Saturday, March 29, 2008

Irene Wong getting married, the groom have to overcome 3 obstacles

Oriental Daily

Last night, Irene Wong married her boyfriend of 5 years Joey and held a 38 table banquet.

The atmosphere is very merry and romantic.When the groom Joey went to fetch his bride, he has to overcome 3 obstacles such as soaking his feet in soft drinks; eating sweet sour spicy and bitter hamburgers and also blowing candles with stockings over his head. Mentioning her husband's wedding proposal, Irene is glowing with happiness: "That day I was feeling unwell, but he keep insisting I got out to have dinner with him. I can guess that he wants to propose, but I did not expect him to hide the wedding ring in the last dessert so I was quite surprised." During the banquet, the pair keep complimenting each other Irene praised her husband being an honest and filial son while Joey praise her as beautiful and caring. Asked if they would like to have a baby soon, they both expressed that they want to enjoy a couple's life first; baby will come naturally.

Among those attended are Charmaine Sheh, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man, Zuki Lee, Catherine Chow etc. Charmaine expressed that giving gift cash is more practical and wish the newlywed a sweet life and quickly have a baby since Irene is a very caring person and hence she will be a good mother. Sherming also said that Irene's husband like children, so she hope they would have baby soon.

News translation credits to Sehseh

Pictures of Charmaine :

Ivy : Congratulations to Irene! So many celebrity weddings this year. Starting from Ada & Max then Toby's elder sister and now Irene Wong! And last year there was Halina Tham, Nicholas Tse, Ray Cho and Hacken Lee. For celebrity babies there was Chi Lam and Anita Yuen, Ray Cho, Melissa Ng, Flora Chan then Hacken Lee and recently Roger Kwok and Cindy Au. Haha. Wonder when my post will read "Charmaine Sheh and XX" Hahaha!

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