Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charmaine's Schedule

TVB-CMB Collaberation Press Conference

Date : 24th September 2008

Time : 3pm

Artiste appearance : Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Sharon Chan, Selina Li, Natalie Tong, Han-Dam Lee, Han-Sung Lee etc. etc.

Ivy : I'm not sure what event is this actually. Haha. But must be an important event as TVB sent out almost all their top artistes out to attend this event. And also Charmaine-Kevin-Ron will be attending. Reporters will sure be focusing on them. Haihz.....

But anyway, looking forward to pictures from the event! Oh...Tavia and Moses will be attending too! Haha. So I can say that Moses is definitely not in Penang! Hahaha.

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