Monday, January 25, 2010

Charmaine Malaysia Mystery: Solved

The mystery into what brand of skincare products that Charmaine came over secretly to Malaysia to do photoshooting has been resolved. HAHAHA...I was flipping through the newspaper and saw the advertisement for the product! Below the page, there was some event dates and first I thought its some promotional events with Charmaine in it!! However, sadly its only a products promotion.

However, there is good news!! Charmaine will be coming to promote the product in April!!! So stay tuned!! Yay!! Very happy, and hopefully I will be able to go without any interference!!! HAHAHA...Jessie...time to 'fat fai' my PHD Skills again^^

Some pictures of the product and photoshoot:

SKINZ Infinite




I prefer the blue one! HEHE...because my favourite colour is BLUE!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live Boxset review

Hi everyone!!! After much delay, here's my review finally!! Sorry!! Before that, hopefully with this review, interested buyers can further know the contents inside the boxset, judge whether its worth it or not to purchase it and also how to enjoy the boxset^^. If I'm not mistaken, the boxset should be available in stores around Malaysia around next week. The retail price should be ranging from RM110-RM150 for the special edition boxset version(the one I will be reviewing).

First, exterior and interior of the boxset.



Slide the cover off from the boxset and the discs are displayed in seperated flaps


You can pull the flaps out like drawers


The visual documentary booklet

I guess most people interested in buying this boxset will be because of the Perfect Ten Documentary. However, if you are expecting to see Joey's life, growth, hardships, facing rumours and stuff...well you are moving in the wrong direction. I myself at first was expecting the documentary to be running along these lines. The documentary instead is a complete different thing. It is indeed titled 'Perfect Ten' Documentary and not 'Joey Yung' Documentary for a reason.

When I first got the boxset, I started by watching the documentary which is a wrong move. It seems like the stacking drawers of the boxset has its reasons. The correct way to watching is definitely by first listening/watching the Perfect Ten Live concert then continue with the documentary. The reason for this is because the documentary is actually a complementary of the concert! For example, during the concert Joey talks about how her chinese teacher during school actually wrote her a note asking her to stop dreaming of becoming a star. Then, in the documentary, that particular note is shown and further elaborated. Many other situations are discussed such as the venue of the karaoke competition, her first studio recorded song etc which are all complements of the concert and the documentary. Thus, this is what I mean by how it is a 'Perfect Ten' documentary and not a 'Joey Yung' documentary. For a real Joey Yung documentary, I guess I have to wait until Discovery Channel interviews her like the ones with A-Mei and Zhang Zi Yi. HAHA!

Now on to the concert itself. This concert is not an extragavant one. No acrobatic acts, energetic dancers, flashy lights etc. The only dancer you will see is Joey. However, for someone who likes instrumental musics such as brass, saxaphone, drums....those big band and jazzy style of music, then this concert will very much be of your interest. In my opinion, this concert is solely on good quality live music and vocals. Not much special effects. Only quality music and voice.

What to look out for in the concert:

1. Listen to Joey's songs from a whole new perspective. Most of the songs she sang that night are slightly modified including 'mei chi', 'tou', 'and mad about you'. My personal favourite is the new rendition of 'On the treadmill'. I love how the song is made into a more mysterious reminds me a little of 'the pink panther' music.

2. Listen to Joey's first ever studio recorded song from her first signed record label 'dai yat ji ngoh siong cui' (first time I want to get drunk)

3. Listen to Joey sing acoustically such as accompanied by only a single guitar or the piano for the whole song!

3. Listen and remember what Joey say during the concert and continue straight after with the documentary!

As to the visual documentary, it contains concert rehearsal, the concert and backstage pictures of Joey. It also contains Joey's written thoughts on the song she sang that night (in chinese of course!).

So in my opinion, is it a worth buy? If you're a Joey fan then 100% yes because the whole thing; the concert, documentary etc were all planned in the first place because of her fans. You can feel this by just watching the beginnning and ending of the concert where 'be true' aka fan club song is played. As one who just want to watch and enjoy good live music, then this is something you should invest in and I believe it is well worth every cents you spend on!

Downside: The cover holding the contents are quite loose and if you're not careful, the whole thing may slip off. So just be careful to hold the boxset upside down when bringing it around. HAHA.

Monday, January 18, 2010

[17 Jan 10] Joey Wins 7 Awards To Break Record

Source: The Sun
Translated by Rsung at

Due to the disagreement over royalty fees between TVB and the four music companies from HKRIA, TVB shut out the four music companies at its annual music award ceremony, leading to the affected singers not winning any awards. In recent days, TVB has been getting a headache at trying to come up with the award winners list, and the results show that EEG became the big winner on the night with 19 awards. Joey Yung won seven awards on the night, which included the ‘Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer’ award, ‘Golden Song Gold Award’, ‘Most Popular Commercial Song’ award, ‘Most Popular Mandarin Song’ silver award, ‘Most Popular Cover Version Song’ silver award, and she also won a top 10 song award for ‘In Search of the Deity’ and ‘Deeply Moving’. This breaks the previous record of winning 5 awards at one award ceremony, set by Alan Tam and Joey, which makes Joey the singer who has won the most TVB music awards in history, and she now looks likely to win the four-station media award. As for Leo Ku, he won the ‘Most Popular Male Singer’ award for the second time in a row, but what actually happened was that TVB rearranged some of the award winners before the show, and Joey was negatively-affected.

Yesterday, this newspaper made public the fact that TVB’s ‘adopted son’, Hacken Lee, was going to be one of the ‘survivors’ of the royalty fee dispute and he was set to win the ‘Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer’ award. However, just before the award ceremony started, one of the TVB management stated that if a singer doesn’t attend the award ceremony, he or she will not win an award, and Hacken was in China yesterday to hold a concert. Furthermore, because TVB didn’t want any of the four main music company singers to win an award, TVB’s ‘adopted son’ lost to TVB’s ‘biological son’, Raymond Lam, who was awarded the ‘Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer’ award instead. To avoid making it look as though EEG was winning all the awards, the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ award from given to Miriam Yeung instead of Joey, and Joey was recompensed by being awarded two top 10 song awards.

At the moment that Raymond Lam, who has only been a singer for 3 years, was announced to be the winner of the ‘Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer’ award, he became excited and slightly tearful, and he continuously thanked TVB for their ‘deep affection’: “I’ve been at TVB for 11 years, and everything I have has been given by TVB, TVB has nurtured me, this award….thanks to everyone in the audience, I’m approaching my thirties, I don’t know what to say, I’m grateful to Miss Lok and Tai Gor.” In the end, Joey became the big winner by being awarded the ‘Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer’ award and the ‘Golden Song Gold Award’, and she excitedly said: “I thank you all for watching me grow up, I really did not think that after being in the industry for ten years, I could achieve this good result to commemorate it.” During her performance, Joey also couldn’t hold back the tears.

It is believed that Joey was going to follow Faye Wong’s footsteps by winning both the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ and ‘Asia Most Popular Female Singer’ award at the same time, but because Joey, who had 3 nominated songs in the best commercial song category, had already won a commercial song gold award and a couple of other silver awards, TVB didn’t want it to look as though all the awards were given to Joey, so at the last minute they gave the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ award to Miriam instead, which is the second year in a row she has won it. Furthermore, there was originally going to be a gold, silver and bronze award in the ‘Most Popular Commercial Song’ category, but this was changed to only one award, so it looks as though Joey lost two awards in total. Apart from Raymond Lam, other singers who are regarded as ‘TVB’s children’, such as Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Julian Cheung and Pong Nam, also won awards. Sherman Chung and Charlene Choi both won a top 10 song award for ‘Letter For Myself’ and ‘Two Minus One’ respectively, and Charlene also won a ‘2009 Outstanding Performance’ silver award.

Due to the four main music companies being shut out, many singers, such as Eason Chan and Hacken Lee, did not attend, so not many stars were at the award ceremony and it looked more like a newcomer parade. Even the host, Eric Tsang, stopped his usual joking for a moment to sigh and say: “The music industry and the music companies are in a close partnership, no matter whether the coming days of the music industry is good or bad, everyone needs to work together to create both good music and a good tomorrow. Tonight, how many singers are actually participating!?”

A prank was played on TVB when music group Tai Chi appeared as special guests to announce the winner of the ‘Most Popular Group’ award, and they deliberately announced Mr., who belong to Universal, and then they corrected themselves by saying the winner was actually RubberBand. When RubberBand picked up the award, they said it was unexpected, but Eric Tsang made fun of them by saying ‘It’s not unexpected.” During the start of the award ceremony, trailer clips were played and they actually contained Eason Chan and Hacken Lee. When Miriam was on stage to pick up her award for the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ award, she noticed that many of her fellow singers from the four main music companies were not present, so she said: “The singers I don’t see today I will see them next year, each thing we go through is a learning experience from which we will improve, and this problem we have can be solved.” As to the current frontrunners for the ‘Four-Station Media Award’, Joey Yung has won 14 awards to overtake Eason who has 11 awards, so she looks likely to win the big award. Out of the singers from the four main music companies who were absent from the award ceremony, Eason Chan and Jason Chan appeared at some functions today, and Kay Tse held an autograph session for her new album, so they continue to make TVB lose face.

Ivy: Just as I said yesterday, about Joey's commercial song part...HAHAHA...It was pretty obvious actually. If they were to give 3 Commercial song awards, Joey will be winning 10 awards which will not be a good sight. Nevermind, I consider Joey winning another 1 or 2 commercial songs already...HAHAHA.

And on the Four-Station Awards....Hmmm...what are the odds that Eason can win four awards more than Joey at RTHK awards ceremony? Unless RTHK decides to surrender all Joey's awards to Eason that night. Anyway, let's not speculate and wait for January 30th. I of course hope Joey could take it (I'm an Eason fan too). She hasn't got the Four Station Media award by herself (she got it with Twins in one of the years) since 2003 if I'm not mistaken.

And also Perfect Ten Live Boxset review...haven't done that yet! Will get it done and posted up soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jade Solid Gold (JSG) Music Awards 2009 Results and comments

*Blue for Joey
*Green for Raymond

Gold Song - Joey Yung, In search of deities (EEG)

Four Station Song Award - Leo Ku, The earth is in danger (EEG)

Asia Region Best Hong Kong Female Singer - Joey Yung (EEG)
Asia Region Best Hong Kong Male Singer - Raymond Lam (EEG)

Most Popular Female Singer - Miriam Yeung
Most Popular Male Singer - Leo Ku (EEG)

Top Ten Songs:

1. A letter to myself - Sherman Chung (EEG)
2. Searching for the deities - Joey Yung (EEG)
3. If the time comes - Raymond Lam (EEG)
4. Gam Gong Ging - Denise Ho
5. The earth is in danger - Leo Ku (EEG)
6. Here We Are - Kary Ng
7. Two missing one - Charlene Choi (EEG)
8. Wrong - Stephanie Cheng
9. Actually I am happy - Miriam Yeung
10. Deeply Moving - Joey Yung (EEG)

Best Composer: Mark Lui (If the world has no fairytale, Janice Vidal)

Best lyricist: Chang Mei Yee (If the time comes, Raymond Lam)

Best Arranger: Johnny Yim (If time comes, Raymond Lam)

Best Producer: Mark Lui (Where did you go?, GEM)

Most Popular Duets:

Gold: My memory is not mine - Vincy Chan, Hoi Ming Wai (EEG)
Silver: Once and for all - Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu
Bronze: Loving is painful - Linda Chung, Wei Xiong

Best Remake Song:
Gold: A letter for myself - Sherman Chung (EEG)
Silver: Open up to happiness - Joey Yung (EEG)
Bronze: Finally know I'm wrong - William Chan (EEG)

Most Popular Commercial Song:
Double Champion (Broadway) - Joey Yung (EEG)

Best Mandarin Song:
Gold: Lonely Man - Gary Chow
Silver: Is this love? - Joey Yung (EEG)
Bronze: After tomorrow - Vincy Chan, Raymond Lam (EEG)

Best Newcomer:
Gold : Kate Tsui
Silver: Wong Chi Hin
Bronze: Lok Tong

Recommended Newcomer:

Singer Composer Award:
Gold: Ivana Wong
Silver: Justin
Bronze: Pong Nan

2009 Outstanding Performance:
Gold: GEM
Silver: Charlene Choi (EEG)
Bronze: Linda Chung

Stage Award: Grasshoppers

Best Group:
Gold: Rubberband
Silver: FAMA
Bronze: Hotcha

Ivy : Wooooow to Joey and Raymond......and also to EEG........HAHAHAHA.............I was surprised or perhaps half surprised with this year's award results. A total of 20 awards from EEG artistes, 7 from Joey, 3 from Leo, 2 and half from Raymond, 2 each from Charlene and Sherman, 1 each from William Chan and Vincy and half from Hoi Ming Wai.

First thing, it was obvious with the disputes between HKRIA and TVB, singers from the four big stations will not be attending and also will not win any awards. Thus, I will not think of the award with them included in it. I'm sure there will be big fans rage over this issue and also with Miriam winning most popular singer again this year and not Joey. But I choose to stay out of this as I'm really very happy with Joey's results already. 7 awards in one ceremony is already another record. However, if Joey's performance maintains this year, and TVB repeats this the 3rd time, I'm sure people will not stay quiet anymore. They shouldn't let a record hold back another singer's deserving award! So what if Joey breaks Anita Mui's record?? I'm sure Anita in heaven will bless whoever who deserves an award and will not want her passing to hold back any talents in the music industry!

Oh, I think I haven't say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! to Joey!!!! HAHAHA...too carried away with the other hot^^ stuffs from the award. Joey practically sang all of her hit songs that night...LOL. In my joking opinion, Joey should win 10 awards instead of 7...hahaha...let me rationalise this. In all the previous years, there are 3 commercial song award (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Out of the five final nominations, three of Joey's songs is in it. Thus, if she swept all 3 awards, that will leave Joey with 9 awards. So the final one, the deserving most popular female singer award...Wala~~10 awards....hahaha...that will really be a PERFECT TEN then! However, TVB decided to only give 1 commercial song award this year. Hey, come to think of it, that's probably the reason why they didn't want to make it 3 this year. HAHAHA....

Next, Raymond!! The look on Raymond's face when he won the Asia Singer Award! HAHAHA...he was so dumbfounded, shocked, surprised, stuttering, tearing!!!!! HAHAHA.....I could replay that scene again and again..LOL!!! Anyhow, I'm a little surprised with his win...this award is what most singers aim to get...even Joey only managed to get it after 9 years in the industry. I will not say Raymond does not deserve it and only got it because Eason is not around. Raymond is indeed famous in Asia. However, the award is a little early for him. Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS to Raymond!!!!

3 ceremonies passed, now left with RTHK awards which will be held on 30th January also showing on Astro Wah Lai Toi live 7.30pm!! Looking forward to it! All The Best to Joey!!

P.S before i forget!!! I'm happy with Sherman's win!!! A letter to myself is one of my favourite songs last year!!! YEAH! Congrats!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kenix Kwok gives birth to 7.2 pound baby girl

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenix Kwok gives birth to 7.2 pound baby girl

Yesterday, 39 year old TVB fadan Kenix Kwok gave birth to a baby girl. Although, she was due a month early than the expected date, Kenix's baby girl weighed 7.2 pounds. Her husband Frankie Lam sent a SMS to the Media announcing to the world that he just became a father, he expressed that both mother and daughter are safe. Kenix, Frankie and their new baby daughter (her name has not been decided yet) expressed their appreciation for everybody's concern. It was said that the baby looks extremely cute and had a healthy development.

Ivy: Still feeling really sleepy~ Just got back from KL yesterday...anyway, Yay!! Very happy for Kenix! Kenix is one of the actress that I like and miss a lot during the period she left TVB. She's also one of the first ever TVB actress that I've met in my life together with Frankie. Haha. Kenix really kept herself well...she look really pretty and fit in the picture above! Once again, Congratulations to Kenix and Frankie!! Looking forward to know what will be their daughter's name!! Hehe.

P.S. Received my Joey Perfect Ten Live Boxset yesterday! Will post some pics of it later! Haven't had the time to watch the concert and documentary yet. Will watch it this weekend.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Joey Contributing Million Dollars to Repay Fans


Ten years in the industry, Joey decides to establish a scholarship fund to reward fans with good academic results

Source: Oriental Daily

8th January 2009

Song King, Leo Ku and Queen of Pop, Joey Yung both won the 'Ten Years Most well-received by Youths' male and female singer award respectively. Leo and Joey were very thankful and happy. Joey rewards her fans with hardwork and also financially when she disclosed that she will invest a million dollars into her fanclub to establish an education fund to encourage students who excel in their studies.

Joey and Leo have many songs that are very popular among the youths throughout their career in the music industry. Besides both of them taking home the ten years well-received singer award presented by uChannel, Ah Sa(Charlene) also received the 'Ten Years healthy image singer' award.

When Joey received the award, she was very happy. She said, "I've been in the industry for ten years, and receiving a Ten-years award is a very good encouragement to me. This award is voted by youths, therefore I am specially happy getting it." Joey also disclosed that she will establish an education fund for fans. She said, "I will be establishing an education fund to encourage students excelling in their studies. Further details are still on the planning." (how much will the fund involve?) "I'm estimating seven figures."

Leo Ku was also happy for getting the award. "As a public figure, one have to put extra care in their actions and behaviour. We must also be a responsible person." As 'Ku Sir' he has to be a role-model. Leo said, "Being their role-model, I will continue learning." Whereas Charlene who has high expectations from herself, said that she takes the award as an encouragement.

Besides that, Joey also won the 'Country's Most Respectable Female Singer', 'Most Respectable Mandarin Music Award' and 'Country's most respectable top ten song' for 'Sau San Gei'(In search of deities) at the Canada Hit Chinese Billboard awards. Charlene also won a top ten song award for 'yi kuet yat'(two missing one). Vincy Chan and Hoi Ming Wai also grabbed a top ten song award for 'ngoh dik wooi yik bat si ngoh dik'(my memory is not mine). Truly a sign of breaking through international borders.

If reposted please give due credit. Thanks.

Ivy: I translated this because I can't find translations anywhere else yet and also because I feel that its really very nice of Joey to actually establish a fund for her fans. Its a very good message to her fans as she reminds them that studies is very important and giving her fans the chance to 'be a fan' and at the same time go on the right track towards their future path (if you know that I mean). Besides, thinking in Joey's side, I think its a good way of public service where you can be almost sure that the receiver will appreciate it and the meaning behind it will be much more meaningful than her donating to any other funds outside. I wonder how will the fund work? Hehehe...have to wait to find out what are Joey's plans...hehehe...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Joey Thank Fans For Their Care


Joey expressed that she is satisfied with the Chik Chak award results and she reckons that some fans are over-reacting.

Source: On.CC

4th January 2010

When Joey Yung was giving a radio interview, it was mentioned that some fans weren’t very happy about the recent Chik Chak award results and they have been fiercely voicing their displeasure on the Internet. Joey replied to this by saying: “Aiya, forget about it, it’s in the past. Actually, I’m quite satisfied with the result, and I’m grateful for the care that everyone has shown to me. (Some fans might be going to the ICAC?) That’s a bit over the top. Maybe the fans are too engrossed in the matter, and as they become more engrossed, the more that will come into their minds.”

Translation credits to Rsung at JoeyGalaxy

Ivy: Honestly, when I knew the results, I wasn't really happy too because I thought a top ten song for Joey was guaranteed. Come to think of it, Joey's 'Sau San Gei' was nominated under the top 5 most favourite song, but did not win an award for top ten song. Which kind of don't make sense. However, fortunately Joey did not went home empty handed and got a Gold Female Singer award which is her 3rd conseutive win and 5th Gold in 10 years beating Faye Wong and Sandy Lam's record. Congratulations to Joey!!

In addition, I think fans should not over-react up to the point of reporting to ICAC which I think is too overboard and will not make Joey happy instead the other way round! At this stage of her singing career, I believe awards are not Joey's main target anymore. She does not need an award to prove that she can sing. An award is instead a bonus to her, and quality instead of quantity is more important. Instead, having more freedom to choose her singing style and path in the following years of her career should be her main focus.

New Charmaine Fansite up!!

More good news for Charmaine fans!! A new Charmaine Sheh English Fansite is up and running!! The purpose of this fansite is to hope to be able to gather and update Charmaine's fans who are English literated as I understand many have difficulty to access updates and information on Charmaine. Besides, the forum for the site will be launching soon, which hopefully will be able to gather Charmaine's fans together in a happy interaction and share your thoughts on Charmaine. Nevertheless, of course the site is not restricted to English based fans, all are welcome to join and interact in the coming forum!

Check the site out, and remember to return and join the forum once it's up!!