Monday, February 1, 2010

The 32nd RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards Winners List

Joey Yung - In Search of Deities (搜神記)
Eason Chan - 700 Years Later (七百年後)
Jason Chan - You Hide I Hide (你瞞我瞞)
Vincy Chan, Hai Ming Wai - My Memory Is Not Mines (我的回憶不是我的)
Miriam Yeung - Turns Out I'm Really Happy (原來過得很快樂)
Ivana Wong - Moon Said (月亮說)
Janice Vidal - Even If The World Has No Fairytales (就算世界無童話)
Kay Tse - Song Of The Year (年度之歌)
Leo Ku - World Is Very Dangerous (地球很危險)
Mr. - If I Was Eason Chan (如果我是陳奕迅)

CASH's Best Singer-Songwriter Award: Justin Lo

Most Promising Newcomer
Gold: Kate Tsui
Silver: Hinson Chou
Bronze: Jonathan Wong

Most Popular Mandarin Song: Khalil Fong - Tour of Three (三人遊)

Best Selling Artist of the Year:
Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Joey Yung
Group: Mr.

Most Improved of the Year:
Gold: G.E.M
Silver: Sherman Chung
Bronze: RubberBand

Global Best Golden Song Melody: Eason Chan - 700 Years Later (七百年後)

Best Male Singer of the Country: Eason Chan
Best Female Singer of the Country: Joey Yung
Best Group of the Country: Soda Green
Best Chinese Song of the Country: Hins Cheung - Yes & No

Outstanding Pop Singers Award:
Leo Ku
Ivana Wong
Joey Yung
Eason Chan
Hins Cheung
Kay Tse
Charlene Choi
Janice Vidal
Raymond Lam
Miriam Yeung
Khalil Fong

Most Outstanding Pop Singer Award:
Male Singer: Eason Chan
Female Singer: Joey Yung

Golden Needle Award: Danny Chan

4 Stations Media Award:
Singer: Joey Yung
Composers: Mark Lui, Lau Chung Yin
Lyricist: Albert Lin

- Universal Music Group was the big record company winner of the night - 14 awards total.
- Both Joey Yung and Eason Chan were the big winners with 6 big awards each.

Combined with the 4 music stations (Metro, JSG, CRHK, RTHK):
- Joey Yung is the leader of the 2009 Music Awards with 19 total awards.
- Eason Chan is in second place with 10 awards total.
- Leo Ku, Miriam Yeung and Mr. follows each with 10 awards total.
- Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, Khalil Fong, Charlene Choi - 8 awards total.

Ivy: Turns out RTHK didn't bring any surprise to me. Rumours about RTHK wanting to help Eason snatch the Media Award from Joey stayed as it was, rumours. I guess RTHK has its reputation to stick to, "Fairest Award Ceremony of the Four". It is a national (government funded) station afterall unlike CRHK and Metro who are commercial radio stations.
Congratulations to Joey for getting the Media Award again after a lapse of 5 years! With RTHK ceremony, it also means that its the start of a brand new year! I feel that the awards given out were quite reasonable...however Kate geting Gold newcomer?? Hmm....I just finished watching 'Beauty of the Game' with Kate in it. And it made me ponder a lot......on Sharon Chan instead...LOL. I like Sharon more after watching the series...hehe...although she is kinda a villain in the series. I hope Sharon could win an award soon for her acting.
Back to Joey...LOL. Previously I talked about the Perfect Ten Boxset, now I'm waiting for another boxset...The limited edition 2,000 copies Joey Ten Boxset! Probably do a review of it too when I get hold of it! Goodnight for now!

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