 火柴天堂 05. 過山車 06. 其實我不快樂 07. 浪漫無聲 08. 有沒有她 09. 你不懂我的心 (國語) 10. 我不快樂 (國語)

I think that Linda still has room for much improvement for her singing. Her voice isn't bad but she still needs to master her voice control, grip and emotion to the song. My preview for her album is track 8, 'Having Her Or Not'. This is the track which I feel she did great. But there are a few parts towards the higher key, which I said she still lacks control and grip of her voice. Singing needs practice. So I'm sure with more singing she will do better! Because Linda started from acting and not singing so she needs more experience.

Next in the list is the one fresh from the oven...haha Raymond Lam's 'Your Love' which was released today!

Track List :

01. 愛不疚 (TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲) 02. 愛人與海 03. Tonight 04. 明天以後 (林峯 / 泳兒合唱) 05. 憑良心說再見 06. 影子的愛情故事 07. 浮生若水 (TVB劇集「太極」片尾曲) 08. All About Your Love 09. 夏雪 10. 明天以後 (國語) (林峯 / 泳兒合唱)

Based on the track list, track 1 is Moonlight Resonance Subtheme as expected. Then there are a few new tracks. 2 tracks of duet with Vincy(After Tomorrow). They are the same song but one in Mandarin and one in Cantonese. Also track number 7 is the subthemesong from Master of Tai Chi. Happy to see that because I love that song. Haha. My selection of preview is track 2, 'Lover and The Sea'. Click 'play' to listen!

I'm going to get Raymond's album. Haha. Because I always support him in singing industry. He has a very deep and unique voice. So feel free to give comments on these 3 albums. Will you buy it or not? Or if you already bought it, what do you think about these albums? If you're interested to purchase them, you can visit YesAsia!.

p.s The albums above does come in different covers. The above is only my selection of covers. Visit yesasia website to view different versions of the covers!

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