Monday, September 27, 2010

Astro On Demand Drama Promotion

Another event for fans at Kuala Lumpur falling on the same date with Linda's event in Penang.

Astro On Demand [Rosy Business 2] Promotion

Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Time: 2pm
Artiste appearance: Fala Chen, Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngoh Ka Nin

Venue: Berjaya Times Square
Time: 6pm
Artiste appearance: Fala Chen, Wayne Lai, Pierre Ngoh Ka Nin

Ivy: Now they choose to go to Sunway Pyramid when I'm not in KL!!!!!!! Pissing me off!! Anyway, have fun! To those who are going to the event!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Event: Linda Chung Bio-essence Malaysia Promo 2010

Here's an event for interested fans to attend:

Linda Chung Bio-essence product promotion

Date: October 2nd (Saturday)
Venue: Gurney Plaza concourse, Penang
Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm

Date: October 3rd (Sunday)
Time: 12:00pm-1pm

Date: October 3rd (Sunday)
Time: 2pm - 3pm

Ivy: I'll be in Penang that time. So hmm..I'll probably be at Gurney to snap some pictures if I don't have any other obligations at hand. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 13, 2010

12th September 2010: Sherman Chung Meet-and-Greet at B.B.Q Plaza, Times Square


Hong Kong artiste Sherman Chung which is one of my favourite singer came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to promote her album 'One Mission' and book 'My Way' last week. She's also here to be the new brand ambassador of facial product 'Beautymate'. The title of my post stated BBQ Plaza, Times Square, however there is something which I should mention. If you refer to my previous post regarding this event, the promotional poster stated that there is an event happening at Cheras Leisure Mall on the 12th of September at 3pm. So, I did went to that event and after searching through the mall with no sign of Sherman anywhere, I finally turned to the information counter lady which told me that the event was yesterday. I was like....What!!!??? *sniff sniff* How am I going to get Sher's book then??

What a big error with the poster! I wonder how many fans who ended up like me? Luckily I had a final event to attend thanks to Mr Poh for his arrangement which is at BBQ Plaza, Times Square. The event was meant for One FM contest winner, however Mr Poh was really nice to special arrange for me and my mum to attend. Many thanks to him! So I ended up eating Roast Goose at Cheras and did a little shopping before leaving for Times Square. Again, arrived at Times Square early so again, more shopping..means spending more $$$....kidding. Haha.

I went to BBQ Plaza at around 5.10pm and nobody arrived yet except for Mr Poh and some One FM crew. So I met up with Mr Poh and he got us a seat first at the side table. So I just waited and prepare my camera gear. LOL. And I realise they are serving us food because there's the BBQ wok set up on all the tables ready. Since no one is around so test snaps of the table set ups!


While waiting, more fans arrived and at around 5.30pm the place was full already except my table which only had me and my mum...Nobody came our side, maybe because they thought I'm part of the crew. Our table was supposed to sit 6 pax. Hahaha. As someone who loves to snap pictures of people, of course I don't stay still and sit..instead I kept taking pictures around at the crowd and then I spotted Ah Peng! Hahaha...seems like I always see her around in events. So I went to say hi to her and also I told my mum I want to get Sherman's book and she then asked one of the organising crew and she sold us one copy. Then while continuing on snapping pictures suddenly I heard the MC saying "Welcome Chung Shu Man!!" and I was like Huh? And I saw Sherman just walking pass me to her seat. blur was I?

Then everyone with cameras got up from their seats and started snapping pictures while Sherman greeted with a big warm Hello! Then she sat and listen to the MC saying the necessary stuff with chin resting on her hand, listening and smiling for photographs at times.


After that, the MC said that we can ask Sherman some questions....but he then added in cantonese, "I know you all are shy to ask, so let me ask for you all! Sherman, when will you come to Malaysia again?" And Sherman gave a laugh and replied, "If everything is on schedule, then I'll come again in October with a few colleagues for a music show." That's a really good news for me! And October is just around the corner! The MC then invited Sherman out to say a few words and Sherman said that she's really happy to see people coming today and also the previous events. She said she had a fear that there will be no one turning up for her functions! (aww...come on Sherman, give yourself more confidence ya!) Here's a video I took on part of her speech and also a rough idea on the surrounding atmosphere of the place.

After that, the MC asked Sherman out again to take pictures with fans and she happily stood back up and walked over for pictures. So fans went rushing up again. So I got in line too and it was starting to take lots of time that the MC said to the person in front of me that that's the last individual photo. However I still went forward to take...but I got a little problem. Because I'm using my DSLR and nobody knows how to use it. The MC did offer to help but when he said just click on the shutter right?? Then I know he didn't know how to use it..LOL. And my mum said she didn't know how to too! So, I went alright then, come let me 'ji bak'! Hahaha..Sherman saw me trying to 'ji bak' and she asked me 'Can or not?' (In English) which I later on wonder why she spoke in English with me? Hahaha...So I took the first shot...(I'll only reveal these shots on my own facebook since I try my best to keep myself mysterious on blogspot...hahaha) When I saw out first shot...I went...OMGosh in my heart...why do we both look like we are cam-whoring!!??? I said, another try! This time, the effect turned out better, although we both still look really silly. Hahaha...Then after that I took a shot for my mum. I told Sherman this is my mummy and Sherman looked at my mum and she gave a big Photobucketand said, "Har! gaam nin heng geh!" (har!so young!?) LOL...I guess my mum must be happy to hear that. So I Photobucketfor my mum and then after that I asked Sherman, "Sherman, nei li chi yam jor gei doh pui kat zai bing ar?" (Sherman, this time how many glasses of Sour Lime juice (a malaysian drink) did you drank?) She didn't hear me clearly so she said, "me ah wa?" (pardon?) So I repeated and once she catched what I said she went very excited and went, "Waah!! Ngoh yam joor hou doh ah!! Cha em dor yat yat yaam leung pui!" (Waah! I drank a lot! Around 2 glasses per day!") I giggled and she asked me back, "Eh, nei dim ji gah leh?" (eh, how did you know?) And I replied, "ngoh yau gan nei geh mei bok ge mah!" (I follow your Sina Weibo) And she went, "hai ar! hou ar, post di ye seung lei la" (Really! Good, post some stuffs up la!). Here's a full length picture of Sherman on that night. I think her shoes is like 6 inch high? No wonder she looked so tall compared to the last time I saw her. Haha.


So after that, the MC said we could all eat our dinner now. Then I saw a waiter gave Sherman a menu. She flip through it and told the waiter she doesn't want anything. At that time I was thinking, artiste keeping fit? Haha...So we waited for our food and the waiter first poured soup to let the wok hot first. So while waiting we looked at Sherman while I Photobucketoccasionally. Then she started signing autographs for the fans seating the same table with her. And my mum told me aren't you getting yours signed? I said yeah, later on. Then after awhile Sherman suddenly left her table and went to the table over the other side and sat with the fans there. I'm actually a little surprised. She actually took the initiative to approach her fans. So I didn't know what happen around there since its two tables away so I can't hear anything. After a few minutes, she then went to the next table, which is Ah Ping's table. And so I manage to get some shots and heard Sherman saying something like she recognises Ah Ping (aiyo, Ah Ping..she must've chased Sherman a lot these many days..hahaha). She then took more pictures with them....while I took pictures of Sherman from my side. Hahaha...Here's one to share!


Then after that, Sherman walked over to my table. And I sat further in so she could sit beside. It feels a little awkward that she's just sitting beside me. Hahhaa..then my mum took my DSLR and forced herself to get a little tech savvy and took pictures for us. And the same funny thing happens to people who take pictures with DSLR when they are not used to it...they keep shooting without realising that there's already 5-6 shots taken. So we both posed until I move apart so she realise she took too many shots. Hahaha!

So the first thing Sherman asked me was, "nei hai em hai li tou ge yan ar?" (are you from here?) I didn't really get what she meant so I go closer and ask her "meh ah wa?" (pardon?) and she repeated. And I said, "em hai!" (nope) (hahahaha) Then she added, "gaam nei dim gai wui lei li dou geh? nei hai li dou zou meh gah?" (Then how did you end up here? You're here for?) And I said, "ngoh hai li dou duk shu geh" (I study here). Then she added, "eh..gaam nei em hai li dou yan? nei hai Malaysia yan?" (So you're not from're Malaysian?" (gosh!! now I get what she actually meant! hahaha...she was asking if I'm from another country! Maybe I don't look Malaysian? haha..which is why she spoke english to me the first time? Maybe yes, maybe no?....'hou yu ar'!!)So I clarified myself with my broken half-past-six cantonese, "ngoh hai Malaysia yan..bat guo hai ling yat goh 'state' lei gah." (I'm Malaysian, but from another state) Then she went, "Oooowh!"

Then out of the blue the conversation just went on. I said I'm going to Hong Kong to study soon. (on exchange) Then my mum chipped in on it too. Then Sherman was like "zan hai gah!?" (really!?) and I said, "Hai ah, Hong Kong dai hok" (Yeah, University of Hong Kong). Then Sherman gave a really cute expression, she said "Wah!! Nei Yap jor ar? Nei hou lek ar!! Hong Kong dai hok hou nan yap gah!!"(Wah, you entered? You must be really smart! University of Hong Kong is really hard to enter!) And my reaction was like...Photobucket*speechless*...HAHAHA. Then she added, "nei Mummy yat ding hou hoi sam ar nei gam lek" (your mum must be really happy you're so smart) then she turned to my mum and start telling her, "wah aunty nei yat ding hou hoi sam la....." (wah aunty, you should be really happy...) then she stopped and turned back to me and say, "nei mummy sik ting gwong tong wah mou?" And I just nodded...but Sherman ended up speaking in English to her. She said, "You must be happy." And my mum said some 'yuk mah' stuff around the lines of me being very sweet and her darling........which left me.... Photobucket........'gaam gai, gaam gai!!' And Sherman just smiled and giggle...HAHAHA. Then she asked my mum, "nei wooi tong kui hui Hong Kong? You're going to HK too?" And my mum said, "Yes. But not for long just to accompany her for holiday."

Picture 1 caption: Conversation with Sherman on studies....

Then next topic, my mum said, "I love your hairstyle. It suits you very much." And Sherman replied excitedly, "This hairstyle? Yeah!! I like it too!" And my mum continued, "I looked at your older albums with the long hair...its not as nice as this short hair." And she said, "Yeah! The long hair...uurghh *shakes head*, I don't like it. Not beautiful. I love this short hair!" (I was laughing inside my heart...that's really cute and funny!) Then some food came and Sherman was like helping us arrange the food and plates in place. And because there's a hot pot infront with boiling soup so she told us, "siu sam ar" (be careful). OMGosh...she's too nice la!! Then I asked her, "nei em sek ar?" (you're not eating?) And she replied, "em la...ngoh tau sin yau sik jor di ye...em ngor" (I ate something earlier, don't feel hungry) After that, she wanted to stand up to leave and said, "man man sik la" (bon apetite). Then I stopped her! Not because I didn't want her to leave..LOLS..but because we talked until she forgot to sign my albums and book! Hahaha...I told her, "Eh, ho em ho yi pong ngoh chim ar!?" Then she was like, "Owh!!" and sat back down beside me. Then I first passed her 'A letter to myself album'. So I opened the inner side instead of the cover because I don't want to ruin the cover picture. Hahaha...So she said, "chim li dou ar?"(sign here?) And I said, "hou ar, chim lo dou la" (Ok, sign here). So she signed then surprisingly she asked me, "nei kiu meh meng ar?" (What's your name?). And a stunted me who didn't expect her to voluntarily ask for my name replied, "Oh, Ivy." And she said, "I-V-Y ar?" And I replied, "hai." (Yes). Then she wrote on top of the album, "Dearest Ivy". Gosh, I am so Gam Tung-ing...HAHAHA.

Picture caption 2: Asking my name......Photobucket

Then, I let her sign the Joey Yung Metro Radio Concert where she was one of the guest for Joey. She signed on the back cover but I actually wanted her to sign in the inner booklet so I said, "kei sat leh ngoh yiu nei chim li dou geh."(Actually I want you to sign here). And she didn't say much and signed on the booklet too. Hahaha. Then while she signed on it I asked her, "nei tai jor mei ar li goh?" (have you watched the concert?) And she said, "tai jor lu" (watched it!). And I said, "hou hou ah! Nei geh yin chut!" (your performance was good!) and she said, "Doh jeh!" (thank you!). Then I asked her while passing her book for her to sign, "nei sap yuet wooi tong ping goh lei ar?"(who are you coming with in October?). And she answered, "Erm...ngoh la, Wing Yee, William tong mai Hung Cheuk Lap."(Erm, myself, Vincy, William and Ken) And I said, "Wah! Ngo sei goh dou zhung yi wor!" (Wah, I like all four of you)....(man, do I sound too 'fa sam' here? hahaha..I just meant that they are all singers that I do listen to. Haha. I'm sure I'll enjoy the mini concert that way)

Picture Caption 3: Talking on concert performance and upcoming mini concert in October

So after that Sherman really had to leave and attend to the other table. She gave us two vouchers of BBQ Plaza of RM50...hmm I wonder where are they now..I think my mum's having it. Hahaha. Then she said, "doh jeh nei dei gam yat lei ar". In my heart I was like, Thank YOU instead, Sherman!! So nice and humble!!

Then we started eating and very soon again we were asked to walk outside for a group photo. So again we walked outside and everyone started crowding around. Sherman took a picture with the BBQ Plaza manager first and after that Sherman was like, "lei ngoh dei pai hou goh wai sin"(come let's arrange ourselves) And Ah Ping asked her, "nei keh bin dou ar?" (where are you standing?) And she said, "ngoh keh li dou em yuk ge lar!" (I'm just going to stand here). HAHAHA. Then I didn't know where to stand because both left and right was already full. So I just stood infront of her and squatted down halfway. I didn't pass my camera for the group picture coz no one knows how to use it. Hahaha. Then Sherman said, "lam sik geh lei doh yat chi!" (blue one, another shot!). I was wondering why blue one another shot? Later on I realise, blue one is her Iphone. Hahaha. You can view the group photo at Sherman's weibo: which she uploaded soon after she left the function.

So after group photo, me and Ah Ping was still around. So I went up to Sherman and said, "Sherman, ho em ho yi pose har bei ngoh ying gei jiong siong post siong mei bok ar?" (Sherman, can you pose for some shots so I can post up to Weibo?) And she's like "Owh, Ok! li dou la" (Owh Ok, over here)*poses* then *giggles*. And then many other people took pictures too. So she ended up posing for everyone to take even after I stopped taking pictures. Hahaha. Here's one of the shot with a more cheery look:


Another one with our green dragon friend which BBQ Plaza would love:


And a final one which I'm satisfied with. Making Sherman look outstanding and sharp in here:


While outside, Ah Ping also asked her why she's not eating. And she said she's not hungry and said she was sleeping in the car earlier. Hahaha. She said, "ngo geng ngo ying seung ying dak em leng ar!" (I'm afraid the pictures I take don't look good!) And I said, "mou ah! Hou leng ar!" (No, they're good!) And she smiled. Then the MC joined us and said that actually Sherman is very nice. He'd seen many singers and very few will take the first move to go over to every fans table to interact with fans. And I seriously agree with him. So we all nodded in agreement and said, "hai ah!!" (Yes!). And Sherman was like, "hai ar? *giggles* and *smiles* keeping humble. Then before we went back in, I told her, "Ha chi ngoh hui Hong Kong si, ngoh hui nei geh function la!" (next time when I'm in Hong Kong I'll go attend your functions yah!) And she replied, "Hou ar, hou ar!" (Okay!)

So we went back inside and me and my mum finally seriously ate. Hahaha...Sherman then said Bye and Thank You to all of us and said that she's leaving. So we all waved bye to her!! And enjoyed the food that was served to us. There was so much food provided that we were so full! The organisers were really generous and the event was simple and yet enjoyable and pleasant. A good job done there! Before we left, I thanked Mr Poh for arranging this. And once again here, Thanks to Mr Poh!! Appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing Sherman again in October!!
From Sherman:


Words to Sherman: Give more confidence to yourself. Stay humble and continue working hard in your passion for music and singing. Hardwork never go to waste. You put your efforts out, people will eventually feel it. Add Oil and all the best! I believe in your potential. Finally, God Bless!

Event venue: BBQ Plaza, Times Square
Organisers & Sponsors:
Hung Fook Tong
One FM

Flickr Slide Show: