Monday, March 1, 2010

我的故事。我的歌 - 容祖兒 Joey Yung - My Story, My Song

Here's a TVB music documentary on Joey Yung. Well, probably this will be something closer to a Joey Yung Documentary compared to the Perfect Ten Documentary which I mentioned on the Perfect Ten Boxset post. I haven't watched it myself. Will do that later tonight^^

Edit: I just finished watching it and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I expected. Because there are some chapters from the documentary that I would like to highlight:

1) Joey visiting Ron Ng, Roger Kwok and producer Poon Ka Tak to talk about their filming (love Joey+Ron's humour)

2) Joey, Ah Sa and Paisley's gathering. Talking a lot about Joey's habits and trying to think of matchmaking her which ended up with people like Brad Pitt...HAHA

3) Joey talking about her mum and also her teacher Roman Tam which was very touching to look back at clips of Roman giving her singing lessons

4) Joey talking about dancing and some clips of her rehearsals

Here's the part with Ron beginning from around 6:30 into the clip! Love them both..haha

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