Saturday, October 9, 2010

2nd October 2010: Linda Chung Bio-Essence Roadshow


I can't believe this is the second time I'm rewriting this post. I wrote about more than a thousand words on this post and when I click publish, the whole thing wasn't posted because of connection error!! OMG... and the auto-save function wasn't working for Blogger!! What happened?? Totally spoiled my mood to rewrite the whole thing again. And considering I'm not very free to re-write the whole thing again because I have to do my revision for my coming exams! HAIHZ...I'm so pissed off now! Don't think I have the inspiration now to re-write the whole thing.
So, I'll just put down brief comments on the event and put up pictures then.
First, Linda arrived late for the event. Like 8.50pm instead of 8pm because she was having her favourite chicken rice. And IMO, that was a really bad excuse to make, considering fans have been waiting from as early as 6pm and I believe many haven't had their dinner too. Can't her chicken rice wait till later since isn't having late dinner something accustomed to being an artiste?


Linda arriving to the event

Second point: I realise the lack of interaction Linda has with her fans. She just gave small waves and occasional smiles at her fans. Instead, she spent most of her time chatting with the two Bio-Essence executives who came with her.


chatting most of the time with the Bio-essence executive

Third: Linda didn't do enough homework! While chatting with the MC on the product, I was surprised that she didn't manage to get the name of the product she was promoting that night. Luckily the MC was there to fill in the flaw. She only knew the product was a sleeping mask.


Favourite shot of the night. The only shot where she looked over at my side.

Fourth: To those interested to know as to how Linda looked in person, well she's tall. Standing at 1.73 metres, she's taller than most of the guys around. However, I can't help commenting that she has a broad shoulder. Probably because she's brought up in Western countries. Being fed with healthy grown potatoes as carbohydrate instead of rice and also an abundance of Canadian cow milk as source of calcium. HAHAHA...Just look at other artiste brought up in Western countries such as Leaane Li, Bernice Liu and Sonija Kwok. LOL! Compare them to likes of Natalie Tong and Leila Tong!


Posing to media camera..but not fan cameras....

My thoughts: In my opinion, Linda needs to improve on her 'people skills'. Being 'horoscopically' superstitious, probably because she's an Arian! LOLS...I'm an Arian too and we tend to act cool and not interact much with people that we are not familiar with. However, as an artiste and public figure, Linda should improve more on this. Little gestures such as shaking hands with random fans during an event or randomly flashing a smile and posing to a fan camera could change the situation big deal! Fans nowadays need more direct interaction and a feeling of existance by their idols. That's why Weibo is so popular nowadays.

And also, I'll probably be on hiatus from now till Mid November. Because this is a tough and crucial semester in uni for me and I have to start pumping on the revisions!! Gonna click 'publish' post now..hope it doesn't fail again!!!

More photos from event:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sharing: Super Trio CBML Special plus JSG

Hi all! While finding for time to update on the Linda event under pressure of assignments and coming exams, let me share some treats with you all first.

Download links to Super Trio episode featuring casts from Can't Buy Me Love and also Jade Solid Gold episode featuring Joey Yung, Susanna Kwan, Mimi Chu and Denise Ho etc.

Super Trio Game Master (Can't Buy Me Love special feat. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Susan Tse, Lee Heung Kam etc)

Option 1:
Option 2:
Option 3:

Jade Solid Gold (Feat. Joey Yung, Susanna Kwan, Denise Ho, Mimi Chu etc.)


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