Saturday, June 14, 2008

Free as a Bird, Busy as a Bee!

I'm free, I'm free!!! I'm released from PRISON at last!! No more exams and I have a long long holiday before university life starts...LOL. Well, I expected today to be a very enjoyable and FREE day but I ended up being busy like a bee!!! What a busy and tiring day!!

Woke up at 7am and sat for my last paper which ended at 10am. After that went to settle everything I had to at college which took longer than I expected...returning text book(I'm pissed off with that inefficient librarian!!), claiming Caution Money Refund and signing Completion of Course forms which needed me to hand in my Student ID Card or else a penalty of RM50( more special student rate for movie tickets and bowling!!) and also went to get my LAN(Lembaga Akredasi Negara) subject results. Fortunately I passed!!! more boring LAN subjects(Malaysian Studies and Morale Studies) for Uni!! All these took me about 2 hours!!!

Then had to rush back home to freshen up and went out again to catch the 1.30pm movie(I planned to use my Student Card for special discount!!!) and lunch outing with college friends as today could be considered the last day for some of us meeting together. After that, drive drive again burning petrol to pick mummy from work and went for some grocery shopping. Reach home went online for like 30 minutes then freshen up again and zooomm.....out again for birthday dinner. Only reached home at almost 12am and then busy busy helping my brother to print some stuff and I had to do some packing as I'm going to Langkawi until Monday. So tiring!! I could imagine how tiring work is as a TVB Artiste where their day could be many times busier than what I went through today!! Poor Charmaine, Raymond, Tavia, Linda............. my exams are over, everything will resume back to normal now. I'll do more news updates, reviews, translations etc

Also I have some plans arranged for the coming weeks....

28th June : Joey Yung Starlight Concert


5th & 6th July : Heart of Greed Promo in Ipoh, Perak


I'm leaving for Langkawi and have to wake up at 6am!! Better go sleep now. I hope there is WiFi available at the hotel I'm staying so I could go online and blog!! Haha. Also I'll watch Blue Moon(Thanks Melanie for the surprise DVD!!) there and probably do a review of that movie!! See ya tomorrow if there's WiFi....if not then Monday then! Goodnight!!


sehseh said...

Congratulations on your freedom!

Lol.. enjoy your holiday!

AF said...

congrats on finishing all those exams! have fun on your vacation!