Monday, June 30, 2008

Joey Yung Starlight Live in Genting

Last Saturday, 28th June to be exact I went to watch Joey Yung's Starlight Concert Live in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. I reached Genting at around 2pm, after a very long journey by bus. I decided to collect my tickets earlier at around 4.30pm to avoid the crowd collecting their tickets later so true enough there wasn't a que at the counter. Besides collecting the ticket, I was also there to collect my promised copy of Joey's autographed poster( I actually requested this from Genting because I was supposed to get the autograph on 31st May which I missed because of exams). But the counter guy told me they are only going to have the poster after okay then, I'll come back here at 7.30pm then.


So my friend and myself went back to the hotel to freshen up and then decided to go for dinner at around 6.30pm. When we got down to the entrance of the Arena Of Stars, we could hear them playing Joey's song already. Then when we sat the escalator up which was beside the arena, we heard Joey rehearsing and testing the audio system! Haha...she was rehearsing one of her fast songs.

Okay, after a very very filling buffet dinner (which I regretted later) I went back down to the ticketing counter. True enough there was already quite a huge crowd....but luckilly they are entering the arena and not collecting tickets.Hahaha. So I went back to the counter and asked for the poster...and then they were blur! And I saw them started talking to their walkie-talkie. Then they asked me to wait and so I was thinking oh no I don't think I'm going to get the poster.....then suddenly a lady called my name and asked who's Ivy? So I told her "I'm Ivy." She then told me(In Cantonese) that she haven't got the poster yet because Artiste(Joey) not done signing yet. So I asked her when will Joey be able to pass it to you then? And she told me she's not sure and asked if I'll be staying overnight. I told her yeah I am(by this time we're speaking English...I don't know why..maybe coz my Canto sounds weird??) and asked her for her contact number so I'll call her tomorrow to collect. She then gave me her contact number. And I added that I'm catching the 2pm bus so if by 2pm she still hasn't receive it from Joey then.....? And to my surprise she answered, "Then I'll pass it to you in Penang." I was speechless at first then she said "Oh, I'm from Penang and I'm going back to visit next month." Ooh...hahaha..."Ka Ki Nang"!!


We walked into the arena and along the way we saw Joey's fanclub members promoting their fanclub, selling merchandise such as T-shirts, Key Chains, Soft Toy(which I think Joey designed herself as she repetitively asked her fans to buy it during her performance), posters, albums etc. I was impressed by her fanclub, and later on I got to know that she has a very very very huge fanbase and this fanclub is a new fanclub etablished by Joey herself and not under her company EEG. Joey is incharged of her own fanclub together with her family and friends helping to manage it. And fans from Hong Kong and Singapore flew all the way to Genting and booked almost all the VIP sits to support her!!!


Joey's fanclub soft toys

The concert started at about 8.30pm(30 minutes late from schedule because of people still pouring in looking for their seats). Then the lighs went off and Joey sang the first song for her concert. And her voice was just so WOW!!! So smooth and powerful. Listening live and on the CD is very different.

My camera got out of focus and went blur but the audio is good enough! Listen to Joey's voice, so steady even in high notes!! Flawless Live singing!

Then after that we were entertained with more of Joey's singing. She sang her songs in intervals of Fast and Slow. So after her first slow song, she then sang a fast song "Lucky Star" which is the Starlight Concert themesong. She then sang "Love you more this minute" then another fast song "Run Away"(逃). Recording was not actually allowed but I managed to record the following two. Hahaha. Before that annoying guy came and told me recording is not "alloweded" should be "Allowed".

Joey cracked some funny jokes during the concert and her dance sequences are beautiful! And she changed into about 8 different costumes throughout the concert. I love the white top where she wore when singing "Run Away"(逃). And when I saw her waist I go...wooww....perfect figure. Hahaha. One of the best part of her concert was her non-stop singing of all her Classics in 9 years being in the industry. She sang parts of around 13 of her top hits non-stop. It impressed me that after dancing and singing at the same time non-stop for about 20 minutes, she didn't ran out of breath!


After Joey sang her last song which was about 2 hours through and said bye, the audience started shouting Encore! Encore! Joey did not do an encore on the Friday show so I was wondering if she will encore tonight and she did!!! She came back on stage and said she'd like to sing the song 16th Lover which a fan who came yesterday wanted to hear her sing but she didn't. So she hopes that fan could hear her sing this if he/she is here tonight. Then Joey took requests from fans ad one fan shouted "xiao xiao"!! I go yes yes yes!! I love that song!! But she did not sing it and said she'll sing "Amen" instead.(maybe she's not prepared to sing mandarin songs as all her songs that night were cantonese).


After that something unbelievable happened...A fan made a big banner and stated she wants to sing with Joey!! And Joey said, "Okay since this is not the Hong Kong Colliseum. They don't charge me for overrun!!" Hahaha. The fan then went up stage and started bursting into tears and Joey gave her a hug and asked her not to cry. Joey then shoulder hugged her and they sang together!!(The fan's voice was pretty good) Then the fan took out her phone(Joey thought she wanted to call someone) and took a picture with Joey and thanked Joey for fulfilling her dream. Joey said that she's very happy she could fulfill her dream too. The fan gave Joey the banner as a souvenir and also pecked Joey on the cheek. Hahaha. Joey then told her, "Join my fanclub! See those light-banners there? Go there and register yourself with them." Haha...she's promoting her fanclub LOL. She then sang a song dedicated to her Fanclub thanking them for accepting her and supporting her all these years.(I had this whole scene recorded but its in my phone!! I'll try to convert it. If it works I'll upload it here.)

**Updated 8th August 2008

I didn't manage to get a clear image after conversion. But here's a news clip about the concert and also the duet. Lucky fan^^


During the show, I received a SMS and its from Corrine(the lady that talked to me about the poster). She told me she got the autograph from Joey already and she'll meet me at the entrance about 15 minutes after the show!! After the show we met up and she passed the poster to me. Thank You so much Corrine! You're so nice! I told her when she come to Penang give me a call. I'll treat her to repay her kindness! Hehehe.

Overall the concert was FANTASTIC! Love every song she sang and she sang every song flawlessly! I used to hear remarks that Joey is one of canto-pop's current best live singer. I 110% agree now. The concert changed me from Liking Joey to Loving Joey! Will I go if there's another concert in the future? Definitely YES!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog entry : 27th June 2008

Madam Ma

Recently, Siu Ching Jie and myself, together with Bobby(波比) and Ka Wing appeared in Pleasure & Leisure(都巿閒情) to talk about Forensic Heroes II. These two pictures coincidentally featured my character in the series at the background. Pretty amusing. Post it up here to share with you guys.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Original Blog Post and Pictues Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

If reposted please give due credit.

Ivy : Charmaine updated again!! Haha. She'll be starting her holidays soon after the USA event. Happy Holidays Charmaine! Rest Well! Please leave her a comment at her blog! Thanks! She's in 2nd place now after Raymond. Bobby's name was written in chinese as 'bo bi' ( 波比) instead of in English Bobby...LOL..cute!

I'll be going to Genting for Joey Yung's concert tomorrow. So I'll probably update when I'm back on Sunday night!

Forensic Heroes II Casts on Pleasure & Leisure

clip credit to Bebe at BBS

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Requests Liza Wang to Help her Clarify

Image Hosted by

Added 26th June!!

Clip credits to 阿米 from Thanks Jessie for uploading to youtube.

Source : TakungPao

Date : 25th June 2008

Casts from TVB's latest drama (Forensic Heroes II) Bobby Au, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh recorded for talk show(Pleasure And Leisure) yesterday. Recently, there were reports circulating that Charmaine was turned a dark face and scolded by Liza Wang while filming in Mainland China because she was often not punctual for filming. Charmaine expressed that there is no such incident and whenever there is a new series filming, there will be some rumours.

Denies Being Late

Charmaine Sheh and Liza Wang worked together in new series(Turbulence of East and West) and regarding reports of her arriving late on set and was scolded by Liza Wang, Charmaine denied, "There is no such thing, you can ask Ah Jie(Liza). This is not our first time working together and it was very smooth sailing and we are happy working together. I even told Ah Jie(Liza) that she has to help me clarify!" Is it because of working with Liza, so you dare not be late? Charmaine replied, "It is my principle to be punctual, the reports are written only by misinterpretion of the pictures."

Do Not Go Over The Limit

Recently, there were rumours between her, Ron Ng and Joe Ma. She took the rumours lightly and said, "I could not care less for these rumours, I feel that it is very silly and I'm numb from hearing these rumours. When there is a new series, there will be some rumours spreading. Being an artiste, it is important to have some rumours so that there will be some discussion topics. As long as the reports are not over the limit, then it's okay." Reporters asked Charmaine to share who is her prince charming and she asked them back, "Any recommendations?". Regarding the criticsm of her unsteady vocals in the subthemesong of Forensic Heroes II, she said, "Not true, at least nobody said that I sing badly." Will she focus on strengthening her singing skills? She replied, " I still prefer filming more to singing. Singing is not my strength, but I will still sing my best."

If Reposted Please Give Due Credits.

Ivy: Charmaine always replies the reporters with a high EQ!! Haha. She dressed very properly for the talk show.


Liza Wang Clarifies That Charmaine Sheh Was Never Late

Source : On.CC

Date : 25th June 2008

Liza Wang voluntarily models for jewelleries and precious stones for a charitable event. She expressed that she has finished filming Turbulence of East and West. When asked about magazine reports that she was not satisfied of Charmaine Sheh for being late while filming, she clarified, "Every series has rumours, she was never late before." Liza Wang does not have a new series to film currenly, but she will not rest. She will be busy from next month participating mainly in fund raising activities. Her main motive is to raise fund.

If Reposted Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : So nice of Liza to clarify for Charmaine just as Charmaine requested. Haha. Liza is comparable to the Julie Andrews of the East. Gracious and elegant. So nice of her to spend her resting time to raise funds!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charmaine at Qing Yuan, Quangdong Real Estate Opening Ceremony

Image Hosted by

Clips took by fan who attended the event. Special thanks 爱佘1986 from BBS for posting. San Fu Sai le~~ The crowd was really bombastic and it was chaotic!! Pretty scary。。。

Charmaine's Schedule

Pleasure And Leisure (Forensic Heroes II Casts Special) Studio Recording

Date : 24th June 2008 (Tuesday)
Time : 4pm
Guests : Charmaine Sheh, Bobby Au, Kevin Cheng

Ivy : I used to skip this programme(Pleasure & Leisure) on Wah Lai Toi. I guess I have to start taking notice now. Lol~~

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Exclusive Interview : Gallen Lo

Source :

Gallen Lo Volunteers to be Jessica Hsuan's 'Donor'

When fellow friend Jessica Hsuan proclaimed that she would like Louis Koo to be her 'donor' for a baby, Gallen Lo laughs and exclaimed " This is too much! Why didn't she choose me!"


Gallen Lo recently attended the Guangming Moutain Charity performance

Elder brother, Gallen Lo attended Guangming Mountain Charity performance and was interviewed at the Intercontinental Hotel yesterday. Since the last meeting, Gallen still looked high in spirit and friendly, smiling and greeting as soon as he saw the reporters.

China's Sohu news site recently circulated news that Gallen's fellow friend in the industry Jessica Hsuan although is currently still single, would want to be a single mother to satisfy her over 80 years old father's wish to have a grandchild.

When a single mother does not choose her husband but the father of her child, Jessica picked her friend Louis Koo as the likely candidate.

Reports stated that Jessica has more "feelings" for handsome guys.

Jessica wants to take advantage of Louis' qualities for her baby? The reporter brought this up, and Gallen who is always cautious and modest with his words stares with big eyes and asked " When did she(Jessica) said this?"

He then continued "This is too much, I want to go and ask her why didn't she picked me? Does she feels that I'm not handsome enough?!"

While talking and supressing his laughter, we rarely see the mischievious side of Gallen. He then added humorously, "She(Jessica) could borrow from me more easilly......" and someone at the scene joked, " Maybe she feels that Louis is more 'capable'!"

Take note, all the above that Gallen mentioned are jokes only, they are by no means real. If it isn't because he is talking to a familiar reporter, he may not give those comments.

Regarding Jessica mentioning her interest in looking for a 'donor' for a baby in her interview, Gallen expressed that Jessica is just trying to make everyone happy and to lighten up the atmosphere.


Fellow friend Jessica Hsuan wants Louis Koo to be her 'donor'. Gallen laughed and exclaimed, "This is too much! Why didn't she choose me?"

Review of 6 TVB Elder Brothers and Sisters : Ron Ng is Similar to the Younger Me

Gallen Lo in reviewing TVB's 6 Elder Brother and Sisters said " Charmaine Sheh is like a mettalic robot never tired, Ron Ng is similar to the younger me."

The three degree TVB's movie king, '1st Brother', Gallen, still the honest and simple self thinks that the '1st Brother' title is only because people 'give face'.

Although these years he fights one after another to enter China's market, he may not know the new Siusangs and Fadans now but Gallen still analyses them rationally and this is what he has to say :

Charmaine Sheh : We worked together before(Seven Sisters), she is very hardworking and is continuously improving. But she has many negative rumours, and this needs a very high withstanding pressure, different from me who received more protection when I just entered the industry.

The situation is, Charmaine has practiced very early, 'Being like a mettalic robot, working hard and never tired'.

Gallen sighed that the negative rumours could spoil an entertainers hard work.

Myolie Wu : We worked as an item in new drama (When a Dog Falls for a Cat). She works very hard to portray her character, but netizens commented that her acting is exaggerated. I do not feel so and I feel that people should give her chance.

Yoyo Mung : Worked together before ( The W-Files), but mentioning her name, my thoughts go to Ekin Cheng, Haha!

Raymond Lam : Worked together before (Golden Faith), he acted as my younger brother. He developed very well, the acting skill, and sings well too. His album is selling well, and he is very popular in China and also around Asia.

Bosco Wong : We are aquaintance, met each other before at a meal. He has style.

Ron Ng : We are friends. His looks is extremely good, but I feel that he has not met with a good production.

The reporter answers that Ron Ng's acting has been criticized as being 'wooden'. When Gallen heard that he replied humorously, "Wooden? Similar to the younger me luo!"

If reposted please give due credits.

Ivy : I miss watching Gallen on screen. Looking forward to his new drama. I love his chemistry with Charmaine in 'Seven Sisters' although their big age gap(about 12 years). They turned out as a very cute couple and my mum still loves Charmaine in it until now. Gallen is right comparing Charmaine to a mattalic robot as Charmaine really is very hardworking. Working non-stop! And on the rumours around her, not much worries as Charmaine has a very high EQ and handles her rumours well!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

慧峰豪庭 Real Estate Opening Ceremony

Date : June 21, 2008 (Saturday)
Venue : Qing Yuan, Guangdong
Invited Artiste : Charmaine Sheh & Joe Ma

2008全球華人新秀歌唱大賽總決賽 (International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship 2008)

Date : 29th June 2008 (Sunday)

Venue : 金神大賭場(美國康州),
Mohegan Sun Uncas Ballroom,
1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard,
Connecticut, 06382

Ivy : I'm expecting more of these events as Charmaine is back in Hong Kong for her holidays! Rest well Charmaine! Anyone from the USA going to go support Charmaine?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Astro On Demand : Forensic Heroes II Previews Week 7

*Spoilers Alert*
Preview 1

Download here

Preview 2

Download here

Ivy : Enjoy the new clips! And major spoilers in them! Actually I did not watch the clips. I only watched the first 10 seconds and last 10 seconds in each preview while editing. Haha. But already lots of spoilers. Watch at your own risk!

Also, not really Charmaine related but there is an award going on, "Singapore Blog Awards" hosted by . And Fann Wong is nominated in the Best Local Celebrity Blog category. So we (me and Patricia) would appreciate it if you guys could spend some time and help to vote for Fann. Thank you very much in advance! Click here to vote. You could vote once everyday!!

"Each vote a day, keeps the crown 'on head' "

by Patricia

Movie Review : Blue Moon


I started watching Blue Moon with not much expectation from its plot. The main reason I watch the movie is because Charmaine and Julian are in it. I expected Blue Moon to be a light-hearted or even comedic movie. But Blue Moon took me in surprise as it turned out to be a sad movie. Maybe the title of the movie “Blue Moon” reflects the female lead, Moon’s(Charmaine) feelings of sadness and grief.

I would not say the movie to be a superb fully entertaining movie, but I would say that it surpasses my expectations. Before watching it, my thoughts were : “ Ok, I’ll focus on Charlian” but I ended up also caring about the other plots between the other characters eg. Calvin Choy and his daughter and William So and Sherming’s relationship.

All the characters blend well with each other and is pretty easy to watch. I did not find myself hating a particular character as what usually happens when watching other movies. All the characters were pretty likeable.


Some pretty good acting could be spotted too, especially from the three male leads, Julian Cheung, Calvin Choy and William So. Julian portrayed his character as a loving husband and boyfriend well. He looks good with the boyish charm and lovely dimples and it breaks your heart seeing him shed a tear. Calvin Choy also portrayed his role pretty well. The cop, with the gangster look caused by 5 years of being an undercover. Besides, the father and daughter relationship in the movie was pretty touching and did made me shed a tear. William So’s role in the movie did not really played a significant part to the movie but nevertheless, one could not deny that he could act. The quarreling scenes between him and Sherming(which was almost throughout all the scenes between them in the movie) looked and sounds natural. Just like what a bickering couple would sound and look like in real life.


Charmaine’s acting at the time(2001) of course left space for much improvement. The time seems to be around the middle of her career where she is starting to slim down, improving her acting and correcting her ‘chicken voice’, on the pathway to being the ‘phoenix’ she is now! Her chemistry with Julian in the movie is undoubtedly there although I was wishing there were more loving scenes between them. I guess I could get myself contented with the home cooking, veterinary clinic visits, chiropractic treatment and the ‘ruined kiss’ scenes. Also Charmaine is a female police cadet in the movie but her personality is So-Not-Madam Ma!



I first expected Sherming to be the playful and flirty character that she usually play in other dramas and movies…but she turned out being the kind, caring and loyal one here. Ronald Cheng’s character is an addition of humor to the movie as his character does not seem to play any major role except to add some laughter. Another thing to look out for in the movie is the special appearances of current fadans which were newbie at the time. They are Sharon Chan who acted as Julian’s wife and Tavia Yeung as Sherming’s best friend.


In conclusion, Blue Moon is a movie revolving around the importance of love and how one should appreciate their loved ones while they are still around. Not only boy and girl love but also paternal love. Do not expect an action-filled journey while watching this movie as Blue Moon is a slow paced meaningful movie which needs you to sit down and understand the true value of its lessons. Prepare some wipes as you may shed some tear especially for the soft-hearted one. And I am sensing that most Charlian fans may hate the ending!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Free as a Bird, Busy as a Bee!

I'm free, I'm free!!! I'm released from PRISON at last!! No more exams and I have a long long holiday before university life starts...LOL. Well, I expected today to be a very enjoyable and FREE day but I ended up being busy like a bee!!! What a busy and tiring day!!

Woke up at 7am and sat for my last paper which ended at 10am. After that went to settle everything I had to at college which took longer than I expected...returning text book(I'm pissed off with that inefficient librarian!!), claiming Caution Money Refund and signing Completion of Course forms which needed me to hand in my Student ID Card or else a penalty of RM50( more special student rate for movie tickets and bowling!!) and also went to get my LAN(Lembaga Akredasi Negara) subject results. Fortunately I passed!!! more boring LAN subjects(Malaysian Studies and Morale Studies) for Uni!! All these took me about 2 hours!!!

Then had to rush back home to freshen up and went out again to catch the 1.30pm movie(I planned to use my Student Card for special discount!!!) and lunch outing with college friends as today could be considered the last day for some of us meeting together. After that, drive drive again burning petrol to pick mummy from work and went for some grocery shopping. Reach home went online for like 30 minutes then freshen up again and zooomm.....out again for birthday dinner. Only reached home at almost 12am and then busy busy helping my brother to print some stuff and I had to do some packing as I'm going to Langkawi until Monday. So tiring!! I could imagine how tiring work is as a TVB Artiste where their day could be many times busier than what I went through today!! Poor Charmaine, Raymond, Tavia, Linda............. my exams are over, everything will resume back to normal now. I'll do more news updates, reviews, translations etc

Also I have some plans arranged for the coming weeks....

28th June : Joey Yung Starlight Concert


5th & 6th July : Heart of Greed Promo in Ipoh, Perak


I'm leaving for Langkawi and have to wake up at 6am!! Better go sleep now. I hope there is WiFi available at the hotel I'm staying so I could go online and blog!! Haha. Also I'll watch Blue Moon(Thanks Melanie for the surprise DVD!!) there and probably do a review of that movie!! See ya tomorrow if there's WiFi....if not then Monday then! Goodnight!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forensic Heroes II AOD Previews week 6

Preview 1

Download here

Preview 2

Download here

Ivy : Thanks to Patricia for recording and the download links!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forensic Heroes II : Astro On Demand Exclusive Interview

Remember the Forensic Heroes II promotion activity on water which was held during Charmaine's birthday? Well, Astro host, Jantzen flew over to Hong Kong and joined them and got to interview the casts and also Charmaine!!! Well I have some dislikes over Jantzen over some personal reasons...hahaha...I think only me and my friend KC knows why. LOL. Anyway, here's the clip featured on Astro On Demand recorded by Pat Pat!! Thanks Pat for recording this!

Download here

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 8th June 2008

Stunt Double


Has all of you seen my performance in Forensic Heroes II?

Before this I mentioned that I have many action sequences in Forensic Heroes II. To tackle these scenes, besides having to follow the stunt coordinator's instructions, I also have to depend on the help of a stunt double.

Pictures & Original Blog Post Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

If reposted please credit me and Charmaine's TVB Blog.

Ivy : Charmaine's stunt double doesn't really look like her does she?LOL...I mean her frame and her hair. LOL. Even the jacket doesn't look exactly the same. Well I guess with camera trick and angles it turned out unnoticeable in the series.

Okay....Jupi told me the stunt double is actually a 'HE'!! Well, that did not cross my mind! Haha.

Forensic Heroes 2 Insert Song : You Are My Angel

Here's the download link to Forensic Heroes II Insert Song 'You Are My Angel' by Loretta Chow(CD Version). Special Thanks to Jessie and Sehseh!

You Are My Angel - Loretta Chow

Download here

Ivy : Charmaine updated her blog. Translations in progress.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Into the Olympics 2008

This year the Olympics is going to be held in Beijing, China undoubtedly the most populated country and thus a great source of talented people. More specifically, uncountable talented singers and actors. One of the highlights for the coming Olympic Games is the many themesongs recorded to "Welcome the Olympics". Here are some of my favourites which I felt was very well done and managed to bring in the Olympic mood! Also it made me proud to be a Chinese watching these as I could see the Chinese community from all over the world etc Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China join hands together and sing together for the same reason. These are just some of the MV's recorded. There are many many out there and I think each country has a version of their own!! So you could imagine how many are there...LOL.

Let's start with the one with Charmaine. HEHEHE....Full Version of "Glorious Land" by TVB(Hong Kong)

clip credit to LineTran92

Followed by my favorite!!(And also Ms Patricia aka Pat Pat or Sei Ye's favourite who is too lazy to blog herself and would like to express this to all) "Beijing Welcomes You" by Joined Artistes from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Korea(thanks Stephy for informing I left out Korea). I love this! Hehehe.

clip credit to bechame911

Next is "Forever Friends" by Ah-Mei(one of my all time favourite mandarin singer) and Sun Nan. I guess the composer is English! The song is about no racial differences between the countries around the world.

clip credit to cwwan0218

Forever Friends Again! But English Version by Coco Lee & Sun Nan too.

clip credit to twc88

The following 2 are the official "Beijing Olympic" themesong. First one is by China and 2nd one is by Hong Kong Artiste.

clips credit to superchinaren

Ivy : After watching all these....Hmmm... I can't wait to watch the opening!! It sure will be a spectacular event! Today or I should say yesterday(as its after 12am now) was a nice one day break from my exams. Hehe. I spent most of the day online chatting here and also watching the TV. LOL. Well back to my books tomorrow, well should be today. Haha.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank You!!


Ivy : Thanks to all who donated and participated in this donation drive!! Your contributions means a lot to the earthquake victims. Please verify the above statement of account. Thank You. Please note that names of donor are at best kept secret so you know who you are..hehe and don't go asking who's this and that. LOL. The heart that matters not the amount. My sincerest Thank You to all of you again! We made Charmaine Proud!!

I'll be pretty busy this week so you guys would most probably not see me around. If there is anything important please e-mail me or leave a message at the cbox. I'll attend to you ASAP!

Forensic Heroes II Previews Week 5

Preview 11

Download here

Preview 12

Download here

Ivy : Thanks Patricia for recording the new previews!! And this time you're punctual!! Hehehe. Thank you!! Please credit Patricia if the clips are reposted.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Charmaine's Blog Post : 31st May 2008

Action Sequence

In Forensic Heroes II, I have quite a number of action sequence. In this scene, Angelina Lo Yuen Yen was pushed off the roof, but I flung over to rescue her.

Although there was a stunt double, but to make it more realistic, most of the scenes needed me to do the stunts on my own. Luckily there was a stunt coordinator around, so I would not injure myself.
Cute BB who lives in this building.

Original Blog Post and Pictures Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

If Reposted Please Credit Me and Charmaine's TVB Blog.

Ivy : Haha...Lucky Baby!!! I wish I was a baby then Charmaine would carry me and hug me and give me kisses on the cheek. LOLs...haha but then if I am I wouldn't even know who Charmaine is. Haha I guess I will be engrossed with Sesame Street, Barney & Friends and Mickey Mouse instead. Look at the baby...he seems to be clueless. Hahaha. So I'd still rather be myself!