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Charmaine Sheh attends Tommy Leung's Daughter's Wedding

29th February 2008

Many artistes attended TVB deputy chief-director and producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu's daughter's wedding banquet. Among the guests are Michael Miu and wife, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Roger Kwok etc. Even ATV's executive Ho Ding Kwan attended the wedding, proving the Leung family's wide human connection. As for Roger Kwok who attended the ceremony alone, he explained that Cindy Au's tummy is big now so it is inconvenient for her to attend. Myolie Wu was pressed with questions regarding when will be her wedding, she quickly entered the venue evading the questions.

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Ivy : Tommy Leung is the executive producer of The Drive of Life and also one of TVB's executive. Charmaine attended his daughter's wedding last night. Also I'm not sure about this, is he Toby Leung's daddy? If he is then means the bride is Toby's sister?

updated March 1st!!

So it really is Toby's elder sister Bonnie who got married. Also more information, Toby is the maid-of-honour and Lee San San, Yan Ng and Vangie Tang are the bridesmaid. The banquet was held at The Four Seasons Hotel. Other guests included Ron Ng, Liza Wang, Raymond Lam, Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan, Ms Lok Yi Ling, Nancy Sit, Gallen Lo, Joyce Tang, Joe Ma and wife, Jessica Hsuan, Louis Khoo and many more. Grand grand wedding banquet! Anyhow congratulations to Bonnie Leung and Ricky Lau! It is always nice to hear of a happy occasion!!

News: 东山飘雨西关情

Charmaine Sheh & Joe Ma's 4th Time Together
28 February 2008
Emma Lam

Liza Wang (汪明荃) led the cast of new TVB series The Turbulence Of East And West <東山飄雨西關晴> at the show's costume fitting ceremony today. Celebrated recently for her new image of being the bossy mother-in-law, Liza has a new screen family for this period drama in the form of Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Also in the cast are Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Selena Li (李詩韻), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Kiki Sheung (商天娥), Evergreen Mak (麥包) and Rocky Cheng (鄭健樂).

Adopting the personality of her bossy character, Liza laid down the law by announcing that no-one was allowed to check their scripts after entering the set and everyone had to arrive on time. Later, she said that she was just joking and smiled that she believed none of her colleagues would have such bad habits.

Playing a couple again for the fourth time in the new series, Charmaine and Joe were asked if they were worried about starting up rumours again during filming. They both said that they were not worried at all because the gossip generated in the past was extremely false and they know each other very well now, so there is no longer any danger of it any more.

Charmaine's character is a very bold young lady who builds a successful business up from a humble congee cart. She revealed that her character will have romantic ties with Liza's two screen sons, Joe and Raymond, but is prevented from marrying into the family by the bossy mother.

Asked if she was worried about having conflicts with her future mother-in-law, Charmaine said tactfully that seniors should be respected. As for whether she would be prepared to live with her in-laws, she said that it was hard to say at the moment, because it would depend on the situation. She added that she would not like to be abandoned when she grows old. However, she said that many older people are very open-minded now and will allow their children to enjoy their married life.

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Ivy: Pretty busy today...taking some lunch time off to update. Some comments on the costumes...terrible especially for Liza's costume. Looks so granny. Hope there will be some changes to the costumes of the main casts in the series. Also Lydia's funeral was yesterday and want to share with you guy's Joyce Cheng's tribute speech to her mummy. A nicely written speech.

"Have you ever seen a shooting star? They are rare and you can only see them in the sky for a moment. When they appear, they glisten and shine. Mum, you were my shooting star. It is not your infectious smile or your trademark hairstyle or glasses that I will remember, because these were not the elements that made you. You were always the shimmering shooting star in yourself."

Joyce, Lydia will not only be your shooting star but every one of ours too.

Also the tribute will be broadcast live from the Hong Kong Colliseum on this Sunday, 2nd March 2008 starting from 1.20pm on Astro Wah Lai Toi, Channel 311. TVB8 will also be broadcasting it on the same time.

Added News Clips!! (1st March 2008)

Also another clip also featured on yesterday's TVB8 E-news : Singapore event

clips credits to 晓晓虹程

Ivy : That Charmaine fan is too nervous. Haha. When she was asked if she has a question to ask Charmaine she kept on giving well wishes instead. Haha. Charmaine kept on grinning and in the end gave her a shoulder hug. If I were her hmm I'll ask Charmaine loads of questions until Tavia's sister(the reporter) would have to say stop stop!! Alright maybe not...maybe when I am in her position I would be too star strucked too! Enjoy the clips!

updated March 1st!

Got to know from Joyce that fan is actually her cousin! Haha. And she is not a Charmaine fan and Tina already gave all the answers to her beforehand! That's so funny and planned! No wonder she had no questions for Charmaine! And Charmaine already knew that it was planned. I'm betting Joyce would gladly exchange positions with her cousin.

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東山飄雨西關晴 Costume Fitting

Ivy : Here's a picture from the costume fitting. Oh my I don't like Joe's hair!

Ivy : So costume tryout was this afternoon! Saw Charmaine's costume she posted on the video in her blog. Reminds me of Glittering Days. I'm expecting more pictures and news clips from the event soon. Wonder how Joe Ma, Liza Wang's costume looks? Also Catherine Chow going to collaberate with Charmaine again..haha..姐妹 going to film together again! Also I heard that Charmaine got BB(Charmaine's kitten) because of Catherine too. Should say influenced by Catherine because Catherine has a cat herself at home.

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Review: TVB Contracted Artistes Pictorial 2008 Part 2

*Sorry for the delays! So busy with Charmaine that I almost forgot about this. Don't feel comfortable leaving things undone so here is part 2!!

Review Part 2 focuses on male artistes. Also please take note again that my review is based on my own thoughts. Also I am not being biased on any particular artiste as I do not really have any dislikes among TVB artistes (same goes to female artistes). Enjoy the review and feel free to share your own thoughts and comments!

Note: If you missed part 1 please click
here to read it.


Top Picks : Actors

Sunny Chan : One word! Suave! Since watching "Just Love", Sunny gave me an impression that he has lost the "MAN" in him! In his older series Detective Investigation Files 4 etc. he was really manly. But after his comeback to TVB filming "Just Love" he became sort of a softer type of guy. But in this picture he has that manly look again. Besides tha angle of the shot looks great and the colour combination and his gaze made the picture perfect!

Michael Miu : Another one of my top picks! What I like is TVB did not put on a suit for Michael! The blue shirt and denim made him look very young and hides his age. Among all older TVB Male Artiste, Michael is the most stylish one where he brings out the "young at heart" feel. Besides, he also has a very modern hairstyle in the picture and the looking-through-the-window pose is pretty nicely done.

Kevin Cheng : This un-buttoned shirt and losely hanging necktie could make every little lady fan's heart jump a beat. Use that picture and imagine the scene, "You wake up one morning and saw none other than Kevin Cheng dressing exactly as he is in that picture sitting on your coffee table reading a newspaper, and as he noticed your presence, he looked up at you with that gaze!"...Haha....that is the power of that picture!

A Little Too Similar?

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Don't this three picture look a little too similar? Especially the wardrobe! Well okay, Kenneth's shirt has sleeves....

Michael Tse : Overall it looks okay but the crossing of his hands make the picture look a little complicated. Also the lower part is a little too dark, add some brightness to the picture then it will look better. Also if Michael has more longer hair then it will definitely look better.

Lai Lok Yi : Overall a nice picture. Lai Lok Yi's pose and facial espression is good and makes him look cool. The hairstyle looks good too but the only flaw is the short sleeves of the white shirt he wore under the black vest which protudes out a little bothers me. The length of the sleeves exposed looks a little too short and made his outfit look undersized.

Kenneth Ma : Loose shirt and loosely hanging necktie but this gives an opposite feel to what Kevin Cheng's picture gave. This gaze and pose Kenneth placed would make the ladies scream and run the opposite direction! Kenneth does not suit sexy looking pose. Give him a smiley cheerful pose with decent clothes and I'm sure the picture will look much better.

I Know, I Look Gay

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Moses Chan : Alright, what's with the tissue?? The espression on Moses and his pose made him look gay! Added holding the tissue made him look like a sissy guy sulking over a break-up! Totally different from the real life manly Moses. See what a picture can do! Also the pink shirt! Bad colour combination! His coat also looks oversized and sleeves are too crumpled. Compare the suit with Sunny's and you can see the difference.

Bosco Wong : Another gay-ish looking picture. The cause of this? That feather! Bosco's pose is great! Very manly pose but then the picture turned out making him look sissy! Why? Because of that feather! Take away the feather and the picture will look much nicer!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Bowie Lam : I just can't stop imagining two big round black ears everytime I look at this picture! Seriously, add that to Bowie's head and we get a hidden Mickey! Also let him wear white gloves and hold a magic wand for added effect!

Wong He : What's with Wong He nowadays? Really bad hairdo! His hair is too flat and made him look old! Also nothing special with the suit. Wong He really need a fashion consultant as his fashion sense turned haywire recently since the TVB 40th Anniversary Awards Presentation to the scruffy look at Singapore.

King Kong : "Huh? You're taking my picture?" That is how King Kong looked. He looked as if he did not gave any effort in posing for the picture and the picture looked as if it was tooked when he was in the midst of adjusting his clothes. Also he does not look like him in the picture....a bad one for an official pictorial. Only qualified for tabloid picture.

Jason Chan : What's with his hair? His hairdo looks weird. It's like making his head look big. Also the outfit...too much flower on the shirt. And nothing special of his pose. A very ordinary looking picture.

Joe Ma : Joe looked as if he's ready to jump on his victim...get what I mean? Haha. That espression and grin is scary! Also his scruffy looking hair and flowery shirt is such a no-no.

A little Wasted?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Aren't this guys famous for their muscular body?

Kenny Wong : Out of the three Kenny shows the most flesh. Kenny has one of the nicest body among non Mr Hong Kongs. But this picture does not show much, although it showed his muscular arm but the picture was cut-off halfway through his right arm and his watch is getting much more focus. If the watch is from sponsorers then the sponsorer will love this picture. Give Kenny Michael Tse or Chris Lai's pose. He'll do it better.

Matthew Ko : The picture focuses too much on Matthew's face. Tottally hid his body. His arm also does not look muscular and the picture made Matthew look small and petite. Unlike the real life tall Matthew.

Stephen Wong : Let loose a few more buttons and get a smaller size trousers then the picture would look perfect.

The Ones That Made It Through

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Ray Cho : Overall a nice looking picture. The pose looks great and Ray looks charming and look no where near the 40's. If the coat he is gripping is shown a little more then it will look better and not make the picture look as if he is gripping a gunnysack.

Raymond Lam : Also a nice looking picture overall but the lower part of it is not pretty well done. I could not figure out the position of Raymond's legs!

Ron Ng : Ron's espression is well done but the shirt bothers me. Looks like a "mummy" because of the white fabric! Is Ron's hand covered by his shirt or is he wearing something like a glove? Also his shirt looked as if it has been over washed as it looks too lose especially at the sleeve.

Steven Ma, Patrick Tang, Roger Kwok : Not much to say about this three. Nothing special about the picture they are just acceptable to look at and all three looks kind of similar. Although Roger's espression looks a little weird. Looks like he is about to smile but then also not. Haha.

pictures credits to Kuangai TVB.

Ivy : Alright! Finally done with the reviews. Enjoy them and also no offense to fans of any of the artiste! They are just my thoughts and also some of the pictures of the artiste I criticized are actually my idol! I'm just trying my best not to be biased.

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Charmaine & Catherine

Ivy : Saw a post from Catherine Chau Ka Yee to her fans posted at Catherine's site where Charmaine was featured. Catherine was taking pictures for her fans and also wishing her fans a Happy New Year and cute Charmaine decided to take one picture with her and wished her fans Happy New Year too! Charmaine and Catherine are really close friends. I didn't know that they were so good friends actually. Before that I only knew that among girl friends in the industry Charmaine is close to Sonija as she mentioned in "Be My Guest" and also Annie Man who attends each other's Birthday Parties almost every year. I think Charmaine and Catherine's friendship developed after filming War & Beauty and Dance of Passion together. Also Charmaine occasionally borrows her Mercedes SLK (omg I love this car!haha and its black colour. Sleek!!Ok, Ivy admits sometimes she is crazy of Sports Car but could not afford one now) to Catherine when she's not using it or not in Hong Kong.

Catherine : Gong Hei Fat Choy! Wishing you and your family member health, everything goes smoothly and have a better year than the last! That day Charmaine knew that I took some photographs for you guys so she said she has to take one and wish you all A Happy New Year! I will be leaving for Shanghai for a week so see you guys after a week, goodbye! You all have to put more clothes on, don't catch a cold, ok? See you!

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p.s Astro Wah Lai Toi will be airing Ms Hong Kong pageant 1997 (Charmaine's Year) on the 23rd of March at 8.30pm. So don't miss it and let us watch Charmaine in her crowning glory! Thanks Rachel for informing!

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8TV E-NEWS: Charmaine at Niu Spring Concert Interview

Here is the interview of Charmaine showed on 8TV this afternoon from the Niu Spring Concert on 27th January.(NZX Concert) ENjoy!

Ivy : Changed to the Tudou clip I uploaded. Sehseh just reminded me that I'm using 8tv's bandwith if I direct link from its website! Thanks for telling Sehseh! Also still left 1 day to vote for NEXT Awards. So have you all voted? If not what are you waiting for? Click here for voting procedures.

Added News Clip 24th February!

clip credit to suki0408

Charmaine's QQ Blog Entry:21st January 2008

I saw a post on Charmaine's QQ Blog dated 21st January 2008 which was not posted on Charmaine's TVB Blog. And in the post there were some nice pictures of her shooting the advertisement for Afontane. I'll post translations below because some have problems viewing the QQ Blog.

I previously filmed an advertisement for a bedding company. How do you all feel of the outcome? Is it nice?

1/3 of the time in a person's life is spent on their bed. Sufficient sleep is really very important to us, at least to the skin and body. But because I am always filming, it is very hard for me to get sufficient sleep.

I had once filmed for 3 days and 3 nights non-stop, that time really feel like going to get a mental breakdown. I recalled there was one scene that required me to cry. After finishing that scene, my eyes felt very tired. My eyelids felt heavy and really felt like fainting. Immediately I went to sit down to rest but I felt like sleeping.

Many people say that when we are filming, we easilly have disagreements with other fellow colleagues. Actually not. Because everyone is rushing. If we have the time we will use it for rest. Why would we spend the time for arguments? joke.

My demands for a bedsheet is very high. The material must be very soft, once lie down on it there must be a very warm feeling. The bedsheet colour must also be of soft colours because it will make me sleep more soundly and also bring more sweet dreams.

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Charmaine's Blog Entry: 20th February 2008

A Happy Laughter, Gone

Charmaine : The news of Fei Jie's(Lydia Shum) passing away was spread this morning. A melancholic feeling gushes out of my heart. The sound of the happy laughter, from now onwards will not be heard arising from the studio anymore.

Ivy: So sad about this. Similar to Charmaine I will miss Lydia's laughter the most. My condolences to Joyce Cheng and Lydia's family members and friends. I sympathise Joyce having to go through all this at mere age of 20. Last night Astro Wah Lai Toi showed a tribute to Lydia Shum live from Hong Kong. At one part, they played a recorded press conference of Lydia and she mentioned that when she was in ICU and Joyce came to visit her, Joyce was always cheery and smiley. But later on Lydia came to know that once Joyce leaved the ICU, Joyce will start to shed tears. When I heard this I was teary eyed myself. Joyce is really one tough girl. Hiding weakness from her mum so her mum will not worry.

pictures and original post by Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

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Charmaine's Blog Entry : 19th February

Here is translations for Charmaine's latest blog entry.

My Little Kitten

Let me share with all of you my recent precious, its name is BB a 3 month old Scottish Fold kitten(蘇格蘭摺耳貓).

Although of young age, it shows interest in all matters and things. It is extremely active...and not afraid of people....

I like to tease BB to play with me...BB's size is still very small, jumping here and there, very dexterous.

BB also loves to stick with people....hehehe...very fun.

The Scottish Fold is unique in the structure of its ear which points down and coiled from the inside.

Its characteristics is extremely cute. Its forehead and body is round, the tail is stubby and the eyes are big and round. Extremely intelligent.

Pictures and Original Post from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

If reposted please give due credits to me and Charmaine' Blog.

Ivy: Very cute blog post! Haha. The cat is cute too but then looks very naughty. And also it loves to scratch it's owner! Bad Kitty! Don't do that. Haha. Don't play rough with her! You are the most luckiest cat in the world I would say. Haha. Also I banged a policemen's bike on the way home from college earlier...yeah out of all motorcycles why a policemen's one! Lucky the bike was on park and damage wasn't that big. Also lucky the policemen did not summon me but I have to pay for the repairs....what the...half of ang pao money gone!Image Hosted by