Monday, February 28, 2011

Megabox Event: 27th February 2010

Andy Hui at the event


So since I just started study break for a week, so I attended an event over at Kowloon Bay. And hell yeah, Kowloon Bay is just far from where I live! But well, it was well worth it. The main reason for me to go to the event is because of Sherman! One of the things that I have to do in my list while I'm here is to meet Sherman. If you all remember from my last event over in Malaysia with Sherman, I did told her I'm coming over to Hong Kong to study and also I will join in her functions while I'm here. And so, I did!

The event that day was an event on Hong Kong Law or something. I wasn't sure because that was not the main reason I'm there. Hahaha...besides Sherman, there were other artistes in the event too. They are Andy Hui, Chow Pakho, Ella Koon, Hotcha, Charcoal, Stephanie Cheng and some newcomers. So I met up with Sherman fanclub fans yesterday afternoon at the MTR and I was running kinda late actually. So we ran from the MTR station to Megabox!! And the weather that day being humid and hot did not help at all! hahahaa...when I reached Megabox, I was sweating!

one of the shots I love from the day

The event already started when we reached with Andy Hui there. So I took some shots. Not my first time meeting Andy. So, no surprises. Hahaha. Soon after Andy Hui, Sherman appeared. Wow, we were just in time. Haaha. She then sang her latest song 'Take It'. And so we did some screaming and whistle blowing and photo taking of Sherman. Right after that, the fans dispersed. Well, this was not normal for what I usually do in Malaysia. We usually wait for the whole event to end before we do the "side quests". Hahahaha. But because there are so many artiste in the event and also they all live in Hong Kong and have other jobs to do, they actually leave seperately before the event ends. Thus, the fans dispersed for the parking lot. And they asked me along to follow so we all ran through the complex to the carpark.

We were rushing like mad but actually there was no need for such a rush. Sherman haven't come down. She' s probably doing interview still. So while waiting, I chatted a little with some Sherman fans. And they were all kinda nice people. They were really welcoming especially when they knew I was from Malaysia and studying at HKU. So we waited and then Andy Hui passed by and left in his car. I didn't approach him. Just watched.

Another shot I like a lot! Looks so surreal here.

We waited on for Sherman and she finally came out. Together with Pakho and Ella. So Sherman fans shoved me forward and told Sherman, "This is your Malaysia fan." At first Sherman looked at me and was kinda blur and didn't really get what was said. But then suddenly, recognisition lit her eyes. And she blurted, "Eh!! Ngo gei dak nei ah!!" (Hey, I recognise you!) Then she was shoved to walk forward into her car and there were many other fans blocking so I couldn't really approach her. But I saw her in the car. Then when the door closes and all and the car started to move pass me, Sherman spotted me and was trying to say some stuff to me but obviously I can't hear. Haha..she did some gestures and I got what she meant(at least I believe I d0). She was signalling me, "Come to my other functions. I'll see you next time." And so I signalled with a nod and pointed with my finger to the ground meaning that "Yes, I will. I'm staying in Hong Kong for awhile now." Then Sherman nodded and waved a bye!

Well, after that, it felt really good. Because, she remembered me! I wasn't expecting anything because I'm just being rational and realistic. But being actually remembered, felt special. So, thank you Sherman for that! After Sherman left, we waited for awhile. Then I saw few male singers and seems like its Charcoal. But I don't know them so I didn't really bothered. I also saw Ella really closeby. And she's really skinny! I wanted to ask her for a photo but there were so many fans around so I didn't take the effort.

A shot of Jason Chow Pakho. Didn't realise he has such a boyish look!

Stephanie Cheng doing a video recording for her fans.

After awhile, I saw Stephanie Cheng coming out from the lift. Then her fans surrounded her and she filmed a video for them. Then after that I called out to Stephanie. I said in English, "Hi Stephanie! I'm from Malaysia!" Then she heard me and turned to me and said, "Sorry?"...and I repeated, "I'm from Malaysia!" And she was like, "Owh!". Then I asked her, "Can I take a picture with you?" And she said, "yeah sure!" Then she turned to her PA/Manager and told her, "ngo tung kui ying sin la. yan wai kui haai san gaa. kei ta hai sik geh" (let me take pictures with her first. because the rest are regular fans). Then she took a picture with me. And because I couldn't find anyone to help me take a picture, Stephanie then said, "nei sui em sui yiu yan pong sau mou?" (do you need help?) and I said yeah. Then she asked her PA/Manager to help us take a picture. And her PA/Manager was really nice. Using effort to take picture for us. And even took 2 shots just incase it does not look good. And yeah, I liked Stephanie more too after this encounter. She's really nice. After that I shook her hand and said, "nice to meet you!"(which I felt weird after that for saying this HAHA). And she replied, "nice to meet you." Then she got shoved away too and said Bye to all of us.

A shot of Stephanie that I like. And I'm liking her more now.

Well, that was practically how it went for the event. After that, I had some snacks with Sherman fans. And I'm happy to know them because they were all kinda nice people and friendly. Looking forward to meet them for another event again soon! And of course, to meet Sherman again too!

Till next event then! Stay tuned!


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