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Charmaine Sheh Remains Status at TVB 41st Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Source : Ming Pao Daily

Sir Run Run Shaw and over 40 artistes had a group photo and how the artiste are positioned each year clearly symbolises their status in the company. Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng remained their top status, both standing beside Sir Run Run Shaw. Joining in the first row are female artiste divided into two sides, leading actress from Moonlight Resonance and another side with leading actress from The Gem Of Life. Charmaine Sheh is also positioned at the first row. Although being TVB's top fadan, Myolie Wu was positioned at the third row this year with the younger artistes like Linda Chung, Kate Tsui etc.

TVB's top siusangs are positioned at the second row. Moses Chan is positioned behind Sir Run Run Shaw, while Kevin Cheng, Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok also took centre position. Hot winner this year, Raymond Lam was absent from the event. Tavia Yeung's nomination (Improved and Improved again ). This is not a compliment! It just means Tavia being nominated in most improved actress category again after winning the title in 2003

No Interactions Between Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng

Rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng both attended TVB 41st Anniversary Lighting Anniversary yesterday but the two appeared to have no interactions with each other. Charmaine Sheh expressed that she does not have high hopes for the best actress award this year. But when Kevin Cheng was discussing on his choice for the best actress award, he did not forget to show his support to Charmaine. "I think Moonlight Resonance's Michelle Yim, Louise Lee and Sussana Kwan has a high chance. Charmaine is nominated for Forensic Heroes II. I will support her too." When asked if Charmaine is the best actress in his heart? Kevin did not reply directly and just emphasized that there will be no awkwardness when meeting Charmaine and he will also not mind them taking photos together. When asked about his disputes with Wong Hei, Kevin refused to answer and expressed, "I hope that the rumours and gossips will die down soon."

Kevin Cheng Supports Charmaine Sheh Taking Best Actress

Also nominated in the Best Actress category, Charmaine did not have high hopes on the award for herself but instead she supports Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan from Moonlight Resonance. As for the Best Actor category, Charmaine said, "I support Ha Yu and Roger Kwok." When asked why she did not pick Kevin Cheng? She replied that she has not finished watching Last One Standing, therefore she did not know how well was his performance. And when mentioned Kevin Cheng supports her for the Best Actress, she said "Thank You." There were news of Anita Yuen wanting to 'stab' dead Rumour Queen Charmaine. When asked on this, Charmaine refused to answer to the reports by the magazine and added that if they were to meet, she will still greet her.

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Ivy : This is so ridiculous!! What's wrong with Kevin supporting Charmaine? He is also a part of Forensic Heroes II so it is right for him to support his co-star. And also TVB is so ridiculous for nominating Tavia in the Most Improved Actress category! She already took the award in 2003! Tavia accepted this nomination with open heart and said that maybe she improved and improved again? Haha. But she said she hopes that she could win another award category as she is not a new actress anymore. Poor Girl. Haih....TVB with their techniques!!

As to Myolie Wu....Linda Chung and Kate Tsui are actually not considered the "Younger" artistes actually. They are all as popular! Well, Linda and Kate are obviously highly promoted by TVB as they already have nominations for Best Actress. Linda for Journey Called Life while Kate for Speech Of Silence. Come on...what about Tavia?? I think Tavia deserved it better among the 3 of them. Well this year, I'll be rooting for Charmaine(although chances are slim unless TVB play fair...), Michelle Yim and Sussana Kwan. I'll post up a full nomination list up here once it is out and also official!

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