Monday, January 25, 2010

Charmaine Malaysia Mystery: Solved

The mystery into what brand of skincare products that Charmaine came over secretly to Malaysia to do photoshooting has been resolved. HAHAHA...I was flipping through the newspaper and saw the advertisement for the product! Below the page, there was some event dates and first I thought its some promotional events with Charmaine in it!! However, sadly its only a products promotion.

However, there is good news!! Charmaine will be coming to promote the product in April!!! So stay tuned!! Yay!! Very happy, and hopefully I will be able to go without any interference!!! HAHAHA...Jessie...time to 'fat fai' my PHD Skills again^^

Some pictures of the product and photoshoot:

SKINZ Infinite




I prefer the blue one! HEHE...because my favourite colour is BLUE!

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Anonymous said...

dui lu hao sat mong~~ T_T