Sunday, August 23, 2009

I miss my blogging!! ~~~ A little on Charmaine!

I miss my blogging!! I was like looking through old posts and really miss blogging like how I did then....Haihz....studies changed it huh? LOL...nevermind I can go back to that when my holidays come! Yeah! LOL....studies comes first. I have to strive on and work hard to achieve further lengths into my interest and ambitions! Anyway, look at Charmaine's picture here from her blog updates today (I'm not translating as its about You're Hired plot, which I have not watch yet)!! OMG...look so pretty leh!! Love the outfit and the hair...must mention the hair! Hehe.


I heard the ratings and review for You're Hired was kinda good. Happy to hear that! I can't wait to watch it....So emo today..haha must be from the stress for needing to complete 3 assignments by next Thursday!! People, please visit Charmaine's blog!!! Look at more pictures she posted there! Here's the blog link Give her more hits! GO GO GO!!


Another picture! Love the expression here! Hehe. Go to her blog to see more! Alright, I'm going to end this post here. Just wanted to inform of Charmaine's blog updates and also rant a little from my assignment STRESS!!! LOL. Very soon I will come back to blog more often, at least after submitting these exahusting assignments and also getting the subject matter to blog about! Owh, one last one....Laughing Gor Movie!! I wanna watch it!! Anybody watched it already?? How was it? Will try to catch it after (again) done with all these assignments....Haihz..exhausting until the degree that you feel like crying out tears!!! But a quote from Charmaine helped a lot!



Translations??? "I am a person who cries and laughs easilly, but unhappiness will soon be forgotten." -- Charmaine Sheh

Like the quote?? Maybe from time to time I shall put up more quotes here not necessarily from Charmaine only but other artiste or influential people too!! Depending on my mood that day. LOL. Or some friend's crappy quote! Hahaha. Right, till then see ya! Continue working hard now for my assignments!

Pictures courtesy of Charmaine's TVB Blog.

Note : A request from YanYan Kong (Crystal Kong) to share her fanfic on EUII that she's working on here! Interested followers/readers please visit to read the fanfic and show some support! Thanks!


sehseh said...

Hi there, long time since I dropped a message here. Hope you are coping well with your studies! But don't forget, you are also suppose to enjoy your college life! Have fun once a while!

yanyankong said...

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