Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charmaine's Blog Entry : 19th February

Here is translations for Charmaine's latest blog entry.

My Little Kitten

Let me share with all of you my recent precious, its name is BB a 3 month old Scottish Fold kitten(蘇格蘭摺耳貓).

Although of young age, it shows interest in all matters and things. It is extremely active...and not afraid of people....

I like to tease BB to play with me...BB's size is still very small, jumping here and there, very dexterous.

BB also loves to stick with people....hehehe...very fun.

The Scottish Fold is unique in the structure of its ear which points down and coiled from the inside.

Its characteristics is extremely cute. Its forehead and body is round, the tail is stubby and the eyes are big and round. Extremely intelligent.

Pictures and Original Post from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

If reposted please give due credits to me and Charmaine' Blog.

Ivy: Very cute blog post! Haha. The cat is cute too but then looks very naughty. And also it loves to scratch it's owner! Bad Kitty! Don't do that. Haha. Don't play rough with her! You are the most luckiest cat in the world I would say. Haha. Also I banged a policemen's bike on the way home from college earlier...yeah out of all motorcycles why a policemen's one! Lucky the bike was on park and damage wasn't that big. Also lucky the policemen did not summon me but I have to pay for the repairs....what the...half of ang pao money gone!Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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