Sunday, August 23, 2009

I miss my blogging!! ~~~ A little on Charmaine!

I miss my blogging!! I was like looking through old posts and really miss blogging like how I did then....Haihz....studies changed it huh? LOL...nevermind I can go back to that when my holidays come! Yeah! LOL....studies comes first. I have to strive on and work hard to achieve further lengths into my interest and ambitions! Anyway, look at Charmaine's picture here from her blog updates today (I'm not translating as its about You're Hired plot, which I have not watch yet)!! OMG...look so pretty leh!! Love the outfit and the hair...must mention the hair! Hehe.


I heard the ratings and review for You're Hired was kinda good. Happy to hear that! I can't wait to watch it....So emo today..haha must be from the stress for needing to complete 3 assignments by next Thursday!! People, please visit Charmaine's blog!!! Look at more pictures she posted there! Here's the blog link Give her more hits! GO GO GO!!


Another picture! Love the expression here! Hehe. Go to her blog to see more! Alright, I'm going to end this post here. Just wanted to inform of Charmaine's blog updates and also rant a little from my assignment STRESS!!! LOL. Very soon I will come back to blog more often, at least after submitting these exahusting assignments and also getting the subject matter to blog about! Owh, one last one....Laughing Gor Movie!! I wanna watch it!! Anybody watched it already?? How was it? Will try to catch it after (again) done with all these assignments....Haihz..exhausting until the degree that you feel like crying out tears!!! But a quote from Charmaine helped a lot!



Translations??? "I am a person who cries and laughs easilly, but unhappiness will soon be forgotten." -- Charmaine Sheh

Like the quote?? Maybe from time to time I shall put up more quotes here not necessarily from Charmaine only but other artiste or influential people too!! Depending on my mood that day. LOL. Or some friend's crappy quote! Hahaha. Right, till then see ya! Continue working hard now for my assignments!

Pictures courtesy of Charmaine's TVB Blog.

Note : A request from YanYan Kong (Crystal Kong) to share her fanfic on EUII that she's working on here! Interested followers/readers please visit to read the fanfic and show some support! Thanks!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joey Yung - Very Busy 3 MVs

Here are the 3MVs from Joey's new mandarin album 'very busy' (很忙). The MV is sort of a series of continuation in a story. And at last, I can say: A series of MV that makes much sense. LOL.

Start with : 很忙 (very busy)

Next: 這就是愛嗎 (Is this love?)

And Finally : 答案 (Answer)

Ivy : The MVs are nicely done IMO. Except maybe can get an even more good-looking guy. Haha. I love the part in 'very busy' where the guy started throwing all Joey's stuff on the road and then after that her 'all-surprised-sad-angry' look. Hahaha.

I really like the song 'very busy'. Nicely written and I guess that's something that most people experience. Not only in boy-girl relationships where one tends to neglect the other because of their work, but also in family relationships such as father/mother with children. Even friendship too actually. So, people out there, spend some time with the people you care and love for, before its too late (like what the MV narrates) and then only regret after.

Oh yea..Joey personally confirmed that she will be promoting this album in Malaysia! So I'm assuming during the time period during the T Music Festival! If you like the album then purchase it and attend the autograph session to get it signed!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joey Yung (容祖兒)Mandarin Album 2009 - Very Busy (很忙)

Joey's new mandarin album is going to be released on 14th August 2009!!! Here are the tracklist from YesAsia! (Hong Kong Version)

CD :
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎 ?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 夢非夢
9. 赤地之戀
10. 永遠的愛人

DVD Moov Live
1. Slow Dance
2. 答案
3. 羅馬時差
4. 延長賽
5. 這就是愛嗎?
6. 很忙
7. 烏賊
8. 赤地之戀
9. 我所知的兩三事
10. 可歌可泣
11. 圓謊

Bonus MV
1. 這就是愛嗎? (百老匯廣告)
2. 很忙
3. 這就是愛嗎? (劇場版)
4. 答案

Ivy : I love the cover!! Very Busy = Many Joey images reflecting her being everywhere. Joey didn't break her promise when she said she will include MOOV Live into the album. Can't wait for the album to be released!! I hope HK version will be available in Malaysia and also that it will be allowed to be brought for autograph sessions IF Joey has one in Malaysia. Well, unless Malaysia version provides the similar privileges and not go all crappy by just including the 10 tracks in the CD as they did to 'A Time For Us'. 期待。。。期待。。。期待!!!

Interested in pre-booking the album?? Visit YesAsia! here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 6th August 2009

Singapore Tour

Earlier, I went to Singapore with Moses Chan, Michael Tse and Sonija Kwok to promote upcoming series in Singapore, (Gem of Life, When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West, E.U. and The Greatness of A Hero). At the same time, went for a series of events to promote new series that will be airing soon including Beyond The Realm of Conscience (Charmaine Sheh & Moses Chan), You're Hired (Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse), D.I.E 2(Sonija Kwok).

First event is to receive interview from various broadcast stations.

Then in the afternoon, we went to Bugis Junction to meet the fans.


To thank our fans, of course we will have to give them some souvenirs!!


Michael Tse and Sonija Kwok was surprised by the surprise birthday celebration.

We presented prizes to winning contestants.


At the end of the promotion, we signed our names on the promotional board.

Our overseas partner, Scorpio East new branch opening ceremony.

Original Blog Post credit to Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog.

If Reposted Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : Finally found the time to translate this after I finished my marketing assignment!! Please visit Charmaine's TVB blog to increase her blog hits and also view the other pictures that she posted up!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

T Music Festival *added poster*

Another concert! Another concert!! Muahahaha...Well here are some details of the concert which I took from the Star newspaper!

"The T Music Festival is a five-hour-long marathon concert featuring popular singers from the Asian region. Among other Hong Kong artistes performing are Joey Yung, Justin Lo, Kay Tse, Khalil Fong and Kenny Kwan.

From Taiwan are David Tao, Power Station and Sam Lee. China is represented by Jade Liu and Ocean, Thailand by James and Chin, and Singapore by Kelvin Tan.

Internationally acclaimed Sabah-born singer-songwriter Gary Chaw will be joined by local artistes Eric Lim, Kay Kwok, Manhand, Andrew Tan and Rickman Chia.

Organised by Galaxy, the T Music Festival will be staged at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Sept 12 starting at 7pm."

extracted from "Soler hits town for Galaxy do" By SETO KIT YAN (6th August 2009)

note: Soler Is attending too.

Ivy : Anyone up for it?? Well I am!! I think I'll go get tickets soon! Will post more details soon if there are more! I highlighted the name of the singers that I'm interested to watch!! I'm happy with the Hong Kong list. They are all singers that I adore!! If they add Leo Ku, Hacken Lee or Raymond Lam in it then it'll be perfect! Haha.

Monday, August 3, 2009

1st-2nd August Events Part 2

William Chan Album Promotion, Station One, Kuala Lumpur

Alright! Part 2! William Chan came for his album promotion last week from 30th-2nd August if I'm not mistaken. Well since he came to somewhere really near the place I lived on 2nd August, so why not attend it? Hehe. Oh btw, you all know who William Chan is? He came from the boy band Sun Boy'z. After they split, he became a solo singer. He's getting famous now in Hong Kong and he won the best newcomer last year in all 4 station awards (JSG, 903, Metro and RTHK). His song 'Taxi' is quite famous in Hong Kong and he is a dancing singer. A big MJ fan. Also Joey's 'little brother' (Si Tai). I'm not sure the relationship between Raymond and him...Si Tai or Si Hing? Haha. I think he should be Raymond's Si Hing if talking in terms of starting in EEG.

Well, I went to Station One Cafe at around 7.45pm. William was supposed to arrive at 8pm. But there was not many people around. Well, I half expected that. Because I think William is not very known in Malaysia. I only know him because I'm a Joey fan and also because I keep updated to Hong Kong Entertainment news. Also because of that 'protest' stuff going on last weekend, well KL people should know..most people rather stay at home last weekend than to go outings. So we had our dinner there first with my family. Alright, skip the waiting part and all those setting the stage up part, William finally came at around 8.45pm. LOL. He came in and I shook hands with him. Haha.

My first impression on William is that he's a very good looking guy. He looks better in life than on screen. My mum says that too. And not to mention his great build. Haha. Well, he has got a 6 pax so of course he has a great body. Haha. William wore a simple white t-shirt, cheqquered pants and a hat....HAT....Fung Fung style..ahahha..well I guess that's summer fashion now in Hong Kong. William was kinda friendly greeting the people on stage and talking a little of his background to the audience. Because most of the people there were clueless of who he is TBH. Haha. There were a few fans that I could spot who really came to see him rather than have dinner at the cafe. So first, here's a video of the first song William sang. His currently plugged song in HK, 戰士 (Warrior).

I half expected him to dance while singing the song as dancing is his forte. But he didn't really dance. I guess he feels weird coz the environment just doesn't suit it and the mood too. He's like singing to total strangers who got no idea who he is except a few that he could recognise that came from previous events (which is real nice of them). As to voice quality, I didn't really expect his vocals to be really good through past experience of listening to him sing with Joey. Haha. But then, he surprised me as his voice is kinda stable and good live (maybe not so much pressure..wakakaka). Thumbs up to him for that!

After that, he sang another song from his album 'Warrior' that is plugging too at HK radio stations. The title is 今天終於知道錯.

Its actually quite a nice song. I guess he's singing without actually listening to the melody at the first part. LOL. Because the music was too soft. Haha. But his timing was still accurate. After that, he talked a little bit more mostly to introduce more of himself so that the clueless people there would know who he is. After that, he said Bye and had to leave to another stop for another function. So when he passed my side I stopped him and asked(Okay, thick skin me again...ahahhaa), "William, can I take a picture with you!?"(I don't expect him to reject me as a always stress on humility and modesty) And he heard my question and didn't answer much, just a nod and then suddenly stand beside me and start to strike pose already. HAhahaha. His assistant or maybe one of the crew with him told him, "Be careful, there's a little kid behind you." But luckily nothing happened. The little kid walked off. LOL. So my mum helped me to take a picture. But then Okay...I wonder why these things always happen??? The camera is in standby mode so the screen is pitch black. And when that happens, my not-so-savvy mum is clueless on how to take a picture. Haha. She thought the camera was not on! And that time, more people seeing that I went to take pictures with him, also went to gather around waiting for their turn! Luckily William waited patiently as I get the technical problems fixed and also luckily his assistant was kind and not starting to go like "No time, no time, next!!"

So my mum managed to take the picture! Haha. I thank William and went over to my mum while others gather around to take pictures with him. Haha. Then I view the picture, well its not blur or anything, but its just zoomed tooooo close. Its like no body. Only two heads..get what I mean? Hahaha. Then I told my mum not nice lar! Then she say then how? I went over to William again waiting for him to take pictures with other fans then I went up and mumbling about blur picture...hahaha. Which I think he had no idea what I just said. LOL. But he pose for another picture with me again. Haha. Nice of him. Here's the picture took 2nd time. Haha. Okay, I show my face again here...LOL. Since its on my Twitter anyways. But please do me a favor by not reposting it elsewhere or direct linking the image. Thanks


After that William said bye bye and left. And my grandma was there too she's like 70 years old and I almost LOL when she waved bye to William and William(I guess surprised seeing an old lady listen to him sing) waved and smiled back at her. Hahaha. After my mum paid the bills for the dinner then only I received William's album. Because spending above RM100 in a single bill entitled us to a free album. You can see the album in the photo I posted above. Then I told my mum... Aiya...should have asked for autograph! And his fans sitting at the next table beside us also said..Yeah! Forgot to take autograph! Hahaha.

At the end of the day my impression of William is that he has the potential. He just has to work hard and learn from more experience on how to make himself comfortable during events and control the atmosphere in different situations. And also its good to see him continuing his promotion tour with spirit at this time when KL is under protest stuff and also with not many people attending his events. That's the spirit! Every singer starts from a nobody into a somebody. Continue to work hard William, success will be yours one day!

1st-2nd August Events Part 1

Wonder where had I been last weekend? Studying? Well, not really. Hahaha. Last weekend I went to Genting Highlands to watch Tsai Chin's Concert on the 1st and also went to attend a William Chan event on the 2nd of August. So here are my experience and comments on the two events!

Tsai Chin Live In Genting Highlands Malaysia, 2009

Some of you may wonder who the hell is Tsai Chin? Hahaha. Well if you are following the Taiwan music industry, then you may know that Tsai Chin is one of the nominee for The Best Female Singer Category at the Golden Melody Awards this year. She was nominated along with Jolin Tsai, Fish Leong etc but did not win the award in the end. Well, its not surprising as giving the best singer award to a 52 year old(this year) veteran singer may receive fans disapproval although I do feel that if talking in terms of vocals, then veteran singers own them. But we are now living in an era where pure vocals alone are not sufficient. Demanding creatures aren't we?

Well the main reason I watched this concert is because I'm accompanying my mum to watch it. She is one of my mum's favourite singer and I'm so used to listening my mum sing her songs during K-sessions that I am quite familiar with her songs too! Haha. Well, my mum accompanied me for Joey's concert, Super Trio concert etc. so this time it is my turn to accompany her. Its an indirect deal. Haha. So, concert starts at around 8.15pm (which is a good sign as not too long of a delay) and again Dejavu factor...I feel that I'm one of the youngest people in the crowd watching this concert just like Liza Wang's concert last year.

So concert starts and hmm...first song she sang..not familiar. Hahaha. Okay...but vocal quality, good, and maybe I can put it excellent. Then she started talking and receiving many flowers from the audience below and started talking for about 5 minute or so before continuing with the next song. Hmm...not familiar to me again. LOL. I thought this is happening to me only, but my mum told me she wasn't familiar with the song too. Haha. And then, the cycle repeated again like a ritual. Sing--Talk--Sing--Talk (you get the idea). Then, she went in for a costume change and came out with a red dress. And then, she sang a faster paced song which my mind *clicked* yeah! At last, a song I know! So, when I know a song, I video it. Although its not allowed but so far so good, no one stopped me from video recording yet...(recalling bad experiences from Joey's concert) Tsai Chin did a "yo, yo" dance while singing this song. Haha. Well this is the part where I feel the mood start to liven up and audience start to get involved.

When the atmosphere lights up, then I was expecting more fun and lively songs. But after that song then another ---Talk----She didn't continue with another fast song after that, but continued singing some unknown songs to me. The ritual continued on Song--Talk--Song--Talk (with some change of costume in between). At one talking session, Tsai Chin said that she will leave the audience feeling 10 years younger after watching this concert. In my mind I was thinking, "Oh wow! So after this concert, I'll be a 9 year old kid once more! Let's see if it'll be so or it'll backfire!" I sound mean?

After more unknown songs, at this point I'm listening more to vocals than the song. Then, she finally sang more songs that I'm familiar with. 最後一夜 (the last night) which is her hit song. I think most chinese society will know this song. Its like how most people know Teresa Teng's 月亮代表我的心(Moon Represents My Heart).

After that, she sang songs made famous by other singers such as Jacky Cheung, Dave Wong and Teresa Teng. Which gives a fresh feel. She sang those songs well. After more of the talking ritual then she sang the two songs that I was expecting to listen to the whole night. 不了情 and 新不了情 (endless love and new endless love respectively). Here's a recording of New Endless Love!

After a few more songs and talk then the concert ended. She came out for encore and sang her most famous song 恰似你的溫柔. She sang the song really well and it was one of the song of hers that I was most familiar with. If any of you watched the 24 hour Sichuan fund-raising event at Hong Kong last year then you may have heard Tsai Chin singing that song there. I really like the melody and lyrics. Its an evergreen and golden song.

Well, to wrap up my feelings and comments at the end of the concert. I feel that Tsai Chin talks too much in between songs. Out of the 3 hour concert I think talking may have tooked up 30-45 minutes of the show. I will give her a 8/10 for vocals but 5/10 for showmanship and performance. As an audience, I feel the lack or arrousal(I use this word carefully) during the concert. And paying RM350 for a ticket is not really worth the money. The rundown of the songs are not too satisfying as she didn't sing most of her other famous piece. If you were to go for her concert, then paying less for a cheaper ticket and paying for a VVIP ticket wont make much difference as her voice is her strength, not her stage performance. Will I attend another Tsai Chin concert?? I doubt. Once is enough and no regrets from me as I have listened to one of Taiwan's Music Queen sing live. Oh yeah, before I end the post, the question earlier. Did I feel like a 9 year old? Or a 90 year old? Haha. Well, my answer is : Indifferent. I don't feel much diference and the concert is too plain. I don't feel older and start humming classics nor I start jumping around and feeling lively. So final words for the concert : "Tsai Chin sings to your ears but not to your eyes."

p.s. we waited after the concert to see if Tsai Chin will come out to meet some fans. There were some fans from Taiwan and Hong Kong waiting too. But she did not turn up. Well........

I will update on William Chan in the next post!