Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sharon Chan has sprained her neck filming "Can't buy me love"

Source: Mingpao

Date: March 7th 2010

Translation credit to R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com/

When Sharon Chan was filming "Can't buy me love", she accidentally sprained her neck. She reckoned it was due to her wearing the heavy head gear. She had an X-ray and the doctor found some of her cervical bones have been shifted. Sharon was in so much pain that she couldn't move her head. She needed to have physiotherapy for a month.

Sharon was doing a show for a jeweler the other night. She looked a bit stiff, she said she had become a "Stiff neck 4" (Ivy: stubborn to death or 'ngang keng sei'). Although she was still in pain, nevertheless, she finished the show. After the event, she told reporter "The doctor told me I had an old injured on my neck before, and the head gear I was wearing was very heavy. That may have been the cause of my problem. The neck bones were out of place and were pressing on the nerve, causing me so much pain. I couldn't even lift my arms up. I have to wear the collar to protect my neck. Fortunately, the filming is nearly finished. The company have told me not to risk it. I will take some time off work to rest."

Ivy: I'm like the person who has secret love(am luen) for Sharon Chan....HAHAHAHA...I personally like her and have high hopes for her future. So I once in awhile will update on her..LOL. I even did a little research on her and turned out Sharon was a model/singer before she signed into TVB as an actress! Interesting. HAHA. Hope she has more good characters to act in. She's really starting to work hard now and gain some recognition. Poor thing on her injury....Get Well Soon Man Chi!!!

On a side note, I am not really happy with university workload this semester....HAIHZ. Four major assignments in April!! Gonna be busy for the whole month...and I got a concert and an event to attend too!!! Time management comes into the picture now....hahaha

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