Monday, January 4, 2010

Joey Thank Fans For Their Care


Joey expressed that she is satisfied with the Chik Chak award results and she reckons that some fans are over-reacting.

Source: On.CC

4th January 2010

When Joey Yung was giving a radio interview, it was mentioned that some fans weren’t very happy about the recent Chik Chak award results and they have been fiercely voicing their displeasure on the Internet. Joey replied to this by saying: “Aiya, forget about it, it’s in the past. Actually, I’m quite satisfied with the result, and I’m grateful for the care that everyone has shown to me. (Some fans might be going to the ICAC?) That’s a bit over the top. Maybe the fans are too engrossed in the matter, and as they become more engrossed, the more that will come into their minds.”

Translation credits to Rsung at JoeyGalaxy

Ivy: Honestly, when I knew the results, I wasn't really happy too because I thought a top ten song for Joey was guaranteed. Come to think of it, Joey's 'Sau San Gei' was nominated under the top 5 most favourite song, but did not win an award for top ten song. Which kind of don't make sense. However, fortunately Joey did not went home empty handed and got a Gold Female Singer award which is her 3rd conseutive win and 5th Gold in 10 years beating Faye Wong and Sandy Lam's record. Congratulations to Joey!!

In addition, I think fans should not over-react up to the point of reporting to ICAC which I think is too overboard and will not make Joey happy instead the other way round! At this stage of her singing career, I believe awards are not Joey's main target anymore. She does not need an award to prove that she can sing. An award is instead a bonus to her, and quality instead of quantity is more important. Instead, having more freedom to choose her singing style and path in the following years of her career should be her main focus.

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