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Joey Contributing Million Dollars to Repay Fans


Ten years in the industry, Joey decides to establish a scholarship fund to reward fans with good academic results

Source: Oriental Daily

8th January 2009

Song King, Leo Ku and Queen of Pop, Joey Yung both won the 'Ten Years Most well-received by Youths' male and female singer award respectively. Leo and Joey were very thankful and happy. Joey rewards her fans with hardwork and also financially when she disclosed that she will invest a million dollars into her fanclub to establish an education fund to encourage students who excel in their studies.

Joey and Leo have many songs that are very popular among the youths throughout their career in the music industry. Besides both of them taking home the ten years well-received singer award presented by uChannel, Ah Sa(Charlene) also received the 'Ten Years healthy image singer' award.

When Joey received the award, she was very happy. She said, "I've been in the industry for ten years, and receiving a Ten-years award is a very good encouragement to me. This award is voted by youths, therefore I am specially happy getting it." Joey also disclosed that she will establish an education fund for fans. She said, "I will be establishing an education fund to encourage students excelling in their studies. Further details are still on the planning." (how much will the fund involve?) "I'm estimating seven figures."

Leo Ku was also happy for getting the award. "As a public figure, one have to put extra care in their actions and behaviour. We must also be a responsible person." As 'Ku Sir' he has to be a role-model. Leo said, "Being their role-model, I will continue learning." Whereas Charlene who has high expectations from herself, said that she takes the award as an encouragement.

Besides that, Joey also won the 'Country's Most Respectable Female Singer', 'Most Respectable Mandarin Music Award' and 'Country's most respectable top ten song' for 'Sau San Gei'(In search of deities) at the Canada Hit Chinese Billboard awards. Charlene also won a top ten song award for 'yi kuet yat'(two missing one). Vincy Chan and Hoi Ming Wai also grabbed a top ten song award for 'ngoh dik wooi yik bat si ngoh dik'(my memory is not mine). Truly a sign of breaking through international borders.

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Ivy: I translated this because I can't find translations anywhere else yet and also because I feel that its really very nice of Joey to actually establish a fund for her fans. Its a very good message to her fans as she reminds them that studies is very important and giving her fans the chance to 'be a fan' and at the same time go on the right track towards their future path (if you know that I mean). Besides, thinking in Joey's side, I think its a good way of public service where you can be almost sure that the receiver will appreciate it and the meaning behind it will be much more meaningful than her donating to any other funds outside. I wonder how will the fund work? Hehehe...have to wait to find out what are Joey's plans...hehehe...

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