Saturday, January 3, 2009

CRHK (Chik Chak) Awards 2008


CRHK awards was held on 1st but Astro WLT only aired it last night. Joey looked great that night to my surprise. Haha. She rarely chooses the 'best' dress during events but that night she looked exceptionally good. The only thing is that her eye make up made her eyes looks small. Kay was the focus that night winning 10 awards.....PhotobucketJoey only won 2 awards that night....I have nothing againts Kay as this year is a fruitful year for her and her song "hei dip kai" is very popular this year, so she deserved it this year.


Lucky thing, Joey won the Gold Female Singer Award to her own surprise! Joey said in interviews after the event that she thought she's gonna get Silver coz she went online to read insider's speculations....Hahaha....CONGRATULATIONS to Joey! 2 Golds in a row and also 8th consecutive years in Top 3!! That's a record! Also, love Joey's speech!! Her speech became the talk of 903 radio station the next day.

Also regarding Kay-Joey...I can see they are very supportive of each other and no disputes. Before Kay went up stage, Joey held her hand and encouraged her and they hugged each other a lot during the event. Poor Vincy and Denise....they didn't get any awards...haihz...nvm its another new year this year! Also, Myolie won silver newcomer and during her speech the audience laughed...I'm not sure why......

Top Ten Hit Song : No.4 On The Treadmill (its a rock version of the song and I feel it sounds very nice and interesting compared to the original version!)

Gold Female Singer Award 2008(lovely speech and also humorous when her song starts playing even before her speech ended....she has to yell 'stop!' btw TVB/Astro version cut offed this part of her singing)

And 903 DJ's praising her and talking about her memorable speech the next day^^

Looking forward to watching JSG Top Ten Award tonight! From speculations, Joey is the favourite pick this year. If she wins the Best Female tonight, she'll beat Anita Mui's record for winning 6 times consecutive. Joey kept stopping the reporters teling her this as she says nobody could replace Anita Mui. Which is true, Mui Jie is a legend!

P.S Charmaine updated her blog with a video. Post title "New Year Wish". Do go and support her blog! In the video Charmaine wishes to be happy and one of the way to make her happy is her blog position being in fans you all know what to do!!

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