Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry for being MIA!!!

Sorry for being MIA these few days!! Something came up in my life....hahaha. And what happened was my brother registered for a karaoke competition for me unexpectedly as I didn't intend to join it actually. And when he registered for me, the selection round was actually the next day! Which was yesterday!!

So I was actually not prepared for anything! I didn't know what to sing!! So in the end, my mum suggested I sing the song "My Pride" made famous by Joey Yung. LOL. So OK, but one problem, I'm not too familiar with the lyrics!! So yesterday, actually I still didn't know how to get nervous...I went shopping in the morning! Hahaha. And I bought 2 of Joey's album, Bi-Heart and a mandarin album, Lonely Potrait. I was looking for Raymond's album, but it isn't released yet in Malaysia. So I reached home around 1.30pm. Then only I started getting nervous! Hahaha. I on my laptop, and listened to the song "My Pride" repeatedly for countless times! LOL. Then I sang along again and again until I managed to memorise the lyrics at last! Yeah!

"My Pride" by Joey

After I managed to memorise it, then I tried it out in my karaoke room at home. LOL. Phew, luckily I managed to sing the lyrics correctly. So last night, I am contestant number 26 out of 30!!! OMG. When I saw my number, my reaction long do I have to wait!! So I waited and listened to the other sing and at that time, I wasn't too nervous actually...but around number 20, I was so nervous!! At one time, I even felt like throwing out...LOL. And I felt like crying and I felt like I couldn't remember all the lyrics suddenly!! (Now I understand why Joey said when she was a newcomer she used to get nervous until she cried before a performance! And I also understand how nervous Raymond would be when he was scared he'll screw up the lyrics!)

So at last it was my turn! I've never performed on stage in front of around 50-60 people before. This was my first time. LOL. So I sang the song. Up stage and while singing...everything felt like it went by really fast! LOL. I just sang and before I knew it, it ended! LOL. Luckily, I didn't screw up!! My brother also joined, but he joined the english category. The end result was, both of us managed to enter the finals. 12 finalist were selected from each category. And when I drew my number for the finals, I got number 11!! The first thing that went into my mind was...Charmaine's Ms HK number! And my birthdate! Hahaha. Then also I realised...I have to wait for 10 person to perform during the finals before my turn!! OMG...I have to stay nervous longer! Then my brother drew for his number...and surprisingly he got number 11 too!

The finals is on the 18th of October. There will be a bigger crowd...maybe around 200 people this time!! OMG....But I won't think about it first now. Keep it for later. Hehe. And I hope Ah Fung don't come to Malaysia on the 18th!!!

Seems like Charmaine attended Top Gear event with Bowie Lam recently after the CMB event. And reporters are still shooting her with questions on the Kevin rumours. Poor girl. But I believe she could handle it with her super duper high EQ! She also updated her blog with another video on the top gear event. And she looks so elegant! So please check it out! For news article translation, Sehseh already translated some articles. So do check them out here!

I'll go back to normal updating after this! Also FYI, Strictly Come Dancing Season 1 Premieres Tonight at 9.30pm on Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311. The Drive of Life will also be premiering on 15th October, Mon-Fri 8pm. NTV7 will also air Dance of Passion from October 2nd onwards, Mon-Fri 6pm.

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