Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joey Yung - Very Busy 3 MVs

Here are the 3MVs from Joey's new mandarin album 'very busy' (很忙). The MV is sort of a series of continuation in a story. And at last, I can say: A series of MV that makes much sense. LOL.

Start with : 很忙 (very busy)

Next: 這就是愛嗎 (Is this love?)

And Finally : 答案 (Answer)

Ivy : The MVs are nicely done IMO. Except maybe can get an even more good-looking guy. Haha. I love the part in 'very busy' where the guy started throwing all Joey's stuff on the road and then after that her 'all-surprised-sad-angry' look. Hahaha.

I really like the song 'very busy'. Nicely written and I guess that's something that most people experience. Not only in boy-girl relationships where one tends to neglect the other because of their work, but also in family relationships such as father/mother with children. Even friendship too actually. So, people out there, spend some time with the people you care and love for, before its too late (like what the MV narrates) and then only regret after.

Oh yea..Joey personally confirmed that she will be promoting this album in Malaysia! So I'm assuming during the time period during the T Music Festival! If you like the album then purchase it and attend the autograph session to get it signed!

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