Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : Fung Pong Blog #12

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Just A Dream

My dream is to earn a big sum of money, buy a banglo and bring my mum to tour around the world all with my own ability. I thought that this dream is very easy to be realised. I am young, I have the ability, how could I not realise it?

When I invested in the Vast View Units with Zhan Pong at a low price, I thought that I have moved another step forward towards my dream. But turned out, I walked into a nightmare. I lost everything I have in a night. My job, reputation, money and status, all swept away. In front of me, there are only chaos. How I wish that everything was just a dream.

I only understand now, 'As Soon as One Sinks, A hundred Will Step On'. I was always the tough one, but now, I feel that I have lost all strength. I don't even have the strength to cry. I could only repeat in my mind, 'Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a new day, my strength will return, teach me and let me know what should I do next.'

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : Unconditional Love

Financial crisis, is a death sentence to the Vast View Units. Simultaneously, it is also Kwok Wai's death sentence. No, I cannot blame this on others. It was me. It was me who was too ambitious, who pushed Kwok Wai to its death. I destroyed my father's hard work for all these years. I am a loser.

At this time, I did not expect my father could still console me. When my whole family were playing 'Monopoly', he patted my shoulder. He consoled me and hope that I will go over to the car factory and start all over again. I remembered the Bible mentioned, Jesus loves everyone in the world, it was unconditional love. I am not sure if God really exists in this world, but at least I know there is unconditional love. That is always forgiving, always containing.

But, Sau Fung and myself, I couldn't consider this as love. I did not protect her well. She will never forgive me. At this moment, I am unable to protect myself. How would I dare to love someone? Love affairs, I'll have to leave them aside. Sau Fung, Goodbye.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy : Modem repaired for now. Although there seems to be some problem of keep on disconnected....But at least I get to go online at home! I'm leaving for KL tomorrow so I may not be online this weekend. Anything urgent, leave a message at the cbox/email/sms me. Hehe. I'm still ranting on going to miss the All Singers Show Live..haha. Seems like much fun for this year as even Dodo herself is going to be performing a dance with Grasshopper!!! Hahhaa. Thats rare...Dodo Cheng Dancing.....

Also Bosco & Super Trio Fans : Bosco will be coming to Sunway Pyramid on 4th November(Tuesday), 7pm together with the 4 Super Trio hosts(Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Chin Ka Lok and Wong Cho Lam), King Kong, Catherine Chow, Carlo Ng, Cheung Mei Nei(Scoop lady host) and several other local artiste to meet the fans and also play games. Don't miss the chance to meet Bosco!

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Subthemesong

Full version of WESFOTSW Subthemesong by Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma is out. Title is '陪你哭也只有我' directly translated as 'Accompanying You When You Cry'? Hahaha....

Download Link : Sendspace (credit to Sehseh) got Ah Sheh song sing duet in karaoke ady...LOL.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 28th October 2008

Jewelry Advertisment


This time, I am sharing some pictures I took for a jewellery brand.

Are the jewelleries beautiful?

Original Blog Post Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

Please credit me and Charmaine's Blog if the translations are reposted.

Ivy : Seems like Charmaine wore her own dress to the photoshoot. I could recognise some of the outfits where she wore to some other events like Kids Song Award and also for filming. More pictures for Grandpa Jo to go gaga....

I just finished watching "Last One Standing" and I am impressed with the series. The storyline and progress of the plot was good! There are suspense throughout the whole series. And also improvement could be seen in Kevin Cheng and Elaine Yiu's acting. Besides, Roger Kwok manages to play his evil role well and Yoyo Mung also played something different from her previous usual 'Madam' roles. I do reccomend this series for those who haven't watch it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West : Previews Week 2

Week 2 of previews from Astro On Demand. I hope I got the arrangements correct as it is quite confusing as to which comes first. Haha. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! Download links will be added later.

Preview 1 & 2

Preview 3

Download : Sharebig

Preview 4

Download : Sharebig

Ivy : My internet at home is still not fixed.....So I still can't go online at home! Hope it can be fixed in these few days. I may be going down to KL this weekend and also next week. Suddenly I feel like I'm going down to KL so often...All Singers For TVB 41st Anniversary Special will be broadcast live this Saturday and I think I'm going to miss this.... =_= ......KC...record record for me ar pls pls pls.....hehehe...The events seems quite interesting this year as they are going back to the classic songs....and I'm looking forward to Joey-Sussana-Miriam duet!

As to Raymond Lam's event last weekend, haha..same as Jessie, quite a dissapointment....The event was supposed to start at 9.30pm but Raymond arrived at almost 11pm. Because he fell sick and had to go to the hospital for medical examination...and also he could not sing because he lost his voice..So Raymond Lam's 签唱会 became 签名会.....But anyway I managed to let him sign my album and shook hands with him. I didn't wait for the event to end as by the time I got his autograph, it was almost 12am and I need about an hour to reach home....As to Vincy....she didn't attend the event. As Raymond couldn't sing so it's pointless for her to be there..haha.

As to recording of 'My Pride', I recorded it already at home yesterday. So uploading now....No making fun of me Grandpa Jo! Haha.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 23rd October 2008

Sharing Pictures


Earlier I went for photoshoot for a few different products. Wonder if you all have seen these in the newspapers or magazines? What about I post some pictures up here to share with you all :

Next time I'll post up more pictures here. Remember to keep visiting my blog!

Original Blog Post Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

Please credit me and Charmaine's Blog if the translations are reposted.

Ivy : Nice pictures!! Hehehe. When I saw the picture of Charmaine with the two apples... I can't help imagining Grandpa Jo's thoughts...haha..he must be imagining..Charmaine : "Jo Pao, red apple for me, green apple for you!"..hahaha..then Grandpa Jo jaw dropping.."Thank You, Ah Sheh...Green..I like I like..Although more sour but you give ge..sour also become sweet.." Wakaka...sorry ar don't kill me Jo Pao! Haha.

Anyway, back to serious business..ahem..Have you visited Charmaine's Blog yet? Please go visit her blog to increase her blog hits and increase her chance of winning an award at the anniversary celebration!! Go go go!!

Also, please excuse me if updates are slow especially with Charmaine's news. Because my modem got short-circuit by lightning!!! So I can't go online at nights at home and only could come here in the mornings using my mum's office connection. I hope it could be fix ASAP!

Also, I will be seeing Raymond Lam again tomorrow! Haha. His mini concert tour in Malaysia with Vincy!! Hope that it will be a good one and not as chaos because it is held in Penang. Hehe.


Don't know why after translating then feel like visiting Genting website..LOL. Then saw eh..Liza Wang coming for concert!! Showed my mum and woohoo straight away booked. Haha. Last year when Liza came, we missed it because WLT Drama Awards was one week after so we didn't want to go two rounds to Genting and chose the awards instead. This time cannot miss it! Hehe. So 6th December..Liza Wang Live in Genting! Hehe. When I was small, Genting was for theme park, then now for concerts and in the future(hopefully not) casinos....??? Hope I'll enjoy this concert like Joey's concert and also Sally Yeh's concert before!!


courtesy of

Monday, October 20, 2008

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Previews : Week 1

One more week to airing date of Easterly!! AOD started previews today, so I recorded them down already! Have a look! But please BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! Watch at your own risk! I will update more clips every week, so stay tuned! All the previews will be labelled under 'When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West'. The themesong of the series is by Liza Wang while the subtheme will be by Charmaine and Joe Ma.

***Download Links Added(Please try again later if the links are still not working)


Download Link: Sharebig


Download Link : Sharebig


Download Link : Sharebig

Ivy : My house internet connection went down last two days which was very frustrating! Haha. Enjoy the previews! Also I'll add the download links later once uploading is done(using my mum's office internet). I watched first 2 episodes of The Gem Of Life and I was impressed with how the series progressed. The storyline was quite impressive actually and LSK potrayed something different from her previous roles in HOG and MR. Also this will be Gigi Lai's final series at least for her decision right now. I'll miss Gigi for sure. All the best to Gigi in whatever plans she has in the future!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Not Avoiding Press

18 October 2008
Emma Lam

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Dayo Wong (佘詩曼), Theresa Lee (李綺紅), Mandy Cho (曹敏莉) and Michael Tse (謝天華) were among the cast members of TVB series Enterprise Doctor <企業醫生> taking part in the blessing ceremony for filming yesterday.

Charmaine was quizzed by the press about her experience of filming with rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) for the sales presentation clip of Liu San Jie <劉三好> this week and why she has been evading the reporters over the last few days. She insisted that she was not avoiding the press, but she did not want to respond to questions about the rumours any more. With the main series filming for Liu planned for February, the reporters suggested that this could mean the rumours will still be around by then. When she heard this, Charmaine asked them not to frighten her.

Asked if her co-star Dayo has been more reserved around her during filming to avoid getting caught up in her rumours, Charmaine said that she did not think this was the case and suggested that the question should be directed back to Dayo.

Theresa spoke about a funny incident when her son visited her on set. They were filming on location on that day and Charmaine was getting changed in the van, when Theresa's son pulled the curtain away, giving Charmaine a fright. She smiled that fortunately, everyone made light of the situation and Charmaine was fine about it.

News translation credits to

Ivy : I could imagine Charmaine's reaction when Theresa's son opened the curtain! Hahaha. Wonder how old is he?? As to other rumours with Kevin, I'm tired of reading these news so no comments.....

Also yesterday was my karaoke competition. Haha. And I was the 1st runner-up. Not bad for my first time and also unexpectedly thrown into this competition. Hehehe. I don't think anyone took a video last night and my mum did not take a video of me singing as she wasn't sitting on the front table. As to how big was the crowd of audience?? Hmm.. around 25 tables of 10pax so means 250 people. That's the first time in my life singing infront of these many people. Hehe. Nervous?? Of course! I only remember I was gulping to whoever knows how many glasses of warm water before going up stage. LOL....What a relieve after I sang. It was a good experience for me joining a competition like this. Hehe. Good training of courage really!!

As there isn't a video so maybe I'll record myself singing 'My Pride' up here to share with you all. Haha. I won't post now coz not yet record..hehehe. Just post up a picture of my throphy first...Also besides the throphy, I am also RM400 richer...LOL! Also thanks for the support and congratulatory messages that I received!! Thanks to all of you!!


Added 28th October!!

Click here if the music box does not load.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

Enterprise Doctor Blessing Ceremony

Date : 17th October 2008 (Friday)
Attendees : Casts of the drama (Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Wong Lam etc. )
Time : 3.30 pm
Venue : Tseung Kwan O TV Studio

Ivy : Looking forward to pictures from the event!! Oh no..tomorrow is competition day for me. Time really flies~~ Have to go practice my song....

Also Charmaine is filming Sales Presentation Clip for 'Lau Sam Ho'. You can read the translated news article here as reposting of the article is not allowed.

Charmaine looked great in Tang Dynasty constume!! Hope TVB will really film this drama! Also my offer letter for Monash Uni came jor! going to go look at offer letter soon ler...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Drive Of Life Special : FungPong Blog #11

Wah Zhan Pong Blog : All Grasped

Today is the handover of Hong Kong to China. Being locally born and also studying in overseas, actually I don't really have much interest on this. I just wish that after the handover, Hong Kong's economy will continue to prosper. But I deeply believe that the economy will continue to grow well. Through the hillside houses, my father and I will surely be a powerful trillionaire.

At this celebration day, the matter which I care the most is if the person I care the most is beside me. Therefore, I chose to watch the fireworks with my family and friends in a presidential suite. The one woman who is very important in my mind, Wing Sau Fung is also one of the invited guest.

After that, I took Sau Fung on a ride on the tram to watch the city lights. In here, love is born. Although at this moment, the relationship is a mix of feelings and personal interest, but it doesn't matter. As long as it is romantic. I will also not care if tomorrow will be a better day. Because I believe, today I have grasped all.

Wing Sau Fung Blog : Finally Started

Tonight is a very important night to Hong Kong citizens. Because we are now a part of the Chinese citizen.

But I, this ordinary Hong Kong female citizen also experienced the most unusual feeling since birth.

Ready for any sacrifices from this, Wah Zhan Pong and myself kissed and hugged on the tram. I know that I should not like him on any condition and he should also not like me. But after that warm encounter, when I am writing these words, I feel very disturbed.

Now everything is going on well. Zhan Pong will sell the hill view units to me on a 20% discount. He will also allow me to be the speculator.

What I can be sure is I will make lots of money. But it also went through my mind. If ever any of us fall into any misfortune, will we still be able to remain a pair. Thinking of how cruel human nature is, I really could not live safely and happily.

Original Blog post from TVB The Drive of Life Blog

Please credit me if the translations are reposted. Thank You.

Ivy :Updated FungPong Blog because Astro Wah Lai Toi aired TDOL today^^ Enjoy! Also don't forget to visit Charmaine's Blog!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nick Cheung Ka Fai returns to TVB, not afraid of rumors with Charmaine Sheh

Please DO NOT REPOST the following article at Asian Fanatics news forum with respect to translator's request. Thank You.


[The Sun 13/10/2008]

Nick Cheung, Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh and others filmed TVB sales presentation clip yesterday. In the clip, Nick has plenty of intimate scenes with rumor queen Charmaine Sheh but he is not afraid of rumors because he never had any. He equates it like hearing that TVB has ghost, but he himself never encounter one. He joked: "TVB young artistes has already taken over, they took all the series and court all the women!"

TVB annual sales presentation will take place next month, therefore they have been filming promotional clips for series planned for next year to present to advertisers. Nick has not returned to TVB for 4-5 years recently filmed a lawn bowling scene with Moses Chan, Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu for proposed series 《绝地击情》(Juet Dei Gik Ching). Producer Chik Kei Yi was also present to supervise filming.


Seeking fresh feeling

Regarding his first collaboration with Moses, Charmaine, Kate Tsui etc, Nick joked: "Filming TVB sales presentation this year, I feel that TVB is strong, their younger batch of artistes can carry on their own, they took over all the series and court all the women!" When asked if he is afraid of having rumors with Charmaine, he laughed: "Rumors are just rumors. You will never know it's true or false. I also hear that TVB has ghost, but so far I've never seen one. The only 'ghost' I've seen is Greg River (Ho Kwok Wing, ex-TVB Caucasian actor – cantonese slang for foreigner is 'gwai lo'. Gwai = ghost). I’ve never had rumors before, let's see if I’ll succeed this time." Won't you be afraid of your wife Esther Kwan getting jealous? "It's just work, if she gets jealous so easily I'd better retire." As for Charmaine: "The cast for sales presentation and the actual series might not be the same, however I hope to work with Nick. We never collaborated before therefore it should be a fresh feeling."

In addition, Moses sported a new look with moustache and wearing bright colored clothes for filming. He said that his character is a casino tycoon and he specially planned his appearance for the clip.


News Translation credit to Sehseh.

Ivy : Charmaine and Nick Cheung looked good together! Better than what I expected. Hehe.

By the way, TVB Calender shooting is going on. Hope to see the pictures soon!! As of now, Charmaine should be featured in November month like last year!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #9

Done with uploading the videos. I uploaded an interview clip of Tavia and Louise Lee taken during their Heart Of Greed Promo in Ipoh. Also another 2 clips of Moses Chan and Linda Chung's interview also during the same promo event. As the clip exceeds 10 minutes so it is splitted to 2 parts. ENJOY!

Tavia and Louise Lee Interview

Tavia and Louise used a little bit of the Malay language here LOL. But hmm...this time it wasn't that 'bad'. Haha.

Moses Chan and Linda Chung Interview Part 1

Part 2

This is very rare to see! hahaha. Moses plays the piano while Linda Chung sings?hehehe. Linda also knows how to play the piano but I think she almost forgotten how to as she had so much difficulty playing Beethoven's 'Fur Elise'. Haha.

Ivy : I'll be going down to KL tomorrow until Sunday! I already went to apply for uni yesterday and after thinking so long....almost a year now I finally chose my course preference. I'm applying for a double degree in Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Communications. I'll be taking this degree in Monash University KL(Vivian Yeo will be my 'Si Jie'??She took Biotech in there before entering beauty pageant). Intake is in means February next year, I will be staying in KL!!

Why this course? Business and Commerce is a safe course especially the job prospect. And for Communications, its more to my interest. Hehe. Maybe influenced by blogging and also TVB? Haha. Anyway, waiting for offer letter. So hope for good news!

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 9th October 2008

First Day of Enterprise Doctor

Were you all frightened by me?


I took this picture on my first day of outdoor filming for Enterprise Doctor. I feel that this image is tremendously hillarious so I post it up here to share with you all.

Original Blog Post and Picture Credits to Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog.

If translation reposted please credit my blog and Charmaine's TVB Blog.

Ivy : This picture really made me laugh! Hahaha. Such a funny picture. LOL. DO SUPPORT CHARMAINE'S BLOG!! Even if you have difficulties in voting, just visit her blog. As blog hits counts too! More on voting for the 41st Anniversary Awards, please read this post

Besides, there were news on a probability of Charmaine working with Kevin, Tavia, Moses, Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan in a new Mui Siu Ching production next year. It will be a 2009 grand production and a Tang Dynasty Drama. I hope this is real and TVB will keep the cast from the sales presentation because I LOVE THE CAST!! Hahaha.

And also there were good response for the Tavia, Moses and Raymond interview clip I posted below. So I went to look for my old recordings and I found previous episodes of the same program which featured some other interviews of the HOG casts. So I'll post them up once uploading is done!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Clips Worth Watching #8 (video reuploaded 1st Sept 09')

I wanted to upload this video some time ago when it was aired but then I forgotten about it. V reminded me of it recently so I went to dig out my discs and found the recording. This is definitely a must watch clip as it is very funny(especially for Malaysians and those who understands Malay).

This interview was taken when Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan came to Malaysia for Heart Of Greed Finale Dinner in August. They were challenged on a Malay tongue twister and the outcome turned out to be............

Download Link :

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Does Not Respond To Rumours

6th October 2008

Charmaine Sheh, Dayo Wong and Theresa Lee were filming outdoor scenes for TVB new drama Enterprise Doctor(企業醫生). This is the first time Charmaine is working with Dayo and Theresa. Charmaine is worried that Dayo changes too quickly(filming) therefore she has to be on full alert while filming with him. This is the first time Charmaine is back to filming after her 3 months break. Because she was away from filming for 3 months, Charmaine was anxious about filming the next day and could not sleep the night before.

Charmaine's rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan was asked on the rumours between Charmaine and Kevin during an event in Macau. Benny expressed that they are good friends. To this, Charmaine was a little annoyed and said, "No Comments!" When further asked will she pick Benny or Kevin? Charmaine was a little unhappy and responded, " I will not respond to questions not related to the drama."

On the other hand, Dayo Wong looked tired and he responded that this is only his character in the drama. He also expressed that working with small children in this drama will be challenging to him!

Additional News Not Related to Enterprise Doctor :

Yoyo Mung Praises Charmaine Sheh

Yoyo Mung speaks again after stating that she feels Charmaine Sheh is TV Queen(Sihao) during an interview and expressed, "I do not want to depend on Ekin Cheng for fame." She also further added that TVB has many TV Queen like Amy Kwok, Jessica Hsuen and Gigi Lai which are very famous in China. But in Hong Kong, Charmaine Sheh is very famous because her biggest charm is that the female gender also likes her very much!

If Reposted Please Give Due Credit.

Ivy : Charmaine in that picture really melts hearts! Hahaha. Love the blue on her! And also Charmaine is starting to get annoyed with the Kevin rumours and refuse to give any further responds. I'm sure the rumours will die down very soon. Also so nice of Yoyo to give those remarks! I agree with her that Charmaine attracts many female fans. Because most of her fans I know are females! LOL!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Charmaine's TVB Blog Entry : 4th October 2008

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West


"When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West" is going to be aired soon! Are you all anticipating it like I am?

Haha, do you guys want to know why am I bathing in this big tub!? If you all want to know the answer, then watch the series "When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West".

Original Blog Post and Picture Credits to Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog.

If translation reposted please credit my blog and Charmaine's TVB Blog.

P.S More pictures are posted at Charmaine's Blog. Please visit her blog to view them!

Ivy : Haha. Early promotion of Easterly by Charmaine! Do visit Charmaine's Blog to increase her hits and also increase her chance of winning the 41st TVB Anniversary awards!

Also do help by voting for her! To know more on how to vote, please read through this post.

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TVB 41st Anniversary Nomination List

Here is the nomination list for the top awards in TVB's 41st Anniversary. You can go here to vote! Please vote wisely and to who you feel deserve the award.

For guide on how to vote for Charmaine, please visit Sehseh's Blog here. Also, fans of Tavia, support Tavia for the supporting role as she stand a higher chance for that award. Thanks!

Best Actor :


1. Kenneth Ma - Survivors Law II
2. Roger Kwok - D.I.E.
3. Damien Lau - Catch Me Now
4. Frankie Lam - Forensic Heroes II
5. Michael Miu - Love Exchange
6. Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
7. Moses Chan - Moonlight Resonance
8. Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
9. Bobby Au - Your Class Or Mine
10. Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing

Best Actress :


1. Liza Wang - War Of In-Laws II
2. Sonija Kwok - D.I.E.
3. Linda Chung - A Journey Called Life
4. Nancy Sit - The Silver Chamber of Sorrows
5. Charmaine Sheh - Forensic Heroes II
6. Kate Tsui - Speech Of Silence
7. Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
8. Sussana Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
9. Michelle Yim - Moonlight Resonance
10. Sheren Tang - Your Class Or Mine

Best Supporting Male :


1. Tsui Wing - Best Selling Secret
2. Stephen Au - Best Selling Secret
3. Derek Kwok - War Of In-Laws II
4. Wayne Lai - Catch Me Now
5. Paul Chun - Wasabi Mon Amour
6. Kenneth Ma - The Master of Tai Chi
7. Johnson Lee - Catch Me Now
8. Chow Chung - Moonlight Resonance
9. Oscar Leung - Your Class Or Mine
10. Him Law - Your Class Or Mine

Best Supporting Actress :


1. Joyce Tang - War Of In-Laws II
2. Bernice Liu - Wasabi Mon Amour
3. Sharon Chan - Catch Me Now
4. Nancy Wu - The Silver Chamber of Sorrow
5. Claire Yiu - Speech Of Silence
6. Krystal Tin - Love Exchange
7. Tavia Yeung - Moonlight Resonance
8. Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance
9. Kate Tsui - Moonlight Resonance
10. Lee Heung Kam - Moonlight Resonance

Favourite Male Character :


1. Kenneth Ma - Survivor's Law II
2. Bosco Wong - War Of In-Laws II
3. Roger Kwok - D.I.E.
4. Derek Kwok - D.I.E
5. Michael Tse - Money-Maker Recipe
6. Ha Yu - Moonlight Resonance
7. Raymond Lam - Moonlight Resonance
8. Sunny Chan - Legend of The Demi-Gods
9. Ron Ng - The Four
10. Kevin Cheng - Last One Standing

Favourite Female Character :


1. Charmaine Sheh - Word Twisters Adventure
2. Liza Wang - War Of In-Laws II
3. Myolie Wu - War Of In-Laws II
4. Kitty Yuen - D.I.E.
5. Christine Ng - Silver Chamber of Sorrow
6. Kiki Sheung - Money-Maker Recipe
7. Louise Lee - Moonlight Resonance
8. Sussana Kwan - Moonlight Resonance
9. Fala Chen - Moonlight Resonance
10. Linda Chung - Legend Of The Demi-Gods

Most Improved Male :


1. Wong Cho-Lam
2. Johnson Lee
3. Tsui Wing
4. Derek Kwok
5. Oscar Leung

Most Improved Female :


1. Selina Li
2. Nancy Wu
3. Toby Leung
4. Sharon Chan
5. Tavia Yeung

Best Drama Series :


Ivy : Again....TVB should NOT nominate Tavia in Most Improved category! She look so odd being nominated with the rest. I'd rather they not nominate her for that and just nominate her for supporting! Anyway, we can't change anything. So do support by voting. Besides, there is also the Highest Popularity Award. So do visit Charmaine's Blog regularly! The Link is on the sidebar of my blog.

FYI, I am going down to Ipoh tomorrow until the weekend for holiday because its holiday season now in Malaysia. LOL. So if there is Wi-Fi available, I'll go online! If not, then I'll be back here by Sunday!

Astro On Demand Ad : When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

Since I recorded and uploaded the October advertisment from Astro On Demand, so I'll post it up here too. Easterly is featured here. Charmaine did not have any dialog but you can still catch glimpse of her. Have a look! I'll record more trailers and previews once they are out.

Charmaine Sheh Remains Status at TVB 41st Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Source : Ming Pao Daily

Sir Run Run Shaw and over 40 artistes had a group photo and how the artiste are positioned each year clearly symbolises their status in the company. Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng remained their top status, both standing beside Sir Run Run Shaw. Joining in the first row are female artiste divided into two sides, leading actress from Moonlight Resonance and another side with leading actress from The Gem Of Life. Charmaine Sheh is also positioned at the first row. Although being TVB's top fadan, Myolie Wu was positioned at the third row this year with the younger artistes like Linda Chung, Kate Tsui etc.

TVB's top siusangs are positioned at the second row. Moses Chan is positioned behind Sir Run Run Shaw, while Kevin Cheng, Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok also took centre position. Hot winner this year, Raymond Lam was absent from the event. Tavia Yeung's nomination (Improved and Improved again ). This is not a compliment! It just means Tavia being nominated in most improved actress category again after winning the title in 2003

No Interactions Between Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng

Rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng both attended TVB 41st Anniversary Lighting Anniversary yesterday but the two appeared to have no interactions with each other. Charmaine Sheh expressed that she does not have high hopes for the best actress award this year. But when Kevin Cheng was discussing on his choice for the best actress award, he did not forget to show his support to Charmaine. "I think Moonlight Resonance's Michelle Yim, Louise Lee and Sussana Kwan has a high chance. Charmaine is nominated for Forensic Heroes II. I will support her too." When asked if Charmaine is the best actress in his heart? Kevin did not reply directly and just emphasized that there will be no awkwardness when meeting Charmaine and he will also not mind them taking photos together. When asked about his disputes with Wong Hei, Kevin refused to answer and expressed, "I hope that the rumours and gossips will die down soon."

Kevin Cheng Supports Charmaine Sheh Taking Best Actress

Also nominated in the Best Actress category, Charmaine did not have high hopes on the award for herself but instead she supports Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan from Moonlight Resonance. As for the Best Actor category, Charmaine said, "I support Ha Yu and Roger Kwok." When asked why she did not pick Kevin Cheng? She replied that she has not finished watching Last One Standing, therefore she did not know how well was his performance. And when mentioned Kevin Cheng supports her for the Best Actress, she said "Thank You." There were news of Anita Yuen wanting to 'stab' dead Rumour Queen Charmaine. When asked on this, Charmaine refused to answer to the reports by the magazine and added that if they were to meet, she will still greet her.

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More Pictures soon.......

Ivy : This is so ridiculous!! What's wrong with Kevin supporting Charmaine? He is also a part of Forensic Heroes II so it is right for him to support his co-star. And also TVB is so ridiculous for nominating Tavia in the Most Improved Actress category! She already took the award in 2003! Tavia accepted this nomination with open heart and said that maybe she improved and improved again? Haha. But she said she hopes that she could win another award category as she is not a new actress anymore. Poor Girl. Haih....TVB with their techniques!!

As to Myolie Wu....Linda Chung and Kate Tsui are actually not considered the "Younger" artistes actually. They are all as popular! Well, Linda and Kate are obviously highly promoted by TVB as they already have nominations for Best Actress. Linda for Journey Called Life while Kate for Speech Of Silence. Come on...what about Tavia?? I think Tavia deserved it better among the 3 of them. Well this year, I'll be rooting for Charmaine(although chances are slim unless TVB play fair...), Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan. I'll post up a full nomination list up here once it is out and also official!