Saturday, March 19, 2011

10th March 2011: TVB City Visit For Pok Oi Charity Show 2011

Finally, my first time entering TVB in Hong Kong. This time, thanks to Sherman I have the chance to experience going to the city. The event tonight was for Pok Oi Charity Show recording. Basically I met with other Sherman fans at Tiu Keng Leung station and TVB provided a free shuttle bus service from there to Tseung Kwan O TVB city. One thing that I realise while waiting on the line to get on the bus was that 90% of the audience that were there for the event were elderly people. Most were like in their 50's. Seems like TVB is really catered to the 'si nai' group in Hong Kong. It really isn't greatly celebrated as it is among the younger generations in Malaysia. That's a fact. Most of the young people around were fans of singers.

So once we got to TVB city, the bus drove through the security gates that we always see in the series. And as the bus drove through I saw stacks and stacks of props stored all over the place. Mostly props for filming. And then we arrive at the main studio with the brightly coloured neon light '43' sign. And I wanted to like take pictures of it, but unfortunately the ruling in TVB is so strict that no pictures is allowed and also we were not allowed to get down of the bus and wander around. We were stuck in the bus for 5-10 minutes before we were allowed to get down when the studio doors open. Once we got in the studio (biggest one in TVB which turned out to be not that big in actual) and then the TVB worker started asking us to fill in the seats at the right first. She told us that we didn't need to follow our ticket seats. Its free seating. So we managed to grab the 4th row. And TVB was really strict with regulations. No phone, no camera. Once a camera is held up they will start to warn you and stop you. Phew….

So finally they started to start the recording. And it first started with Anthony Wong, Choi Fung Wah and Chi Lam coming out to do some recording. And Wow!! I was like can't take my eyes off Chor Gor Gor (ChiLam) hahahah! Because he was so good looking and has the height! Although he is a little skinny though. Then they started recording some dialogues for the program and Chilam NGed a few times, once for talking to fast and one for being out of center point. Then after that, all the other artiste and MC came out to take pictures with the media before they start recording part by part. The MCs for the night that we saw was Astrid Chan and Patrick Tang. They came out and talked a little to the audience and thanked us for coming. Other artiste that were there that night included Hotcha, Sherman Chung, Alfred Hui, C All Star, Stephanie Cheng, Alvina Kong, Hanjin Tan and Kiki Sheung.

Kiki Sheung was really pretty in person. She did not look fat at all in person. And probably because she lost so much weight recently too. She looked really pretty. Besides that, she sang really well too together with Hanjin. Hanjin is also a really talented guy. Nice voice, bubbly personality and talented. And I also found out recently that he's from Singapore! Hahaha. Besides that, other memorable incident from the night was that Stephanie had to sing her song twice. Hahaha. I didn't know why, because her first try was actually good. She sang perfectly. Probably it's the camera angle was not taken perfectly. Another thing I learned from studio recording that night was that what we watch on television is totally different from the way they record it.

In the television, we will watch everything flow really well. Beginning to end with all the charity donors officiating the ceremony, playing games, singing etc. However, the process of recording is split into many different parts. When we went there to watch that night, we did not see them play any games, no presentation of cheques etc. They were only filming the part for singers singing because that's the part that needs audience face to be in it, applause and fans taking up banners. That's why that part is open to audience. So all the parts other than singing were pre-recorded with an empty audience. Hahahaa. The laughter and clappings that you may hear when that part is broadcasted into TV are actually fake sounds combined into the recording from editing work! So during the recording process, what we saw were mostly each singer going up on stage one by one to record their singing parts. Not much feeling of watching a full show eh? Hehehee. After the show, Astrid and Patrick thanked us for coming and said 'sanfu sai la' which really reaffirms our purpose to be here. LOL.

Then after that again when we leave, we were asked to leave in sequence and straight into the shuttle bus. Again no camera allowed in grounds of the city. So this whole post has no pictures in it! Only me personal experience. And its a new experience and I would say not truly as what I expected it to be. No wonder fans had to wait outside the road in the cold every time outside of the city to wait for their idols. Swt.

P.S. I did went to TVB toilet. HAHAHAHHAHA

Monday, February 28, 2011

Megabox Event: 27th February 2010

Andy Hui at the event


So since I just started study break for a week, so I attended an event over at Kowloon Bay. And hell yeah, Kowloon Bay is just far from where I live! But well, it was well worth it. The main reason for me to go to the event is because of Sherman! One of the things that I have to do in my list while I'm here is to meet Sherman. If you all remember from my last event over in Malaysia with Sherman, I did told her I'm coming over to Hong Kong to study and also I will join in her functions while I'm here. And so, I did!

The event that day was an event on Hong Kong Law or something. I wasn't sure because that was not the main reason I'm there. Hahaha...besides Sherman, there were other artistes in the event too. They are Andy Hui, Chow Pakho, Ella Koon, Hotcha, Charcoal, Stephanie Cheng and some newcomers. So I met up with Sherman fanclub fans yesterday afternoon at the MTR and I was running kinda late actually. So we ran from the MTR station to Megabox!! And the weather that day being humid and hot did not help at all! hahahaa...when I reached Megabox, I was sweating!

one of the shots I love from the day

The event already started when we reached with Andy Hui there. So I took some shots. Not my first time meeting Andy. So, no surprises. Hahaha. Soon after Andy Hui, Sherman appeared. Wow, we were just in time. Haaha. She then sang her latest song 'Take It'. And so we did some screaming and whistle blowing and photo taking of Sherman. Right after that, the fans dispersed. Well, this was not normal for what I usually do in Malaysia. We usually wait for the whole event to end before we do the "side quests". Hahahaha. But because there are so many artiste in the event and also they all live in Hong Kong and have other jobs to do, they actually leave seperately before the event ends. Thus, the fans dispersed for the parking lot. And they asked me along to follow so we all ran through the complex to the carpark.

We were rushing like mad but actually there was no need for such a rush. Sherman haven't come down. She' s probably doing interview still. So while waiting, I chatted a little with some Sherman fans. And they were all kinda nice people. They were really welcoming especially when they knew I was from Malaysia and studying at HKU. So we waited and then Andy Hui passed by and left in his car. I didn't approach him. Just watched.

Another shot I like a lot! Looks so surreal here.

We waited on for Sherman and she finally came out. Together with Pakho and Ella. So Sherman fans shoved me forward and told Sherman, "This is your Malaysia fan." At first Sherman looked at me and was kinda blur and didn't really get what was said. But then suddenly, recognisition lit her eyes. And she blurted, "Eh!! Ngo gei dak nei ah!!" (Hey, I recognise you!) Then she was shoved to walk forward into her car and there were many other fans blocking so I couldn't really approach her. But I saw her in the car. Then when the door closes and all and the car started to move pass me, Sherman spotted me and was trying to say some stuff to me but obviously I can't hear. Haha..she did some gestures and I got what she meant(at least I believe I d0). She was signalling me, "Come to my other functions. I'll see you next time." And so I signalled with a nod and pointed with my finger to the ground meaning that "Yes, I will. I'm staying in Hong Kong for awhile now." Then Sherman nodded and waved a bye!

Well, after that, it felt really good. Because, she remembered me! I wasn't expecting anything because I'm just being rational and realistic. But being actually remembered, felt special. So, thank you Sherman for that! After Sherman left, we waited for awhile. Then I saw few male singers and seems like its Charcoal. But I don't know them so I didn't really bothered. I also saw Ella really closeby. And she's really skinny! I wanted to ask her for a photo but there were so many fans around so I didn't take the effort.

A shot of Jason Chow Pakho. Didn't realise he has such a boyish look!

Stephanie Cheng doing a video recording for her fans.

After awhile, I saw Stephanie Cheng coming out from the lift. Then her fans surrounded her and she filmed a video for them. Then after that I called out to Stephanie. I said in English, "Hi Stephanie! I'm from Malaysia!" Then she heard me and turned to me and said, "Sorry?"...and I repeated, "I'm from Malaysia!" And she was like, "Owh!". Then I asked her, "Can I take a picture with you?" And she said, "yeah sure!" Then she turned to her PA/Manager and told her, "ngo tung kui ying sin la. yan wai kui haai san gaa. kei ta hai sik geh" (let me take pictures with her first. because the rest are regular fans). Then she took a picture with me. And because I couldn't find anyone to help me take a picture, Stephanie then said, "nei sui em sui yiu yan pong sau mou?" (do you need help?) and I said yeah. Then she asked her PA/Manager to help us take a picture. And her PA/Manager was really nice. Using effort to take picture for us. And even took 2 shots just incase it does not look good. And yeah, I liked Stephanie more too after this encounter. She's really nice. After that I shook her hand and said, "nice to meet you!"(which I felt weird after that for saying this HAHA). And she replied, "nice to meet you." Then she got shoved away too and said Bye to all of us.

A shot of Stephanie that I like. And I'm liking her more now.

Well, that was practically how it went for the event. After that, I had some snacks with Sherman fans. And I'm happy to know them because they were all kinda nice people and friendly. Looking forward to meet them for another event again soon! And of course, to meet Sherman again too!

Till next event then! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charlene Choi at Harbour City Tsim Sha Tsui: 29th January 2011


Procrastination. HAHA. But well, here is the post on Charlene. This is not exactly my first time meeting Charlene, but this is my first encounter with her in closer distance. I've always wanted to see Charlene because first, I kinda like her as an artiste. And also because I think she's one of the artiste with a rounder shaped face which I think is quite similar to mine. I've got to see her and see how she looks in person and also to motivate me to go on diet!

And this time, again my mum is with me. LOL. My mum came over to Hong Kong and coincidentally Ah Sa was at this mall event in Tsim Sha Tsui. So okay! The event is a chocolate event and Ah Sa is the chocolate ambassador. This is my first time attending a mall event in Hong Kong and I realise the difference in going to an event in Malaysia with one in Hong Kong. The crowd was obviously smaller than Malaysia. If Charlene comes to Malaysia, I believe the crowd would have been double or even triple.

And there's less screaming and also the event was way shorter. The event only lasted for around 15 to 20 minutes. However, the interviews with TV stations such as TVB, Phoenix, Cable TV, TVB8 bla bla bla....lasted for like an hour!! So most of the time, me and my mum was standing there with some other fans just looking at Charlene doing interview. In Malaysia, they usually don't do any interviews or do it in a function room. That's one of the main difference for an event in Hong Kong.

So back to how Charlene looked. Well, I would say she looked real skinny in person! Her face wasn't round at all...HAHAHA...its kinda bony. However, I was not really fond of her "chocolate" hairstyle that day and also her dress. It looked kinda bulky. After everything was done, Charlene wasnted to leave for her car, however there was a huge crowd rushing towards her. And that was when I saw the security guard pushing her from her back and also grabbing the back of her neck and push her forward until she entered her car. And that was when I thought to myself, "Wow! Hou San fu ah, being an artiste!!" It must have felt like chaos and blur for her with all those people crowding and screaming around. Well, trade off for fame. Hehe.

And here's a few more pictures to share from the event. I'll update on more other events in Hong Kong from time to time. So do visit soon!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2011!

Seems like ages since I actually updated on anything. Many things happened since I last update. And it did cross my mind whether to continue on this blog as I felt like I was so busy to even do anything for the past few months. Well, the main reason is because I'm finally living in Hong Kong now for university. I was always out that I don't even have time to go online for updates on TVB and Cantopop etc.

However, after thinking, I decided that I will not desert my blog. Hahaha...I have too much relationshop and memories with it. It contains and preserves parts of my memories that I believe years later when I read them back, it will mean a lot to me. Also, I still do love HK and Cantopop alot. What more? I'm actually living in HK now! Which makes it much more meaningful to blog.

Well, so far in the 1 month I've been in HK, I've been to 2 events. First is the JSG Music Awards 2010 and also I met Charlene Choi last week in Tsim Sha Tsui. I've decided I'll skip on updates for JSG and update on Charlene instead. Hehehe. So stay tuned!


Monday, December 6, 2010

22nd & 25th November 2010: Joey Yung Number 6 Concert Live in Hong Kong Colliseum


How many of my ‘first time’ was given to Joey?? Well, for sure my ‘first time’ watching a Hong Kong Coliseum concert was given to her. This time around, I watched 2 shows out of 12! Yeah, 12 shows in total. I was trying to plan my trip to be able to watch the final show but who would have thought Joey to add shows from November all the way to December 4th. So, too bad I couldn’t make it for the last show because staying in Hong Kong for around 10 days will empty my already not-so-full pockets! Hahaha…which also meant that I miss the pyjamas party with Joey on the 5th! However, having the opportunity to watch Number 6 Concert live in Hong Kong was enough to compensate everything. Besides, the final show will be on DVD so I could just imagine myself watching the last show at home on DVD..haha! For this post, I will not elaborate on what the whole concert was about as that could be seen on the news reports and DVD later on or even Youtube now. Instead, I will write on my personal experience, special occurrence and my feelings from watching the concert.

Joey's all new black 'escape' suit with an added chicken feather mohawk.

This time around, although watching a similar concert on two different occasions, however the feelings from the two shows were different. I’m not sure if reports of it were out, however Joey started losing her voice, well not really losing, but her voice started becoming hoarse from 22nd November show onwards. And right…my first night was on the 22nd. Joey started the concert with the ‘escape’ 45 degree dance as reminiscence from her previous Starlight concert with a modified dance choreography and the exact opposite costume color: Black (as opposed to Starlight’s white). However, when she opened her voice, I was actually surprised because of the hoarseness. I notice the extra effort she needed to sing the song and also the off-key singing she had throughout the song. Similarly for the next song ‘on the treadmill’, she went off-key on several occasions.

Joey's colourful carousel dress showing the witty, playful and happy side of Joey.

After hitting off with two powerful fast tracks, she settled down greeting the audience and sang to some ballads (which rundowns slightly defer every night). Even while talking, I noticed the hoarseness in her voice. As I was sitting with Malaysian fans, with Korean fans behind and Singapore fans beside, most of what we shared were, “Joey’s voice has become hoarse tonight!” Second part of Joey’s concert then showed the “joyful, playful and happy” side of Joey with a lot of colors as she sang funky songs of hers. Her ‘carousel’ dress was one daring attempt as not anyone could carry the dress, but Joey managed to carry it well.

During this part of the concert, suddenly we were interrupted by someone. And if I’m not mistaken it was Joey’s fan club leader Pui. I was wondering what did she want as she was asking some of the fans for something. And I got to know that she was asking for some lozenges. She said that Joey wants some lozenges. A certain brand if not mistaken, from the Macau leader as I think he usually carries them with him. Some fans just took out lozenges they had with them and passed to her because the Macau leader was seated quite far away so he didn’t catch what they requested. Witnessing that happen at that time, I felt bad for Joey who was all out performing and singing her best up stage in a happy and cheery mood. However, we all know inside, she’s feeling frustrated with her hoarse voice tonight. However, the incident made me realize and experience for myself, the trust and bond Joey has with her fans which is something to be cherished and preserved.

A mysterious look before hitting off to a sexy 'snake' dance without the white fur coat. The white fur coat was seen on Wyman Wong during the TVB Awards Presentation. Joey must've borrowed it to him for the night.

It may be the lozenges she had, her positive thinking or simply her voice ‘opened’ with more singing. Her voice condition improved with every following song she sang. This time around, Joey did a really sexy, nose bleeding ‘snake’ dance. ‘Mad About You’ in Starlight is child’s play compared to this. I’m not sure how many could accept the sexiness this time around. However for me, its all stage performance and art. Haha…how could I take an arts degree if I can’t accept sexy dances??

Watching a concert in Hong Kong Coliseum is good in the sense that the stage is versatile and the sound system is good. However, being my first time watching a four sided stage concert, it can be quite bothering as Joey will not always face one side. She faces left, right, front, back. So some of the dance moves would have Joey’s back facing me. Having fan club seats, I was seated on the first row (which is 4th row in actual fact because first three rows are VIP seats) which makes it hard to actually see the whole stage design, unless I watch it on the LED screen. Next time around, I think I’m going to get some nights of the concert sitting on a cheaper ticket pricing zone in the upper deck to fully see the whole design and movement of Joey on stage (or any other singer.

The once belittled singer for not having any instumental talent could strip that recognition off as Joey rises up on stage with a guitar to surprise her audience.

The ‘hei fan’(response) from the audience on 22nd night was quite good for a Monday night. In fact, the audience was in a better mood than even Joey herself. Joey’s mood that night was obviously not very good (most probably because of her voice). We were very high that night standing while Joey sang fast songs and sang along to her ballads. One of the best parts of the concert besides the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L costumes is Joey’s little surprise. During the first or rather ‘fake’ encore, Joey reemerge on stage singing the concert themesong ‘Airport’ with guitar in hand, which made me scream and cheered. Because fans know how bad a guitar player Joey is. To see her strumming and rocking herself to the song was not only impressive but also touching as we know how determined and hard she must’ve work to finally be able to play the guitar. We all should learn from Joey’s always improving spirit.

Another thing good about HK Coliseum is that we could bring in our DSLR cameras and take pictures to our heart’s content. Which lead me to curse myself later on. Why? Because I took sooooooo many pictures that night that finally when we went out during the handshake session and Joey was right infront of me for like 5-10 minutes I couldn’t grab any photos!! Why?? My memory card was full!!! Joey was looking for a ‘handsome male fan’ wearing her concert t-shirt and she picked the fan beside me….which actually turned out to be a female. But Joey didn’t realize it! HAHAHA….I heard her friend told her in Mandarin, ‘she mistook you as a male!’ On 22nd night, I managed to shake Joey’s hand. Joey actually missed my hand, but I shouted out “Joey!!!” and she walked back a step to shake my hand! Hahaha..thanks Joey!! However, because of sitting position, on 25th night, I didn’t manage to shake Joey’s hand because the crowd in front of me was too big. But that night, I made sure my memory card isn’t full. So I manage to get more good pictures of Joey.

Joey was in a better mood on the 25th. Chatting and joking away to the audience.

The concert felt as if it ended very fast on 22nd night. To the point I felt, what?? Its ending already? So little songs? However on 25th night, the concert felt like it was way longer. In actual fact, Joey sang around the same number of songs in both nights but one just felt longer than the other. On 25th night, Joey’s voice was only very slightly hoarse in the opening. Her voice was back to the usual power and crispy clear especially towards the end that I didn’t want her to stop singing! However, the atmosphere was not as ‘high’ on 25th night. The reason?? Because we were stopped from standing up during fast songs!! The audience behind us scolded us for standing up and asked us to sit. Come on, don’t get front seat tickets if you don’t plan to stand during fast songs! Joey then said, “Today’s audience is very gentle. They stand during ballads, but sit during fast songs.” Joey’s mood was very much better on the 25th. She talked more and joked more that night. She said ‘stop worrying about hoarseness. Just sing to my heart’s contents. The hoarseness will then go away.’ Love Joey’s positive attitude to the max!

Joey Yung's 'JY' plated car waiting for her behind the HK Coliseum.

After concert, we also waited for Joey behind the HK Coliseum. I used to think all singers do this. But then I realize, not all singers actually do this. Every night and I mean every single night, Joey will come out and greet her waiting fans and sign autographs for them. On the first night, I didn’t know Joey will only sign one per person each night, so I passed two to her. Well, she looked at the two things I passed to her: A Starlight DVD booklet and Airport EP version 2. She then picked the EP to sign. And unfortunately, while she passed it back to me, she smeared the ink!!! Arrgghh!! My EP is destroyed!!

However the other fans consoled me this way, “well, having a smeared autograph by Joey is a memory to keep.” LOL, well quite true eh? Haha…However, I think the 25th night waiting was even a better memory. This night, because I was with my mum, so I could sign two things. So I passed the Starlight DVD and also another documentary album which is in a form of a book for Joey to sign. And this time, another really funny memory…….when I passed her the book, I passed it to her upside down. So, she just signed on it and the outcome is….an upside down autograph. Argghhh!!! Again!? Hahaha…Luckily Starlight DVD was signed okay..but the ink was light. Hope it doesn’t fade away! Well, however it turned out to be, it was good memory anyway. Joey was way more cheery on the 25th than she was on the 22nd as she was seen jumping around like a little kid before entering her car.

Besides that, I wanted to give some encouraging words to Joey before I leave. However, I was interrupted by some guy behind me which voice I could recognize. He once asked Joey for a photo while Joey was rushing up the road into her car and Joey denied his request. After that, he posted a video of it on Youtube spreading words on how arrogant Joey is for rejecting him bla bla bla….If I could recognize the voice, I’m sure Joey could too, because Joey herself said she did watch the video on Youtube. And this time, he requested Joey this way, “Cho Yee, ho em ho yi lo zhu di seung tong nei ying yat zheung hap jiu mou?” (Joey can I take a picture with you while holding this picture?) I’m not sure what picture he meant but I think it’s a postcard of Joey. Joey then moved on signing stuffs for the person beside me while she slightly shook her head and said softly in Cantonese (Joey is surprisingly kinda soft spoken on a one to one talk with her fans…hard to imagine?? Haha…not at all, because I’m like that too. Loud in group, soft alone.), “Requesting for something that I could not fulfill.” The annoying guy behind me probably didn’t hear Joey’s respond because I heard him started smearing Joey to his friend again. He said also in Cantonese, “How arrogant…not even bothering to give me a respond.” I wonder if this guy is even a fan….why bother waiting and asking for something that you know could not be fulfilled? How do you expect Joey to take a picture with you with guards, crowd, grills blocking and parting us from her? And you should also know that this is not even a right time to ask for pictures with Joey. Seem like he’s just here to find fault with Joey.

Well, after Joey left in her super cool ‘JY’ number plate Toyota Alphard (Joey wind down the window and shouted a Bye and waved to us while her car was moving on the cute), it was the end of the concert for me. It was a really good concert on its own. It will not be fair to compare it to Joey’s Starlight concert because they are two different products although made from the same core ingredients. Just like how it will be unfair to compare bread from cakes although they are similarly made from core ingredients of flour, egg, sugar and butter. For me, both Starlight and Number 6 has its own uniqueness and specialty. Saying Starlight is better than Number 6 is not true but saying Number 6 is better than Starlight is not true too. That’s the feeling I have. So my conclusion is, Number 6 is an all new product from Joey and one can be rest assured that a Joey Yung production is always a quality production.

Finally, here's a video I took from the concert of Joey singing 'Only one in this world' dedicated to her mother. Enjoy!

P.S. I will be flying to Istanbul in a few days time. After that, I’ll be flying to Hong Kong again and will be able to meet Joey again for JSG awards if everything goes well! And to all my blog readers, an early Christmas and new year wish to all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the coming year be a happy and blessed one. Thanks for reading!


I just got this from my comments section by a reader:

"Great personal review.
A little correction on Joey and the lozenges part.
Pui, the fanclub leader was actually trying to reach Wing because somehow, backstage people knew that wing carried those lozenges with her as her own voice was bad.
So the lozenges did play a part in Joey's voice being better after that. "

P.S. Thanks for the clarification! And guess we have to thank Wing too~ Haha.

Monday, November 15, 2010

14th November 2010: Jessica Hsuan Bizzy Body Ambassador Search Event


Wow sorry for the delays in updating this post!! I've been so busy recently and going to be busy until the end of the year actually. I've just came back to Penang from Hong Kong and Taipei only today (1st December) and feeling really tired from all the travelling and also watching Joey Yung's concert! It was an awesome concert by the way, well leave the concert to another post later on. Hahaha...

As for this event, since its so long ago, so I'll update as much as I can remember. LOLS. The event was actually a slimming challenge contest and so at first, I was standing by the side watching until me and my cousin eventually decided to go and sit at the seats which were actually meant for media. However, since we saw many normal audiences sitting there, so we decided to sit there too. After awhile sitting, suddenly we both saw Jessica walked pass and sat infront of us! We didn't even realise she was just right in front! first impression of Jessica!! She's so skinny in person!

Then so I went forward and took some pictures and Jessica must've thought that I was from the media so she looked into my camera for me to take some pictures. Here's one picture where she looked right into my camera!

So after that, the slimming challenge continued and Jessica finally went up stage after awhile. The event was actually done in English and the organisers actually hired a cantonese speaking MC specially for Jessica's part...but come on, Jessica doesn't need one lar!! LOL...her English is many times better than many of the Malaysians around. Not to mention, her British accent. So here's a video for you guys to listen to Jessica's English.

During the interview, there are some details that I admire Jessica for. In my previous post on Linda Chung, I mentioned that Linda didn't do enough homework on the product that she was endorsing before coming for an event. However, Jessica was the exact opposite. Her preparation deserves to be mentioned. Jessica could actually name the treatment she received or provided by Bizzy Body and the name of the treatment is not something easy such as face firming treatment etc but something like microfiliating detoxifying treatment bla bla etc..... Jessica could name the treatment and even describe the procedures during the interview! That shows how prepared she is for the event and what a responsible spokesperson should do. Besides that, as shown in the following video, Jessica mentioned that she has a funny hobby of loving to wash weird! I guess we could all bring our cars over to Jessica for washing! LOL

After the interview, Jessica got back to her seat and again I was sitted right behind her. And when I say right behind I really mean the next seat right behind her. My face was like 5 inches away from her hair...LOL!!! While she was sitting down there, I wanted to ask her if I could take a picture with her. And to do that, I would have to tap on her shoulders or to call out her name and ask for it. Jessica was watching the fashion show performed by the contestants at that time and I felt that it will really be awkward if I were to interupt her..not to mention rude too. So, in the end, I didn't approach her. I only watched from behind. LOLS. I kinda regret afterwards, but well, it really is inappropriate to interupt her halfway and also I'm afraid it'll attract more people to bother her by asking for a photograph.

After that, Jessica went up stage again to present the prizes to the winning contestants. Jessica may look plump in the pictures but in real life, she's really skinny!!!! Its just that she's not photogenic enough, thus, she looks plump in pictures. Similarly, Benice Liu faces the same problem too. After the event ended, Jessica's fans rushed over down stage and started asking for autographs etc and Jessica fulfilled a few of them while waving to her manager for help as the crowd became bigger. LOLS. She then left while being escorted to the lift by guards for a press conference.

My thoughts on Jessica is that she's really bubbly. She laughs a lot. While not considered being on the extremely friendly and down to earth artiste side, she's considered as quite a likable artiste. She seems to be really straight forward and more Westernised. Well, which may explain why she has a Western boyfriend. Haha. Well, I'll not write any longer as I'm starting to doze off..hahaha. So, enjoy the photographs!!

Album link:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back from hiatus!

Hi all!!! I'm finally back from my long long one and a half month hiatus!! Not that I enjoyed it one bit! LOLS! Sleeping at 2am and waking up at 8am everyday having to open a book and study is not one bit enjoyable. And I'm not too happy with how I did with my papers either...sighs..but let's not think about the past and look forward to the future!!!!

So being back, let me update on some event happening this week for some of you guys to attend if you do not have any plans scheduled yet!

Event 1: Meet Jessica Hsuan for Bizzy Body Ambassador Search Challenge

Date: 14th November 2010
Venue: Sunway Pyramid
Time: 12-6pm (exact time of appearance will be confirmed later)

My status: most probably will be going =)

Event 2: Ekin Cheng Stormwarriors video game promotion

Date: 14th November 2010
Venue: Mid Valley Megamall
Time: 3.30pm

My status: Can't split self to two right? So...we'll see!!