Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joey Yung Perfect Ten Live Boxset review

Hi everyone!!! After much delay, here's my review finally!! Sorry!! Before that, hopefully with this review, interested buyers can further know the contents inside the boxset, judge whether its worth it or not to purchase it and also how to enjoy the boxset^^. If I'm not mistaken, the boxset should be available in stores around Malaysia around next week. The retail price should be ranging from RM110-RM150 for the special edition boxset version(the one I will be reviewing).

First, exterior and interior of the boxset.



Slide the cover off from the boxset and the discs are displayed in seperated flaps


You can pull the flaps out like drawers


The visual documentary booklet

I guess most people interested in buying this boxset will be because of the Perfect Ten Documentary. However, if you are expecting to see Joey's life, growth, hardships, facing rumours and stuff...well you are moving in the wrong direction. I myself at first was expecting the documentary to be running along these lines. The documentary instead is a complete different thing. It is indeed titled 'Perfect Ten' Documentary and not 'Joey Yung' Documentary for a reason.

When I first got the boxset, I started by watching the documentary which is a wrong move. It seems like the stacking drawers of the boxset has its reasons. The correct way to watching is definitely by first listening/watching the Perfect Ten Live concert then continue with the documentary. The reason for this is because the documentary is actually a complementary of the concert! For example, during the concert Joey talks about how her chinese teacher during school actually wrote her a note asking her to stop dreaming of becoming a star. Then, in the documentary, that particular note is shown and further elaborated. Many other situations are discussed such as the venue of the karaoke competition, her first studio recorded song etc which are all complements of the concert and the documentary. Thus, this is what I mean by how it is a 'Perfect Ten' documentary and not a 'Joey Yung' documentary. For a real Joey Yung documentary, I guess I have to wait until Discovery Channel interviews her like the ones with A-Mei and Zhang Zi Yi. HAHA!

Now on to the concert itself. This concert is not an extragavant one. No acrobatic acts, energetic dancers, flashy lights etc. The only dancer you will see is Joey. However, for someone who likes instrumental musics such as brass, saxaphone, drums....those big band and jazzy style of music, then this concert will very much be of your interest. In my opinion, this concert is solely on good quality live music and vocals. Not much special effects. Only quality music and voice.

What to look out for in the concert:

1. Listen to Joey's songs from a whole new perspective. Most of the songs she sang that night are slightly modified including 'mei chi', 'tou', 'and mad about you'. My personal favourite is the new rendition of 'On the treadmill'. I love how the song is made into a more mysterious reminds me a little of 'the pink panther' music.

2. Listen to Joey's first ever studio recorded song from her first signed record label 'dai yat ji ngoh siong cui' (first time I want to get drunk)

3. Listen to Joey sing acoustically such as accompanied by only a single guitar or the piano for the whole song!

3. Listen and remember what Joey say during the concert and continue straight after with the documentary!

As to the visual documentary, it contains concert rehearsal, the concert and backstage pictures of Joey. It also contains Joey's written thoughts on the song she sang that night (in chinese of course!).

So in my opinion, is it a worth buy? If you're a Joey fan then 100% yes because the whole thing; the concert, documentary etc were all planned in the first place because of her fans. You can feel this by just watching the beginnning and ending of the concert where 'be true' aka fan club song is played. As one who just want to watch and enjoy good live music, then this is something you should invest in and I believe it is well worth every cents you spend on!

Downside: The cover holding the contents are quite loose and if you're not careful, the whole thing may slip off. So just be careful to hold the boxset upside down when bringing it around. HAHA.


YanYanKong said...

I was looking forward to the DVD, documentary, ... to come out.I think it's kinda expensive especially the special edition, but I really wanna watch the documentary and concert. I also wanna know what's in the EPs. Is it just the live cd version of the concert or is it recordings of the songs that were changed in the concert? Is it worth it to buy with the EPs?
I dunno, after looking at info on Perfect Ten, I feel like not buying it and just wait for her March concert! I do want to watch the documentary though. I thought it would have been more about the steps she took to be a singer and all the things she faced to be at this stage Queen of Pop.

Ivy said...

Yan Yan Kong, the EP is a different thing. Its a new release with 5 new songs and a DVD containing 2 MVs. So there will not be anything related to Perfect Ten in the coming EP.

For the EP, well its limited edition with 9 different covers. Limited edition in the sense that only limited copies of each cover will be released. So it may be quite meaningful to get the EP.

btw, may I know which country you're from?

YanYanKong said...

Yeah! Sorry.I just realised I said EP after I published comment. I was actually wanting to know what the CD's in the special edition Perect Ten was. Like is it a live CD version of the concert or something else?

I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I'm so happy that Joey won the 4 stations media award!!! Too bad Raymond didn't win much good awards this year. I thought his concert would have helped. =(

Ivy said...

Oh okay. The 5 Discs include:
2 karaoke live recordings of the concert, 2 CD recording of the concert and the 5th disc is the Documentary DVD.

YanYanKong said...

I see! So how many songs were revised songs in the concert? I mean like the songs that were sang in a different type of music (Jazz, Rock, ...) I wanna know so I can make my decision to buy or not. Cause I have most of the songs in this concert on her other concerts already (except for those few new ones from 2009). And she's gonna have a concert this year too. I don't wanna have so much repeats.That would be boring and stupid.

Ivy said...

YYK, okay...*looks at boxset*...haha..

First, I hv to let you know first that the whole concert is actually in live band. So all the songs will not 100% be the same as the usual versions. However, I'll just list out the songs that are very obviously modified:

1. 未知
2. 第一次我想醉
3. Mad About You
4. 最后一课
5. 跑步机上
6. 逃
7. 越唱越强

YanYanKong said...

Aren't all concerts live band.and only a few computerized things.

Anyways Thanks very much. You're probly sick of me now! LOL

Ivy said... problem. LOL...its hard to explain. Its live band as in no computerised at all :) its the same feeling of going to a jazz bar or an orchestra concert!