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Super Trio Supreme Ratings Average at 34 Points

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31st March 2008

After the Easter Holidays, television programme ratings return back to normal. Three Monday to Friday night programme ratings showed improvement. D.I.E. (古灵精探) ratings increased by 2 points, averaging at 34 points, showing very good results. After 3 episodes of "Super Trio Wonder Trip"(奖门人取犀GAME) the official return of the gameshow "Super Trio Supreme"(铁甲无敌奖门人) proved (獎門人)Eric Tsang's supreme popularity with an improvement of 8 points in ratings, averaging at 34 points and peaking at 36 points.

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Ivy : Happy to hear episode 1 of Super Trio Supreme did well in ratings!! Can't wait to watch this Saturday on Astro. I choose to wait for Astro Wah Lai Toi airing it instead of downloading. Hehe...watching on tv seems more fun!! Don't post any spoilers here on the first episode...hehe thanks!

Added Magazine Scans credits as watermarked :

Ivy : The first scan of Charmaine is gorgeous! Hehe...that white shawl again!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Super Trio Supreme Advertisement

TVB Jade Advertisement For Super Trio Supreme :

clip from TVB

Stars I Have Met!!

I was chatting with my bestfriend and dear cousin and the topic TVB Artists came around. So I told them hey, I'd always wanted to list out the TVB Artists that I have met before in person so far in my life. So I started making the list and was typing typing typing on the message board on MSN and wow I was shocked!! I bet they were too!! So then I thought, hey...let me share with you guys my list! So here it goes(in no particular order).....let's see if you guys are shocked too?

1. Kenix Kwok 2. Frankie Lam 3. Wong Hei 4. Joyce Tang 5. Marco Ngai 6. Melissa Ng 7. Ha Yu 8. Joe Ma 9. Ray Cho 10. Ron Ng 11. Myolie Wu 12. Bernice Liu 13. Moses Chan 14. Kevin Cheng 15. Raymond Lam 16. Charmaine Sheh 17. Sonija Kwok 18. Michael Tse 19. Angela Tong 20. Gigi Lai 21. Sherming Yiu 22. Annie Man 23. Alvina Kong 24. Wayne Lai 25. King Kong 26. Elaine Yiu 27. Bosco Wong 28. Nat Chan 29. Chin Ka Lok 30. Michael Miu 31. Louis Yuen 32. Michael Tong 33. Lai Shuen 34. Chung King Fai 35. Kenneth Tsang 36. Sally Yeh 37. Eric Tsang 38. Roger Kwok 39. Anderson Junior (Oon Dak Chuen) 40. Angel Wong (she is from HK anyway with a TVB contract) 41. Tavia Yeung 42. Linda Chung 43. Louise Lee 44. Michelle Yim 45. Joey Yung 46. Vivienne Yeo 47. Vincent Wong 48. Chelsia Chan 49. Hotcha 50. Leo Ku 51. Bowie Lam 52. Maggie Shiu 53. Kenny Wong 54. Liza Wang 55. Law Kar Ying 56. Jessica Hsuan 57. Shirley Yeung 58. Susanna Kwan 59. Lo Kun Lan 60. Benz Hung 61. Tsai Chin 62. William Chan 63. Kay Tse 64. David Tao 65. Soler 66. Khalil Fong 67. Justin Lo 68. Power Station 69. Jade Liu 70. Kelvin Tan 71. Ocean 72. Sam Lee 73. Z Chen 74. James 75. Chin 76. Sharon Chan 77. Susan Tse
78. Andy Lau 79. Hins Cheung 80. Eason Chan 81. Lam Hoi Fung 82. Eric Kot 83. Grasshoppers 84. Sherman Chung 85. Louis Cheung 86. Fan Siu Wong 87. Yuen Biu 88. Rose Chan 89. To Yu Hang 90. Natalie Tong 91. Edmond Leung 92. William So 93. Dicky Cheung 94. Andy Hui 95. Jennifer Tse Ting Ting

There! That's the list! after I did the lists I went to browse the net on the archive of the events I went and I realised I have seen many other non-HK artists in life too just that I did not realised. Among them are :

Gurmit Singh, Christopher Lee(Singapore), Tay Ping Hui(Singapore), Guang Liang (Msia), Ah Niu(Msia), Nicholas Teo(Msia), Vincent Chong (Msia), Josephine Goh(Msia), Wai Man(Msia), most MYFM DJ's Wai Fan, Phoebe, Vivian, Mei Yan etc etc........

So I decided, when I have the time I will post blog entries on the different past events I went! HAHAHA. As you can see I have a Blog Feature "Moments With Charmaine and Other TVB Artistes" on the sidebar. So I'll add the blog entries there. Haha!

So who I would like to meet in person next? Hmm...Charmaine Sheh(again n again n again!!), Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Jessica Hsuen(met), Sammul Chan, Ada Choi, Damien Lau, Sheren Tang and any other TVB Artistes that I have not met before!!!

updated 28/8/2008!!

After my encounter with TVB artiste the past few weeks, I planned to come here to look at this post. So I read through it again and to my surprise.....the first two artiste that I wanted to meet at that time in the list was Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung! Why was this a surprise??? Because I really met them!! Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung both in Ipoh and also Tavia again just 2 weeks ago!

Then I looked at who was next on the list?? And to my surprise again, it was Yoyo Mung!! And true enough, Yoyo Mung will be coming over to Malaysia next week for Junior Idol and there is a very high possibility that I will be going to that event! Mere coincidence? Hahaha. So who's next on the list? Jessica Hsuen!!! then Sammul Chan!! Who knows? It may come true! Keeping my fingers cross! So I think now I should continue another list of artiste I would like to meet!

Still Charmaine! Charmaine! Charmaine!haha then....Jessica Hsuen, Sammul Chan, Ada Choi, Damien Lau, Sheren Tang, Lai Lok Yi, Kate Tsui, Sussana Kwan(met), Lisa Wang(met) and haha let the list continue another time! Also updated the list up there! New stars in green!

updated 11/9/2008!!

So I did attend Junior Idol on 7th September. And I met few more artistes. Not Yoyo because she did not turn up because of change of schedule. So, new artiste in purple!

updated 10/12/2008!!

Went to Gem OF Life Promo event, H2O+ promo to meet Tavia again! And also Liza Wang's concert!

updated 29/3/2009!!

A little late to add...but let me just keep this post updated! Went to Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 on 21st February!

updated 21/4/2009!!!

Met Joey Yung again at Singapore Starlight Concert on 18th April!!

updated 9/8/2009!!!

Met Tsai Chin on 1st August and William Chan on 2nd August!!

updated 23/9/2009!!!

Met Kay Tse, Joey Yung(again), Soler, Amigo Chui, Power Station, Jade Liu, Khalil Fong, Justin, David Tao, Z Chen, Kevin Tan, Ocean, Sam Lee, James, Chin at T Music Festival in Bukit Jalil Stadium.

updated 16/10/2009!!!

Met Joey Yung again for her album promotion at 3 functions on 11th October 2009!! Yeah!

updated 7/11/2009

Met Sharon Chan and Susan Tse at Sunway Hotel!

updated 28/11/2009

Met Andy Lau, Hins Cheung, Lam Hoi Fung, Eric Kot, Eason Chan, Kay Tse and Joey again at Hong Kong Cultural and Exhibition Centre for McDonald's Concert 2009 Yipee!

updated 3/5/2010

24th and 25th April, Met Charmaine again for Skinz Infinite Promo, met Grasshoppers and Louis Yuen at KLIA. Met A-mei(Amit) for concert and met Sherman Chung & William Chan for album promo and mini concert!

updated 13/6/2010

23rd May- attended Ip-Man movie promo and met Bernice Liu, Yuen Biu, To Yu Hang, Rose Chan, Fan Siu Wong & Louis Cheung.

24th May- Went to KLIA and met Ron Ng, Moses Chan and Natalie Tong!

Met Big Four 20th June and met Jennifer Tse on 26th June

Met Soler again at Queensbay on 3rd July

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Irene Wong getting married, the groom have to overcome 3 obstacles

Oriental Daily

Last night, Irene Wong married her boyfriend of 5 years Joey and held a 38 table banquet.

The atmosphere is very merry and romantic.When the groom Joey went to fetch his bride, he has to overcome 3 obstacles such as soaking his feet in soft drinks; eating sweet sour spicy and bitter hamburgers and also blowing candles with stockings over his head. Mentioning her husband's wedding proposal, Irene is glowing with happiness: "That day I was feeling unwell, but he keep insisting I got out to have dinner with him. I can guess that he wants to propose, but I did not expect him to hide the wedding ring in the last dessert so I was quite surprised." During the banquet, the pair keep complimenting each other Irene praised her husband being an honest and filial son while Joey praise her as beautiful and caring. Asked if they would like to have a baby soon, they both expressed that they want to enjoy a couple's life first; baby will come naturally.

Among those attended are Charmaine Sheh, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man, Zuki Lee, Catherine Chow etc. Charmaine expressed that giving gift cash is more practical and wish the newlywed a sweet life and quickly have a baby since Irene is a very caring person and hence she will be a good mother. Sherming also said that Irene's husband like children, so she hope they would have baby soon.

News translation credits to Sehseh

Pictures of Charmaine :

Ivy : Congratulations to Irene! So many celebrity weddings this year. Starting from Ada & Max then Toby's elder sister and now Irene Wong! And last year there was Halina Tham, Nicholas Tse, Ray Cho and Hacken Lee. For celebrity babies there was Chi Lam and Anita Yuen, Ray Cho, Melissa Ng, Flora Chan then Hacken Lee and recently Roger Kwok and Cindy Au. Haha. Wonder when my post will read "Charmaine Sheh and XX" Hahaha!

Charmaine's TVB Blog Post : 29th March 2008

Let Us Feel The Atmosphere Of The Olympics Together

Image Hosted by

Hello! Greetings to all of you! Recently I'm busy filming 東山. The Annual Next Magazine Awards presentation ceremony has just ended, I'm very happy and honoured to be able to win awards again.

Thank you (Next Magazine) and RMK for giving me the awards.

Share with you guys pictures from photoshoot of me for Next Magazine. This year's photoshoot theme is - The Olympic Games Horse-Riding.

Want to read more interviews???...have to spend from your own pockets lo.

The Olympics are approaching, the equestrian event will be held in Hong Kong. When the time comes we can also feel the atmosphere of the Olympics in Hong Kong.

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Pictures and Original Blog Post from Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog

If Reposted please credit me and Charmaine's blog.

Ivy : Haha! Charmaine updated her blog again on Next Awards in the early mornings. I love the pictures posted in the post although the shooting location for the RMK HD award is kind of "outdoors" LOL. Glad Charmaine loves horses...well hope she does because she looks happy photoshooting with the horse..hehe I love horses too! Don't forget to leave her a comment in her blog!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charmaine Sheh Hopes to Focus On Love

26th March 2008

Charmaine Sheh has won the "Top Ten TV Artists Award" in the Next Magazine TV Awards for 7 years consecutively. To this, she said : " I did not realise that it has been 7 years, I was placed from 10th place to 1st place. This year I feel that I did not move forward, it is very hard to keep the placing."

Charmaine does not fear that the newcomers will overpass her, she said : " My way of thinking is different now, I only wish to be able to film good series like "War And Beauty". The other time left I would like to invest it on my love life."

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Ivy : Hmm...seems like Charmaine is focusing on her search for her Mr. Right now. Well this is good news as now she focus more on quality series and not quantity. All artists will eventually settle down and this just proves that they are getting more stable in the industry. All the best Charmaine! We support you!

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Exclusive pictures from :

p.s Music Poll 2 added!! Song selection : Lovers On Golden Sand by Charmaine Sheh/The White Flame Themesong by Miriam Yeung/Home Again Instrumental used as TVB series Background Music.

Added News Clips!

clips credits to 晓晓虹程

Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 : Results

Top 10 TV Artists

1. Liza Wang
2. Lee Sze Kei
3. Moses Chan
4. Myolie Wu
5. Charmaine Sheh
6. Raymond Lam
7. Bosco Wong
8. Bernice Liu
9. Linda Chung
10. Suzanna Kwan

Most Potential New Male Artist: Wong Cho Lam
Most Potential New female Artist: Fala Chen

Sponsors' Awards

3D-Gold Charismatic Actress Award: Myolie Wu
HEKURA Most Improved Female Artist: Fala Chen
PHILIPS Extraordinary Acting Award: Liza Wang
RMK High Definition Skin Award: Charmaine Sheh
BELLA Flawless Skin Award: Kathy Chow Man Kei
HAPPY SHOP Active Artist Award: Suki Tsui
MARIE FRANCE Alluring Body Award: Bernice Liu
MEN'S SKIN CENTRES BY BELLA Most Improved Male Artist: Amigo Chui
SVENSON Healthy Hair Award: Moses Chan

Top 10 TV Program

1. Heart of Greed
2. War of In Laws 2
3. The Drive of Life
4. Fathers and Sons
5. Word Twisters Adventures
6. Steps
7. The Family Link
8. Eating Healthy 鮮入為煮 (ATV)
9. The Ultimate Crime Fighter
10. Best Selling Secrets

Magazine scans credits to Bebe from BBS :

Magazine scans credits to 射手座的女生 from BBS ( Super Trio Supreme and 東山飄雨西關晴 blessing ceremony) :

Super Trio Supreme News Clip :

clip credits to Bebe

Ivy : Congratulations to Charmaine for being in 5th Position and also winning the High Definition Skin Award!! 7 years in a row!! Woo Hoo~~!! Just like I predicted...Top 10 and also winning sponsorers award. Also Drive Of Life and Word Twisters' Adventure is in the list!! Yay!! Thanks to all netizens who contributed in voting!

I was expecting Lee Sze Kei to take the 1st spot but haha....seems like no one can take the place away from ever gracious and respectable Liza Jie! I also expected Sussana to take a better spot but hmm....being able to be in Top 10 is a great honour already...especially she just came back to the industry. Also not to forget....Congratulations Raymond!! Hehe..he made it at last and just behind Charmaine!

More pictures and clips soon.....