Monday, March 29, 2010

Hong Kong Artiste current trend??

I wanted to write this post up yesterday. However because I was too caught up with uni work, so only decided to write this after midnight, which means sacrifice some time off my sleep. LOL.

I recently realised that there's a current trend between Hong Kong artiste going on now with Sina's Weibo. What is Weibo?? Well, its similar to Twitter only just a little more interactive. Well, basically, a chinese version of Twitter. I came to know about it through Joey because her facebook got banned....and Twitter was banned for China, so she created one on Weibo. From there, I first realise many other HK singers are there. In fact, almost the whole HK singing community is there. Among them are Kenny Kwan, Vincy, Sherman, Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Gigi Leung, Denise Ho, At17, Eric Suen, Stephy Tang, Miriam Yeung, Hins Cheung.....................

From Weibo, you can actually see them communicating with each other which are sometimes really hillarious. For example, sharing thoughts on food, ideas, bickering, arguing, joking with each other etc.

Recently, the trend has extended to not only singers but also industry people such as music producers, lyricist (Wyman Wong registered 2 days ago), composers, managers (Mani) and also TVB artiste!!

Among TVB artiste who were first active users include Myolie, Bosco, Sharon Chan, Leila Tong, Kingdom Yuen, Joe Ma and Bowie Lam. And now the trend has spread to Michael Tse and also most recently Christine Ng. I was lucky enough to be on Weibo when Christine registered (well, actually Sharon helped Christine to register an account coz she probably didn't know how...LOL). Christine started posting messages on Weibo and I randomly commented on one and surprisingly I received a reply from her! Here's how it went:

伍詠薇 回复 @Ivyryc:我真的超搞笑, 改變不了!多謝你來玩! (3月27日 16:49)

Translation: Christine posted something funny,

so I told her: Your're humorous. That's the reason that I like you! Haha...Yeah!

Christine replied: I really am extremely humorous, my character can't be changed anymore! Thank you for coming to play in here!

And after that Christine's following messages were really funny such as calling Bosco handsome guy, grumbling that some artiste hasn't greeted her on Weibo when others did (which Sharon commented, asking her to hit his 'pat pat'(backside) when she sees him)...LOL. And Sharon, Myolie and Christine seems to be good friends having nicknames for each other. Recently, Christine has been commented to have been poisoned by the Weibo addiction...Hahaha..n all the artiste are making fun of her about it.

Well basically, that's Weibo and I'm predicting more artiste will be joining the community soon! So, for those who has some basic Chinese character literacy(you don't need a can actually guess the buttons), join Weibo to know more of your idols and see how they interact with their peers and maybe interact with you too! haha...just click any of the links below and click the buton 注册 to register an account!

Here's a list of Weibo page suggestions to start with:

My Weibo page(add me after you register!! LOL):

I'll stop here!!!! If not the list will keep going on and on..............Leave the rest for you guys to find out or ask me if you wanna know if your idol is on Weibo! LOL....I'll let you know if I know!!

P.S. All Weibo URL above are confirmed to personally belong to the respected artiste

Received another reply from Christine today...LOL

伍詠薇 回复 @Ivyryc:知道! (23分钟前)
我:我又來啦~~~早點覺吧Miss 5!!健康生活...哈哈哈


Christine said she was tired so I said: I'm here again~~~Sleep earlier Miss 5!! Healthy lifestyle...HAHAHA

Christine: Alright!

P.S. She's really cute! And I think I did a typo, but she understood my message anyways...LOL

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Emerald & The Pearl, 翡翠明珠 synopsis


The synopsis of the movie! So far the storyline sounds interesting....sounds like a typical ancient love story but it should turn out interesting with the casts...Looking forward to it! And at least something to distress on!!! Considering my state of mind now, cramped with assignment work!!! HELP!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Joey Yung 'Summer's Eve' Commercial

Recently, more money making for Joey as she is the spokesperson of Summer's Eve feminine hygiene wash. Here's the CM:

I wonder what Joey as a female artiste hasn't endorse...LOL. She really is a commercial queen. A list of commercial that I can think of now that she endorsed/endorses includes:

1) H2O+~, Hong Kong
2) McDonald's (current)
3) Mioggi BB Cream (current)
4) Broadway Electronics (current)
5) Mei Sam Mooncakes
6) Citizen Watches (current)
7) Reebok Hong Kong (current)
8) Coca-cola (current)
9) Nissin noodles
10) Visa Card
11) INSE Kitchen appliances (current)
12) Unicef
13) Bird's nest drink
14) Slimming centre
15) Asia Games Expo (current)
16) Nikon
17) Property development company (where My Pride was the themesong)
18) YCMD winter clothings (current)
19) Lingerie brand, China
21) Summer's Eve female hygiene (current)

She really already made a fortune for her to live comfortably for the rest of her I wish I can achive that too by the age of 30!! LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

[17 Mar 2010] EEG Insures Joey’s Voice for HK$50million

Source: Xinhuanet

Since last year when Joey Yung discovered she had some callus on her vocal chords, which caused her to sound hoarse, she had been worried that it would affect her singing career. After spending 3 months to recuperate, and travelling to Nanjing to have acupuncture, she has slowly gotten better. Afterwards, Joey had secretly gone into hospital to have an examination, and the doctors discovered that the callus had disappeared, which made Joey very happy when she was told of this. To protect their ‘money tree’, EEG has decided to spend HK$50million to insure Joey’s vocal chords.
Translations credit to Rsung @

Ivy: 50 Million!! EEG really do know how to secure themselves. Well I hope they don't even need to claim this insurance! LOL
Btw, Fahrenheit is coming to KL (or rather they are already here) this Saturday. Now I'm thinking should I drop by to have a look?? HAHA...the only reason is because I want to see Wu Zhun in person...LOL. Since I'm not really a fan and don't really listen to their music. Will consider it.....LOL

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[16 Mar 10] Joey Writes Thank You Letter to Fans

Joey’s greatest motivation is from all the support and encouragement she has received from her fans during the past 10 years.

Source: HKHeadline

After 10 years in a career, being still able to have a well-paid job is not easy, especially in the highly competitive music industry. Apart from having a work load that is several times greater than an average person experiences, one also needs to cater to the fans who want to constantly experience new things. One needs to constantly change to enable oneself to achieve greater things! To be able to shine brightly in this industry for 10 years is not an easy thing, so that is why Joey has written a letter today to her fans to thank them for their constant support, and to show her silent gratitude.

All these years, Joey has seen the effort given by her fans, such as waiting for her night and day at various places, saving up their money to buy her albums, waiting in queues to buy her concert tickets, and also to create light banners to display at various places to show their support….All these things has let to Joey feeling very grateful and thankful to all her fans, so today she has written the following letter to give to all the fans who love her, as a sign of her gratitude for the past 10 years….

Joey’s letter:

“Throughout all these years, I have seen you all grow up, and you have also seen me develop to this very day. I hope you all won’t mind that I’m not an eloquent speaker, and to be able to understand that I’m not a smooth talker, all these corny things is understood by everyone and it doesn’t need to be said. You have all helped me look after my fan club for over 10 years, and each time someone wants to ruin the fan club, you will all work together to resist it. All your actions have moved me, so it is worth me writing this letter today to all you fans that I love.

In addition, each year after I win various awards at the awards ceremonies, you all seem to be happier than I am, and you always give me a congratulation card that you have all signed! To thank you all, I will continue to do my best. I know that being a Joey Yung fan is hard work because I am a special singer who has some fans who like me a lot, but there are also some fans who are more reserved and so they will need to persevere if they want to like me. Therefore, the overall feeling is like being able to get through lots of difficult obstacles, so for being a fan of me, you are all amazing! On the other hand, I also hope that you will all maintain the beautiful characteristic of a peace ambassador, which is to be respectful to your idol and to yourself. Right now, I have just started the 11th year of my career, and I will put more work into my fan club this year. I also hope to make my grand dream come true which is to use my energy to motivate all my fans to contribute to society.

Joey, 2010"

Original version in chinese:


再加上每年我在各大頒獎禮上獲得不同獎項後,你們總是遠比我更開心呢,又送上集合眾人的簽名信來恭賀我!為了報答你們,我唯有再接再厲繼續做得更好,我知道作為我容祖兒 的Fans,是較為辛苦的一件事,因我是個特別的歌手,鍾意我的會很鍾意,但有些人卻會有點兒保留,要鍾意我的話便要堅持,就像要排除萬難的感覺一樣,所以作為我歌迷的你,真是很了不起!另一方面,我也希望你們能保持和平大使這項美好的品格,懂得尊重偶像和尊重自己。現在已是我踏入娛樂圈的第11個年頭,今年我將會為歌迷會下一點苦功,希望能實現我一直以來想用自己的力量推動歌迷為社會作出貢獻這個重大夢想。

Translation credits to Rsung @

Ivy: I personally don't fully understand the letter (the part about different kind of fans). And Joey saying she's not good in words, then from the letter, she really isn't very good...LOL. However, the message I get that is meaningful is her motivation to do more for her fanclub and also to encourage her fans together with her to do more for the society(charity) which is a right move. Hope to see more of that soon! Oh btw, I think Joey got interviewed by the ICAC too for the Stephen Chan case investigations...well hope everything will get sorted out soon!

As to my personal self, I guess I'm going to take this blog as a place to rant my frustration!! HAHA....yesterday I received an email about deferment for my exchange application because of a restriction of the number of students the exchange university is accepting that semester...Urggh!!!! I took so much effort and time to organise my course units and now I have to re-plan. Luckily, the changes isn't too big. HAIHZ, now I have to cross my fingers and hope the next intake for the next semester accepts me!! I wouldn't want all my hardwork to be poured down the drain!!

Part I am not clear with in the letter resolved thanks to Spoiledbrat^^

Unclear part: "I know that being a Joey Yung fan is hard work because I am a special singer who has some fans who like me a lot, but there are also some fans who are more reserved and so they will need to persevere if they want to like me."

Spoiledbrat's explanation:

i think she is referring to those fans who pretend to not be a fan or pretend to dislike her due to peer pressure. there are quite a few JFs who don't want others to know that they like Joey because their family and/or friends don't like her.

Ivy: Sad freedom of choosing who they like and want to support...IMO, youths should not be too affected by peer pressure.

Monday, March 15, 2010

TVB involved in corruption case, Stephen Chan and 4 other people arrested

ICAC arrested 5 persons, including TVB Co. LTD's general manager Stephen Chan, as they are involved in a corruption case.

ICAC stated that this time action made them put 5 people under arrest, among them were 4 staff members of a Television station suspected of corruption charges. And the last one is a director of an advertising company.

Mr. Tsang Sing Ming, assistant manager of TVB's external affairs department confirmed that ICAC was investigating on a corruption case and 4 members of TVB got involved, the four's positions have been suspended already and they will help ICAC with the investigation.

He stated that from his understanding, the 4 are respectively TVB's GM Stephen Chan, Sales and Marketing department bussiness development director 陳永孫 Chan Rong Suen, Artist section actress Nin Jing (assistant in the TV show "Be My Guest") and Artist section producer Ronald Chin 錢國偉. Ronald Chin is the producer of the TV show "Beautiful Cooking". The last person involved is an advertising company's director, he is also Chan's personal assistant.

He says that due to the secrecy that the ICAC investigation has to stay under, they still don't know the details of the case. He stresses that it definitly will not have any influence over TVB functioning normally.

ICAC officers arrested Stephen Chan at around 4 PM, then coming back to TVB city to investigate. Many reporters surrounded the car in order to get interviews, but because the car''s curtains were put on, it was impossible to see the people in the car. 5 minutes after it parked, Stephen Chan opened the door coming out of it wearing a grey jacket, many journalists rushed to take pictures, the whole situation getting messy. Stephen reminded the journalists to be careful and shoed the elevator to the ICAC agents. In the end ICAC agents brought Stephen back to the office for investigation purposes.

Translations credit to little bee @

Follow up articles to date:

Stephen Chan arrested by ICAC, Erica Yuen says TVB harshly uses people

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan, Producer Ronald Chin, Business Development, Sales & Marketing director Wilson Chan Wing Suen and other executives were arrested by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) yesterday. The incident shook the entire Hong Kong entertainment circle. It was said that TVB staff were ordered to seal their mouths, several behind the scenes crew, Charmaine Sheh and other artists cannot give a response. Vinci Wong was once rumored to not get along with Stephen, he felt that the incident was not anything strange: "There's no smoke without fire". Also Erica Yuen who had always been unhappy with TVB gave them a few more kicks by saying that TVB harshly uses people.

Once had contract disputes with TVB, Erica Yuen added a few more kicks on TVB after the news broke out that their executives were arrested, she said: "ICAC arresting people would always have evidence. If they took action to arrest them, then there must be sufficient evidence, otherwise they wouldn't have done it. People who didn't do it, then they didn't do it. (What do you think of Stephen's personality?) I don't know! Someone takes care of all aspects well. I didn't say who! (There seems to be so much happening to TVB this year!) TVB uses people harshly, I didn't so who, but there are so many executives having problems, there must be a relationship! (Have to pray to the lords?) Body not straight, any praying won't help!"

Stephen Chan's other "enemy" Vinci Wong frankly said that he does not keep in touch with him, he's only worried about the executive Ho Lai Cheun who he has dinner with often, fortunately he was not part of the arrest. Towards Stephen being arrested, Vinci said: "He's been an official once and has been the executive of different departments, so is especially sensitive towards these cases, have do be extra careful when doing things. But, this time if ICAC investigations are involved, then there is definitely something wrong, I don't think it's anything strange."

Vinci Wong also expressed that he does not keep in touch with Stephen, the last time he saw him was with Liza Wang told him to check the live version of , Vinci said: "I called Stephen to buy tickets, he told me to call Amigo Chui. (You don't get along with Amigo!) That's just what people say, but we are ok. I even went in backstage with him to say hi to Stephen. As the audience, I really admire Stephen's hosting work. (What do you feel about Stephen?) I do not know hm well, I don't know. (Have you gossiped about what exactly happened?) Yes, I heard that he and his assistant were opening a company together and used his own home address to register. (Opening his own company to make a profit, would there be a conflict?) No one said that people can't open their own business despite working in another one, but have to see if there is a contradiction. Earlier it was said that he was leaving TVB, there's no smoke without fire!" Also, there was a report that someone invited Vinci back to TVB, he avoided: "No executive invited me, a behind the scenes crew asked me. I am in discussion with iCable currently. Right now, I can say that I am not signing for any TV network, I have my own business."

Also, as a TVB contracted artist, it is believed that Charmaine Sheh received the sealing mouth orders. Yesterday afternoon, she and friends were in Central having lunch, speaking of Stephen's arrest, she just smiled and shook her head. Asked if she's worried? She only shook her head and did not respond. Eric Tsang also did a 360 degree turn to avoid the media in his car. When his car stopped, a large group of reporters surrounded, he slowly walked and said: "I just got off of my flight, I don't know anything. (Have you contacted Ronald Chin?) I don't know whats going on, I have to get an understanding first. (Have you asked Virgina Lok?) I haven't yet, everyone is currently in a meeting. (How do you feel about the incident?) I don't think so right?"

Translated by aznangel @

TVB "closes the city" avoiding media interviews; Twins feels sad for Stephen Chan

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan was arrested by the ICAC due to being involved in a corruption case, Stephen was detained overnight by the ICAC. Yesterday morning, outside of Tseung Kwan O TVB City stood a large group of reporters. In order to avoid the chaotic repeated scene of Stephen's public arrest by the ICAC and for the convenience of the investigations, TVB took action by "closing the city", temporarily stopped allowing the media to enter TVB City for interviews. Stephen's favorite Hins Cheung felt that TVB's action was reasonable, he felt regret towards the incident and expressed that he also knows Stephen Chan's personal assistant (Chung Pooi Kwan) who was also arrested. In 2007, Hins' concert was produced by his company, his impression on Chung Pooi Kwan is that he's hard working and is brave in getting to know people.

Yesterday at 8am, the media waited outside TVB City until 10am where the PR personnel suddenly notified them that they are not allow interviews at this time. Reporters did not give up and stood outside the door until 12pm, where a group of security members came out to put up more railings to prevent reporters from breaking in. The <戀戀沖繩> press conference that initially was suppose to happen at 3pm with Ella Koon and Christine Kuo in attendance had to be canceled as well.

Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) expressed that the other day when Stephen Chan was arrested, a chaotic scene occurred where a reporter fell down and was injured, the camera lense were damaged. During this critical period, we temporarily stopped allowing the media to enter for interviews, but believe the closure will only be for a short period of time, hope everyone understands and can tolerate that.

Twins unhappy to hear about Stephen Chan's arrest

Due to Stephen and 3 other TVB employees getting arrested for corruption, their jobs have been halted, but tonight's episode of which features Twins' interview will still broadcast as scheduled. Twins heard about Stephen's incident and felt unhappy, the two expressed that Stephen has always given them a really nice impression. He often jokes and is very positive. The interview happened a month ago, at the time he was still laughing a lot with interest, didn't notice that there was anything wrong.

Corruption case relates to All Singers for TVB Anniversary 2009?

This time TVB executives suspected of corruption, it was said that the case had to with last year's and Gary Cao's Macau concert. Yesterday Hins Cheung arrived at CRHK for an interview and was asked about the incident, he said: "I have always treated Stephen as a senior, I felt really surprised when he was arrested, I don't have any opinions on this incident, I don't want to say too much." Rumors say that the incident is related to ? Hins said: "All shows that go on TV, I have always left it for my company to handle." Does singers have money to pocket? Hins said: "My pay is managed by my manager, who already showed me the big numbers."

Last night Gary Cao, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lo and Niki Chow attended an event. Gary's Macau concert was produced by Stephen's personal assistant advertisement company, does it include doing promotions? Gary expressed that he was shocked to see the repor, but is not clear of what happened. He strongly stressed that he knew Stephen's personal assistant first because he was introduced to him by Taiwanese friends, after two years, he met Stephen. The Macau concert was his only collaboration with him. As far as Gary knows, the Macau concert was hosted by Venetian hotel and his company was responsible for the production and promotions.

Niki Chow was also shocked about the news, she has never experienced a time where she was requested to reduce her pay for promotions. Everything is left fo her company to discuss because this protects artists personal image.

Translation credits to aZnangel @
Ivy: I guess from the moment rumours of Stephen wanting to resign from TVB circulated, the question of what is going to happen next is predictable. All the articles above are very fuzzy, because obviously reporters could only write from assumptions and also through interpretation of artiste comments which are prone to mistakes.

As of what I heard now, seems like Stephen owned his own advertising/PR company and sort of forced artistes to use his company by offering them a lower price compared to the market price outside. And seems like for now, ICAC is investigating all the artiste that collaborated with Stephen before including Tavia Yeung, Steven Ma and Shirley Yeung.

Next, it is rumoured that ICAC will be investigating all the singers next because they were part of the All Singers for TVB Anniversary show. Tiger year is a bad start for TVB~ Their shares are probably dropping now in the stock exchange!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sharon Chan has sprained her neck filming "Can't buy me love"

Source: Mingpao

Date: March 7th 2010

Translation credit to R.E.D @

When Sharon Chan was filming "Can't buy me love", she accidentally sprained her neck. She reckoned it was due to her wearing the heavy head gear. She had an X-ray and the doctor found some of her cervical bones have been shifted. Sharon was in so much pain that she couldn't move her head. She needed to have physiotherapy for a month.

Sharon was doing a show for a jeweler the other night. She looked a bit stiff, she said she had become a "Stiff neck 4" (Ivy: stubborn to death or 'ngang keng sei'). Although she was still in pain, nevertheless, she finished the show. After the event, she told reporter "The doctor told me I had an old injured on my neck before, and the head gear I was wearing was very heavy. That may have been the cause of my problem. The neck bones were out of place and were pressing on the nerve, causing me so much pain. I couldn't even lift my arms up. I have to wear the collar to protect my neck. Fortunately, the filming is nearly finished. The company have told me not to risk it. I will take some time off work to rest."

Ivy: I'm like the person who has secret love(am luen) for Sharon Chan....HAHAHAHA...I personally like her and have high hopes for her future. So I once in awhile will update on her..LOL. I even did a little research on her and turned out Sharon was a model/singer before she signed into TVB as an actress! Interesting. HAHA. Hope she has more good characters to act in. She's really starting to work hard now and gain some recognition. Poor thing on her injury....Get Well Soon Man Chi!!!

On a side note, I am not really happy with university workload this semester....HAIHZ. Four major assignments in April!! Gonna be busy for the whole month...and I got a concert and an event to attend too!!! Time management comes into the picture now....hahaha

Monday, March 1, 2010

我的故事。我的歌 - 容祖兒 Joey Yung - My Story, My Song

Here's a TVB music documentary on Joey Yung. Well, probably this will be something closer to a Joey Yung Documentary compared to the Perfect Ten Documentary which I mentioned on the Perfect Ten Boxset post. I haven't watched it myself. Will do that later tonight^^

Edit: I just finished watching it and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I expected. Because there are some chapters from the documentary that I would like to highlight:

1) Joey visiting Ron Ng, Roger Kwok and producer Poon Ka Tak to talk about their filming (love Joey+Ron's humour)

2) Joey, Ah Sa and Paisley's gathering. Talking a lot about Joey's habits and trying to think of matchmaking her which ended up with people like Brad Pitt...HAHA

3) Joey talking about her mum and also her teacher Roman Tam which was very touching to look back at clips of Roman giving her singing lessons

4) Joey talking about dancing and some clips of her rehearsals

Here's the part with Ron beginning from around 6:30 into the clip! Love them both..haha

Download Links:

Links credit to noasian @ Popularasians

Back to Uni, waiting for April

Finally started university again today! First day of lecture and already reached late because had to guide my mum on how to reach the highway to Penang!! Worse thing is, once I stepped into lecture hall, my new lecturer was talking about punctuality and how particular she is on this.....really PAISEH..luckily I was so far up I don't think she'll remember my face(hopefully).


I already bought A-mit Live in Malaysia concert ticket last week!! I wanted to get the PS2 ticket at first but when I went to Sungei Wang to purchase, nice seats for that tier was already taken. So ended up getting PS1 ticket. 3rd row! So considered not bad. I think her concert ticket will get sold out soon because ticket sales started on 11am and I bought mine around 2pm. In 3 hours, nice seats for PS2 already fully taken!

Concert is on 24th April and I got an assignment due on 27th!! And also I hope Charmaine come early in April!! HAHA...better if come on my birthday! LOL