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800 Million Dollar Joey. Time for Love!


Joey wishes everyone an improving Ox year and staying healthy

Date : 26th January 2008
Source : Oriental Daily
Translator : Dangero @ Joeygalaxy

As we are stepping into the year of the Ox, Queen of Cantopop Joey Yung announced that she is finally ready for love, and will actively seek a suitable partner this year. In order to enhance her chances, Joey proudly said, "As much Peach trees as possible thankyou!". She also jokingly said, "With 800 million dollars, I'm thinking of opening a show at Central for my friend."

Despite having fortified her position as Queen of Cantopop, Joey focused too much time on her career causing her to miss out on love during much of her 20's. But according to one of the mediums, Joey's "Love Star" has appeared this year and the final prediction was "This year you will find your love and enjoy a free and happy love life". Joey, who was born in a monkey year responded by, "I welcome such a news! But it's not all about the predictions. The more peach trees I receive means I have more fans and friends, that means I will never have enough peach trees!"


Joey believes there must be "feel" between her and her partner

(What are your expectations for the perfect guy?)*laughs* As I get older, my expectations go lower and lower. To be brief, I think two people must have the "feel" in order to be together. Things such as wealth and class is secondary. Even if my partner is not as rich as me, younger than me, I wont mind. I can always improvise on my love. All other conditions won't be considered. Plus, I don't need to marry a wealthy man, since I don't need to rely on him for living.

(So you really are rich?)
Haha, yes I am very rich! I have 800 million gah! I have decided to buy a whole street in Central and open a small shop. I will also give them some spaces in the street for my friends to open shops.

Up to this point Joey's assistant sniped her "boss (Joey)" by saying she is still missing 799.99 million before hitting the 800 million mark.

As for Joey's business plan, Joey added a serious note saying she wants to try being a businesswomen, to follow the footsteps of stars such as Leon Lai or Michael Miu. Businesses in her considerations include beauty salon or restaurant. She explained, "I love to decorate myself, and I love eating. So I think both businesses will be very fun." But before she completes her business dream, Joey is willing to defend her position against other singers who work very hard for their careers. "I will never stop singing and jump jump jump(dancing)! Being an Ox isn't bad, there's a hardworking heart out there, and young people need to burn up some of their energy!"


As Joey prepares for a love year, she believes her fans' support is very important as well

Ivy : This may be the first time I read Joey confidently say how much wealth she has. Usually she'll say, "My mum handles my money so I don't know how much I have." Maybe Joey and her mum had a meeting with their accountant end of last year to let Joey know exactly how much she has. LOL.....I think Joey wasn't encouraged to reveal how much she has because her assistant interrupted in the middle of the interview.

Remember the list of Top 50 Richest Asian Celebrities I posted not long ago? In the list, Joey's wealth estimated by the media was $200 Million....Seems like they underestimated her!! So the other people in the list may also be much more richer than what they predicted^^

Joey looking for love now...Good Luck to her!! 800 Million!!!??? I still can't believe it. What will I do with this much of money if I have??? LOL...She wants to buy a whole street in Central...CENTRAL??? That's like the most expensive place in Hong Kong with all the branded shops like LV, Gucci, Prada, MontBlanc etc etc there...LOL. I think by end of 2009, Joey's wealth will exceed 1 Billion.......!!!!

Ok, as to me....I don't have the chance to watch any CNY programmes at all on TV!!! Because my little cousins, uncles, aunts etc etc are here so the TV is very occupied.....HAIHZ. Nvm....I'll have to go look for REPEATS!! I'll be going back to my mum's hometown Alor Setar tomorrow! So won't be online until I come back to Penang on the 3rd day of CNY!! HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!!

P.S I don't think my mouth has stopped chewing since yesterday except when I'm asleep....Oh NO!! Have to stop eating so much....

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Dropping by to wish everyone A VERY HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!


TVB Award Winners 2009 New Year Song^^ Cute!

Wishing All My Readers a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS & AUSPICIOUS NEW YEAR AHEAD!! Have fun with your family and friends, and to those singles out there, collect more 红袍!!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ivy 唱K again~~~

Ivy Sing K again lu....haha. Lastnight while waiting for my mum to bake finish her cake, I got nothing to do so went to sing karaoke. I have karaoke system in my house because my family members can be considered karaoke freaks. So end up I used the newly bought recorder system(by my mum) to record myself sing song. Haha. Post up one song I sing here...怯 (hip) Starlight Concert Version by Joey Yung...One of my favourite songs. The song translates as 'Nervous/Afraid' in English. The lyrics are nicely arranged and very easy to understand and meaningful^^Lam Chik's piece wor..sure nice lyrics lar. Haha. Lam Chik also wrote songs like Miriam's 'Fa', Eason's 'Fu Xi Shan Ha' and Joey's 'Oi Yat Go Xiong Yat Fo'. Last year, 7 songs out of 10 Top Ten Golden Melodies were his works!!

Rip already I feel the sound quality not as good as listening using the system because it sounds blurer after ripped. But still, not bad. Haha. Don't write so much lu..listen song!

Dunno why...upload already sounds even more blurer!!Photobucket Add download link better...Haha.


Also share some clips...Super "Yao Ying" Joey in Reflection of Joey concert 2005. Really 型型!! Ying but also very dangerous lor......if got slight mistake I dare not imagine what will happen!

Also from Reflections of Joey. This one not 'ying' but damn funny. This type of game also she can think of playing during her concert...if its me, so so super 'gam gai'!!! Especially if I go to this concert with a friend and not relative or special someone.....^^ Watch then you know what I mean..haha.

Before end post, update schedule sin~~~

TVB Gala Dinner will be aired on 24th January on TVB Jade. Dining With The Stars CNY Special on 25th January on TVB Jade also. Then for Astro, Word Twisters Adventure will air on February every Sat & Sun 4pm.(Will confirm the date and add in schedule at sidebar later). Then WLT will also air WLT Drama Awards Special at 7.30pm, 25th January 2008.

Besides, on 24th January, WLT will air the 31st Top Ten Chinese Gold Song simultaneously with TVB Jade at 10.30pm followed by Po Leung Kok Gala Spectacular after that.

Many other Live from HK programs will air on WLT together with TVB Jade too! And also there will be a 200 episode celebration Super Trio Show airing during CNY too! Check Astro's website for full listings!!

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Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh Denies Break Up, Both are Good Friends


21st January 2009

Recently there were reports of Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng's one year romance is over because Charmaine felt that Kevin's personality is too boring. Both parties attended TVB Celebration Gala Dinner( 华丽翡翠星力量) on 20th January and were not arranged to appear as a couple anymore. When asked on rumours of a break up, both parties denied.

Kevin Cheng : We are Good Friends

Talking about dating and then now breaking up, Kevin expressed indifference, "I can't stop what people want to write about. I had said before that we are only good friends and it is not possible for friends to break up but only fall apart. But we did not fall apart and are still good friends." Next month, Kevin will be collaberating with Charmaine in a new series, Palace Scheme. Asked if he will be worried of more rumours written about them, he replied, "I'm not worried. Because they will certainly write. The news are so interesting, next month we are collaberating together so they will write that we are back together again already."

Charmaine Sheh : Better to have Rumours than None

Charmaine Sheh just laughed off her break up rumours with Kevin. She expressed that she rarely read tabloid news and regarding the 'break up', she only knew about it when a reporter called her asking about this. When asked if Charmaine feels sick of these rumours, she said, "No. Its worst not to have any rumours!" Even though they are negative news, Charmaine expressed that they will not affect her mood. In new series Palace Scheme, Charmaine's role will be similar to 'Dai Jeung Gam'. She revealed that the similarities between the characters are they have a kind heart and love helping others. She also hopes that this series will be succesful like 'Jewel In The Palace'.

If Reposted, Please Give Due Credit.


Ivy : Charmaine walked with Bowie last night. No more 'Gigi' for Bowie so I guess Charmaine replaced her as Bowie's partner. Kevin's comments are right. They will surely write about them even if he worries or not.

As to Gigi Lai, she already registered and got married last month!! I didn't expect her to get married to a 52 year old guy....Maybe he really treats Gigi well. Anyway, blessings to Gigi and all the best to her!!

I will be busy for the coming days until maybe after the 3rd or 4th day of CNY. So I will be less online. Anyway, will update from time to time! Malaysian fans and Singaporean fans, don't forget to cast your votes for Astro WLT Drama Awards!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 16th January 2009

Vegetarian Reunion


Earlier, because of company's arrangement, we(colleagues) ate a very special early reunion dinner. Other colleagues attended are Yoyo Mung, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng, Fala Chen, Stephen Chan, Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Edwin Siu, Lai Lok Yi, Charles Szeto, Suki Tsui, Leanne Li, Koni Lui, Chow Ka Yee etc etc. Besides eating reunion dinner, company will air Dining With The Stars CNY Special on Lunar New Year Eve. You all have to remember to watch!!

Original Blog Post Credit to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

P.S For pictures, please visit Charmaine's TVB Blog. Thank You!

Ivy : Wonder why I'm so tired....Haha. Maybe because I spent the last 4 hours listening to RTHK(2) broadcasting 'Top Ten Golden Melody Awards 2008' live earlier. Congratulations to Joey!! Winning 4 awards, "First Gold Song", "Highest Sale Female Record", "Global Best Female Singer" and "Best Female Singer". Although Kay won "Four Station Media Award"(not to my surprise) but Joey didn't lag too much. Kay got a total of 16 awards while Joey and Eason trailed behind with 15 Awards each.

Also Congratulations to Cho Lam winning bronze newcomer! He deserves it! JSG didn't award him anything but thanks to RTHK for recognising him!! Congratulations to Raymond Lam too! He won a Gold Song Award too! Very impressive considering this is his 2nd year in music industry! Anyway, will continue on this later and in another post as its late already.

Joey revealed that she'll be releasing an EP, 1 mandarin album and 1 cantonese album in 2009. EP will be released in March. "Cho Yee!! Gao Meng ar!! Mou Chin La!!" Broke broke. Haha. Have to collect Ang Pow money already! LOL. Anyway, very sleepy already....don't want to continue writing as I may end up writing nonsense(1.05am)....Last words, Remember to watch Dining With The Stars CNY Special for those who could watch Jade Channel!! To those who can't like me, wait for download links/youtube!! GOODNIGHT!! *yawns*

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Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 Nomination List


Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards is back!! The Awards Ceremony will be held on the 21st of February 2009 at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands.

How to vote?

Voting is open to all Malaysians/Singaporeans with prepaid/registered phone line from a Malaysian service provider. Etc. Maxis/Digi/Celcom/Umobile

To vote, Key in WLT1-11(space)A/B/C and send to 33888. You should receive a confirmation SMS after voting. Every 500th voter will win 4 tickets to the ceremony.

*Each SMS costs RM0.50 excluding charges by your service provider.

Voting Period : 17th January 2008, 12.01am - 17th February 2008, 11.59pm

Here are the nomination list :

My Favourite Character(WLT1) :

A. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

B. Bobby Au - Dicey Business

C. Jessica Hsuen - Dicey Business

D. Tavia Yeung - Dicey Business

E. Gigi Lai - Life Art

F. Joe Ma - Maidens Vow

G. Bosco Wong - Price of Greed

H. Roger Kwok - Glittering Days

I. Esther Kwan - Best Selling Secrets

J. Ha Yu - Heart of Greed

K. Moses Chan - Heart of Greed

L. Louise Lee - Heart of Greed

M. Sussana Kwan - Heart of Greed

N. Linda Chung - Heart of Greed

O. Michael Tao - On The First Beat

P. Ron Ng - On The First Beat

Q. Sonija Kwok - On the First Beat

R. Damien Lau - Drive Of Life

S. Charmaine Sheh - Drive Of Life

T. Raymond Lam - Drive Of Life

My Favourite Drama(WLT2):

A. Dicey Business

B. Brink Of Law

C. Heart of Greed

D. On the First Beat

E. Drive Of Life

My Favourite Themesong(WLT3):

A. Dicey Business - Hacken Lee

B. Brink Of Law - Steven Ma & Ron Ng

C. Heart of Greed - Susanna Kwan

D. Drive of Life - Steve Chou & Hacken Lee

E. Devil's Desciple - Bosco Wong & Kevin Cheng

My Favourite Leading Actor(WLT4):

A. Bobby Au - Dicey Business

B. Joe Ma - Maidens Vow

C. Bosco Wong - Price of Greed

D. Roger Kwok - Glittering Days

E. Ha Yu - Heart of Greed

F. Moses Chan - Heart of Greed

G. Michael Tao - On The First Beat

H. Ron Ng - On The First Beat

I. Damien Lau - Drive Of Life

J. Raymond Lam - Drive Of Life

My Favourite Leading Actress(WLT5):

A. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

B. Esther Kwan - Best Selling Secrets

C. Jessica Hsuen - Dicey Business

D. Gigi Lai - Life Art

E. Sheren Tang - The Family Link

F. Louise Lee - Heart Of Greed

G. Susanna Kwan - Heart Of Greed

H. Linda Chung - Heart Of Greed

I. Charmaine Sheh - Drive Of Life

J. Sonija Kwok - On The First Beat

My Favourite Scene Stealer(WLT6):

A. Benz Hung - Dicey Business

B. Louis Yuen - Heart Of Greed

C. Kingdom Yuen - Price Of Greed

D. Lee Shing Cheung - Heart Of Greed

E. Lily Leung - Heart Of Greed

My Favourite Couple(WLT7):

A. Jessica Hsuen & Bobby Au - Dicey Business

B. Linda Chung & Raymond Lam - Heart Of Greed

C. Linda Chung & Moses Chan - Heart Of Greed

D. Michael Tao & Sonija Kwok - On The First Beat

E. Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam - Drive Of Life

Most Unforgettable Moment(WLT8):

A. Benz Hung at dying bed with Michael Miu (Dicey Business)

B. Jessica Hsuan ordering '1996 Beer' (Dicey Business)

C. Ha Yu commiting suicide with Steven Ma looking (Brink Of Law)

D. Louise Lee telling Sussana 'This is not the court. My eyes are proof."(Heart of Greed)

E. Wayne Lai day dreaming of Claire Yiu at the beach together. (Steps)

Favourite Bizarre Character(WLT9):

A. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

B. Tavia Yeung - Dicey Business

C. Bosco Wong - Dicey Business

D. Michael Tse - The Family Link

E. Roger Kwok - Glittering Days

Favourite On Screen Kiss(WLT10):

A. Jessica Hsuen & Michael Miu - Dicey Business

B. Linda Chung & Raymond Lam - Heart Of Greed

C. Sonija Kwok & Michael Tao - On The First Beat

D. Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam - Drive Of Life

E. Bernice Liu & Steven Ma - Steps

Favourite Villain(WLT11) :

A. Samuel Chan - Price Of Greed

B. Michelle Yim - Brink Of Law

C. Shirley Yeung - Brink Of Law

D. Ng Wai Kwok - Drive Of Life

E. Sussana Kwan - Heart Of Greed

more information at

Ivy : Charmaine is nominated for Drive Of Life while Tavia for Dicey Business!!! Please vote to support them! Thank you to all that are voting to support Charmaine and Tavia! Because of the bad economy, please vote to your budget. Your idol(s) wouldn't want you to spend everyday eating cup noodles and damaging your health because of this....Hehehe.

One thing....Sonija and Michael Tao is nominated for unforgettable kiss in On The First Beat???Hmm....WLT actually censored the whole there isn't actually a 'kiss' aired on the WLT how is it going to be unforgettable??? Hahaha.

Anyway, HAPPY VOTING!!!! Any questions regarding the award, feel free to post your questions at the comments section of this post or the Cbox! I'll get back to you ASAP!

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Joey Yung's Recording for RTHK(2) Radio

The other day, Joey Yung replaced a DJ from RTHK for the daily 'Made In Hong Kong with 李志剛' program. And at the start of the program they talked about Joey etc. Then they talked about how Joey used to always say wrong things and don't know how to talk in public. LOL. So 李志剛 played a recording Joey did a few years back for RTHK 'Made In Hong Kong with 李志剛' program.

The recording I'm talking about are recordings that we usually listen when we listen to the radio. Like for eg. Charmaine did a recording for Myfm saying something like "Listen to Myfm not only can listen to great music, but you can meet with your idols too! Hello, I am HK TVB's Sheh Sze Man."(I'm going to get this recorded one day!! Still can't seem to get the right timing!! Because they play at random times) Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Louise Lee, Eason Chan, Shu Qi, Ah Mei etc etc all also have recordings like that at Myfm. I think you get a rough idea of what recording I mean....

Okay, so I listened to the Joey's version for RTHK 2 and ROFL......HAHAHA....I can't believe RTHK(2) actually used that! Hahaha....I guess it was too funny and cute that they decided to use it rather than use a nice flowing one...hahaha. No wonder Joey said she feels heartache listening to it again and also so 'tai B'....LOLZ...So silly girl lar.... I uploaded that part up. Click play to listen! LOL.

P.S Good luck to Joey for RTHK Top Ten Golden Melody Awards this 18th January!! I think she's more nervous of her performance than the awards!!

Charmaine Sheh: Looking For Money is Easier Than Looking For True Love


13th January 2008

Source : The Sun

Charmaine Sheh attended the recording for 'Dining With The Stars Lunar New Year Special'(名人飯堂慶團年) last night. She expressed that her new year wish is for health and also to earn more money. Asked if she hopes to find her prince charming in the new year? She replied, "I cannot just find love if I want to, but I can find money if I want!" Charmaine disclosed that she will be spending the Lunar New Year in Hawaii with her family this year. Asked if she will be going with rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng? She replied, "Ha! I'm spending the time with my family!"

Regarding recent news published in a tabloid magazine of Charmaine smoking, she did not deny. She just hopes the news will not go further.

No repost.


Ivy : Charmaine looked great!! Too bad she'll be in Hawaii during CNY. I was hoping to be able to see her at the TVB CNY celebration. But in another way, she gets to spend time with her family. She's happy then we should be happy^^ Also how 'mou liu' of the reporters to ask if Kevin will be going with her. Heard that Hong Kong is very cold last few days. Very different compared to last year..LOL. Maybe their efforts in stopping global warming etc etc is working.

One more month and nine days till University starts....Photobucket Have to do everything I like now!! Oh No!! February isn't even a complete 30/31 days!! So means the actual days are shorter....

Joey is coming to Singapore for Starlight Concert in April.....I'm considering on going but at the same time there are many other things to consider too....Haihz...I'm not even sure if I have class/exams etc etc..LOL. So won't think too much yet. Keep it as a hope now. And then JY6(Joey Yung's official fanclub) announced today that there will be a 'Dinner With Joey' on 16th/17th April before the concert for fanclub members...I'm not a member and even if I join now, I don't think I can make it anyways, coz its a weekday....PhotobucketAlso I'm going to be broke if I join more fanclubs for now. LOL. Keep it for later then because Joey has these gatherings kinda often and 2009 she may come to Msia more for album promo. EEG starting to take action to promote her. LOL.

P.S heard that Yoyo and Ekin broke up?? I'm not too sure of how true is this. Ekin is such a heartbreaker!! Victims of his' are Maggie Shiu and Gigi Leung and now Yoyo???


My bad....Yoyo and Ekin are going on well..even plans of a marriage soon?? The reports are on Gigi Leung and Ekin's ex-relationship. Anyway, I hope Ekin treats Yoyo well and treasure her and not go hurting another girl's heart. I like Yoyo and I hope all goes well and all the best to her!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Charmaine's Schedule

Recording : Dining With The Stars Lunar New Year Special

Date : 12th January 2008
Time : 7.15pm
Host : Stephen Chan
Artiste : Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Yoyo Mung, Astrid Chan, Vivienne Yeo, Leanne Li, Lai Lok Yi, Elaine Yiu etc etc

Ivy : Somebody.....please tell me why Dining With The Stars sounds so familiar??? Very sleepy....hahaha...I think not enough sleep last few days!! Every night got dinner function...hahaha.

I really had to sing on Saturday night...luckily 'sun lei guo guan'. Haha. Sing a song and get free dinner and RM100 and souvenir...not bad wor. singer mou? Just that the fees 100X lesser? Wakakaka.....

Anyway, looking forward to Dining With The Stars!! Just hope that not because of so many artiste attending so Charmaine's scenes also will be reduced....haha.

Friday, January 9, 2009

JSG, Music etc etc

Hong Kong entertainment industry was kinda quiet these few days at least for Charmaine's side......Anyway, JSG last night featured award winners from JSG Awards 2008. All the main award winners attended but Miriam was absent. Gossip news said that she dare not face Joey and afraid of Miriam-Joey fans fighting...LOL. Which I think is not true. I believe that Miriam really had a clash in schedule(filming in Beijing). Anyway, I love love love the duet between Joey and Kay last night! They sang very well together and look very good and close too!! Kay really loves purple! Similar to me, I love blue and purple^^Also I like this song originally sang by Sally Yeh(Joey's Si Jie). Joey also duet with Leo. OMG...Joey and Leo looks so involved in the song...haha. Especially Joey!

Out of boredom, I also went You-tubing...LOL. And found a duet song of Joey and Li Jin(Taiwan EEG singer) which I didn't know existed. Haha. Listened to it and I feel its a very nice song!! Title of the song is 絕對一對(Jue Dui Yi Dui). Here's the MV. Uploading it to Imeem and adding it into my playlist!! Hahaha....

Download mp3 : Mediafire

Also Joey's latest song 可歌可泣 (Ho Gor Ho Yap) which is kinda addictive to me now...LOL. This is the upscale High Definition Version of the MV which makes watching at Youtube page itself much cooler!! Hehe. Malaysia still doesn't use lame....Adding this to playlist too!

Download mp3(Moov version) : Mediafire

Saturday night will be Yan Chai Charity Show. At first, I thought I could enjoy this live at home...haihz. But seems like I have to attend a dinner and also I may have to go sing 'My Pride' at this dinner. If I get to choose, I really want to stay at home to watch Yan Chai instead!!! LOL. But I think chances are slim....anyway, if I really have to sing that night, wish me luck pleeeassssee!!!! Also, bought a book to read out of boredom??? Haha. Has been a long time since I read...Haha. Mitch Albom's 'For One More Day'. Heard its a really good novel!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joey Yung at JSG, Erica Yuen felt the results were unfair

credits: Translated by: aZnangel @

Date : 4th January 2009

Source : Oriental Daily

Joey Yung at JSG, Erica Yuen felt the results were unfair

Joey Yung was the hot pick for "Most Popular Female Singer" and now that she lost out Netizens went crazy. Erica Yuen openly stated that the results were unfair, as she questions the acceptability of the awards. Joey generously said: "Even so I will still continue to work hard, won't affect my hard work." Demonstrating the style of a Big General.

"2008 Jade Solid Gold Awards Ceremony" came to an end, there has been rumors going around that because Miriam Yeung signed to be Mr. Hong Kong's host, JSG presented the "Most Popular Female Singer" to her, tampering Joey Yung's 6 wins in a row dream and only got "Asia-Pacific's Most Popular Female Singer". Thousands of Joey fans exploded as they all emailed the newspapers and exploded online: "JSG is really an unfair Award Ceremony", "This year, Joey's hard work definitely deserves to win". Even Erica Yuen did not like the results, she exposed on her blog: "Miriam Yeung Most Popular Female Singer of 2008? Oh my God, Sorry Joey Yung!"

Denise Ho Afraid good friend (Joey) is disappointed

As to Miriam's improbable win, Joey calmly said: "Don't say that, this is a happy thing, don't use this topic. I always see Miriam, I already see that I have put out a lot of hard work and the awards have already been revealed. I will continue to work, it will not affect me continuing to be hard working. (Is the results reasonable?) Actually don't mention if its reasonable or not, having an award is an honor, I am willing to accept any type of award."

As for Charlene Choi, towards her rival Miriam Yeung's award being questioned, she said: "Each channel has their own mechanism, can't use not reasonable to speak of it, Miriam is a hard working singer, her success is pretty good, I am also happy for her. As for Joey, in the past few years she went beyond Hong Kong and even toured the United States and Canada." As for Joey's good friend Denise Ho only said: "I also was afraid that she might be disappointed, but I saw that she was okay."

EEG's CEO Ng Yue also felt pity for Joey, said: "Disappointed and surprised. In these 5 years, Joey had always won fairly. In 2008, it is the year in which she had the most confidence. Which female singer was able to hold 16 concerts in a year? Even Chik Chak gave the Gold Award to Joey, Joey definitely deserves "Most Popular Female Singer Award", I also told Joey not to be discouraged, we all feel pity for her. In many people's hearts, she is the "Most Popular Female Singer", the justice is in people's hearts."

JSG's Producer Recognized Results were Improbable

Mani Fok also strongly supports Joey: "I respect the results, but disappointment is definitely present. Since Joey's many years of debut, her 2008's success is the best. 16 concerts breaks all self records, including her tour in Canada, that makes 20. This is her 10th year since debut, she had always put in a lot of effort, hard work, time and spirits."

JSG Producer (Poon Yue Gai) who was soaked in alcohol accepted an interview during the celebration, asked if he felt the results were fair? He said a bit drunk: "Fair, Improbable. (Improbable?) Its deserved, Joey as the Asia-Pacific winner is a good one. (Joey even felt ashamed of it?) Her standards are just high, I think she's pretty ok, her mandarin songs are sang very well."

Ivy : Saw this article and I was like OMG at the JSG producer part!! Slip of tongue under the influence of alcohol???.....I saw Erica Yuen's(famous for her 'freedom of speech' previous blog postings) blog entry and she indeed stated the above. But the article left out, "Sorry Kay!".

If I were Joey reading this article, I think I'll cry. Because I'll be touched by the support of the people around me and also I'll cry because my friends and fans are worried over me. I think Joey responded to the questions well. I feel sad for her too because it is indeed pure hard work performing 20 concerts in a year. Her hard work in dancing for Starlight, causing her to risk herself sitting on a wheelchair for the later half of her life!! But she still insisted on dancing and continuing her World Tour into 2009(Macau in March and Singapore in mid April...Hohoho). Also, I've never seen a singer able to sing 20 minutes of fast songs non-stop in her Power Medley and yet maintain such strong vocals throughout! Kay even cried when watching her perform it........(Power Medley is in my Imeem Playlist) I bet majority of those protesting out there must be audience from Starlight around the world!

Besides, I think this year Joey had the most confidence in winning the Favourite Female Singer. In interviews she was like "I have confidence!" Compared to the last 5 years, Joey actually worked harder in 2008. No wonder she has so much confidence! As Mani said, respect the results but there is dissapointment. Also as a fan, I hope Joey don't get discouraged(which I'm sure she wouldn't) too as we recognise her in our hearts. Stay Positive Joey, Like How You Always Were! I'll also let this issue stop as Joey herself hopes her fans won't get unhappy and dissapointed. Also reading through the article, they didn't bash Miriam. Maybe I should say she's a victim here too? How would you feel winning something and so happy over it then the next day people say you don't deserve it? So back to the point...TVB what are you thinking!!!??? All blames go to TVB!! Haihz...let bygones be bygones.

OK, stop talking about unhappy stuffs and back to happy stuffs..LOL. First, to V(and anyone out there interested in the song) here's download link to Joey's 'On The Treadmill'. Also I uploaded the 'Rock Version' from Chik Chak too.

On The Treadmill(跑步機上) Sendspace

Rock Version(Live) at Chik Chak 2008 Sendspace

And Rachel, on Cho Lam and Joey knowing each other since young? They are actually primary school classmates and being in the same choir...And Cho Lam mentioned many boys had a crush on Joey but he daren't because Joey's scary coz she's too tall! Haha. Here's a clip on it.

BTW, I watched Episode 1 of Sweetness In The Salt. And I must say, I love it so far!! Tavia is just so so cute!! Love her character and how it developed! Also love Raymond Wong in it too!! Can't wait for episode 2!! This rages me more for TVB warehousing it!! Tavia can LEAD a series OK!!!?? Have to tell TVB that! LOL.

P.S Suddenly news about Oriental Sunday posting pictures of Charmaine on obviously some negative issues circulated....What a mood spoiler.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweetness In The Salt Synopsys

Source : Astro On Demand

Premiering 5th Jan - 6th February Mon-Fri, 8.30pm

NIP CHI YUEN (Ma Steven), who works in the anti-smuggling camp, is determined to wipe out the Tau's Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers. He pretends to be a down-and-out scholar. TAU SING SUET (Yeung Yi), daughter of the chief smuggler, sympathizes with YUEN and puts him up in the village. Later, they even become fond of each other.

During an anti-smuggling operation SUET is badly hurt and has since been separated from YUEN and her family. Fortunately she is saved by WU TING HIN (Wong Ho Yin), son of salt merchant WU KIN (Kwok Fung). HIN takes her home. One day, SUET is horrified to see the dead bodies of her parent being hung on the wall of the city tower, and that the official standing on the top of the tower telling the public not to sell smuggled salt is none other than the man she misses day and night. She is heartbroken, and her love for YUEN turns into hatred that moment on.

HIN finds a job for SUET at the salt company his family runs to help her get over her unhappiness. To repay him, she devotes herself entirely to the job. As time goes by, HIN starts to fall in love with her. However his critical illness making him hesitates to express his love for her. SUET's real identity comes to light when her younger uncle reappears out of the blue. HIN, for fear that his family will report SUET, proposes to her.

Lee Tim Shing

Lau Chi Wah & Kwan Chung Ling

Ma Steven (馬浚偉) Yeung Yi (楊 怡) Wong Ho Yin (黃浩然) Kwok Fung (郭 峰) Tam Siu Wan (譚小環) Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) Chan Shan Chung (陳山聰) Tseung Chi Kwong (蔣志光)

Charmaine@Joe Ma's Blog

Credit to Joe Ma TVB Blog.

Joe updated his blog on the Guangzhou Awards. And he posted some pictures with Charmaine in it^^ I think he posted a few but this is a clear one with Charmaine in it. Joe really is too tall....Hahaha. Not much news of Charmaine bacause she's on holiday....haihz...can't wait till Palace Scheme!!

This morning when I went to news sites, the HK media are either bashing Miriam while supporting Kay and Joey. Then some mentioned indirectly that the results were 'surprising'. Poor Miriam....Bad Bad TVB!! I wouldn't want Miriam's career to be affected because of all these negative rumours. Its not her fault!! Not winning Best Female avoided Anita's fans to bash Joey. And all the negative rumours on Miriam made the media forgot bashing Joey on her receiving Asia Award....but I guess Joey's humility in her speech paid back as media said "Joey's hard work all these years are finally recognised" to my suurprise! Usually they prefer writing something negative.

Another person badly hit was Bosco....News of him singing off key and exagerating in singing circulated on news sites. This is worse than Charmaine's incident as Bosco is supposed to be singing well in a Major Music Event. This news was in Msia's local newspapers while Charmaine's one wasn't published. Phew....

P.S Sweetness in the Salt tonight!! Ah Yi Ah Yi!!! Hehe... HK people has to watch a mainland production instead....TVB is getting on my nerves!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Joey leads the way


Joey Takes "Asia's Most Popular Female"

4th January 2008

Source : Oriental Daily

Queen of Cantopop Joey Yung lead the way yesterday at the annual 2008 JSG award ceremony. Reaping 3 awards and among them the sacred "Asia's Most Popular Female" which have been defended by Kelly Chen the past few years. As for Joey's normal award, "Most Popular Female" was taken surprisingly by Miriam Yeung, breaking Joey's 5 year streak. This raised many eyebrows of possible setup by TVB as Miriam's performance wasn't too outstanding this year. When Leo Ku took "Most Popular Male" his tears fell like rain, grasping the heart of the audience as he thanked his rumored girlfriend and aid Lorraine.


Miriam retakes "Most Popular Female" after 7 years.

The third report card of the music industry, "2008 JSG Award Ceremony" ended full of emotions and joy. Joey Yung lead from start to finish, taking the first golden song "On the treadmill". As she sang, all singers stood in respect and even Eric Tsang danced for a bit, and the atmosphere was indeed warmed up quickly. As Eric announced Joey's second award "Best commercial song", he personally stepped up the podium and escorted Joey down. When the third award came around, "Asia's Most Popular Female" the fans couldn't take it anymore and all shouted with excitement in a wave, lifting long-prepared banners such as "You are my pride". Joey, full of surprise, kept her humble nature and said, "I feel ashamed at getting this award, as I haven't been satisfied with any of my mandarin albums since I have entered the music industry. I will continue to be a singer that will bring pride to Hong Kong."


Leo Ku cried as he took "Most Popular Male"


Eason takes "Asia's Most Popular Male"


Kay Tse takes "Golden Gold Song"

Translation Credits to Dangero at JG.

Ivy : I was actually very disappointed with the result at that moment! Maybe it came as a shock that Joey won Asia's Most Popular female. I was on conversation with a group of J-fans when the award was announced. And we were so shocked at her win! Not only us, but Joey herself. Honestly, Joey looked very mixed feelings when she won it. When her name was announced for the award, she practically 'sanked' into her seat. Joey mentioned before that she will feel guilt if she were to receive this award this year and she has more confidence in the Most Popular Female Award. The result was she got it. And Joey's speech revealed how unprepared she was. And when she was asked to sing, she said "Oh No...I didn't practice this song!" Luckily she got through it well further into the song as the front part of the lyrics was totally out...LOL.

Watch it in HD at Youtube! Cool new HD function^^(also take not of the delay in the clip...) :

After that, Most Popular Female Award was announced. I think Joey was already prepared to not get this award after receiving Asia. And we were all expecting Kay to get it!! But instead, Miriam's name was announced!! OMG...the response was shocked, surprised, dissapointed, unbelievable!! LOL. As the article said, Miriam only released an album this year and got like 2 plugged hits. While Joey held her Starlight Concert, released an album, attended the Olympics, filmed the Olympics MV, filmed Last Paradise and had 5-6 plugs. My feeling was, how insulting it was to Joey. All her hardwork couldn't compare with that. Don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Miriam too. I just feel that its not her year. I always hope that when an artiste receive an award, the public and the artiste herself should feel that she deserves the award. Seems like the results left Joey feeling she don't deserve the Asia one and Miriam receiving it causing questions of an arranged result. Just imagine in 2006, Charmaine working so so hard filming Maiden's Vow, Dance Of Passion, Glittering Days etc and end up Charmaine winning favourite while Myolie wins best actress. The situation now is quite similar to that. I think I'd rather Kay wins...LOL. But TVB's rule is that if you win Popular Female you can't win the Gold Song Award.

Anyways, Congratulations to Joey for winning 1st Gold Song: On The Treadmill, Gold Commercial Song : Lucky Star and also Most Popular Asia Female Singer. Maybe her Starlight World Tour and Olympics Functions etc helped support her win the Asia award. These are all major awards and I'm very proud of her winning the Asia awards. Joey should not feel guilty of herself as she always underestimate herself outside of HK. Also when Joey sang On The Treadmill and Eric asked the other singers to sit, it was so nice of them to stand up and not sit instead waiting for Joey to finish her song, respecting her. I saw Wai Si and a few sitting down while Kay and Miriam stood up. Kay then asked them to stand. So Sweet^^ Look at the after celebration with her fans :

Going back to others. Sussana Kwan won Gold Most-Improved singer. OMG!! What is TVB thinking? Its kind of insulting to Sussana winning this. Most Improved??? Sussana doesn't need improvement! She's not even a newcomer! She's a veteren singer with 20-30 years of singing experience! No wonder Jade Kwan thought she won the award instead and created such an embarassing moment! Watch the video! LOL. Poor Poor Jade!!! How awkward!

Next is Myolie, winning recommended Newcomer....RECOMMENDED newcomer??? Not even in top 3!! She lost to Linda who won silver! And then Myolie didn't know she has to sing after receiving an award??? She was like, "I have to sing??" And her live singing was not up to par...maybe she didn't practice! Her voice was covered at certain parts. Then Bosco. I really think that Bosco should not enter the music industry. When he was singing with Eason, he sang really badly. I feel pity for him. He's trying too hard. Cho Lam was picked to sing with Leo and he is realy up to par. Cho Lam's singing standard is really high. End up, Bosco won Silver Newcomer while Cho Lam left empty-handed....Injustice!!! Raymond got a gold song award and Congratulations to him!! Nothing much to say for Raymond as he is indeed a talented singer. Another pity...Vincy and Charlene!!!! They are there to warm the bench!! Especially Vincy!!! Poor girl! Hope this year will be fruitful for her.

This year JSG Awards, Paco will be kissing and loving TVB...LOL. While Mani will be in a headache now to start helping Joey release more Mando tracks and promote her in Asia. EEG focused Joey too much to HK only all these years. Its about time EEG fulfill Joey's wish all these while that is promoting her in Asia. Hope Joey don't pressure herself too much...btw...promoting in Asia?? Hahaha...Joey, come to Malaysia more often then!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

CRHK (Chik Chak) Awards 2008


CRHK awards was held on 1st but Astro WLT only aired it last night. Joey looked great that night to my surprise. Haha. She rarely chooses the 'best' dress during events but that night she looked exceptionally good. The only thing is that her eye make up made her eyes looks small. Kay was the focus that night winning 10 awards.....PhotobucketJoey only won 2 awards that night....I have nothing againts Kay as this year is a fruitful year for her and her song "hei dip kai" is very popular this year, so she deserved it this year.


Lucky thing, Joey won the Gold Female Singer Award to her own surprise! Joey said in interviews after the event that she thought she's gonna get Silver coz she went online to read insider's speculations....Hahaha....CONGRATULATIONS to Joey! 2 Golds in a row and also 8th consecutive years in Top 3!! That's a record! Also, love Joey's speech!! Her speech became the talk of 903 radio station the next day.

Also regarding Kay-Joey...I can see they are very supportive of each other and no disputes. Before Kay went up stage, Joey held her hand and encouraged her and they hugged each other a lot during the event. Poor Vincy and Denise....they didn't get any awards...haihz...nvm its another new year this year! Also, Myolie won silver newcomer and during her speech the audience laughed...I'm not sure why......

Top Ten Hit Song : No.4 On The Treadmill (its a rock version of the song and I feel it sounds very nice and interesting compared to the original version!)

Gold Female Singer Award 2008(lovely speech and also humorous when her song starts playing even before her speech ended....she has to yell 'stop!' btw TVB/Astro version cut offed this part of her singing)

And 903 DJ's praising her and talking about her memorable speech the next day^^

Looking forward to watching JSG Top Ten Award tonight! From speculations, Joey is the favourite pick this year. If she wins the Best Female tonight, she'll beat Anita Mui's record for winning 6 times consecutive. Joey kept stopping the reporters teling her this as she says nobody could replace Anita Mui. Which is true, Mui Jie is a legend!

P.S Charmaine updated her blog with a video. Post title "New Year Wish". Do go and support her blog! In the video Charmaine wishes to be happy and one of the way to make her happy is her blog position being in fans you all know what to do!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Singing to the Wrong Key Charmaine Sheh dare not enter Music Industry

1st January 2009

Source : On.CC

Charmaine Sheh attended a new year coundown event last night. Charmaine sang two songs during the event but then unfortunately she entered the song in the wrong key and flung the song. Charmaine had to cover it up with her smile. When asked will she follow Linda Chung and Myolie Wu's footsteps entering the music industry, she responded that singing is not her forte, and it is more to her interest. "Let them do the singing!"

Added Captions from**


Although Charmaine Sheh flung her singing, but she still has many fans.


Both of them seems to be on talking terms, maybe Charmaine is asking for singing tips from Ah Sa.


Charmaine Sheh has to depend on her smile to cover up for flinging her song.

No Repost.

Ivy :Photobucket.....reporters taking advantage to get on Charmaine. No big deal entering the wrong key as Charmaine is not a professional singer. Just unfortunately it happened and giving reporters an advantage. Luckily Charmaine is not in singing industry, if not the doggies would be much happier...


I hate the captions. I always hate them when they create negative captions based on pictures. BTW, Charmaine looked great and I love her boots. Wow she's all Black that night.....Not too fond of Charlene's bottom though...too baggy. Haha.

Happy New Year 2009!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!

Wishing all of you a prosperous, healthy and smooth New Year Ahead!!! Stay positive and be happy!!

P.S Changed to a new banner to mark a New Year ahead!! Hope you all like it!!