Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joey to give red packets to thank fans

February 3rd 2010

Source: Oriental Daily


To thank her fans, Joey promised to give lai see to fans who have bought her EP

Joey prepares mystery Lai See for fans

10 years have passed since HK diva Joey Yung debuted. In the recently released limited edition EP boxset, she has looked for old stuff like old photos for the photo booklet, made some cute USBs, resulting in a frenzy from fans. 5 days after its release, it's selling at more than twice its original price. Joey is so touched she says that she wants to give out lai see to thank her fans!

To commemorate her 10th anniversary, Joey has put in lots of thought into preparing her EP. On the day of its release, sales have already reached platinum records. Together with the fact that the boxset has other memorabilia included, there's a black market forming. Besides it being sold at increasingly higher prices, even the shops are selling it at higher prices. As of yesterday, a shop in Causeway Bay is selling it at $1288.

Fans using it as a present

Joey is happy that fans' reaction is warm. She said, "The normal EP has 9 different styles for cover, making fans scrambling to collect all of them. We thought that it would be better that all 9 were released, but now there's still a black market selling it at twice the price. There are fans wanting to buy it to give it to others as presents during the CNY."

There are shops selling the originally $480 boxset for $1288.

To thank her fans for their support, she says she'll be giving out lai see. "If I meet any fans holding on to the boxset during the CNY period, I'll give him/her a lai see. Contents will be a mystery, and I'll only give out a limited number of the lai see, while stocks last! And only until the 7th day, People's Day."

There will not be a second version

When asked if she will release a second version of the EP, Joey said, "No. When the 2000 boxsets are sold out, that's the end. Too much resources were used to produce this 2000 boxsets. Also, if we were to release a second version now, it will be very unfair to those fans who bought this one at the inflated prices." She will be in Mainland during CNY, and only be back on the second day of the New Year.

Joey's limited boxset includes lots of extras, resulting in many fans wanting to get it.

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Ivy: Red packets??? Even if I take the boxset and walk on the streets I won't be able to get it. Haha. Because I don't live in Hong Kong. Besides, I will be in Japan during the Lunar New Year! Prices hiking up to $1288??? That's crazy!! Which suddenly make me feel my buy is a good buy. Looking forward to it!! Will make another review when I receive it! I'm glad there will not be a second version. Makes the EP more exclusive. And EEG, isn't 9 covers enough?? LOL. Its actually 10 covers including the Perfect Ten Boxset which was meant to be part of it.

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